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Livestream Thread

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SockPuppet Strangler gave the okay for this thread. ^^


Hello, welcome to the livestream thread! Livestreams are live viewings of people arting (or gaming or computing, but probably just arting for the Original Works section using screen-sharing programs. Whatever a person does on their screen can be visible to you.


Here is a chat for people wanting to talk but too tired to stream.


The most popular programs (that I know of) for streaming are Join.me and Picarto, but there are other services, like the aptly named Livestream.

Join.me is a very quick set up, but has limited features (viewer count limited to 10, a new viewing URL every session) unless you pay. Picarto takes a little longer to get ready but you get a permanent URL, which can be useful.

There are other differences but I’m not well acquainted with Picarto so I can’t get into them.

Other people provided information:

Picarto has difficulty viewing on tablet or mobile. It also has the option to listen to whatever the host is listening to if they have an embedded mic enabled.


Uhm so post the links to your livestreams here! This is so people who don’t follow specific artists can find active streams more easily, artists can post their own livestreams without excessive bumps to their own topics, and just to provide an easy compilation of active streams.

You’re welcome to stick to your own thread, of course, but here is option number two. biggrin.gif


Here are people's perma-links for easy list.

ab613 - https://picarto.tv/vitstream

FluffyPillow - http://www.livestream.com/thecloudsandstars

Narvix - https://www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?wat...DoodlesByNarvix

TehUltimateMage - https://www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?wat...ironicallykikie

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Ah, this is super useful. X3 I'm currently livestreaming the 3d modelling of my Structures final here: https://join.me/914-101-106 though I'll be breaking for dinner soon. Off for dinner. Be back in an hour.


One thing I have to say is that Picarto doesn't seem to be able to be viewed on tablet or mobile.

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Oh! This is handy! Some extra differences: Picarto allows the viewers to hear any music playing/words said by the streamer if their stream settings have the imbedded mic enabled. Unlike Join.me.


I'll post my Picarto link even though I'm not streaming currently: DoodlesByNarvix

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Very cool. I have a feeling I'll be checking this thread often so the stalking creeping watching can begin <3

is too shy to stream myself lolol don't look at me

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I guess I'll post my Livestream link as well (even though I can't stream anything atm due to lack of compute, and I might end up switching streaming services, but I'll edit this if/when I do) :3 -> The Clouds and Stars

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It's like a TV guide for art! biggrin.gif I love it!

when I actually get around to livestreaming again I can post a link~

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hey bro dawgs


I'll be streaming for a few hours this Friday around 7 pm EST. :3

//just post here because post post boy isn't advertising fun

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