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    "We were born to ship Victuuri!" <3
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    Drawing, reading, listening to music, talking with friends (the few I have ^^; ), Vocaloid and anime (especially Yuri!!! on Ice! ^_^ )



    =-=Looking for a spriter who would like to help me with a holiday dragon concept=-=

    ======={.:*MUST HAVES (top priority)*:.}=======

    3EG Bronze Tinsel x female Mageia

    ======={~*WISHLIST (no particular order):*~}=======

    1. Neglected (Maybe in a million years, but I can still hope ^^)

    2. 2nd gen Shimmer-scale/Tinsel, if they choose to be bred, I mean :3 I will trade an IOU of a 2nd gen Gold and Silver, 2nd gen-6th gen Silver(s), 5th gen Bronze Tinsel, and/or 2G Hollies (That's the best I can do, as Metallics are hard (if not impossible), for me to catch ^^; I'll also try and breed anything else, if needed) I'd LOVE to be on a list, but being the shy person I am, I'm scared to ask ^^;

    ^Any pairing will do as I'm not picky, though I do have a liking for Gold -or- Silver x blue Nebula, Lumina, Guardian, Aria, Blue Lunar Herald and Undine :3 (I can dream, can't I? ^^; )

    3. 2nd - low gen from these spriter alts: Radiant Angel (birdzgoboom's alt), Rosebud (Dolphinsong's alt), Sweetling (Nepherim's alt), Arsani (Walker's alt), Mistletoe (both alts), Desipsis (both alts)


    ======={~*What I'd like more of (CB):*~}=======

    Glaucus (Those colors!)
    Pyralspite (all colors accepted, especially deep red and orange variants :3)


    ======={~*Personal goals:*~}=======
    Achieve Silver trophy [X]
    Achieve Gold trophy [X]
    Collect 1000 dragons [X]
    Summon a GoN [X] (1 summon/19 attempts)
    Summon a 2nd GoN [X] (1 summon/18 attempts)
    Summon a 3rd GoN [ ] (0 summon/6 attempts)
    Obtain a 2nd Holly [X]
    Obtain a 2nd gen Tinsel [ ]


    I accept IOU's, and as long as I receive it eventually, how long it takes doesn't matter :3

    ======[.:Egg(s) I need to catch/breed (IOU's):.]=====

    NOTE: I do my best to fulfill any egg(s)/hatchie(s) I owe as soon as possible (dragons permitting) :3 Even if they may take awhile, you will get the egg(s) you're owed, I promise :3 And I'm patient when it comes to receiving them as well :3

    2nd gen Shadow Walker: Vakarian (Halloween; will be notified when to breed an egg)
    5th gen PB Pillow: MessengerDragon
    10 Stripes [10/10] and 2 of each Avatar [1/6]: mysterrie (Last known contact/message: Feb 7th, 2015)
    5 Reds [5/5], 5 Pinks [5/5], 2 Prize eggs [1/2], 2nd gen Radiant Angel [X] and 2nd gen Grave(s) [ ]: Nightwalkerkey (Last known contact/message: October 2015)

    ======[.:Egg(s)/hatchie(s) owed (IOU's; to remind me):.]=====

    Chandler87: 3rd gen Bronze Tinsel (Waffle Wing x Terrae)
    Valeth: 5th gen Gold Shimmer (Lung Ying Jassith X Pillow)
    WoLfgIrLys: 5th gen Gold Tinsel

    ======.:^v^v^v[On a list for:]v^v^v^:.======

    4th gen Silver Shimmer (Jewel x Moonstone) - from majors
    4th gen Gold and Silver Shimmers - from EscapistLore
    2nd gen Silver Shimmer x Aria


    I accept any eggies/hatchies that are gifted to me (unless I'm egg/scroll locked x3) and I never freeze/kill/bite gifted eggies/hatchies (unless given permission from the gifter) ^_^ Thank you so VERY much for those of you that have already ^u^b

    I never freeze hatchies, unless they're REALLY messy and/or inbred. Otherwise, I abandon them for others, or just simply not breed them. So, in a nutshell, I'm not one to abuse the freeze action :3

    Even if I'm a bit late at replying at times, I always respond to PM's :3 All I ask is that you please do the same, even if it's just to say, "No thanks" or "Thank you" ^^;

    My time zone is cave time -1 hour :3

    =====[DC/LotR (or other random nonsense) egg-related poems]=====

    "One Holly"
    One Holly to rule them all
    one Holly to shift them
    One Holly to bring them all
    and on Christmas Day
    to gift them

    "One Egg"
    One egg to rule them all
    one egg to catch them
    One egg to bring them all
    and in the cave
    to hatch them

    "April Fool's"
    These eggs are transparent and cool
    And they go against the breeding rules
    They are both dark and light
    people caught them with all their might
    Let's hope that they stay passed April Fool's


    [IMG]http://i1139.photobucket.com/albums/n549/WingsOfIvy/FluffyPillows1.png[/IMG] <- birthday pic by StarSea
    [IMG]http://i1236.photobucket.com/albums/ff441/Cinderfeather/Espechu.gif[/IMG] <- Pokemon splice by Skypool

    [QUOTE=Erithan,Apr 7 2013, 02:43 AM] Disco Dragons? :D [/QUOTE]
    [color=#548dd4]Oh good heavens, now I'm picturing these possible dragons wearing bell-bottoms, platforms and tie-dye shirts dancing to disco music XD Maybe they can be called "Groovy Glitterballs"! XD[/color]


    [img]http://i59.tinypic.com/w8xcft.gif[/img] <- April 1st banner
    [img]http://i55.tinypic.com/27zbwpy.png[/img] <- Winged egg