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    just a little wyrm in the woods

    Pixel Commissions = OPEN
    Sketch + Paint Commissions = OPEN

    PM or message me on deviantArt (spatialfangs) if you are interested in art commissions.

    ::::Valentine's SAltkin Breeding::::
    I only accept breeding requests via forum PM - please do not message me about it on Discord or other chat sites. To be added to the waitlist for alt Eradors, please PM me with the following information:
    - Preferred Alt (Azumere or Beau and Aro):
    - Preferred mate (if I do not already have the breed you want, you must provide an egg/hatchling):
    - Your scroll name:

    Breeding order will be determined by random number generator. THERE IS NO LIMIT ON AVAILABLE SLOTS - everyone who wants an egg will get one, it may just take a while! Valentine's day breedings are not available as a request.

    - You may at most have one egg from each alt. (From me, at least. Trade with others all you want, but I will only breed each person two eggs total!)
    - I will offer one replacement in the event of viewbombing/RL circumstances leading to the death of your egg. Earthquake/vamp/force kills do not count.
    - After you have received your egg, please wait 2 months before requesting your second, in order to give others a chance to get theirs.
    - If I offered an egg in trade, it does not count towards a recipient's 2 request maximum. That said, do not ask me about trading for eggs.

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