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........~Inactive: Please refer to my bio for more info~........***I'm still checking PMs but if for some reason my response takes too long you are more than welcome to contact me on the other sites I use below. Deviantart is preferable. Please read my bio if you have any questions about my absence or concerning issues with art/sprites of mine in DR.***~ Hello! Please call me Ace ~ | Deviantart | DC Art Thread | Tumblr | Art Tumblr | Scroll |


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    In a love/hate relationship with this site XD;;;

    6/4/15: I'm inactive on DC forums. After constant ups and downs I realize that this just isn't the sort of place I can come to, to get away from the stresses of real life as this site generates its own stress for me and has lost that fun and playful spark it had for me in the beginning. I'm not blaming anyone in particular or the site in general, but for my own mental health and emotional stability this just isn't the place for me any more (especially as this is a very tumultuous time in my life).

    I appreciate all the good times I've had and awesome people I've met iluguys <3 You have made all the 'ups' truly wonderful and worthwhile; i did indeed have some very amazing times here shared with you! Y'all know where to find me tho: on Deviantart and Tumblr.

    And I am admitting, this might not be goodbye forever - If things calm down in my life (though I don't foresee that happening any time soon haha #adultproblems+constantfamilydrama+healthwhatudoin) who knows! You might see me back here a year from now!

    I never meant to cause any unwarranted drama anywhere (and really hope I haven't) and I apologize if I came off as brash or flitty. I only ask that my decision to leave be respected and thank you for your understanding *hugs and loves*

    Please note this has nothing to do with anything that has happened recently - it is something I've been dwelling on for a while now based on my overall experience here, so the timing is not a rage-quit moment, I promise ;___;.


    *****I can't abandon DC forums completely, I realize, as I have helped with quite a few concepts and don't want to hold anything up or be absent in the event something I helped work on is going to be released in cave so I'll still be logging in once in a while to check PMs but as for the forum itself - you will not see me there.*****

    >>Yes, I would still like credit for art/sprites I have done in DR and again, I will still be checking messages in case something is released/you need my permission for something/you want to check credits.

    >>Anything I have worked on for you that is now in the completed section should be fine. I AM VERY EASY TO GET A HOLD OF OUTSIDE OF DC and as I said before I will still be checking PMs here.

    >>Concerning art I've done in the non completed section: If it's not sprited yet, you are welcome to find another artist to draw for you. I still require credit for any art of mine that you would like to use/sprite.

    >>If something I have done for you is still in the spriting stage - odds are someone else was spriting it anyway as I don't do shading and I hardly do sprite lines XD So that issue will have to be taken up with them! If for some reason you were waiting for me to edit/tweak lines, you are more than welcome to continue on without me as someone will have to color the sprites anyway since I never offer or have offered to color/shade.

    >>If I have not expressly given permission in your thread for my work to be sprited PLEASE CONTACT ME and I'll be more than happy to give permission.

    Anyway, many loves again,