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Demigods and demons

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A sudden chill rose up and made Toraz's hair on the back of her neck stand up. She shuddered. She knew this feeling all too well. Something bad felt like it was going to happen. As Venla handed Toraz the acorn, Toraz looked at it curiously. She put it in her pocket and grabbed her bag.


As she arrived at the girls rooms, she picked a room. It had three beds. Toraz put her stuff down on the floor in front of the bed closest to the right wall and dumped herself on the bed. I hope everything goes well.


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((Sorry for lateness and a possibly censorkip.gif intro post))


This really wasn't so bad.


It really wasn't. Not at all, not in the slightest actually. Back at France it head been freakier, with all these seemingly all-powerful and occasionally distant upperclassmen who seemed to be so much more familiar and secure in their abilities. Lots of skill. Lots of charm. The impressions made on someone as a kid never genuinely vanished but could you really blame a wowed little girl for thinking that she was apparently one of these creatures that weren't entirely mortal? And the nice kicker to it was that she could be at their level, more god than man. Now some of them were dead though, twisted up by demon magic with remains thoroughly wrought to near-unrecognition. Sweet Amelie from Toulouse knotted up here in ways flesh could not and should not be; Davie the prickly tactless counselor in an eviscerated mess like the demons around him, lots and lots of people all mangled up. She never saw the process or perpetrators; only the result and the result was more, yes way more than enough-


Solange could stop that and try focus on another thing. It wouldn't do at all to let her imagination run wild when she had to get the hang of this place. Her overall impression of the school was beginning to grow slowly in terms of confidence, but not even the knowledge that Skole av Halvguder was directly connected to a main headquarters would completely rein in the furtive scrutiny the demigod was giving everything and everyone. She had introduced herself beforehand, inwardly being proud when she managed to not shake in place -she really hadn't, right- as she said:


"I'm Solange Crespin. Daughter of Nuba." She'd give more than that later if anyone was interested.


The teachers seemed to be decent people; Solange smiled as Elva Newell's lyricality reminded her of her mother. Maman Crespin, not Nuba. The offhandedness of Lukas and Jonathan was a little disarming, but learning to be a medic was appealing. Swordfighting a little less so. The handbag she was so protectively clutching to her side seemed just a mite heavier at that. The girl hadn't the skill now to be great, no no no. Isabella was kind of like an older Davie; which was scary and reassuring at the same time. As for Sakke, hopefully the monsters wouldn't eat her?


She still had to remain calm and stick with the group, in the back so Solange could see everyone. Venla's pause before answering Leo's question seemed to ring alarm bells. The daughter of Tapio was thinking about hiding something. Maybe she really was hiding something! Solange averted her contact-colored eyes for a second and started taking a long breath inwards, then stopped and looked back at her politely as she was given the acorn. It was a miracle that she didn't bolt out of the church right then and there, but somehow she managed to nod in thanks. Into the handbag it went, but first chance Solange had she was going to examine the thing. Throughly.


Setting her stuff down into the girls' room seemed like a good idea for now; but she'd have to run full inventory of everything afterwards. The red head opened her large and cumbersome-with-weight bag and began taking out and folding clothes on the middle bed, paying little heed to Toraz.

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(SO in my mind. Asciel is on a couch on once side of the room. Vivi is to his left next to the couch opposite of Az. Vanil is opposite Asciel. The coffee table is a little to the right smack in the middle of these two.)


CRASH!!! With an unexpected shriek the door hinges of the demon dorm living room brake free sending the unfortunate door screaming across the room. There it collides with the coffee table in the center. It an explosion of action the door brakes, hald lunging forward and smashing against the opposite wall. The other half falls back onto the rub softly.


“BOOM BABY!” In the wake of the this destruction stands a red haired hero. The sawdust clears down and she grins with shark like teeth. Stalking into the room like she owns the place she smirks down at the quad of demons hunkered away from her. “Saya Ash. What’s new?” She continues into the room and with a nimble step hops onto the coffee table. Lowering herself b bending her knees she looks from one group. A pale haired boy looking both angry and like her just woke up, and. She slight pupils dilating and readjusting then sharpening again before she truly sees Azazel, with all the dust he could have been a ghost. “Hey!” She raises a hand good naturedly before looking to the group. A girl, pretty normal and…..this one is interesting. She reaches out a hand to ruffles Asceil’s hair. “Hey short stuff what is your name?” She has a slight accent and lazy smile.


Vanil sits propped against the arm of the couch his eyes are narrowed, open but still a mixture of hay sleep and displeasure.

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Viverra startled at the sudden movement of the door coming towards the coffee table and immediately went to hide behind the couch Vanil was on, her eyes peaking over at the new girl. 'Why did she have to go and do that just why.' She eyed the woman. "Did you have to do that?"

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Aciel groaned audibly at the flashy entrance and looked at what remained of the door.

"Great, just great..." he muttered. A broken door wouldn't look good in his report. Then this flashy, loud demon started ruffling his hair and calling him shorty.

"I," Aciel put an emphasis on that word, "am Aciel, the demon of Burning. You'd do well to remember to respect your elders." What was with this person? Something about her made him feel more light-hearty... Oh, this was just so fantastic. Aciel glared at the havoc that the newcomer had created and bared his fangs a little.

"You. I assume you're a new student coming here, huh? Who are you, even? And why in the bloody blazes did you have to break the doors? The teachers are going to roast me in my own flames, if they won't contact Satan first," Aciel growled, all of his excitement about going after the void dragons diminishing. But only momentarily. Again, the aura around the newcomer seemed to do something subtle to the people around her.


((I won't post anything for the demigods yet, giving y'all a chance to post))



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(Also guys I just realized(Thank You Gyth) that Thad is a god...so just assume Az is in his place. If that is okay with Coryn? )


"Oh great you burn stuff too! Looks like we have something in common!" Grinning with enthusiasm Saya's ears click to the squeak behind the couch. Okay so I scared one....not bad. Turning her head about the room her words tumble nonchalantly. "Saya, Saya Ash. Didn't I already say that? and I broke the door because I felt like." Taking a deep breath she jumps off the table landing to close to Vanil who flinches and watchers her mornfully. Leaning down really low to face the cowering girl behind the couch the fire demon grins. "DO you have to cower in fear?"


A snarl catches her attention and her whiskey eyes meet the two toned flinty ones. "What?" Saya state annoyed.


"Don't pick on her." Vanil growls.


Saya's eyes narrow and her attention focuses actuly on him.....a stare down begins and lasts for several moments. ...He...he's not softening? "What's your name?"




"Great. You the guardian? You must be pretty strong if you are repealing me."


Vanil nods back to Asceil. "He is."


Saya's head follows his gesture. "Shorty?" She quirks a brow and Vanil nods. Suddenly she is back on the coffee table. Her hands press flat to ether side of her her feet together and steepling her knees. "SO what are we doing next? Short stuff."

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((Perfectly fine by me. This post of mine is humble, good for a beginning.))


"Well," Said Azazel, finally speaking up, "we don't have to do anything today, but we were about to go drop off our stuff until you showed up. Aciel said he would take us dragon riding, or something like that."


Normally, Azazel would have remained silent unless he was spoken to, but that was before the door exploded. He felt obligated to answer the question being asked, as if the woman who just made her dramatic entrance- Saya Ash- somehow already meant something to him. That much was ridiculous, he didn't know anything about her; but it did feel that way.


Azazel was then intensely aware that he was still covered in sawdust, and tried brushing some of it off himself, to no avail.

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Aciel clenched his fists a few times and resisted the urge to pull out his sword and show this newcomer some manners. He, however, stilled his hands and had to satisfy his wish for some hacking by glaring at Saya with all of his demonic might. Not that it even seemed to affect her.


"Yes, I am the class guardian. And we were about to go and chase some void dragons to kill time before you blasted the doors in!" he growled and stood up, brushing the sawdust off. It refused to be removed, so Aciel unsheathed his sword slightly and with his blue flames cleansed himself. He then noticed that Azazel had some trouble with the sawdust, too, so he stepped closed.


"Don't move, I have perfect control over my flames but if you start squirming it won't do good for you," Aciel warned as the blue flames erupted for a moment and burned the sawdust off. However, Azazel was unharmed, like Aciel had promised. Sheathing his sword, Aciel looked around the room and the students and glared at Saya.


"You know, I have full authority around here, so if you start messing around I'll report to the teachers. Not kidding," he said sighed. "I'll go inform the teachers about the door. Meanwhile, you guys go and throw any of your belongings to the barracks and wait for me outside. Behave yourselves." Giving another glance at Saya, pointing with two fingers at his eyes and then at her, he walked towards the shadows and disappeared alongside some blue flames.

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Viverra huffed and stood up straight watching the new girl. what the...? Oh no. No way. I am not feeling like I should do everything I can to please her after what she did. She crossed her arms and looked away from her. "Wasn't cowering you just startled me when the door was kicked down." She decided to just look at Vanil. somewhat...glad he said something to her though. "I am looking forward to seeing the void dragons." She said with a smile.

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((Takes getting used to; I would post again, but I don't really know where anyone is going right now, so I'm going to wait for another opening.))

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Aciel wasn't gone for too long, soon reappearing from the shadows and muttering to himself. He seemed to have an outline of a punch on his face. Befafes appeared too, the teenager body with ageless eyes looking around the havoc as it sighed, her voice rough and low.


"There are times to smash around, and other times when one must still their hand," she said simply as she walked to the broken door and lifted it up with ease. It was quite a comical sight, a tiny teenager lifting up a huge door easily twice her height and carrying it to its right place. Minor aura demons ((the level 1 demons)) appeared from the shades and buzzed around the hinges for a few moments, and then the door was as good as new.


"Next time Aciel, try to control your students," Befafes said and disappeared. Aciel spread out his arms and had a look of utter confusion.

"I didn't tell her to blast the doors down," he said to the shadows, but there came no reply, but maybe a soft laughter could be heard from elsewhere in the building.


"So..." Aciel finally said and turned around to the students, who were all around the coffee tables in the living room. It was still covered in sawdust, but the tiny aura demons were buzzing around and literally eating the sawdust off.

"No need to worry about them, they're useful," he told them as he walked to the windows on the side where Yggdrasil was. Aciel peeked right and left and tiled his head a couple of times.

"Oh good, the void dragons are still close. We can still go for a chase," he said, feeling more excited now. The door-thing was irrelevant already and in the end, he couldn't really be mad. "I'm going, whether or not you guys are."


With that, Aciel walked out, not waiting for the students to come. They'd come, or then they would have a very boring day. Outside of the school, there was a small yard before the void stretched endlessly before him. The flow of demonic energy was almost visible, thrumming in Aciel's veins. He almost jumped to the void and turn into a shade, but decided to wait for a few moments. If one of the students got lost into the void, their parents would skin him.




Venla knocked on the kitchen door carefully.

"Ukobach?" she called out. With a scurrying sound, the friendly monster appeared from the huge fridge, carrying ingredients for a salad. It yapped as a greeting and started preparing the salad in an incredible speed, the knife in its hand blurry from motion. Venla counted to fourteen and then Ukobach was ready, purring with delight at his own handiwork.


"It looks fantastic. Hey, the new students are probably hungry, so will you make us some food? Hamburgers and pizza is just fine, no need to bother yourself too much," she said. Ukobach nodded in reply and started to prepare some monster-style hamburgers - in other words, heavenly food. Glad that the matter was solved, Venla turned around and head back to the barracks, nodding as a greeting to the passing exorcists. At the barracks, she yelled to the boys' side that food would be ready in a few minutes and then walked to the girls' rooms.


"Food is ready really soon!" Venla announced as she walked into her own room - which was next to the room the other girls had chosen - since she had to pick up her phone. Being a class guardian, the room she had was for her alone. It was sad at times, to sleep alone, but sometimes silence was better. Raja, who had been sleeping on Venla's shoulder the whole time, now stretched and woke up. It yipped and Venla walked to her working desk and pulled out some tiny carrots, which Raja ate in no time.

"Lets go, then," she told the fox-squirrel and walked outside, waiting for the students to come.



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Saya looks over the group then looks to the repaired door and the fading teacher. "Welp I'm going! God Luck you guys!"... Bolting down the halls Saya is quick to follow on Asceil'd heels. "WHOOOO" And then one up him by diving off into the void completely.


Vanil blinks sleepily at the space where Saya once was...he then looks to his screaming companions very much wanting to resume his name. "Are you guys going too?"


(Sorry this was so small guys I was half awake but really wanted to post)

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Did he just see Saya dive into the void? Aciel blinked a few times. Yes. He did. He saw the newcomer fling herself into the void and changing into a shade.

"GET BACK HERE YOU GODDAMNED LITTLE THING!" Aciel roared into the abyss, his voice echoing hollowly from the side of the school. "YOU DON'T JUST GO SOLOING INTO THE VOID!" Catching his breath, he heard a soft laughter behind him and saw Meeod appearing from the shadows, chuckling to herself like she knew the best joke of the century. Considering Aciel had missed most of the past few centuries, she might as well know a good joke or two.


"My, my! What an interesting day you're having, Aciel!" she laughed instead. "Aren't you quite enjoying this?"

Aciel was too frustrated to reply sensibly for a moment, but instead roared and made his flames burn brightly for a moment, the flame column rising above him a good few feet.


"What in the nine realms have I done to earn this?!" he growled to no-body in specific, but Meeod laughed merrily. Turning around and stumping to the school doors, he opened them and yelled inside: "If anyone wants to go catching void dragons, come now. I can't afford to have you all going flying into the motherflippin' abyss like that one idiot!" he fumed, but wasn't really angry at the students - he was just so frustrated at the situation. He took a few deep breaths. The first day was always the worst, the first day was always the worst, he repeated to himself.


"I'll have to go after Saya, before she gets eaten by an abyss worm or something. Y'all come as quickly as you can and try to stay as one group and follow my trail," Aciel sighed, feeling suddenly very tired. This just wasn't his thing, this looking after the younger and less-experienced demons. Might as well leave them for their own and escape to Midgard for a few decades, waiting for Satan's rage to calm down.


Nevertheless, Aciel ran to the void and changed his form into a shade, having a single flame dancing above his head and his nails glowing ghastly blue. Following the shade energy trail Saya had left behind her, Aciel went after her, yelling her to stop.

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((Azazel's shade form has blue eyes as well. Like the blue of an iceberg that has no bubbles in it.))


After Saya impulsively dashed into the void and Aciel expressed his rage in the form of a mighty fire surrounding him, he yelled into the room that he was going in after her and that now was the time to follow if they wanted to join in.


Azazel saw no reason to speak, but when he got up and walked out to follow Aciel, he realized Aciel became something else entirely.


Upon entering the void, the class guardian became something like smoke in vaguely human shape. He also had bright blue flames above his head, as did the tips of his claws.


Azazel was now apprehensive. He didn't know that demons did this, and he didn't know what would happen if he went in there.


"On the other hand," he reasoned to himself, "I'll never find out if I stay here."


Azazel stepped into the dark rift and turned into a shade, though he was very different from Aciel.


Instead of the murky black of smoke that he expected, Azazel had instead become a light shade of grey. It almost looked like... Ashes?


He was about to dwell upon it for a moment, until he remembered where he was and continued to follow Aciel in hot pursuit of Saya.

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Toraz heard Venla's announcement and stretched. She got up from the bed. "Hey, I'm just going to wait outside till the foods ready." Toraz told Solange and nodded. She walked out the bedroom and glanced up at the ceiling. It sure smells old and musty here... Toraz sighed and walked over a couch. She propped herself on the couch and rested her eyes. I wish I brought a book, but oh well.

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((Saya's shade form eyes eyes))


Busy having the time of her life Saya pulls up directly in front of Asceil, a shockingly realistic heart surrounded by an aura of dark yellow beats in the center of her black shadowy form. Smokes twirls like a chimney from what would be the creature head and a bright flaming halo hovers like goal post. In her claws or well under is a void dragon. "Beatcha to it!" She hollars to the guardian as he passes her in the wrong way. There is a flash of teeth an nothing more as her 'lips' close again. She gives thumbs up as she passes Azazel and winks as if he were part of his whole plan.. Her irises too are made of orange flame.. "C'mon slow poke! Grab one!" She calls to him amicably.




Beckoning with a smile to his shyer female aquentence Vanil eagerly follows the rest of the group the positive energy giving him something of a lift. However his expression widens in horror as he sees what others are doing. His trot ends where the dark shifting chasm begins. Flinching as Saya roars up infront of him and the new quiet boy. Said boy easily shits into his darker form moments later. "uh-" Leaning over the endge just a tab Vanil rock back on the balls of his feet and then sadly settles on the grass and crosses his legs. This is something he can not do. Stretching his next the brunette tries too see deeper down and primal base part of him calls for action and reunion with the darkness. But-I-I can't. I can't do that to him. Sadly Vanil tries his best to shirk the gut wrenching tug to join the others in play. It makes him sad.

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Thadielle turned to face Leo, the only other new male person here.

"So do you want to share the two person room? Or should we sleep in the larger one in the hopes that some more people will arrive? Or maybe we could be in seperate rooms... but I don't mind company," Thadielle said quietly.

He looked down at the acorn that he was given. He didn't really know what to do with it as his outfit only had one pocket. He decided to put the acorn in his bag. Then glancing at Leo he made his way to the male dormitories.

Opening the first door he looked in on the four person bedroom. Closing the door he made his way to the two person one and was surprised to find that it had the same amount of space... just fewer bed meant that there was more space. He didn't really need it but he could appreciate the necessity.

Walking over to the bed he pushed it towards the corner, he preferred the sense of security that two walls provided as well as the darkness from them.

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Viverra followed after him standing at the edge. She slowly looked at him when he sat down. "Are you not joining them either Vanil?" She did want to go see the void dragons but she didn't want to ride one. "something wrong?" She decided to take a seat next to him and watch the others if she could catch sight of them.

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Hearing Viverra's voice Vanil regards her with a pleasant smile. A light winds blows as common this close to the void. Should I tell her about Patrice? It would be unwise. Maybe a half truth? His lips quirk at this. I am my fathers son. "Ahhhh For the good of my peers I will not take the traditional form and thus cannot join them. I was birthed of a greater demon you see." The latter part of his statement ends like an explanation. As if it were OBVIOUS that anyone would know being the son of a greater demon would unleash some hellish force should the male take to his natural state. Slowly as to not alarm his companion he reaches for the girl's hand.

"You should join them. I am sure you will have fun." His twin hued eyes leave her then as he nods to the void and the participants of the the event. "You will probably be rooming with Saya so it would be wise to make nice now as opposed to an awkward night later~" The pleasant sleepy aura of his floats like sunshine about them.

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"C'mon slow poke! Grab one!" Saya called as she sped past, clinging to a void dragon, who seemed to be quite happy, spinning around and becoming ethereal every now and then.

Aciel could sense the presence of Azazel close by and was relieved. Saya obviously was beyond his orders, doing as she pleased, but at least the other students did as he bid. Vanil's and Viverra's auras were further away, so Aciel couldn't tell whether or not they were coming. He suddenly realized there was something quite curious about Vanil's aura.

Oh, I see, Aciel thought to himself and smirked, revealing sharp fangs. He couldn't blame the student if he didn't want to turn into his shade form. Nevertheless, Aciel waited for a few moments that Azazel caught up with him.


"Lets wait for a moment and see if Viverra comes. No use in going after Saya anymore, I've given up on that demon," Aciel sighed, his flames dancing with his emotions. "Your first time turning into your shade form?" he continued, noticing the student's discomfort.




Venla noticed Toraz coming out from the rooms and flinging herself on one of the sofas. Venla, noticing it would take a few minutes for the others to arrive, walked over to Toraz and sat down on an arm chair opposing her, smiling. Raja jumped on her lap and pushed its head against Venla's hand, demanding for attention. Scratching the fox-squirrel absentmindedly, she looked at the student.

"Athena was your godly parent, if I remember right?" Venla asked. "You must be quite a good strategist, then."


Athena, Mars, Ba, Thantos. Those were some powerful gods. Even so, only four students had come here this year. The amount was decreasing every year and it made Venla feel worried. When she had applied, there had been seven of them, although not all had a powerful godly parent. One of her friends had actually been a son of a demigod, so he had been a... fourth of a god? Demidemigod? Whatever he had been, he had moved to Stockholm's headquarters and Venla hadn't seen him after graduation.


Suddenly, her phone rang, its shrill voice cutting through the comfortable silence and causing Raja to yelp and run to Toraz, climbing up her arm and settling on her shoulder.

"My apologies," Venla laughed and answered.

"Hi darling," a familiar voice said.

"Oh, hello mother! Why are you calling? I have work this week."

"I know, sorry. It's just that... Olivia hasn't come home," her mother said quietly. "The police are searching for her, but it is as if she has just vanished. Could you... contact your colleagues in Helsinki and ask them to search for her? I... I don't know to whom else I can turn to anymore. She was last seen around Kamppi shopping center with her friends..."

"Of course. Worry not, mother, we exorcists will find her," Venla said and closed the call. A sense of dread filled her guts. Her sister was missing?


Dialing a new number, Venla gave an apologetic smile to Toraz.

"Helsinki Exorcists' Headquarters, how can I help you?" a calm male voice answered.

"Hello, this is Venla Saarisjoki from Oslo's Exorcists' Headquarters, the class guardian. I would like to inform a missing person, Olivia Saarisjoki. The mortal police are claiming she has disappeared to thin air, but she was last seen around Kamppi. Would it be possible if you could dispatch a small search group?"

"Very well. We shall inform of any information we acquire. Expect a call tomorrow," the male voice said and ended the call. Sighing, Venla put her phone into her exorcist jacket's pocket.


"Sorry about that," Venla said to Toraz as she beckoned Raja to come back. It came happily, but gave a lick to Toraz before it rant to Venla. "When the regular police do not find something, we exorcists usually step in - you would be surprised to find how many times a mysterious murder was done by a demon."

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"I...would sooner sleep out in the hallway on the floor then share a room with her." Viverra made a face at the thought. "I don't want to join them I just want to watch the void dragons. I have no reason to explain anything to them. She stared at her hands for a few moments.

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She heard both the announcement and the other girl in the dorm -Toraz, Athena's kid- get up to wait for the food. It was nice that the latter acknowledged her and told her where she was going, even if it was blatantly obvious. In response, Solange quickly nodded back but didn't look up from her clothes folding. The suspicious part of her wondered if Toraz was doing anything else besides mere waiting, but rationality pushed that down. She had done nothing yet to have anybody plotting around-well, maybe Venla had some tricks up her sleeve. Mulling it over, she smoothed out the pleats in a skirt and put it on the neat skirt pile to her right. A couple of minutes had passed by now, with stacks of folded clothing all over the bed. A few of the piles closest to her looked precarious, suggesting potential tipping. Solange frowned, got up, and split the piles into shorter and hopefully more structurally stable ones.


There was still much to organize, but the liquidy rumbling from her dress clad stomach was getting really persuasive. Solange reached for her handbag and took out a water bottle. Hunger and thirst did not go well together, and she had to be in shape and ready to not let anything escape her notice. Nothing at all. On second thought, she set down the water bottle and rummaged through her bag again, sighing in relief when she brought out a familiar tube of mascara. The light reflected off the Chinese characters, making them shine like gold foil on green. Yes, barring politeness and poisoning there was no point in feeding someone first before killing them. Solange grew tenser, her posture more rigid and holding the mascara in a tight fist. But what if there were demons hiding around? Demigod schools got attacked and sometimes destroyed. She could attest to that. A plastic crunch sounded as the demigod bent and swiped the water bottle from the ground, swiftly marching out the dorm's door.


Due to timing, Solange missed most of the calls. She sat herself down next to Toraz, giving her and Venla stiff smiles as she put the innocuous mascara into a hard to see pocket in her dress. The demon murder comment though...it was enough to make her stop opening the water bottle, free hand frozen in the air. Mon dieu. "I...I-I thought they didn't bother as much with non-demigods!" Thank fate that she hadn't been drinking anything before; else it would have been sprayed out in a dramatic manner. And what if the people here were crazy about water spilling? They dealt with evil creatures trying to kill people all the time, they couldn't possibly be all sane! Briefly, the image of Sakke's monsters crashing from the ceiling and messily devouring her flashed through her mind, before less ridiculous thoughts ousted it. What about my relatives? What if they get to be the victims of "mysterious murder"? Her eyes, yellow due to contacts, darted around a bit. "And our families will be fine, right? They won't get eaten by demons...?"

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(Coryn02, take your time I'm going to hold so you can get a post in.


TG You didn't stop Vanil so I assume he made contact)


There is a pleasing warmth to this ones hand. "Fair enough." Vanil turns his face from hers and smiles pleasantly at the void space before him. She is quite this one...still. "They are fascinating creatures are they not?" Her hand rest with his thumb on her palm, and lean fingers supporting the back, joined they rest i the space between.

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((Is Durrpie's post a reference to the wendigo? I doubt it, but it would make sense. And I really hope Viverra and Vanil aren't already interested in one another.


Has anyone really introduced themselves aside from Aciel, Saya and the teachers?))


"Y-yes," Azazel said with some uncertainty. He was a bit weirded out by how his shade form seemed to drift away like burnt paper in the wind and then reform itself. "I didn't know demons could do this." He was also surprised he looked so different from Aciel and Saya in the void.


Truth be told, Azazel's father told him precious little about how most demons were, insisting he learn how to fit in with humans (even to the extent of cooking his food for him, much to his distaste). Azazel assumed it was because blending in made it easier to hunt, but why would his father refuse to teach him anything at all about demons?


He then turned his attention to Saya, who was already trying to ride a dragon. They were strange, looking like black dragons made of void but also fading in and out of existence every now and again.


"Do you think the others will be coming?" Azazel asked Aciel.

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