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What Is Your Personality?

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It's pretty simple. If you feel that you are a very jolly person then you say that you are a very jolly person and give us the reason why you say you are a jolly person.

It can be short or it can be long your choice. You can even tell a story why you say that you are what you are. And remember no one can imprison you for reading! No, that's not it remember just be yourself no matter what anyone says!

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But the point is for us to evaluate ourselves, isn't it? xd.png After all, we should be the one who knows ourselves better than anyone else.


I would say that I am friendly, weird around my friends, and somewhat outgoing.

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For me? Not very emotional, kind of apathetic, a bit of a pessimist, but otherwise rather outgoing. I do have rather... weird tendencies such as doing crazy things just to see the reaction of other people. Often times I can be somewhat sadistic, but that side of me rarely, if ever, comes out.




I guess...

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Social. Talkative

Why? Because I talk so much I make peoples ears shrivel and fall off! I'm kidding about that last part.

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Well I am going to say I am young, kind, friendly, sometimes shy but outgoing and willing at the same time. Sometimes I can be crazy and even a little bit of a daredevil like at carnivals and stuff.

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It all depends. I 'adapt'. Normally, I'm really emotional, talkative, and I have a short temper. I say that because I cry often- sometimes, for no reason, or because of CAKE- and I talk as soon as someone enters the room. And I want to flip over a table.

Around strangers, or even family who I'm not close to, I'm shy. I won't talk much and I'll just follow.

I'm also a bit crazy, and quite creative. And when I want something badly, I will be determined. Like, there's something I wanted for a long time. But I'm saving up my money. I'll keep saving it up, even if I regret it.

I'm also kind of antisocial, minus on the internet, and I care for my friends- Internet or not. And I get along with people easily(adapting works).

I'm also normally lazy.

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Fun fact: "sometimes friendly and sometimes shy" applies to literally every person on the planet. I'd be very impressed if you somehow wanted to talk to people 100% of the time. Behavioural patterns are just patterns, they don't dictate every moment of your life.


Personally, uh... This is kind of hard, wow. Introverted in like the weirdest way. I'm polite and don't speak much to people I don't know well, but as I gradually get to know someone I get progressively louder and more obnoxious. I insult my friends on a daily basis because I know they're cool with it. I also have like zero grasp on most social conventions, and it's really confusing when people assume I do and then get offended because they think I did a thing on purpose. I'm pretty apathetic about uh most things that other people seem to care about, like what the celebrities did this weekend or popularity or whether my clothes are a horrifyingly mismatched today (they're mostly neutral colours anyway). The things I actually care about I REALLY care about - one time a biology video lumped spiders in with insects and I nearly stormed out of the room, and if you want to talk to me about slime mold or deep sea creatures or fractals be prepared to be there forever. Yeah uh, overall I'm basically an overenthusiastic scientist who is a bad influence on everyone.

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I would describe myself as fluid. I'm a social chameleon. I can fit into most situations, though I am definitely am more comfortable among people I know and like. I can tend toward laziness, and I get worn out easily in social situations (I'm an introvert). Due to this, I tend to work in spurts. I will be gung-ho, gogogo, then I'll need to to take a good break. For example, I worked a ten hour, thirteen hour, and then nine hour day (I'm a graduate student, and my summer schedule includes my research, a genome annotation project, and two part time jobs with generally flexible schedules). Today I haven't gotten out of bed other than to check on my animals. I've not even eaten anything since I woke up six hours ago. I'm burnt out. Tomorrow, I'll probably be going crazily again.


I place a high value on learning and critical thinking, which fits my career choice (entomologist). However, I have a very creative side and fully enjoy the arts. I love to write, I love photography, and I have utmost respect for musicians. I tend to straddle a lot of the lines in that I often enjoy or can see the logic of both sides of something. I'm very self-critical and could use more self-confidence.

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Confident enough to type out a long post about my personality, but too shy to post it.

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I am a difficult, self-loathing, weird, sick, twisted, and unique person. I cannot relate nor connect to the vast majority of people, and the few that I do feel that bond with I intentionally keep at a distance for fear of causing mutual emotional pain. My negative personality traits and status as one of those "toxic people" you hear about from time to time leads me to be highly isolated, introverted, and self-critical in the extreme. My worldview is rather grim, though I'm no misanthrope, but I give off a sullen, cynical impression when interacting with others. I'm HIGHLY obsessive, compulsive, obsessive-compulsive, fascinated with the macabre, and extremely passionate about my hobbies, interests, etc. I consider myself very sarcastic, logical, and easily frustrated with unkind or "fake" people, but I'm also very compassionate and forgiving, willing to give people second (or tenth) chances and attempt to put myself in others' shoes before I speak/act.


I'm incredibly disgusted with myself, and tend to blame myself for literally everything bad, even if logically I know it isn't/can't be my fault; I hold onto negative things others say and do to me and use that as ammunition against myself so I can further beat myself up. When it comes to everyone else, I'm a very good judge of character and will attempt to help others, particularly fellow 'broken' people like myself, as much as I possibly can. My capacity to understand other people, even ones vastly different from myself, is my strongest asset (my ONLY asset, in my opinion.) I despise small talk and prefer to get to know others, even complete strangers, on a psychologically intimate level. This unfortunately only applies to the internet however, as I'm terrified of social situations and confrontation IRL, which leads me to wall myself off from others. I am about as alone as a person can get, having no real friends or life, which contributes greatly to my depressive, anxious personality. Bad things seem to happen to me more often than they do to other people, and sometimes I think of myself as a magnet for trouble and drama, which only intensifies my feelings of contempt and exasperation with myself.


My tastes and interests run on the disturbing and dark side, as I feel a kinship with those types of things. I see myself as irreparably ruined, sick in both body and mind, and consider myself a bad person, rotten from the inside out, who contaminates others if I get too close to them. I desperately feel a need to redeem myself for this, but my good intentions usually backfire. I am a kind and tolerant person, but I've also taught myself how to stand up for myself (online, at least) when someone tries to take advantage of those good qualities. I hate being in/around groups of people and would much rather either be one-on-one with another person or be by myself.


I'm prone to feelings of boredom and unfulfillment which leave me greatly disliking life in general, being a completely unambitious and unmotivated person in a culture that demands a bit of both if one is going to make something of oneself. I have so many regrets and feelings of great shame and guilt over everything I've done/not done that it leads me to self-sabotage and self-punishment, which I feel for the most part is justified and deserved. I legitimately hate who and what I am, but feel powerless to change.


On the bright side, I'm very creative and imaginative, almost to a fault. I love making people laugh, being creative and getting to express myself, and I speak my mind with conviction. Since I try to speak or act only when I've put thought into what I say or do I rarely apologize to others, since I try always to mean what I say/do. I try to live in a way that causes the people around me the least amount of pain, even if it comes at my own expense, though I definitely have a deep selfish streak as any person does. On the whole I'm prone to feeling like an extreme outsider even amongst fellow outsiders. I don't feel like I fit in with other human beings, that any of them really 'get' me.


Learning and educating myself about all sorts of topics is a priority for me. I make it my goal to understand both the good and the bad things that life has to offer, and have no patience for those who are complacent, ignorant, or flat-out apathetic about important issues.


Ultimately I'm deeply, DEEPLY lonely, unhappy, bitter and jaded; this apparently lends me a strange, mysterious vibe, which causes a lot of people to try to "save or solve" me, something I greatly resent. What I want more than anything is to be understood and liked and listened to, but my personality is so negatively layered and frustrating, I tend to push people away before they get the chance to get to know me and come to that conclusion themselves. I hate being hurt or made to feel stupid/odd, so I alienate the few people that do attempt to get close to me. But beyond viewing myself as a gigantic ball of pain and toxicity, I don't really know who I am. I feel that I lack a purpose for even existing, and that causes me to feel hopeless and alone.


In case you couldn't tell, I also like to talk a lot about myself in this manner... wink.gif This wasn't meant to be depressing, just a brief synopsis of what it's like inside my head. Lots of stuff had to be left out due to... personal reasons.

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I am a difficult, self-loathing, weird, sick, twisted, and unique person. I cannot relate nor connect to the vast majority of people, and the few that I do feel that bond with I intentionally keep at a distance for fear of causing mutual emotional pain.

I can't socialize as well, and prefer to keep others at a distance. I'm somewhat outgoing, but I rarely makes deep conversations about my passions, my life, my thoughts, and my past. Even though I'm a teenager, I find it hard to scocialize on the internet, especially when it comes to messaging(or texting). Though I am better when it comes to a group of people, since that's when I blend in, I find one-on-one conversations with others who are not my friends very difficult.


I am extremely lazy, has no willpower or perseverance, always leave things be until the last minute, and is not devoted enough to do things.

I don't have the courage to stand up for others, and I don't believe that I can change anything.

I am somewhat materialistic, knowing that the jobs I like might not be able to make enough money to support myself, so I just give up on that and pursue something else instead.

I often speaks without thinking, blurting things out, and often stutters.

I'm not very confident, often comparing myself to others, knowing that there's always someone who's better than me at a certain thing.


My only bright side:I am able to look at things from different angles, using different perspectives and understanding other people better.

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if everyone has an emotional pattern than mine must be the most kookiest.


first of all, socializing is one of my uncontrollable traits. some days i am too shy to speak to anyone who doesn't technically live in my house. some days i end up walking through the school hallways in the middle of a discussion with a small crowd. i can't quite tell.


second, the levels of intelligence that lurk in my brain vary. a lot. some days i end up exporting my extensive vocabulary towards unintentional audiences. some days i make so many mistakes that i end up having a bad day because of it.


third, as the saying goes, "my level of maturity depends on who i'm with."


fourth, i cannot make a decent opinion on myself. or others. basically anything. i get too confuzzled between the shadow and light in an object and can't say whether it's good or not. either that or i worry about other's opinions on mine.


oh, and i worry on people a lot. when i was young i would never make a decision in public without predicting what they would think of my actions. most of the time the predictions are bad. and most of the time, i wouldn't realize it, but my predictions were wrong.


but now that i'm older, i barely give a crap about what others think of me. besides, i don't think of them at all.


one more thing: i tend to talk too much. to constrain this bad trait i have limited the number of things i have to say. if you want to find out more, just give me two days to write out my biography. or two years. it depends.


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unintentional audiences

*Unintended. ;)


Oh boy! Can I join the self-hate party? :D


I've seen two therapists for social anxiety and self-esteem issues - mostly I cope by making jokes about it and not giving myself time to think on my mistakes. When I have nothing to do I tend to be really introspective, which usually results in Bad Things happening. It's part of the reason I quit piano a few years back actually - I can't concentrate completely on playing and I have a fresh selection of mistakes to peruse as I contemplate how bad I am at everything. So yeah, that, and the fact that no one needs me whining about how terrible my life is at them. They've all got their own problems after all, and I'm pretty high up on the good life spectrum.


I can't really manage proper empathy, but hey, it gets better! Everything gets better. The world is a great place and the more people you meet the more you'll find friends who are honestly supportive and care for who you are. And if you find people who don't? Try not to care about them either. We all have free will (or, at least, the illusion of - *coughs*), so do something that makes you happy with it, whatever that means for you.

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I like to say "the more I like you, the more difficult I am to get along with" but that isn't quite true if you share my taste in humor. I'm just really sarcastic by nature and have a caustic sense of humor, often based around logic and mockery delivered in a monotone tone of voice. Lots of snark, but it's spontaneous and I can't come up with anything if specifically asked to. Sometimes I'm just totally cynical. That comes out if I'm comfortable around someone and feel like I can actually be myself. I'm very introverted so it does take a long time for anyone to get to know me. I don't often put much effort into staying into contact with people or advancing a relationship, so RL friendships are few and far between. Most people generally just see me as "that quiet kid" and don't get to experience that sarcasm and humor. I easily lose my tolerance for people if I haven't gotten to know them very well as friends.


I'm outwardly cold and awkward towards strangers, except when it comes to my job and then I can fake perkiness well enough. But when it comes to people I care about, I'm more honestly empathetic and often give emotional support or advice to friends who are having issues. I seem to do better with animals than people, overall; I like them and they seem to respond well to me, particularly horses. Communication with them comes naturally to me and I'm more comfortable and confident with them than most humans.


I'm a very stressed-out person, easily getting frustrated or worried about things that I shouldn't be. I'm also a hardcore perfectionist. That's a definite problem, along with social anxiety that makes it hard to me to do things publicly, work in groups, or even get food in the campus cafeteria. I'm also extremely nervous and fearful, fainting easily and balking at unfamiliar things or even just crossing the street. And just the slightest touch of hypochondria. *eyes this spot on her arm worriedly*


My mom said, many years ago, that I have "a wealth of useless information" and I love that quote. I do indeed know a large amount of useless trivia and facts about things that I will never use, and often share that. Yet I have awful memory for anything serious and can forget things almost instantaneously if I'm not careful. But I'm also an artist and somewhat-writer so I appreciate and value design, aesthetic, and creativity. I'll make comments about logos, fonts, and grammar if I'm anywhere with a lot of signs.


I love fedoras and am a wedding dress geek. But I never actually want to be married and have little interest in romance so go figure! I am on a quest to find the world's best eggplant parmigiana. I love theater, especially musical theater, and am a sucker for nice sets and scene changes since I love working on backstage crews. Personally, I think I'm pretty interesting and quirky and I like it. tongue.gif

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I'm actually really shy, I might seem outward and talkative, but deep down I'm really nervous. I'm just really good at hiding it,

Why I'm not nervous though I'm really bubbly and hyper. Sometimes I say things without thinking that don't really make sense.

I actually don't have any social problems aside from wanting to stay home on my computer rather than going to a social event. I try to get along with everyone.

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Uhhhh... My personality?


I'm literally crazy. I have moments where I completely fall into a flashback or start hearing voices and noises that I know aren't actually there. I'm depressed and pretty pessimistic to the point where I've literally driven friends away. I have terrible social anxiety and can rarely order food because of it (which is really embarrassing to freak out in front of people). I worry about a lot. I'm just dark and really cold on the outside, and I'm not afraid to let people see the scars on my wrist if they start messing with me.


I want to be understood, and I strive for acceptance and just... I want to be loved, I guess. I don't really live in the most caring environment, so I absolutely crave positive attention and I'm seriously scared to be left alone for a period of weeks because god knows what crap I get into. I'm too trusting. I get hurt a lot because of it. I either trust too much or not at all. I've been trapped by Stockholm Syndrome from this, basically. If I hurt on the inside, I need to hurt on the outside too. I am basically filled with a lot of self hate and I don't know when that will heal. Probably never.


I'm overly negative. If someone shoves their way into my life, I literally do whatever I can to push them back out because I'm too scared to get hurt again. And when they pass the test of resisting my attempts to get them to go away, holy heck do I get attached. If there's no resistance from me on them trying to talk to me, it's because it was my decision to talk to them. I don't like to talk to people I don't know.


I'm rather secluded. I like to hole up in my room and draw, sometimes write. I talk to online friends, since it does a small amount for the social need that I have but can't really act upon. And I really like to be creative. It's literally the only outlet that does not hurt me. I can draw out depressing picture after depressing picture. I can do this for hours. My room is trashed with all the fails of my pictures. xd.png


So, er, after that post that nobody wanted to read because of how long it is, the TL;DR version is that I'm pretty dark and cold, and I have plenty of flaws, but I just want acceptance. I think that's how to describe me. Someone who just wants to be accepted for who she is...

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I'll try to describe myself. Lessee...


I'm polite, yet a bit shy and quiet when I first meet someone. I'm not very social unless it's a topic I'm interested in. I will not deny that I am lazy. Very lazy. If I don't have to get out of bed then I wont. I can be a bit insecure, but dealing with depression has somewhat shot my self-confidence so, that explains that.


I do have a temper, though I rarely lash out, unless I'm under a lot of stress and or it's that certain time we gals don't look forward to every month. I don't mean to, but when that occurs, it's really hard for me to hold back my anger and I never mean it when it happens.


I am stubborn, if I know I'm right and someone says I'm wrong I will not only prove it to them, but shove it in their face, but I only go to that extent when they try to put me down.


I have trust issues. Serious trust issues. I've been back-stabbed way too many times in my life. Break my trust once, I may forgive you depending on the issue. Break it twice and you've lost my friendship permanently.


I'm very protective of children and animals. Whenever I hear a story of animal or a child abuse on the news I often voice what punishment I believe the accused deserves. I've scared my mother a few times with what I've said, though my threats are empty. She'd still say: "I'm glad you love me."


Sometimes I love to act goofy when I'm in a good mood. If I want to laugh like a hyena I'll do it, sometimes I'll make the stupidest faces just to cheer up people in the room. I'll try to out-belch my friends or grab a nearby balloon, suck in some helium and talk like a chipmunk.


I'm a tomboy, and despise wearing dresses. Give me baggy pants and a comfy T-shirt any day. However, I do act girly when it comes to certain things, like Spiders for example. I can catch a lizard, call it cute and put it outside no problem. But a spider? I have a pretty loud girly squeal when it comes to those. It doesn't help that I have that phobia of them either.


Sometimes I can play the peacemaker in the house. It's not always easy to break up a fight and calm things down, but I can do it. I'll also try to cheer someone up and do my best to make them laugh or at least smile. If I can't, I feel pretty bad, knowing that whatever I tried probably made it worse. Again, that's where the low self-esteem comes in.


I try to be positive, even when dealing with depression, I try to live each day as if pressing 'restart' and erase all of the previous day's negativity. It doesn't always work, but it helps me cope. The best thing that helps me is Music. It relaxes me and calms me down. helps me see the better things in life.


I'm sure I'm forgetting something, aside from the fact that I am very forgetful. Oddly enough I can recall anything I've seen on TV or movies, but that's about it. Everything else I have to look up or it takes me a bit.

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Shy, depressive, outburstish, and "stupid"

Reason I say stupid is that like...

I kinda mix up my words a lot, in both real life and typing..

Not sure if it's something I should worry about, but w/e

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Tries to see the best in everyone and everything, gets trodden on by others fair bit in real life and hates conflict which tend to avoid, though if someone is dishonoured or picked on/bullied - bring me my battle gear!

Tend to be bubbly happy personality though tend to be very negative about myself and a huge worrier with self conscious image as hate everything about myself. That's ok though as have a very loving hubby who is my soul mate wub.gif

Oh also huge chatter, love to chat to everyone and all especially DC related on here and think that scares people at times as to if random or genuine tongue.gif (Anyone who knows me knows genuine wink.gif)

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I happen to love writing about my personality and then never posting it, and then feeling frantic because I want someone besides myself to read it and reassure me that I'm a normal human being, and ending up stripping the post and rewording it to make it sound like I really am a normal human being because while I want people to know me, I don't really want them to know me. I'm a walking bag of bones and contradictions.


The only way I can talk to strangers comfortably is when I'm rambling about something I'm very knowledgeable and passionate about in a casual setting (ask me to write and give a speech on it, however, and I will mess up every time). I don't like large crowds although I have no problem performing clarinet in front of them in a recital-type setting. When interacting closely with anyone I don't really know very well I need a "mediator", someone I know and trust, to keep me grounded. One-on-one interactions are great when I'm comfortable with the other person, but I'm okay with being around two others if I'm comfortable around both of them and they're not fighting or anything. In case you can't tell I'm quite introverted and have some social anxiety.


I'm ridiculously detail-oriented, often to the point of perfectionism, and this inhibits my executive function sometimes. I have a hard time starting and finishing... well, anything, really. Essays, presentations, compositions, practice sessions, outlines, cooking, crochet, cleaning my room... unless of course I have a pattern or a schedule to follow. Then if the pattern is inefficient in some way I obsess over fixing the pattern itself. I procrastinate if the task seems too daunting or undesirable. If it's bad enough I'll even do something else that's on the daunting-but-not-as-daunting list. One time I had a presentation due and I was pulling an all-nighter to finish it and I got distracted by the room, so at 4am I was cleaning and organizing everything on my side. I fell asleep afterwards and ended up not finishing it the way I wanted it to be finished. When I get started on something it's easy for me to hyperfocus and be overly meticulous. Recently I organized my T-shirt drawers. Everything got refolded, stacked according to size and content, and neatly stacked in my closet. It's kind of ridiculous.


I am normally a good student though. I'm pretty good at absorbing information, although I often have a hard time seeing the forest for the trees. I can regurgitate information but it's difficult to apply it to projects...


I'm also incredibly lazy. I'm that person who wonders why she has to make the bed if she's just going to get back in it and would rather watch a movie with commercials than get up to put it in the DVD player. (Besides, commercial breaks are convenient snack and bathroom breaks lol.)


Emotionally, I don't even know what I am. I have a very hard time feeling without making myself feel. The most natural feelings I get are agitation, mild humor, and obsession. I know I become obsessed easily so I try to avoid things I think I'd obsess over. Sadly it hasn't worked.... Star Trek has taken over my life in the past month and it's Vivian's fault. lol I warned her that's what was going to happen! Now I'm offtopic and I'm at a loss of where else to go with this paragraph. I guess I should say that I relate better to my cats than I do my own parents. My relationship with my dad is basically we sit in the same room and ignore each other but it's great.


So, uh, yeah.


That's my personality in a grossly oversized nutshell.

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I am lacking in self confidence and full of ambition and fear of failing. It makes for a very stress filled me.


Sometimes I am talkative and sometimes I am very quiet and introverted. I dream more than do long for what can not be.

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