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Hey! My new best friend is a Stick-Panda!


No thank you


I don't take bauble names


Sure you do!


No, I don't


And even if I did, I'm a red panda


It's in my name




Mmm-kay Mr Stick-Panda


Oi, my life just gets better...


But hey, at least I get top page! ^-^

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I thought I ate all the Ender-people... Oh well, more food. *eats Ender-people that were spawned*

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What is this 'Creative mode' anyways? Does it let you eat things? Can I be on it?


MA set own game mode to Creative This way Conchita won't destroy everything. She'll only destroy a few blocks.


But I'm only having fun...


And endangering multiple dimensions is fun? You really need to get a psychiatrist.


YES! Well, that and eating people. They taste way better when they're from other dimensions.


My point still stands...

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... Whatcha looking at me like that for? I mean, you must be seriously weak-minded if you can't handle someone looking at you.


Creative mode is for the weak.


Yeeeeah... About that...


Seriously, why would I need creative mode? I'm immortal for censorkip.gif's sake.

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Creative mode is we're you don't die, can look at Enders with out them biting your head off, and you can fly if your human or can't fly at all.

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Seriously? You yell at me for trying to make sure you don't get eaten? Fine! MA set own game mode to Survival


Does it let you eat things?

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It's immortality. Boredom is your limit.


I think it would be more mortals, but meh.


You're suggesting mortals restrain us? Imomortals? You think mere mortals can limit us? *Laughs* I think not.


I'm kinda scared now.


For me, humans are the limit. If you're not there, my life would end. I don't like that.

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All this death-


*Capital D

Shut up


Is making me uncomfortable


In fact, who even brought it-


Please shut up




Welcome to the club...

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*clings to Endyr* Pleeeeeeeeease, Mommy? Pleeeeeeeeease can we feed the duckies at the paaaaaaaaaaaarrrk??


JTK: Whuddafuq is going on with Issy?


WF: I don't...I don't know...


Shuddup, Whitey.






Jeffrey, cease your yelling at once!

Daddy!! Yay! *attaches himself to Slender's legs*



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I have no idea what's going on here so if you'll excuse me I'll get something to eat.


Your chance of actually getting something decreases if you try to eat people.

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It appears he is in a state of trauma. He seeks the only things that appear to comfort him. Weren't you attached to your parents before you mercilessly murdered them, Jeff?


Good Job Seedeater. Very good comforting.


Shush, Death. You don't even have parents. You don't know how it feels.


Yeah, you didn't have them either. If you did, they're dead now. At least I have my kin.


And what nice people they are.


I never said they were nice.


Oh god. These two... *Facepalm*


You're just annoyed that you haven't been able to claim me yet.




Yes, you are.


Alright. But you can't blame me. You're waaaay past your time Seedeater.


Deal with it. *Puts on sunglasses*


What the...

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Can I be Night Dragon?


No, your called the Oily Dragon for a reason


I wanna be Night Dragon sad.gif

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I suddenly remember that I'm actually supposed to post in the thread, not just read the pretty text, "Um, hi again." I say, slightly nervously. I try to remember what I was doing (AKA look back through the pages for my last post), but I can't seem to. (I didn't find it.) I frown for a moment but then return my attention to the present, which I promptly open. I finally get back to all the people with the pretty text, "So um what are we doing?" I then remember to mention, "I have a cold by the way."

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Did you follow that RoD?


Batty confused


So am I blink.gif

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I pause looking at the pretty text and see what was in the present, "Oh hey, I got a new charrie sheet!" I say, and then display it for all to see.

Username: Masterweavile898

Character's name: Nameless Mook

Gender: Male

Age: Indeterminate (I haven't decided), he's a young adult.

Appearance:user posted image

Extra info: He's an idiot with tons of amazing powers. He failed all his tests to become a warrior, but his powers got him accepted anyway. (He even failed to garden the flowers.)

"Oh yeah, Nameless." A snort of laughter escapes my nose, "Most of my charries are dragons or me." I laugh again, "Or both." I then proceed to put Nameless back in the box until a time when humor is needed.


"So then, where was I?" I say as I yet again return to the pretty text. It appears confused. I turn to RoD, who appears to be the only person around, and answer her, "I said I forgot what was happening and asked what was happening now." I assume that her creations will overhear, or that she can explain.

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Oh, that...


We be chatting. I be mighty dragon-good and fierce!

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"Ah, I see." I say, "You know, I think I have just the thing for this situation." I attempt to bleat like a goat, ironically of course, and udderly fail. It sounds more like a cow mooing than a goat bleating.

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*head shoots up* Cow?



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Everyone might want to clear the room




MUST GET THE COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts destroying stuff*

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I still think you should trot along with me. I'm sure He would be happy. He doesn't like it when you rouge souls find a way of bypassing the system.


How about you shush? I'm in the mood for eating someone, and trust me. You don't wanna be on that list.


*Sighs* You've been saying that for the past hour. You've done nothing but complain to me, and right now I'm starting to agree with her-


Kill me.


-so if you could do us all a favour and stop complaining, then I think we'll all be good.

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*is hiding from Issy*


"...your minds to have a good time!"




"I might paint a picture of a clown.

WOAH THERE, friend! You might need to slow down!"



*tilts head to one side as he slowly loses his sanity*


*begins killing innocent people*


CREATIVITY!!! *go to sleep*


*rocks back and forth* Creative...no....not creative.....no....no...green...not a creative color.....nooooo.....



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