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((It's alright, Draco. It sucks to have problems like this. By the way, I was absent for almost a week because I was writing some gift stories, including for you. Here's one of those I finished: Zanzibar's story ))


They reached the city of Shadow Wind and went inside the place. Atlas looked at the many buildings and street before her. The place looked dirty with dust and scorch marks on the buildings, a road that has a pothole on the left side, and some trash on both sides of the street. It seems like the lords weren't too interested in keeping the streets clean. It makes it look like one of these ghetto places that humans spoke up, but she never got to saw. Was this one of these ghettos?



Kathia was relieved that he wasn't going to risk their lives like this. "So you're after the halfling. Good, so am I. I kept her prisoner because I needed her help to keep you out of danger. But now she's gone off and escaped." She just remembered that the halfling's soul was bond to Azera's. The girl regretted thinking about letting her die from poison, because that would have killed the man if that happened. Fortunately, he was fine now, but the halfling was still poisoned. Kathia needed to go out there and find her quickly before she succumbs to the venom. She thought angrily, 'Damn it, why did you have to run away, stupid half-beast?!'



Bron was unsure of his his answer as guessed, "Er... does Jewel count?" He did paralyze her when he and Rever just came in, but there was never a battle between them.

But Rever told his comrade, "You didn't even fight her, Bron. You were going for Mekarth, but you blew your breath at her."

Kekul spoke up for everyone, "I think it's safe to say that none of us did. We tried to, but we never got to succeed. We were fighting over you, just to catch you before the other groups do. You know? Just so that we could win."




Apparently, Ronan seems to know the foreigner, at least to her guess. Minerva looked at him and asked, "You mean the southeast region?" That was the only region in Rudvich she knew that was farthest to the east. She watched the two men confront each other, their hands touching their blades. It was obvious to anyone that a battle was going to start. Minerva was wary about this fight, knowing that they were using real weapons for this. She hoped to the gods that her boyfriend didn't get hurt too badly from this.


((I'm cool with that.))

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Drake shook his head. "No Minerva...look at his garb. Do you recognize anyone from the nearby territory that wears such clothing? He's from a land far to the east." Rick and Ronan's gaze never left each other. "That sword.....belongs to the master of the south. You should hand it over before someone gets hurt." Rick grew up on the legends of the four mystical swords, Ronan however did not. "You want it? Let's see if you can take it." Ronan drew his blade. Rick shifted his stance before charging. Ronan waited until the last moment. CLASH!! Their blades struck each other. Ronan had leaped past him. They swung at each other. Matching each other. Their skill appeared to be even. They ended up locking blades. "You have talent......I am impressed." Rick said. "You're not bad yourself." Ronan replied. They both shuffled back away from each other. Rick drew his wakizashi, Ronan drew a his dagger. Once again clashing blades.

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((Here's another giftfic: rampaging_wyvern's story. I have two more coming up soon.))

Minerva realized the correct answer on where the man's clothes originated from. She said, "Haniyas." Her mind had been thrown off when Ronan said 'region' and confused it as one of Rudvich's regions. Then the battle began between the two swordsmen. The girl watched the blades clashed against each other, no one seems to be hurting the other yet as they were both great at parrying each other's attacks.

((I don't remember if Minerva ever heard where Ronan's sword comes from. I'm leaving this post unchanged until I get my answer.))

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((Ronan never said where his sword comes from, ever. He got it from his master. sort of an heirloom passed down between master and student))


The two fought well and it was clear their skill was almost dead even. The second time they locked blades, Ronan picked up on a weakness in Rick's defense. He somehow manage to flip Rick over onto his back. Though he didn't lose his grip, Ronan made it impossible for him to raise his blade in defense by stepping onto his wrist. He aimed his blade. "Yield?" Ronan asked. Rick smirked and nodded. Ronan helped him up. "You're better than I expected. What is your name?" Rick asked. "Ronan, I hail from the southern deserts. You?" He returned the question. "Rick Hunter from Haniyas. I was raised by Takensho sensei, one of many generations to wield this sword." he referred to his katana. "I am his chosen heir, known as the "blade of the east"." Ronan nodded. "My teacher gave me this blade. He lived secluded in the mountains. I never really new his name." They both sheathed their blades. "So then you do not know of the legendary four swords?" Rick asked. Ronan shook his head. "You'll have to explain it to me." "Another time, for now I must go." Rick bowed before leaving. Ronan was curious about this man.

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