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Dragons VS Humans, The Great war

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LINK TO THE WIKI FOR THIS ROLEPLAY: http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Dr..._vs_Humans_Wiki

Also forgot to mention this is for the other roleplay section


Today once flourishing towns and cities now lay in ruins. What could cause the ultimate downfall of the human race you may ask? Their own stupidity, mixed with a lot of dragons angered by years of abuse. This all happened in a world much like our own; it is even called Earth, just as our own world. As similar as this world seemed to our own there was one big difference. This difference was dragons, once kind, wise creatures, now mean, merciless monsters. (For the most part that is.)


The dragons were strong, noble creatures; they had the ability to breathe fire and armor as hard as rocks in the form of scales covering their hides. The humans saw these creatures and instantly started attacking the dragons enslaving the ones they catch as pets and slaves, and using the dragons they killed for their scales. The dragons fought back valiantly, but humans won not by force, but by sheer numbers alone.


For a very long time after the downfall of the free dragons the dragons were used as slaves for moving heavy objects, encouraged to work by sharp metal pokers, with a very high voltage of electricity running through it. They are also kept as pets by rich families kept in heavy duty reinforced electrified cages. The dragons had no hope for an easy escape. The dragons were often starved or fed rancid, stale food in small amounts to keep them weak.


As the dragons suffered they kept in contact through telepathic communication. The humans had no idea they were capable of communicating so they couldn't stop them. As the year went by the dragons were slowly biding their time waiting for their powers to return and the perfect moment to strike. Together they devised a flawless spell to aid their escape, and seek their revenge on the humans.


Nearly one-thousand years after the downfall of the free dragons they had perfected the spell. At that very moment, the humans were struggling to rebuild their towns; several natural disasters had weakened the humans. They were low on natural resources and other important items. The dragons took this opportunity to strike; they released their spell, rendering all human made technology useless. Electrical objects stopped working and locking mechanisms fell to pieces. The once strong, sturdy bars on the dragon cages became weak and rusted. The dragons broke free and attacked the humans starting the war between humans and dragons.


The humans started to revert back to their old technology such as bow n' arrows and swords. Also unbelievably the government has abandoned us too, so don't expect any help from the military. A few select humans who only showed the dragons kindness, and tried to help them are greatly known by most dragons, news travels fast when you can speak telepathically to one another, and they stand a better chance of survival and even a chance of being protected by some dragons. Another thing different from this world and our own world is, it is much bigger, and has much more land covered by forest. As the dragons began their attack, the humans abandoned their towns and cities, to go hide in the forest. There they built camps, trying to build an army to defeat these 'horrible monsters'.



The spell has been cast and technology has been disabled.



  • Read ALL the rules.
  • Be polite to each other OOC.
  • Do not God Mode or Power Play. Ask if you do not know what these are.
  • Put a star in your form to show you read the rules.
  • Do not ignore other people IC for OOC reasons.
  • You may not kill someone’s character without their confirmed permission.
  • Keep posts typically at a paragraph’s length at least.
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation when posting - no using “*” to signify actions.
  • Characters are restricted to two magic elements at any time.
  • Ask before using outside species (ex: werewolves).
  • Put a ninja in your form if you actually read the rules.
  • Send all forms to me through PM
  • Rule breakers may be removed.
Character Sheets

For Humans




Appearance: (Pictures accepted, but detailed descriptions wanted)



Opinion of dragons:




For Dragons:




Appearance: (Pictures accepted, but detailed descriptions wanted)



Opinion of Humans:



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PickNick10 said:

For Dragons:

Username: Picknick10


Name: Amius


Age: 599 years old (580 of which he's spent in a coma)


Appearance: Amius' growth is stunted by his runes. While most dragons can be quite large, Amius is only just about the size of a draft horse, if not a little bit bigger. 






Art is owned by me - for my use only


Personality: Amius acts very much like a person still as apposed to acting like a dragon. In fact, he actually has very little idea on how a dragon is supposed to act. Having been raised by humans for his entire life, Amius lacks all but the instincts, behavioral intuition, and personality that most dragons have. Amius himself gets very strange and bashful at times when around actual natural born dragons. Feeling out of place, and almost like a fraud around them.

At other times he lives up to his namesake of 'The Guardian of Panoply'. Deep inside him there's an urge to protect that prevents him from standing idle or stalling when things that really matter to him are at stake. Some might call him reckless, but he is always just doing what he thinks needs to be done.


Powers: Amius breathes lightning instead of fire and has basic weather magic as one might expect from a water drake.


Opinion of Humans: Fragile things - although they make good friends and have useful thumbs.



“Long live the Protector!”, these were words that Amius had often heard when he was little. You see, the port city of Panoply prospered under the guardianship of a dragon. From generation to generation a single egg was laid. After centuries when the previous guardian passed or moved on, the egg would hatch and the cycle would go on anew.



Amius was the next in line, newly hatched to fill the gap left by the previous guardian. Like all the previous guardians he was pampered and enjoyed all the same luxuries a prince might hope for. Whatever it was he desired, he was given it. A dragon-protected port was well worth the upkeep of feeding and providing for a dragon. Pirates hesitated to plunder ships within a radius, and merchants flocked to take advantage of the safe shipping routes. The promise of security brought a surplus of trade and investors. To wait until the previous guardian passed before hatching the next, however, was both a beneficial boon and a danger in its own. Waiting provided the opportunity to raise the next dragon with no draconic example for him to follow. This lack of natural guidance gave them what was essentially a blank canvas to mold and even brainwash as they saw fit. As a consequence of waiting though they left themselves vulnerable in the gap between the late guardian’s death, and the new one’s time spent in adolescence. A hatchling was no good for fighting off invading armies nor preventing pirate attacks.



So Panoply compensated by increasing their military spending during this time, and all was well. So Amius prospered in turn, festivals were held in his honor, and scholars came to school him. He was quick to show his hunger for knowledge, and in time he became known as the ‘guardian of the library’ ever for all the time he spent in it for all his love of books.



As it was things were good. Panoply got their clean slate dragon to raise and mold as they deemed necessary, and Amius got to be pampered as a prince.



It seemed though the people of Panoply could not wait though. In order for the city’s trade to continue prospering, they needed their dragon guardian to grow up. So, the government mages began to experiment on him. Runes were placed on him in an attempt to magically accelerate his rate of growth, and it worked to some extent. Amius reached the size of adolescence much quicker than anyone could have anticipated. Over the course of months, rather than years, he shot up from the size of a small dog to that of a draft horse. So, they placed more runes on him again, to bring him up to meet his full potential.



Unbeknownst to all but the wizard himself the runes themselves were dangerous. Having failed before, and fearing failure again he ‘borrowed’ books confiscated from cults that rose now and again, squashed over lengthy investigations and periods of times. The power was borrowed from the void, but the side effects took time to set in or become obvious. Of course he would be careful, they only had to be used for a short period of time before he would remove them.



Unfortunately for Panoply - for Amius - not every problem could be solved with military might alone, or even a dragon, as young and little as he was to make a difference. It had been an unusually stormy season, and while normally this would not have been a problem, it weakened the ground the buildings sat upon. The city was well built, so this alone was not a problem, but like all disasters, usually a bunch of little things add up into one big monstrous thing. In this case, one bad thing was turned into a complete and utter disaster.



Years of infrastructure had been neglected before this point. With Amius’ arrival money had been siphoned from public projects to fund his education and raising. He was an important public figure, and with that came expensive festivals, celebrations, and even a holiday to honor the city’s protector. Dragons have expensive tastes, and as spoiled as he was, it was very easy for him to drain the city's coffers over the years.



It was no wonder when the biggest tsunami of the decade struck on the shores of Panoply, it ravaged the city. Standing upon weakened foundations, much of the city was swept back into the sea with the receding water, and with it, nearly half of Panoply perished. Amius was one of the countless many swept out to sea. And so, with the city in ruins, and their protector gone, Panoply was crippled.



At this point Panoply was already running on loans, spending big now on their guardian with the promise that when he was fully grown trade would boom back to their usual highs and profits would once more outpace spending. There was simply no money to rebuild the city. Oh, they tried, but with their dragon gone, no one would lend any more money to the already in debt city, literally and figuratively under water.



People began to abandon the city in droves. Homes, lives, and an entire way of life had been destroyed. With no signs of a speedy bounce back, and their guardian gone the city dwindled and died, a ghost town left to be reclaimed by nature.



The city might have perished, but the young water dragon tasked with protecting it had not. The stone and marble buildings were far sturdier than the soil they had been built upon. Although swept out in the tsunami and claimed by the rising sea over time, many of the ornate buildings remained mostly intact.



Unlike any of the other people swept away, Amius was an aquatic dragon.It was a natural quirk of his inheritance, but it did nothing to save the entirely human city. He was simply too young to make a difference, and too inexperienced to cope with the chaos going on around him. While hundreds of thousands of people drowned perished, Amius survived. Of course he didn’t survive unscathed; he was knocked out in the tsunami and badly hurt. Although he survived he fell into a stasis of sort as his body went into a forced hibernation under the trauma inflicted.



For poor Amius this meant several things: the experimental runes and magic laid upon him had never meant to be long term. Although they had caused him to grow quickly at first, the strain it had placed on him had stunted and further growth, capping his size where it had been at, that of a draft horse. Furthermore, the magic began to have unpredicted side effects, etched into his scales and body over time, seeping in like acid. The runes were now permanent and their effects mostly chaotic and unknown.



It also meant that Amius was forgotten. He and the city itself faded, abandoned and destined to go down in the history books as a legend.



So Amius remained in slumber to protect what remained of the city despite the fact that no one remained to protect, even when he awoke many years later. He had been told he was not allowed to leave the city, and even though the city had moved, was underwater, and abandoned, he could not bring himself to leave.



Instead he made the sunken remains of the library his home. Portions of it even remained dry, pockets of air trapped protecting the books even deep under the sea, and they were probably the only thing keeping Amius there still.



On 3/27/2018 at 11:37 AM, Red Dragonette said:

Username: Red Dragonette

Name: Atlas Firestar

Age: 361 (birthday is in early-mid spring)

Appearance: Orange magi dragoness with a tint of red and has sparkling dark purple eyes. This is her picture:

Atlas Firestar (First War version)

Personality: She’s a fearsome warrior who fights with courage and brute strength until the foe is defeated or dead. She’s also stubborn, short-tempered, and slow to trust her enemies, humans, and hybrids unless they do something that’ll change her opinion on them. Her good side is that she always rushes in to fight for those who can’t protect themselves and those who can and being friendly towards hatchlings.

Powers: Fire magic, Ice magic, Wind magic, Light magic, and Earth magic. She can also use teleportation.

Opinion of Humans: She’ll see all of them as vicious cold-blooded savages unless she meets and learns to trust a nice one or hears of one of them.

Likes: Meat, getting stronger, winning, learning new magic, her nieces, and her friends.

Dislikes: Hunters; slavers; dogs; the scientists who created the hybrids; traitors; those who threaten to harm her friends & family; losing to her enemies; and hybrids


Username: Red Dragonette

Name: Kathia Rittevon

Age: 17 (birthday is in late summer)

Appearance: Red hair in a long ponytail with a white hairbow, Caucasian skin, and brown eyes. This is her appearances both before and the Spell:

Kathia (The First War version)

Personality: A human supremacist who believes that all humans should have absolute power over everything in existence, including dragons, and despise anybody who disagrees. Kathia loves to boss her slaves around and work them hard until they're completely exhausted. She's generally nice to her fellow human beings, but when confronted with her enemies or dragon sympathizers, she'll snap at and be rude & mean to them. Other than that, she's hot-headed, determined and persistent to win, and likes to be in charge. After the Spell, Kathia will seek her revenge on the dragons by building up an army to destroy as many of them until they are willing to submit themselves back into slavery.

Weapons: Sword, dagger, bow, fire magic, lightning magic and the ability to summon ghosts.

Opinion of dragons: They're nothing but tools, slaves, fodder, cheap meat, and things to turn into resources.

Likes: Overworking dragons, bullying her slaves, money, jewelry, honey barbecued meat, power, dogs, cats, learning new magic, and her soliders.

Dislikes: Dragon sympathizers, perverts, bugs, losing, hybrids, and halflings.


Username: Red Dragonette

Name: Aeolus

Age: 451 (birthday is in late autumn)

Appearance: He is an emerald green dragon with a dark yellow underbelly, darker green pointy tail tip, ivory horns, and red eyes. His picture: http://fav.me/d6iqw6t

Personality: He is usually calm, cold, collected, and does not tolerate foolishness or humans, since he has a very bad history with them. He even once got betrayed by one who used to be a loyal friend to dragons until he turned against them. He’s also calculating and likes to come up with brilliant solutions to thwart the humans.

Powers: He can create tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. He can also breathe lightning.

Opinion of Humans: He despises them even more than Atlas does and will most likely never befriend them in his lifetime. He’ll even kill a human child, no matter how innocent they seem to be.

Likes: Wise dragons, healthy meat like deer for example, getting rid of humans, being alone, acquiring knowledge, and beautiful objects.

Dislikes: Dragons who side with humans, fools & idiots, carelessness, and dogs.


Name: Minerva
Age: 20 (birthday is in mid spring)
Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin, white shirt, blue skirt, and pink boots.

Minerva Baltes

Personality: She's a dragon rights activist who's working to bring equality to dragons everywhere and disperse the negative stereotypes and perceptions of both humans and dragons in hopes that the wars everywhere will end. She's social, kind, caring, and outspoken. She's also helpful to those in need, such as when she let Ronan and Drake share her home and is helping to get his fighting school set up.
Weapons: none for now, but she is learning water magic
Opinion of dragons: Believes that dragons are people just like humans are.
Likes: Children, hatchlings, equality and peace
Dislikes: racism, unnecessary violence, massacres


On 3/31/2018 at 12:42 AM, LordTorch18 said:


Name: Rick Hunter

Age: 35

Appearance: aethier___kensaki_by_dinmoney-d4f2cq9.jp Brown hair(not excessively long as the photo), Tan skin, forest green eyes, grey-ish blue robes with white trim. very muscular, a single scar on his face from the right side of his forehead to his left cheek, a few scars on his upper body.

Personality: Focused, helpful, generous. Rick was trained in ancient fighting arts. His training allows him to see and move faster than the untrained eye can see. He hates having to use his blades, but will if he has no other choice.

Weapons: daisho - a katana and wakizashi with black and silver handles, hand-guards, and sheaths; naginata(used mostly as a walking stick); bow and arrows, and a few shurikens.

Opinion of dragons: Is a well-known dragon ally. known as the "blade of the east" in many lands.

Likes: Dragons, swords, women, dragon-lovers, and hard training.

Dislikes: Dragon haters, violence, slavery, criminals.


For Humans
Username: Aaron
Name: Ronan Feran
Age: 24
Appearance: tanned skin, entrancing cyan blue eyes, very muscular, a scar of a cut on his left eye, and dozens of scars on his back, with 5 on his front torso, black hair, his outfit is black with red trim, bears the mark of his brotherhood on his wrist, and also the symbol on his left gauntlet Eziokopie.png ((this, but without the facial hair and younger.))
Personality: Can get angered if pushed hard enough. When he's around people he cares about, he's softhearted, kind, gentle, etc. In battle he will fight till no other being trying to kill him is left standing.
Weapons: dual hidden blades with switch blade(blade can separate into a dagger) and hook blade, katana, Bone dagger, metal staff, bow and arrows(20), shurikens(20)
Opinion of dragons: Enjoys their company, and will listen to their wise words sometimes, unless of course one dragon tries to kill him, then he'll be forced to destroy it
Likes: friendly dragons, dragon lovers, and his partner drake
Dislikes:monstrous(ones that want to kill humans) dragons, drunk fools

For Dragons
Username: Aaron
Name: Drake
Age: 301
Appearance: scales are golden brown, eyes of emerald green, horns coming out of the back of his skull, fantastic wingspread of unknown sizeDragonheart_%28JPN2%29.jpg
Personality: can be wise at times, very friendly if you like dragons and want to get to know him, if you treat him bad, possibility he'll cook or freeze you where you stand
Powers: fire-breathing, ice-breathing, both can be used at will by drakes choosing, long-range spiked tail attack - can launch a spike from his tail hard enough for the spike to pierce an armored man enough to kill, takes two weeks for a spike to grow back
Opinion of Humans: despises the dragon haters
Likes: ronan, dragon friendly folk, the old ways
Dislikes: anyone that hates dragons


Sai said:
Username: Sai

Name: Rika

Age: 17

Appearance: Ivory skin tone, long silver hair, turquoise eyes. Gold plated steel armor with red and black cloth. Wears a battle skirt with black spandex shorts underneath. Armor jeweled with emerald.

user posted image

Personality: Introverted, hot-headed, conflicted

Weapons: Longsword, bow

Opinion of dragons: Doesn't like them

Likes: Hunting, outdoors, horses, poking fun

Dislikes: Dragons, parties, being coerced


Username: Sai

Name: Albel

Age: 19

Appearance: Hs stands at 6'3 on two legs. Dark grey with black stripes and a white underbelly. He has forest green hair that travels down to his tail in a fluffy maine. His scales are covered by thin fur. He has blood red eyes. Always wears his blue scarf. Has retractable claws.

user posted image

Personality: Aggressive, smug, threatening, a bit sadistic

Powers: magma breath, tough hide, strength of large dragon, fast

Opinion of Humans: Doesn't care

Likes: Messing with people, playing with prey, fighting

Dislikes: Over-peppy people, children, weakness


Username: Sai

Name: Fayt

Age: 18

Appearance: Stands at 6'0 and two feet. Baby blue eyes, black fur, and white stripes/hair.

user posted image

Personality: Kind, caring, cuddly, shy at times

Powers: Ice breath, tough hide, strength of large dragon, fast

Opinion of Humans: Likes them

Likes: Mechanics, workshops, technology, playing, talking

Dislikes: Being alone, fighting, hunters



0023567467 said:
Username: 0023567467

Name: Icefyre

Age: 18

Appearance: user posted image

Personality: Icefyre is a friendly but harsh dragon. She does not like people who are late and who always get themselves into trouble. She can be nice though, only when you get on the good side of her. She doesn't make friends easily and tends to do things alone.

Powers: She can breathe fire and is also a good healer

Opinion of Humans: She loathes them

Likes: Birds, climbing, flying, apples

Dislikes: Humans, rain, darkness, fish


Zanzibar79 said:

Username: Zanzibar79

Name: Katerina Summers (Kat)

Age: 14

Appearance: Kat is lean and wiry, with a slight frame and angular face. She has high cheekbones and thick lashes which frame her dark-brown eyes. Her hair is short, cut close to her head like a boy's, and is the same deep, dark-brown as her eyes.

Personality: Kat's an interesting individual, preferring to be either on her own or with dragons, or other animals, rather than be with others of her own kind. She is extremely strong-willed, stubborn, passionate and restless, but around those she doesn't know, and on her own especially, she can be extremely shy. Often she can be cold and stony to those around her, and it's hard to see what she's feeling or thinking most of the time. She's very intelligent, being an A-grade student in most subjects, and loves reading.

Weapons: A 4 foot staff with a 2 foot blade on one end.

Opinion of dragons: Loves them, and thinks of them as family or close friends. She finds them so much more understanding and forgiving then most people. She prefers them to humans, anyhow.

Likes: Dragons, books, animals, getting away from other humans.

Dislikes: Crowded spaces, being the center of attention, people who mistreat dragons.


Name: Zee Cala

Age: 37


user posted image

Personality: Zee is quite inquisitive, even for a young dragon, and loves learning new things. She can be very serious, but also tries to be cheerful. Being enslaved since she was born, any naivety that she might have had has been quenched. She is friendly and kind, but if she believes you threaten those she loves, she can be aggressive and overly-protective.

Powers: Able to bend earth and stones, manipulate plants, influence weak-minded individuals(like Jedi mind-tricks) and can hypnotise with her gaze if she concentrates hard.

Opinion of Humans: Over all, she's wary of them, and doesn't really like any except Kat, who has been her friend since the girl was little.

Likes: Learning, being able to stretch her wings, discovering new things, having a good meal.

Dislikes: Being in cramped places, having no food for a while, doing nothing, being treated like a dumb tool.


Rampaging Wyvern said:

Username: Rampaging Wyvern

Name: Spuma (Latin for scum). His real name is unknown.

Age: 453

Appearance: user posted image


He's built like a standard Western, but emaciated from overworking and starvation. His wings have been cut off at the shoulder to prevent him from flying after an escape attempt, and to prevent wings from getting in the way when hauling metal. His forelimbs are quite short and he's able to switch between bipedal and quadrupedal stances at will (think Iguanodon). Abused as a 'portable furnace', his teeth and mouth are showing clear burning from breathing fire too often.He has clear scars from repeated whippings, mostly on his hind quarters, forming a mass of keloids.

Personality: Quite optimist, a trait formed over time to help him deal with his harsh life. He's empathetic and will willingly share whenever he can, even if it has negative outcomes towards him. Spuma can anger unpredictably but can sometimes restrain his anger, another thing learnt after discovering aggressiveness towards humans is not a good idea. 

Powers: Firebreathing. He's also surprisingly strong despite his thinness.

Opinion of Humans: He thinks they are cruel to say the least. He hates slaving and being under control of what should really be prey. He does hope there are some out there who understand the dragon's plight, but he knows there aren't many.

Likes: Meat or anything remotely edible, sharing, being able to do something of his will whether good or bad, being strong both physically and mentally and triumphing over an obstacle, either physical or mental.

Dislikes: Working environments, seeing others in distress, whips (serrated ones in particular), cold (it hurts his joints making it harder for him to work, meaning he's harassed more by handlers) and he has an irrational fear of nails.


TheTron852 said:
Username: TheTron852

Name: Rina "Blood Wing" Windcutter

Age: 27 in human years, 263 in reality.

Appearance: http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/6061/rinay.png

Detailed description? Fine. Heigth is 2.1 meters (2.4 with horns), length is 3.3 meters (almost 6 with a tail. Yep, her tail is officialy one of the longest, considering body proportions), and wingspan is 4.6 meters. She has deep blue scales, a set of same-colored spikes, running from her neck to half of the tail, emerald-green eyes and a pair of slightly curved horns, 0.5 meters in length. Oh, and her wings' middle membranes are cut perfectly in the middle. There is a rather large scar on her back, received from a human with circular saw. Also she carries a clan-made bag and a pair of silver bracelets, which she wears on her front paws. Contents of the bag: Rubik's cube, a history book "Ancient Times: The Truth about the War" and a topaz stone.

Voice? I dunno, because I only have it in Russian... but if you're interested anyway, feel free to ask.

Personality: Rina can be described as a calm, determined dragoness with a cold demeanor. While she can be intimidating at first, she is, in fact, quite enjoyable to talk... well, if you choose the right topic, that is. She rarely smiles, and if you see her doing it - you are very lucky. Also, she is very loyal to her friends, so if you befriend Rina, you can fully rely on her. It is rare to see her enraged, as it is for smiling, but if you do, AND you are the one, who angered her - pray to gods.

Oh, and she would never touch a child, be it a human or a dragon.

Powers: Rina doesn't have any magical powers besides telepathy and Curse, but she doesn't need them either: her main aces are claws, close combat skill, tactical and analytical thinking, and high agility level. Also she, like most of her clan, is capable of using most of human items, such as crossbow or sword (her size and front paw structure allows that), meaning that she is a very dangerous foe for humans, both before and after the Spell.

Curse is clan's special ability that is designed specifically by clan's chieftain. A member of the clan carves a mark of their clan on dragon's wing (or chest, if the prey is a human) and chants the magic words. If done correctly, the mark starts to glow and send a telepathic signal to everyone nearby, informing them of prey's physical and mental condition, and their deeds (both bad and good). For humans it also makes them untouchable by dragons (but nobody forbids to shun marked for what they have done), however it'll make them outsiders amongst other humans and greatly affect their minds, ultimately leading to self-doubt and split personality. Suicide is impossible.

Rina's main weakness is any kind of offensive magic, except air.

Opinion of Humans: Rina knows that there are kind humans out there, but she doesn't trust any, unless one proves him or herself to be worthy of her trust.

Likes: Honesty, flying, fruits n' vegetables, calm and peaceful places, clever thoughts.

Dislikes: Humans (unless one is a sympathizer AND can be trusted), spicy food, killing without reason, treachery, boasting, lies.

DarknessDragon197 said:

Username: DarknessDragon197

Name: Darkness

Age: 117

Appearance: Darkness is a Black dragoness with scales as dark as night, her eyes glow a crimson red, similar to the shade of blood. She also carries a scar across her left eye, as well as several on her sides from the tournaments the humans held for entertainment. A set of long jagged horns rest on her head followed by smaller spikes that run from neck to tail, ending with a blade tipped tail. Her body is  medium sized and thin, but muscular with large powerful wings, making her fit for close and aerial combat. She also wears a red gem necklace to help strengthen her  spells.

Personality: Darkness is calm but can be quick tempered at times. When something sets her off she will be highly aggressive and some times merciless. All though she doesn't show much emotions she has a soft kind side to her that will sometimes show.

Powers: Fire and shadow attacks, and ice and cursing spells.

Opinion of Humans: She used to like the humans until they turned against her, making her hate them with a burning passion.

Likes: Darkness tends to like being alone at times, and will swim when she can. She also  spends her time   practicing combat and spell skills to shape herself up for anything that could possibly happen.

Dislikes: She hates anything that will try to cause her harm as well as anything that doesn't match her liking such as humans.


White Wolf of the Snow said:

Username: White Wolf of the Snow

Name: Astyn Illiadis

Age: 15 years


user posted image

A relatively small creature in the scale of other dragons, she is only six feet tall at the shoulders. Her build is lithe but powerful, constructed for agility and pointed, critical force. Of low stamina in sprints but average sustainability in close-combat makes it a mistake to take her small size as weakness. Various lighter spots and dapples coat her dark bodice, and similar spots adorn her sandy wings. Bird skulls accented with crimson and dark purple feathers are bound loosely enough by bead-garbed sinew to not massacre her avian flexibility. A similar set of accessories, but with feathers of seafoam, carribean, and verdant hues, is secured comfortably onto the front of her back legs. Four bloody-toned eyes peer out from her ashen tones--the first, larger set sporting acute,  full-color vision and the other, smaller set seeing in terms of heat signatures. Serated claws on thin, spread toes allow for a firm and nearly slip-proof grip on any ground.


Her powerful legs honed to one-on-one ground combat, she is not exactly a ballerina in the air. She flies only when needed and is faster than she is agile, and any complex maneuvers that she attempts usually ends in utter failure. She relies on her speed often due to her leathery flesh--though it is tough and not always extremely easily pierced, it is more vulnerable than the scales of most dragons.



Having always been of a small breed known as the Mirror--a species recognized by many as a vermin and insignificant for their size and almost barbaric tendencies--Astyn has always unconsciously striven to make up for her minute stature by making her presence in an environment very large. She is confident, cocky, and full of never-ending wit. Her tongue is sharper than her claws and though her bark may not exactly be worse than her bite, one can be absolutely certain that she is always determined to get the last word. There are no boundaries for her insults and no sympathy or guilt for when she goes too far. Apathetic to the farthest of degrees at time, she verges on cruel. Though she is not a 'murderer' in her own mind, meaning that she will not deliver the final blow without good reason, she will blame the weakness of others if they die from wounds that she inflicts.


An easily-angered beast, she is easily manipulated in her fury and will never immediately realize that she is being played in her rage. Deceptive on all other grounds, she is unafraid of taking risks to get what she wants. Sexist to no end, she instantly hates and heckles all males of nearly any gender unless they immediately prove themselves worthy of her respect. Despite her hatred for males, Astyn is a temptress of sorts and will often be quite amorous to obtain something that's just a little out of her reach. Don't let this throw you off, though--females are also on her agenda should it suit her for any purpose.


Powers: Lightning magic -- relative celestial powers -- complete camouflage when completely still -- fire control.

Opinion of Humans:

Humans are a very mood-dependent subject to the woman. Her sexism applies to this species as well and she is always more lenient to the females, but she is prone to attacking any of them if she happens to be in a horrid mood. Humans are considered weak in her mind and she will not hesitate to try and kill one should they try and pose a threat to her, as it is not a portion of her 'murderer' opinion concept.

Likes: Being witty, getting the last word, the stars.

Dislikes: Just about everything and everyone, especially males.


En said:

Username: En'K'Haral

Name: Kathrine "Kat" Y'maln

Age: 148

Appearance: Kat is a rather small Magi dragon at full length she's 7'4" Standing on all fours she approximates 4'5" in height. Her orange scales shimmer when caught in the light but in some areas are rotted through because of unique sickness she inherited from the long line of inbreeding in her family. She has deep blue eyes.

Personality: Kat is social enough when it comes to speaking to other dragons, humans on the other hand she his less than fond of. Kat is young and still very impressionable, taken the word of her elders as the start and end of all things. She is also quite self conscious of her appearance constantly removing the rotted scales.

Powers: Advanced control over illusions: This allows her to create illusions that can fool any one or more of the senses. The cost is at a worsening of her sickness on a scale directly proportional to the power of the magic she uses.

Opinion of Humans: Katherine takes a "I won't bother them if they don't bother me" approach to most humans. Her impressionable nature however may change this.

Likes: Katherine enjoys a variety of human foods, chief among them the snack known as goldfish, a taste that was acquired during her enslavement. She's also taken a liking to the taste of horse and to the activity humans call rock climbing, which came more from necessity since she is a weak flyer.

Dislikes: Because it links directly to her sickness Katherine detests the use of her magic often trying to find other resolutions to her problems. She also has a particularly strong hatred for Circuses.


On 7/13/2018 at 5:34 PM, Darkmega5 said:

Username: Darkmega5

Name: Lucas

Age: 14

Appearance: Brown eyes, dark brown hair, some of his hair covers his left eye, he has skin that looks almost pale, and always wearing a black sweatshirt. He wears a necklace that has a dragon scale attached to it.

Personality: Puts himself down, but he is actually very talented.

Weapon: Arctic spear. (A spear that can freeze those who are attacked by it. The tip looks like an icicle.)

Opinion of dragons: Hates all dragons except one; Honor.

Likes: Cold things, Honor (the dragon).

Dislikes: hot things, work.


Username: Darkmega5

Name: Honor

Age: 45

Appearance: A slightly deformed guardian dragon, with his tail shield looking more like a hand, thin as paper. His tail is also very long. He wears a necklace that has an action figure attached to it. 

Personality: Looks intimidating, but is actually very kind.

Powers: He can make his deformed tail shield into a fist to smash stuff.

Opinion of Humans: Hates all humans except one; Lucas.

Likes: Young dragons, wild berries, and Lucas.

Dislikes: feeling lonely, bad memories.

Size: 7"2


Some backstory: Before the spell was cast, Lucas, (a small child at the time) admired his father. He wanted to be just like him, someone who hunted dragons. One day, Lucas' dad brought home a guardian dragon as a pet for Lucas. Lucas quickly grew attached to the new dragon. As they both played, they changed their opinions on each other's species. On Lucas' tenth birthday, he was given his arctic spear. However, this spear's freeze lasted a very little amount of time, and it has little freezing power. (FP.)  A four later, the spell was cast, freeing Honor along with the others. Lucas missed Honor, and Honor missed Lucas. In one of the earlier battles, Lucas' dad was killed. Later that day, Lucas found one of Honor's scales in his room. Lucas now uses his spear to fight opposing dragons, hoping to reunite with Honor one day. Honor now lives in a cave, caring for the younger dragons. Honor has one of Lucas' most prized action figures from his younger days, so that if Lucas ever finds him, he will recognize him.


Some arctic spear downsides:

it has low FP (10 points of it.)

the freeze lasts only lowers attack damage for 3 turns

i will specify if it's a freezing attack.

each freezing attack uses 1 FP. if I run out, In order to do more freezing attacks, I must go to somewhere cold and recharge it.






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Nick is cringy tbh

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If you want to keep the old roleplay open, you should probably PM a moderator to make sure that works out right. I think the system might be automated, and even if it isn't there's no guarantee this will be seen by the moderators.


Otherwise, this is approved! Have fun roleplaying. smile.gif

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((Before I post, I got a question. Are it the Spell going to be released in one day or three days? I personally prefer one day because it speeds things up to the conflict instead of the slow three days which may disinterest players as there's little conflict during that time.))

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((Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was busy getting my hair washed and then chatting with my friends on Deviant Art.))


The audience roared with cheers and shouts as they watched the two dragons in the coliseum tear at each other. Atlas, a magi dragoness whose orange scales tinted with a little red, was up against a guardian dragon in the quarter finals of the tournament. She used to be a working slave from the day she and her sister were kidnapped as hatchlings and sold into slavery; but ever since her current master’s grandfather bought her, she has been trained into a fighting dragon and made to kill other dragons in tournaments for the sake of getting lots of money for her three generations of masters and for the humans’ cruel sadistic entertainment. Atlas hated having to kill others of her race like this, but she was left with no choice as her slaver threatened to slay her mint friend, Matt, and then her if she refused to fight. And even without a hostage, the electronic collar around her neck prevented Atlas from using her teleportation magic to escape. It doesn’t help that it was also extremely durable to any kind of attacks from dragons, so no counting on her opponent to break it off.


Atlas cast a few fireballs at the guardian dragon, who swung his tail around to block each projectile with the big shield tip of the tail. Then she rained down ice needles on her foe, who then used his metallic wings to shield himself from the cold stings of her spell. This move however, was just a trick for Atlas to leap over him and then spin half-way in mid-air so that she can fall on him with her sharp teeth biting down on the back of his neck. The guardian roared in pain and tried to shake and throw off the assailant like a bull in a rodeo show. Atlas fought to keep herself holding onto him as she cast a fire aura spell on herself to further harm the opponent with hot fiery burns. The guardian went for plan B by rearing up and then slamming himself down backwards to body slam the magi. Air was blown out of the dragoness and her backside was throbbing with pain. Plan B had worked as the guardian was released from his foe’s clutches. He got up and raised his shield tail to slam down on Atlas’s head. The dragoness quickly saw the incoming attack and shielded herself by using her ice magic to create an icy ledge over her. Then she cast ice needles into his face, which stung the guardian’s eyes and made them turn cold. He roared and stumbled back blindly in pain. Atlas took the chance to finish him off by going over to him and biting him down on his throat. ((Censored gore)) With the guardian dragon dead, Atlas won the quarterfinal and the crowd cheered in excitement for a good show. The guards entered the arena and put a leash on Atlas to escort her back to her electrified cage. ‘Enjoy the show while you can, humans. Because once the Spell is released tonight, my next opponents will be all of you!’ she thought with vengeance.




The suburban section of the city had been ravaged by a hurricane yesterday and many homes had been damaged during the storm. Slave dragons were being made to clean up the debris and help repair the houses. It was quite a treacherous work for them, given their malnourished state that kept them from rising up against their masters, the Rittevon Inc. Kathia, daughter of the company president, was there to oversee the slaves and workmen’s activity, making sure none of them went out of place or lazed on the job. One dragon was very exhausted and felt his legs gave way for him to collapse on the ground. The redhead flogged him with her thorny whip and yelled, “Hey you! Don’t you dare lie down like a bum. I want to see you work like everyone else. Now get to it!” The dragon groaned tiredly and forced himself back up to carry away the heavy debris.


((I’ll be writing a fanfic based on my characters’ POV using my posts.))


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((I hope this is okaaaay))


Spuma grunted as a whip dug into his shoulder and strained forward, the chains around his shoulders digging in with the weight of the steel beams he was dragging. He picked his way around debris as much as he could without appearing to the humans as dawdling. The hurricane had not been nice to the suburban streets here, or the dragons. Nope, instead it just meant they were to work like machines, all day, every day until the mess was cleared, in horrid conditions and with cruel handlers. He clenched his teeth as another whip cracked across his hind quarters, catching momentarily in his flesh and then yanked free. He slipped at one point, catching himself before crashing into the ground and of course, he staggered. Again he felt the whips. Such an urge it was, to swing round, swipe someone with his claws, incinerate them with the fire that they'd abused for so long to heat metal. But such an act would lead to him being considered a threat and promptly killed in some careless way, a way that had led many a dragon to die slowly of a course of days. But, maybe death, however harsh, was a potential relief from this perpetual nightmare...


No, no. He shouldn't think like that. Spuma snorted and shook his head, staring at the ground, concentrating on each step. Not only did it help to keep his focus, it helped prevent seeing the overworked dragons suffering around him. He flinched, catching sight of an exhausted dragon, collapsed on the ground and then whipped and scolded. He stared down at the ground again, a slight snarl on his face.

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Kat watched worriedly as her dragon, or at least, heR family's dragon, worked hard to clear debris away. She'd been away at her grandparent's, which hadn't been hit, when the hurricane struck. Her mother had also been out, on a business trip half-way around the world. Her father had been in the house when it struck though, even with the warnings. Well, she was pretty sure anyway. The work team still hadn't gotten around to what used to be her parent's house. She never called that place home anymore, hadn't since she as five. It was then that she'd woken up to the world she lived in. She'd realised why her father was always mad, and why her mother was never there. Because her dad was a drunk, and he beat her mum. She also realised that Zee, her family's dragon, understood her better than any of the kids at school or pre-school did, and most importantly, that dragons were far from the dumb, aggressive, unfeeling beasts that all the adults made them out to be. Kat may have only been 14, but she was smart, and knew what she thought. Dragons were intelligent, more so then humans, and they were a whole lot less prejudiced against you once they knew you weren't like the others.

Brushing a strand of dark hair out of her eyes, she raised a hand to block the harsh sunlight. Poor Zee. She'd exhaust her magic supplies before the day was over, and then they'd whip her again. She'd do her best to prevent that, but there wasn't a heap a girl her age could say or do against all these adults.




Zee Cala glanced back at Kat, who was perched on a bit of tumbled down wall. Snorting in an amused way, she turned back to her work. The girl had a good view from up there. Concentrating on a small area of debris, Zee prepared to move it mentally before snarling aloud in pain as a whip bit into her hindquarters. She heard an angry gasp from her girl before preparing once more to move the rubble. This time she lifted it and seperated the useful materials from the unuseable and setting it down gently in their designated areas. With her earth-manipulating abilities, Zee was perfect for clearing destroyed areas like this, even though she often couldn't lift most metals and glass. Usually, she was only a 'pet', and was still being trained occasionally because of her young age. Situations like this appearedhowever, and those slavers got a hold of every able-bodied dragon in the area. Clearing another section of debris, she couldn't help but feel bored. How much more would she prefer listening to Kat as she read out whatever she was reading or studying that day, learning more about the ancient times when dragons were still free, the silly conflicts between this country and that, however many years ago, the difference between stalactites and stalagmites, or hear some enchanting tale about a thrilling adventure. To some, it would seem more boring to do that, but she loved it, it kept her mind off the cramps and hunger. Dumping one pile too roughly, she roared as the whip bit into her once more. May as well get this overwith, she thought.

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((Sorry for coming in late. I got distracted surfing the internet, working on the notes for one of my fanfics and hanging out in the chatroom in DA.))


For hours, the slaves and workmen cleared up the damage and made repairs to the damaged buildings. The humans took an hour of lunch break, during which they fed the dragons rancid meat and little water. The work went on until 9 'o clock at night when the workers and slaves went home for the night. By now, the buildings had been repaired in progress of closing up holes and the streets were debris-free, but there was still work to finish up tomorrow as some of the houses were still in need of repairs in the area. Kathia rode in a black limousine driven by her butler while her slaves were carried in trucks back to her mansion.


When they reached, the slaves were taken to their electric cages and Kathia went to the dining room to eat dinner with her family. "So how was your day, Kathia? Are the reparations going well?" asked her mother. "Yep! We cleaned up the mess and fixed a few houses. Although, we've ran out of resources to do more repairs. I guess we'll have to order the supplies or get our slaves to mine them," replied Kathia.




Meanwhile, the dragon-fighting tournament has reached the finals. Atlas, the recurring champion of annual tournaments, was up next against a bulky and large challenger. It looks like she was going to be made champion again if the magi killed her last opponent; something she didn't want to happen before the spell. 'Come on, Aeolus. Hurry up and give us the signal!' she thought desperately. She wondered when the mastermind behind the big plan was going to let all the world's dragons cast the spell. The guards opened up the cage and took her by the ropes to the arena.

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Spuma, though relieved the day's work was over, hesitated to enter his prison. He grunted and leapt forward when one of the handlers jabbed firmly his right thigh with one of those awful metal rods. Through these rods ran high voltages of electrify, enough to get Spuma into his cage and then collapse on the filthy floor long enough for the gates to be closed. He bared his teeth, waiting for the painful tingling to leave his hind leg entirely and examined the jab site. It was a puncture wound, bleeding but not too heavily. Why did the handlers have to do it so hard? Considering the amount of electricity those rods transmitted, a single tap would be enough. He sighed and rolled over onto his back, staring up and trying to relax his spine a little, but it didn't help much. Relaxing only helped him to realize how much his body hurt, especially the shoulders where those chains had dug into and chafed his flesh. He could barely see a thing in this low light, and the humans weren't considerate enough to provide them even a little. The worst thing about darkness was that dragons, moving around in their cages, often touched or outright crashed into the electrified bars of their cage. He flopped back onto his side with a thud and stood up, looking around the cages at the other dragons.

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Kat had returned to her grandparents an hour before dusk, without Zee. The slavers had demanded that they keep her until the reconstruction was complete. Her grandma certainly wasn't the type to go against them, she thought they had the right idea and was shocked when Kat had said otherwise. "Now, dear." she'd scolded, with a stern look. "Surely you want your home rebuilt, don't you? You want to be back in your own room, right? Well, the dragon needs to stay, because even if you don't care, other people want their homes back, and I'm not getting up two hours before dawn so it can get there on time. No back-answers." So she'd had to leave her friend there, with all the other poor dragons who'd been forced to work that day.

Currently, she was sitting at one end of the enormous dining table in her grandparent's mansion. Fiddling with her meat, she slouched over the table, mind on things other than eating."Dear, do stop slouching, and stop playing with your food, you know how much I hate it." Sighing softly, but not very loudly, the girl straightened and started eating her meal. It was rather extravagant, as most of Grandma's meals were, which were all cooked by her personal chef. Shortly after she turned seven, she became a vegan, which helped especially when meals like tonight's were served. Poached dragon egg with a soup containing some poor pygmy, but Kat honestly couldn't be bothered learning or remembering the names of everything the chef cooked. She did remember one, the meal where she'd decided to go vegan. Mint dragon en sauce rempli d'épices with a side dish of œufs pochés pygmées. She'd felt so sick that she vomited all over the floor, only to be scolded for staining the velvety fur rug of a pillow dragon.

Exhaling softly, she finished her salad before saying, "I don't feel very hungry. Grandma, may I go to my room?" After a curt nod from her, she slowly walked out of the room, then ran all the way down the hall and up two flights of stairs to her room. Laying on her bed, she stared up at the ceiling and hoped that Zee would be alright.




Zee had nervously done what was expected of her after Kat had left. She didn't like it when the two of them were separate. She knew that no-one stood up for her then, and humans were always more cruel when children weren't around watching. So she'd endured more and more work, until her magic had run out. It had taken ten minutes of continuous whipping before someone told them that her powers weren't everlasting. Then she'd been made to carry, load, lift, pull and push until they'd stopped for the day.

Now she was locked up in a small electrified cage that she barely fitted into without touching the sides. She roared as a wingtip brushed the side and electricity coursed through her. Panting slightly, she curled up, and tried to sleep, waiting for this nightmare to end.

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Can I join in?

Username: Hazel360

Name: Thalisa

Age: 14

Appearance: Red waist length hair, brownish-green eyes, light brown skin, and not very tall.

Personality: Bipolar, gets angry very easily.

Weapons:A small dagger and her wide knowledge of poisons

Opinion of dragons: She has nothing against them, but isn't too fond of them either.

Likes: Viloence, Reading and making poison

Dislikes: Dragon Haters, Snobs and maths.

Edited by Hazel360

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((You need to PM the form to picknick10. That's what he wrote in the rules.))


As Atlas entered the arena, she came face to face with the bleeding moon dragon. The red patches on his body were really dark; a warning sign that meant the dragon was in his aggressive state in which he'll fight with all his might and fury. Plus there was the fact that bleeding moons have power poison in their tails. Atlas would have to be very careful in this fight if she wanted to survive again to reunite with her escaped family; her sister Flarina, her brother-in-law John, and her nieces, Danielle & Kylie. The spectator began the final match and the two dragons engaged each other in combat. The bleeding moon scratched the magi with his sharp black claws and drew blood. Then he followed with his tail barb lunging towards her, but luckily Atlas moved her head out of the way before she could get struck. The magi burned her opponent with her fire stream spell coursing around his body. The audience yelled cheers at the sight of the burning dragon. Atlas flew up and used her telepathy to ask her sister, 'Flarina, how close are you to the city?'


'I think we're almost there. John and I can see it on the horizon. It'll take more minutes until we get to you,' replied Flarina.


'Good. I want you guys to be the first thing I see after I leave this godd@mn city. I can't wait to see my nieces you told me about,' said Atlas.


'And they can't wait to see their Aunt Atlas as well,' said Flarina.


The bleeding moon dragon, after having put out the flames with his drop and roll, flew up after Atlas. The magi looked back at him and said, 'We'll have to talk later. Right now, I need to take care of one last dragon before he kills me.'


'The tournament's not over yet? Oh boy... Well please come out in one piece, sister,' Flarina told her.


'Don't worry, I will,' the magi promised before they cut off telepathy.

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((And so it begins.))


Nick stood in the audience of the arena, standing at the retaining wall for the arena, the wall that separated the spectators from the bloodbath within. As the final fight began he decided he could watch no more and turned his back to the arena and leaned back against the wall so he did not have to watch. Nick closed his eyes, and as he did so the ground began to rumble. A massive roar rang out throughout the city, and censorkip.gif hit the fan.


Everything began to shake as the dragons' spell took effect and technology ceased to function.


Nick's eyes shot open as he tried to move forward, but he was to late. The retaining wall dissipated. It was just a force-field, a newer development in technology, but it was rendered useless after the dragons spell. As the wall vanished, so did Nick's balance. He had all his weight on the wall, and when it disappeared Nick fell right into the arena. Not the best place to be at the beginning of a rebellion.

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Icefyre was in the stands watching the last two dragons fight. The magi used a fire stream spell in the bleeding moon. After the bleeding moon had gotten to it's feet again he flew up towards were the magi was.

"Having fun?" said a voice behind her.

"Thistle? Is that you?"

"Of course! Who else would it be?"

"Oh Thistle, I haven't seen you in such a long time. Were have you been?"

"Oh here and there. So, do you like the fight?"

"What? Oh...oh yes. It's very entertaining."

"Well gotta go> I have some business to attend to. See you later."

And with that, Thistle left. Wow! I haven't seen Thistle in what? Seven or eight years. He must have been really busy if he didn't see me sooner.

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Spuma was suddenly shaken from his half-asleep dreams with what felt like an earthquake and a strange, deafening roar of a dragon. Unsure if the roar was real or not, Spuma at least knew the rumbling was real, likewise the fact that all the electric lights were off. He staggered back and his tail touched the cage bars. Instinctively he roared and jumped away before realizing nothing hurt. Suddenly curious, the dragon carefully touched a bar. Nothing. He grabbed them with both forepaws and roared again, this time in excitement, and sent a telepathic message to whatever nearby dragon there was.


The current's off!


Excited at being able to finally escape, Spuma threw his weight against the cage, bashing the steel bars until they began to buckle and break loose. With a gap large enough for Spuma to fit through, he set foot out into forbidden land. Now, where were those handlers? Now to show them a piece of his mind...

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(OOC: picknick10, is there going to be an OOC thread and when are you going to move this to 'Other roleplays'?

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Atlas cast her wind blades spell at the bleeding moon, who dodged each sharp light green blades before he rammed into her with his curvy red horns. The tackle knocked the breath out of the magi and pushed her back a few feet in the air. Then he clamped his jaws onto her neck and bite down on her. Atlas clenched her teeth and shut her eyes in pain before she enveloped her body with the Flame Aura spell to burn the holding foe. The bleeding moon let go after his mouth had received the fiery agony of pain and let out a loud shriek. Atlas tackled her flaming body into him to deal more damage to him. She grabbed onto him and took him down to the ground where she slammed him down on the ground. The audience shouted, "Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!" That was what the magi was going to do now. But as she opened her jaws for the killing bite, she heard Aeolus's voice in her head, 'Everyone, the time has come for our freedom! All dragons cast the Spell now!'


Atlas closed her mouth into a smile and thought, 'Perfect timing! I was afraid I was going to have to kill this guy before the big show.' The bleeding moon dragon told her, "You heard him, it's time we get our revenge on these humans." "I know, no need to remind me," the magi replied. Then the two opponents connected their thoughts with the worldwide telepathy to empower the Spell-casters. A white aura surrounded Atlas's body and she cast the Spell into the air. Dragon-oppressing electronics around the world began to shut down permanently and a giant roar outside the coliseum sounded through the city. The earthquake shook the place and the humans started to panic as they shouted things like "Earthquake!" "What's going on?!" "What's happening?!"


The force-field keeping the dragons inside the arena disappeared and enabled the former opponents to began their rebellion against the bloodshed-loving crowd. The bleeding moon flew up towards the northern spectator seats, where slammed his tail down on the humans to crush them and ate a teenage boy who got caught in his snapping jaws. Atlas cast her fire beam spell at the press box and destroyed the reporters inside. Then she impaled her mean owners with her ice spears; she had always wanted to kill them after all the torment and vigorous pressure they put her through. The guards came out to punish the winged beasts with their weapons, consisting of guns and shock-sticks. Two of them tried to shoot the bleeding moon dragon, but the bullets refused to come out of their metal homes. The other guards tried to get their sticks to start electrifying, but it was futile, no matter what. Atlas whipped her head around to see the guards with her glaring eyes and burned them with her fire beam. A teenage boy in a hoodie dropped down into the arena. The magi dragoness walked over to him and bared her teeth in an angry growl at him.



((I'll do Kathia later. Too tired to post more right now.))

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Nick shot up and took a step back as Atlas advanced towards him, but when he spoke his voice betrayed no fear. His voice was soft and calming, as if he was talking to an injured animal. "You don't want to hurt me. You're mind is just clouded by your anger. Take your leave while you still have your chance." With that said Nick raised his hands and waited for her response. His fingers twitched slightly as thousands of spells raced through his mind, all of which he was ready to use should the dragon in front of him choose to attack.


((I don't really like OOC threads, and also this will be moved to the other roleplay section eventually.))

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Zee Cala smiled as she burst from her cage. "This, I like." she thought, a grin appearing on her face, unseen in the gloom. Turning around, she roared happily, her yellow eyes glowing through the dark. "FREEDOM!!" she shouted, charging forward, and crashing into the cages of the dragons who weren't strong enough to break their own. "Leave no one behind!" she called as she helpied afew pygmies from their cages without hurting them.




Kat sat up suddenly as the earth seemed to tremble beneath her. Looking around in fright, she grabbed two books from her bedside table, a spare set of clothes from the draw, a first-aid kit she always had handy, and stuffed them inside her backpack. Running from the room, she fled down the stairs as savage roars met her ears. She turned down the hall, heading towards the back door, that led to the peaceful back gardens of her Grandma's. A high-pitched scream filled the air, soon followed by several others,and all were suddenly cut off at the same time. What on earth is going on? she thought, horrified, as she ran through the garden.

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Spuma, in response to Zee's shout, swept his thick, powerful tail in a wide curve across the ground, tearing some bars out place and denting others. These ones he tore out with his paws and teeth. He looked across the cages, his fiery eyes demonic in appearance, hearing some screams in the distance. He knew everyone else was out, taking their revenge on the humans. He reared up, tossing his head and roaring.

"Where are the handlers?! Find them and kill them!"

Spuma never once considered that this violence was wrong - he was just relieved to get out and do something of his will. Relieved to the point that he had turned into a raging, cold blooded predator. He leapt onto one of the cages, partially crushing it with his weight. Almost instantly he spotted a person, whip in hand, fleeing from a burning house, perhaps after realizing dragons were no longer under human command. Spuma grinned, his white teeth flashing in the fire's light and jumped from the cage, landing with a heavy, soft thud on the wet ground, just in front of the handler who raised his whip as a pathetic warning. A growl rattled from Spuma's throat as he stared down the handler, preparing to crush him with his paws or jaws. The whip nicked him on the nose, but Spuma didn't flinch for once. Instead he lunged, the handler's only response being a shriek of utter horror as the dragon's jaws closed on him.


His first kill done, Spuma reared up, looking over the cages. Most dragons had either run or taken flight. Some would be attacking, others would be fleeing. Spuma leapt back onto the cages, running across them, watching the scene unfold from above.

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Charging through the wreckages of metal bars, Zee confirmed there were no dragons left in them. With a defiant roar, she lowered her head and acted as a battering ram, blasting through them towards where the others were. Snarling viciously, she lifted a chunk of earth up with her magic and hurled it down upon a group of fleeing slavers. The young dragon's mind was blank. For her, there was nothing to think about. These people had worked her race into the ground, forcing them to slave for them for millenium. She was simply returning the favour.

Her heart racing and blood boiling, she killed several more, with either her Earth magic, or brute strength. Seeing that there were none left, she suddenly realised what she'd done. She'd just murdered about 30 people. Sure, they'd probably killed more dragons then that each, but that didn't stop the horror of her own actions filling her mind.

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((Should I appear over to where Spuma or Zee were at? Or should I have Atlas appear in her own slave shed?))


Atlas snorted; she was kind of impressed with the boy showing no ounce of fear or hostility in him, but the feeling was hidden beneath her scowling mask. "Hmph, fine! I suppose I can spare you; besides, I got better things to do. Though I won't promise the other guy I fought won't do the same," the magi said hinting about the bleeding moon dragon. Now that her magic-suppressing collar was no longer functioning, Atlas had a whole access to her arsenal of spells to use anytime and anywhere without her deceased masters telling her when to use them. She closed her eyes and pictured the place to warp to; the dragon shed where all her fellow slaves were being kept. She had to help them get out of there. Atlas used her teleport spell and warp over there immediately. She disappeared from the coliseum in a flash that exhausted purple clouds.




The Rittevon's slaves were breaking out of their cages and burning down the guards and watchmen. The family heard the dying screams and ran out of the house to check out what's happening at the shed. "What's going on there?" asked Mr. Rittevon as he went to open the door. To his horror, he saw the rebellious slaves killing off his hired soldiers. Angered by this, Mr. Rittevon took out his hand gun and went inside to scold his slaves. "Hey! What do you blasted scalies think you're doing?! You think you can just start a riot and achieve freedom? I don't think so! I'm going to shoot down one of you to teach you a lesson and make you all learn your places!" When he squeezed the trigger, nothing came out. "Eh?" breathed the company president. No matter how many times he tried to shoot, the bullets would never leave the handgun. "What's going on here?" asked Mr. Rittevon. Then a black dragon took the slaver up in his jaws and started eating him.


Mrs. Rittevon and her daughter gasped astoundingly in horror. "Daddy!" Kathia shouted.


Her mother took her away as she said to the slaves, "You monsters! I'll call the dragon control to kill you all!" Then they both ran back to the mansion. Mrs. Rittevon took up the phone and called the dragon control agency, "Hello? I have a bunch of rioting dragons who have just killed off my servants and ate my husband. I need you men to--" A scream was heard on the other line as a dragoness's roar sounded on the phone. "Hello? Is everything all right?" There was no response.

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