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The Forgotten Island

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((OOC: She was having some troubles with school, so I don't think she'll be online for a while.))


Holmar didn't want to lie to Stars, but at the same time he didn't want to worry her any further. He forced himself to stay upright, and said, somewhat strained, I'll be fine. I don't want you to worry about it. Anyways, we should go get food. I'm staying with you, though. Holmar began walking slowly towards the entrance of the cave. He felt as if moving quickly would cause him to fall over, and collapse into uselessness.




Riad nodded slowly, and said in a drawn out tone, I see ... I'm fine. I am getting better with practice, and once I managed to do it without almost passing out. The truth is, though, that every time I see somebody hurt I can't help but heal them. It's almost as if I feel their pain as well. Riad shrugged. He was getting too deep in thought, and he much rather wanted to enjoy the simple things in his life. He took a sip of the cold water, which he found to be quite refreshing, and looked around. I guess I'm just going to wander for a bit. You can join me if you want. Riad walked off in a random direction, enjoying the feeling of the branches cracking under his footsteps.

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Probably not. This fourm was last touched before TFA came out 

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