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Eri's Arts!

What do you think of my art? (Honest opinion!)  

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I want one!


Type of creature: Bright Pink

Background? No

What size would you like the drawing? For Avatar

References(pictures, description): If possible, I would like S2 B.Pink hatchling and a adult B.Pink like a sweet family.

Additional info: If not, just a cute adult B.Pink is nice too. smile.gif



Thank you soooo much. xd.png

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finally finished Sarkin Amara's request xd.png


Big version


user posted image

siggy version


Okay, rampaging, I'm going to start on yours now, even though I'm totally gonna screw it up laugh.gif

Edited by Erica8798

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*resists temptation to pelt Erica with mouldy cheese*


If I didn't think your art was up to scratch, I wouldn't have requested a piece from you >:U

Edited by rampaging wyvern

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laugh.gif thank you, rampaging. I'll probably start working on it tomorrow. I'm sick with bronchitis and a wicked sinus infection, so I should have plenty of free time to draw tongue.gif

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Made slight change to the rules~ Each request now costs one Bluna hatchling, since I'm quite close to beating the record. Previous requests do not apply ( unless you want to give one, of course xP ) Edited by Erica8798

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So uhh I kinda lost my styli, and I cannot find them like anywhere... So until I find them, I'm not gonna be able to do any drawings /: sorry for such a long wait Dx

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