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    Currently Xtal stay in Roma. I have three family members who play DC, my twin sister (/xtal1102), my mom(/qaqtut) and I (/crystal1102). We use the same wifi at home, sometimes even the same PC, so do not burn us as we own ourselves scroll. Grazie

    This Forum ID is for my personal use, very rarely I post the trade for my families.

    * 2nd - 3rd gen Prize Dragon
    * Holiday mate in my website

    ❤Shimmer List: (in Sign. )
    -----I accept swap IOU from the similar gen shimmer.
    -----Also accept amazing offer to who want to join in the IOU list.
    -----Only three person per list.


    Thanks for my wonderful twin sister, I got a lovely and first 2nd gen Bronze TIN from her as New Year Gift 2016 :3
    *Gif by Zhark ; png by Micu <3