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Username: Ruins


Name: Dr Wayland Conel (Not real name.)


Subject Taught: Science.


Age: Unknown/90+. Looks around 50.


Sex: Male.


Description: Medic!

Dr Conel is around average height and a bit above average weight, though most of that surprisingly isn’t fat but muscle from carting heavy tools around, building machines and running around after his students every day. His short black hair is greying at the bottom and he wears round glasses; his face can be described as long and ‘horse-y’, but quite a few people find him attractive. Conel always dresses neatly and is never seen without a shirt, tie, waistcoat and white lab coat. His haircut is VERY out of date but he doesn’t seem to want to change and glares at anyone who suggests it.


Personality: To quote a famous author, Conel "sees things differently from other people, in that he sees other people as things."; while he might become fond of and protective of someone, that fondness is more akin to the feeling other people have towards a favourite ornament or a beloved pet than another human being. He’s more interested in people’s biology than their feelings, which he finds almost impossible to understand or predict. As a result, he often becomes angry at his own ignorance and their refusal to react how he thinks they should, shouting at them or even threatening them with physical harm.


It’s almost certain he suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder and may have some sort of drug or pill addiction; to exactly what is unknown. Conel also takes too much pleasure in his work, especially surgery and other painful procedures, which has lead people to believe that he is a sadist. He’s neither confirmed nor denied this.


That being said, Conel can be friendly and almost charming on his good days. He likes to talk to fellow intelligent people and tell jokes, even if his dark sense of humour isn’t the same as most people’s. The doctor is very protective of what he deems as ‘his’ and will fight tooth and nail to keep it safe, whether it’s an object or a person he’s protecting. He’s also a genius, holding 7 PHDs in various sciences and engineering. Taking an interest in science is a very good way to get into his good books and he encourages any future scientists or inventors he spots in his students.


Oh, and whatever you do, don’t say the words “Fell Haven” or “Dr Sheffield” in his presence if you don’t want whatever he’s holding at the time thrown directly at your head, followed by a burst of German swearwords. And don’t even think of asking why he reacts so violently. Just don’t.


History: Born in Berlin, Germany some time before 1930, knowledge of Conel’s life is very hazy and much is unknown. He came to Scotland after the Second World War when he inherited his British great-aunt’s fortune, successfully imitating a native and fooling everyone he met into thinking that he had fought on the Allied side. It’s not since the last few decades that he’s let his natural Germanic accent show through. Sometimes he will mention what he did in the war, dropping hints that he was part of a mission from Hitler himself to find and turn to the Nazi cause various supernatural objects, though that isn’t widely believed by his students or staff. He was confirmed to have been a medic in the German army, which is the one thing that most people know for certain about him.



1. Psychic Knives: Using a limited form of telekinesis, Conel can form semi-transparent ‘arms’ of energy around his body; usually these take the form of sharp-ended tendrils, used to cut and slice at enemies with the precision of a surgeon, but he can use them to move small objects or parry blows. This ability takes up a lot of his energy and concentration, so he tends to use it only in emergencies. Speed and accuracy are more important than sheer strength, since the ‘arms’ tend to be very weak.


2. Healing Factor: Conel’s wounds and illnesses spontaneously heal themselves, with even near-fatal wounds vanishing without a scar within an hour or two’s rest; he’s successfully recovered from, among other things, radiation sickness and a gunshot wound to the head. It’s unknown if he can regrow whole limbs but they successfully will reattach if sewn on quickly enough. He isn’t, however, immune to pain or other side effects of his illnesses, such as fevers. Skin-to-skin contact from Conel to others can give them temporary access to this ability.


3. Energy Vampirism: By draining energy from living creatures, from plants to people, he can add to his own energy and use it to speed up his healing factor. Whatever he drains becomes exhausted and more prone to illness, with extensive draining being fatal as their body loses the energy to carry on vital functions. This ability has a very short range, working best if he and the victim are touching.


Strengths: A genius of mechanics and biology; not easy to frighten or threaten; protective of his school and students (usually); very good memory for facts.


Weaknesses: Can’t understand people’s feelings; often loses his temper; doesn’t listen to ‘idiots’, no matter what they say; impatient; his healing factor can be very slow.


Other: He keeps birds and plays the violin and piano for hobbies- he’ll happily play a few tunes if asked nicely. His theme tune would be

by Woodentoaster.




Username: sailing101


Name: Coach Nathanial “Boom” Watson


Subject Taught: PE


Age: 30


Sex: Male


Description: Four foot, eleven inches, and not happy about it. Coach Boom always wears a Bermuda shirt and shorts in warm weather, and jogging gear in colder weather. He has red hair, and his eye color is unknown as he always wears wraparound sunglasses, even to bed. He smells like burning gunpowder.


Personality: Boom is normally bright and cheerful, but he has a short temper, so do not make any comments about his height. He loves to build obstacle courses in his spare time, and there is always one in the gym at a time.


History: A young Nathanial Watson was always in detention for setting off firecrackers at school. He would always insist that he did not have any firecrackers on him, but nobody ever believed him. His parents asked him where he was getting the firecrackers, but he denied ever having any. His parents eventually took him to a child psychiatrist to see if there was anything wrong with him. It was in the psychiatrist’s office that booms powers were first discovered. Apparently he had been leaking small amounts of energy whenever he was under stress, which was the source of the “firecrackers.” Nathanial’s parents were supportive, and he eventually learned to control his power. By the time he graduated high school, he was a known hero, The Boom. Eventually he retired from hero duty, and went to work for Dr. Conel.




1) Explosive Pyrokenisis: Coach Boom can create and control focused releases of energy, or in layman’s terms, He makes explosions out of thin air.


2) Concussive resistance: Boom cannot be hurt by significant releases of energy.


Strengths:Be nice to Boom. I'm pretty sure you like your head to be firmly attached to your shoulders.


Weaknesses: Boom’s power burns a lot of calories, so he can only summon a few powerful blasts before passing out from exhaustion.




Username: Bates


Name: Quenna Mackellar


Subject Taught: Power Use and Control


Age: 29


Sex: Female


Description: Quenna is a tall woman, standing at around 5'10" and usually wearing heels. She's thin, but enjoys exercise and makes sure she has muscle along with all that skin and bones. Her hair is usually left wild, though she will often keep it away from her face with a headband. Quenna's voice is soft and calm, though it can be raised if she is agitated in any means, and when it is raised in volume, it is often also raised in pitch. Her clothes are usually tidy and professional, though often outdated, though that look manages to look somewhat charming on her. She could easily be seen as attractive, though her personality can turn some people off.


Personality: Quenna is passive aggressive, and irritatingly so. She often procrastinates on things she deems 'unimportant,' which would basically be anything that has to do with social interaction and not her job. If you ask her to fetch a glass of water for you, she may fetch you a glass of hot tea because she knows that you hate tea and you are very hot at the moment. She often uses excuses to evade things such as someone's wedding or a party, and if forced to go, will often carry an irritated, sullen attitude throughout the entirety of the event.


Though hostile on occasion, in general Quenna does not display her passive aggressive nature and is actually reasonably friendly. She looks at most people as her equals, and believes in fair and equal rights, which would be why she asks her students to simply call her by her first name, or by Ms. Quenna if they really feel the need to add the 'Miss' in there. She seems to always know something that everyone else doesn't, and will often wear a small smile on her face as if she knows what's coming. This is mostly as a result of taking various psychology courses, which she finds beneficial when she is teaching students, and she believes this gives her insight as to what to expect from any given student. She bases a lot of her teaching on Montessori philosophy, believing that the way to teach a child is not to preform an all-out lecture, but to have the children help each other on the way to success.


Quenna is not afraid to have her classroom in tight control. No cruel behavior of any sort will be tolerated, be it psychologically or physically. If she hears any sort of prejudice at all, there will most certainly be consequences, and she is not afraid to punish a child as she sees fit. However, you will not typically see her give many detentions, but she will have lengthy talks with anyone who disrupts her class or acts out in any way. Regardless of how she may seem at first, there should always be some amount of respect for Quenna, as she truly is there to help guide her students.


History: When she was just a baby, Quenna was adopted by a young couple who couldn't have children. She never got to meet her original parents, but she did know that she was an accident that happened to a woman who couldn't possibly support a child, and somehow that was okay with her, at least as she got older; her adoptive parents where very loving, and cherished her as if she were their own.

She always was fairly bright. She was young when she said her first word, and she had always loved reading. Her family was very close; they ate together at dinners and discussed their days, and enjoyed having family reading times. And her world was always filled with magical fantasies like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, both of which she believed in for a very long time because her parents went to extensive measures to make sure that it seemed plausible.


The one thing that her parents did right above all was to support equality and to have low tolerance for prejudice. She grew up not understanding how people could hate other people because of skin color, and her parents took care to make sure that she never had to go through anything like that. They would always tell her that she could be anything in the world that she wanted, just so long as she worked for it, and she had said from early on she wanted to be a teacher.


Quenna always loved little kids, especially as she got older. Their potential and innocence more than deserved awe, or so she believed. And if she could somehow show those children what her parents had taught her, then everything would be alright and a generation of young, educated individuals would encompass the world.


She was a teenager when she first discovered her power of self-duplication, which was by far the easiest of her powers to see. Quenna had been lonely and bored because her parents were busy with work that night. And somehow, she wasn't quite sure how, another of her became about. Everything ended up being okay, because she was able to make it disappear, and when she told her mother, her mother in turn told her that she had a power, though her husband did not. Her mother helped to explain things for her, and helped her see that her powers were a gift, not a sin. And through her mother, Quenna discovered her other powers, as well as perfected them.


Quenna was home schooled all her life, and thus had a bit of a hard time transitioning from home school to college, though she eventually got control of it. She flourished in college, studying in both psychology and education. After college, she worked in a charter school, but landed a job in Dr. Conel's Home when she found out they were hiring. Because of the somewhat wise quality she possessed as well as her nullification ability, it seemed that Power Use and Control would be a good fit.



1. Power Nullification. She can selectively 'turn off' the powers of those within about thirty feet around her, depending on the type of power. A power that is a state of being, such as immortality, cannot be nullified. She can only nullify powers such as fire-breath, flying, shape shifting, etc. If she concentrates, she can potentially nullify all three powers, though this is usually taxing, so it is most common for her to only nullify one or two powers.


2. Power Sensing. Fairly self-explanatory. Quenna can sense other people's powers.


3. Self-duplication. Quenna can duplicate herself. Her duplicates will be exact copies of herself, down to any cuts she has on her original copy. Any damage done to her original self will not transfer to any existing copy, but will transfer to any copy that is made while she still possesses the injury. She can only have two duplicates at a time, as it is extremely taxing to create them, so more often then not, she'll usually just have one other duplicate to pace around the classroom and keep an eye on things. Her duplicates do not preform the exact same movements as her original self, but share the same thoughts. They operate like a part of her body rather than a separate being.


Strengths: Quenna is a reasonable creature who is friendly and knows how to handle a classroom. She is open to all, and doesn't care about a student's background; their start in her classroom is a fresh start. She's intelligent and can be loyal if she is befriended.


Weaknesses: Once she's made up her mind about you, her opinion can be hard to change. Quenna has a low tolerance for anyone being disrespectful, and absolutely will not accept any excuses. Everything is basically her way or the high way, and she can be odd sometimes.


Other: N/A




Username: RainDash


Name: Anthra Bellathorn


Subject Taught: English


Age: 26


Sex: Female


Description: Ms. Bellathorn has blonde hair she keeps braided and pinned behind her head, as well as a ribbon flowing down the back. She has a face often described as fey or fairy-like. She has jade green eyes that also give her face a child like quality. She wears a sleeveless white shirt with a black tie that comes down to the middle of her stomach. The sides of the shirt is laced for decoration and she wears sleeves that come to the middle of her upper arm. Ink usually stains her fingers from her drawings, or freshly printed books. She stands at about 5' 1".


Personality: She is often laid back and relaxed. She never speaks up or out, but she will often be the culprit behind pranks against students who forget homework or fall asleep in class. She doesn't often explode in anger, but when she does, it usually lasts for months at a time.


History: Anthra was the child who you would never expect to have trouble at home. She was raised by people often called Gypsies and when they left her at the age of ten, she slowly began to vow revenge upon them. She was later sent to a foster home where she was accepted like a daughter. When a student in high school made a crack about her height, he was later sent to an asylum when she made him think his hair turned blue. When she had been questioned about it, she then explained, in vivid detail what exactly happened. She was labeled as unique and later a genius when she aced a test in English covering facts about fairy tales and their lessons.


She decided to move to teaching when she had been asked to babysit for a friend who would be out of town. She spent the night allowing the child to live in a fairy tale land where she was a 'good fairy'. Studying english and teaching, she later graduated. Though she could have taught anywhere, she chose to teach in Dr Conel's Home For Gifted Children because she thought it would be an interesting challenge.



1. Illusions/cause hallucinations. She can create images and scenes in which the target or targets become completely convinced it is real and not an illusion. However, in order to create these illusions, she needs to remain still and focused on the event at hand. However, the more targets she affects the less realistic it



2. Minor flight. Anthra can float only one foot from the ground, often helping her items from shelves. she cannot move very fast when floating, and must focus on the hovering.


3. Boosted memory. She can recall anything from any date. However, this often leads to her becoming fixated on something if she cannot recall exactly when something happened. She will not remember anything if she cannot have the exact date and time.


Strengths: A people person, small, kind and protective


Weaknesses: Shy, will often take a prank too far, daydreams too often, is too strict on homework



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Username: Ruins


Name: Garth Hawdorne


Age: 17


Sex: Male


Description: Garth still shows the signs of his harsh life- he’s small for his age and almost painfully thin, his ribcage showing and what muscles he does have like ropes wrapped his bones. He has pale skin, dark bags under his eyes, and always lightly dirty nails. His short hair looks like it was cut in front of a bathroom mirror with a blunt pair of scissors, the dark brown colour shining green in any light. His eyes are light blue with pure black ‘whites’, his irises circles of colour like solar eclipses in a seas of darkness; coupled with his shark-like teeth, he looks more than slightly inhuman. Garth wears the same clothes for days, since he doesn’t own that many: two pairs of jeans, many witty slogan t-shirts, a rather ratty ‘lumberjack’ shirt and a black knitted ‘beanie’ hat.


He also has a lot of tattoos, all hand drawn; they’re of every tattoo cliché you can imagine, like swallows, tidal waves, skulls and little banners saying ‘Mum’, but very well done all the same. The most visible ones are a shooting star on his left cheek and an orange dragon on his neck.


Personality: Always trying to see the best in people and situations, Garth is as chipper as anyone in his situation can be, although there is an impression that his cynical half is slowly winning him over. He likes making friends and being there for people, becoming upset when others make assumptions from his slightly odd, threatening appearance and become afraid of him; is especially upsets him when something goes very wrong and they awake his… less pleasant half, the young man often becoming so depressed he literally doesn’t move for days. This is a deeply unpleasant experience for all involved, so he tries to avoid it by being even more cheerful than before. Garth has an artistic streak, enjoying singing and painting, especially watercolours, and dislikes maths. He especially hates bullies and people of an unfair nature, often becoming violent if he witnesses anyone weak being abused by someone stronger.


However, this friendly fellow has another side- a predatory side. His vampiristic nature makes him hunger for blood, whether human or otherwise; he hunts and devours any small animals that he can find on the grounds, having trouble resisting the urge to lap up blood from any injuries his classmates endure. Garth is cheerfully unashamed of this, though aware that these urges do make him look like a freak in the eyes of those who meet him. Also less than likeable is his habit of stealing anything he takes a shine to, be it a pen or a piece of jewellery or slices of pie- leave it around and Garth will have it, as quick as a wink.


He can also be a little too cheerful sometimes, which often scares people, and has a stare than makes people think he might go for the throat any second.


History: Garth is a child of a werewolf and a vampire- Lord Hawdorne III and the superheroine Wolflady, to be exact- along with his twin sister, the fellow Umbramancer Luna. He was raised in a loving environment until his seventh birthday, the day his and his sister’s powers awoke. This attracted the attention of Wolflady’s brother, the rather reprehensible small-time supervillain Dylan Black, aka Thundervolt. One day the twins arrived home from school to find their parents fighting for their lives, witnesses to their murders before being seized by their uncle and borne away from the blood-soaked scene in the back of a stolen postal van. They were ten years old at the time.


For the next four years, Garth and Luna were put through the worst kinds of abuse by their uncle, used as tools to commit crimes for their uncle and beaten or threatened with death if they put so much a toe out of line. Then, when they were fourteen, Thundervolt decided that they were becoming too powerful to control and decided to kill them. Locking them both in a literally gilded cage in the basement, Thundervolt set the house on fire and waited for the smoke or the flames to kill them, whichever came first. Though Luna succumbed to smoke inhalation and her pre-existing injuries, Garth managed to escape and spent three years on the street, coming to the Home when arrested for theft by a sympathetic superhero that knew of Dr Conel and decided to give the young man a second chance.



1. Umbramancy: Garth can control shadows with nothing but his thoughts, creating semi-solid ‘constructs’ out of his and other people’s shadows; though they might have the constancy of jelly (jell-o), Garth can make them as sharp as swords or strong enough to break concrete and deflect close-range gunfire. Usually these constructs take the shape of tentacles sprouting from his own shadow, Garth can create more complex objects that he can control like hand-puppets.


2. Shadow-Blending: Garth can turn himself into a shadow, enabling him to move from one patch of darkness to another; however, these patches must be touching and stabbing or shooting into one will injure whatever part of Garth it hits. This is called semi-Blending, and he tends to use it for short-range transportation or dodging attacks.


If he fully Blends, Garth can access a separate dimension only available to Umbramancers- the Shadow World, a seemingly endless monochrome landscape where nothing lives and the air never moves. Here all shadows appear like doorways or windows, allowing him to enter through one and exit through another that might be on the other side of the Home. He can also watch what’s happening from the shadows, with sounds leaking through the windows, if muffled and sounding like the speaker is holding a hand over their mouth.


Every time he Blends, either semi or fully, a small ‘shlup’ sound can be heard.


3. Damned Voices: Garth can produce a high-pitched shriek that hurts the ears of anyone within hearing range, with more than ten second’s exposure making them flash back to the worst thing that ever happened to them and relive it as clearly as if it were happening now; some who hear this cry break down in tears, others even have heart attacks out of pure fear. Telepaths, those with strong minds and those who are also members of the undead are less affected or sometimes completely unaffected. Garth seems to gain an inhumanly deep lung capacity when using this ability.


Strengths: Hard to hit when his using his Blending ability; used to sneaking around and not being seen; intelligent and not easy to fool. He’s good at catching things, from small animals to fleeing people. Garth also has slightly heightened senses of hearing, smell and sight.


Weaknesses: Gold, holy items and salt on his skin completely shut down Garth’s abilities as long as they are in contact with his skin. They also burn him as if they were made of red-hot iron; for this reason, Garth fears them a lot and may go into a panic attack when faced with any of these items.


Light also weakens his powers, he’s easily dazzled and he never learnt how to swim. He may be dyslexic and cannot concentrate on any type of mathematics, no matter how hard he tries it just sends him to sleep.


Other: Garth likes to eat duck and rabbit over most other meats, and he isn't bad at preparing them when it’s insisted he eat them cooked like a normal/‘civilised’ person.




Username: Fortune86


Name: Abel Bradley


Age: 20


Sex: Male


Description: Abel

Abel has green eyes and dirty-blonde hair. While he gives off a mature aura, he looks like one of those people who will stay youthful for a long time. He is quite slim for his age and doesn’t possess much muscle.


Personality: Quiet and studious Abel is usually the voice of reason in a group. He can often foresee problems that others do not and come up with ways to combat them. While he isn’t the shy type, he does end up spending a lot of time on his own due to his love of books and learning.

Because of his compassionate and helpful nature Abel regularly gets dragged into trouble by others and is often the one left to sort things out.

Despite having the potential to summon a small army to his aid, Able is uncomfortable with his powers and dislikes using them, only turning to his demonic magic in emergencies.


History: Three years ago Abel’s home town was suddenly assaulted by a wave of demons. While hiding in the local library with some of his friends Abel was approached by the leader of the demonic army, who promised to call off the attack if Abel made a pact with it. Not seeing any other alternative Abel agreed and while the demon kept their word and spared the town, the people now ostracized Abel out of fear for his new found power.



1) Invulnerability: Abel is immune to damage from conventional weapons such as guns, knives and bombs, although he can still feel pain. He is also protected from heat, electricity and cold temperatures. He can not be killed via crushing either.


2) Summoning: He can summon demons of various types and abilities to do his bidding. The stronger the demon the more lengthy and complicated the summoning is.


3) Possession: By crawling into the orifice of a sleeping or unconscious creature, the demon can possess them. However, by doing so he cuts himself off from Abel and leaves him vulnerable and unable to summon any other demonic aid.


Strengths: Abel is quite intelligent and a good tactical thinker. Even without his demon partner he is no push over, as he can usually talk or manipulate his way out of a dangerous situation.

While Abel lives the demon he made a pact with can not be banished or killed. The boy acts as its anchor and keeps it tied to the mortal world.


Weaknesses: When the demon is possessing something Abel is just a normal human, without any powers or supernatural protections. His invulnerability and ability to call on other demons fades and will only return when the demon releases its victim.

His invulnerability isn’t complete either, as it can not protect him from drowning, sickness, suffocation, aging or holy enchanted weaponry. He can also be assaulted mentality.

Abel isn’t very strong and quite weedy for his tall size, however since joining the school he has started working out a little and bulking up.

The demon its self has an aversion to holy magics and silver. While neither can kill it while Abel is alive, they cause it pain and can drive it away or make it release a possessed victim.


Other:The demon takes the form of a black feathered butterfly (as seen in Abel’s picture) and can always be found somewhere near Abel as it watches over and protects him. While the demon and Abel are two separate entities story wise, I will be RPing them as one. The demon is completely silent and can only be ‘heard’ by Abel. Abel is also the only one who has seen its true form (and he never wants to again).

The ‘mook’ demons that Abel can summon are not usually very strong and can be dispatched relatively easily by super powers or magic (they are only really a huge threat to normal humans) and possess little in the way of magic themselves.




Username: TotallyDrow


Name: Marik


Age: 18


Sex: Male


Description: Appearance

Marik is about 5ft 9, and off average weight. His hair is sort of a very light blonde/white color and is his natural hair color. The pendent he carries around his neck belonged to one of his great ancestors and was passed down from generation to generation, eventually landing in his posession.



Marik is a rather cautios person, often deciding to think things through before acting, however when he has lost his composure, the opposite can be said. When Marik loses his composure he tends to think later and act first often resulting in unfavourable situations for those around him. As a child he was often left alone due to his powers, ince their manifestation at a young age, he has been home schooled by his mother. Due to this he may be seen as being aloof and hard to get along with having not been around other children for the majority of his growing up. He has never really developed the proper social skills and therefore find's it rather difficult to get along with others, however that doesn't mean he doesn't try. Before his powers, he was a rather happy child often getting himself intro trouble around the house. He was a bundle of energy that seemingly just loved to have fun, never knowing when to stop playing.



Marik is the son of an american man and an egyptian woman and is the only child of theirs. His powers tended to manifest rather early in life, the first time being only when he was about 6. On the day the first signs of his powers manifested themselves, he was at the park accompanied by his mother. Marik and another child where busy building a sandcastle in the ball pit, however children being children they got into a disagreement over whose turn it was to be the 'king' of the castle. During the scuffle between the two children, Marik inadvertently manipulated the sand from the pit, causing it to wrap around the other boy's ankles. His mother saw what was going on and quickly grabbed Marik, ceasing the control over the sand and fleeing with him back to their home.


Since that Day Marik had been homeschooled and was only allowed out of the house when he was accompanied by either his mother or father.



1.Sand Manipulation: Marik can form various constructs made out of sand using them for both offensive and defensive situations. To defend himself, Marik can create a wall or shell of sand which is used to absorb most attacks. The harder the impact, the more sand is required to absorb the impact. To attack Marik often creates a whip like construct which he uses to lash out or slam his opponents with. The downside to this is that Marik's control of the sand is limited to the sand around him. If there is little sand, the range of his attacks and the strength of his defense is rather weak therefore leaving him vulnerable.


2.Granulation: The ability to turn any solid object into sand with the touch of his hand. He has the potential to be able to turn people into sand, however his powers have not fully matured yet and the best he can do at his current level is cause a slight irritation on the human skin. As long as there are objects around Marik, he can turn them into sand thus for increasing his sand manipulation capabilities.


3.Self-Disintegration: Marik can physically collapse his body into sand particles in order to flee from conflict or to hide himself. He can travel long distances in this state by letting the wind carry him. Once he feels he is safe he can integrate the sand particals back into normal body molecules, essentially rebuilding himself at a different location. The downside is that he is severely weakened and loses the ability to use his other powers for a short period of time.



Loyal to the ones he trust's.

He has this never say die attitude due to his belief that he needs to impress others to get their acceptance

A rather hard working student



One of his main weaknesses is water. When his sand has been drenched in water he finds he harder to control the sand due to its increased weight. It also takes more energy and more concentration to manipulate the sand in this state.

Due to his lack of social skills he may inadvertently insult someone without actually realizing what he has done.

His Self Disintegration has a lingering effect on his body. After his body is reformed he finds his body rather drained of energy and often requires something to eat. It also temporarily stops him from using his other powers for a short while leaving him exposed.

He may leave puddles of sand everywhere.



Favourite food: Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich

Least Favourite food: Seafood




Username: DragonSpirit009


Name: Dias


Age: 19


Sex: Male


Description: Dias


Personality: Thou Dias is a young grown man by now he is still filled with the energy of a child. He never really gets into any arguments but when his friends need him he will stand up alongside them. He is a shy guy not only from girls but from other his own gender as well. It usually takes him a while to get to know people and be friends with them.


History: Dias is an only child and with his family on their estate. One day the boy discovered his abilities out of the blue and this caused his parents to worry. He struggled controlling his powers which lead to occasional power failures and frightened parents. So his parents started to look for a place where he could learn about them and how to control them. It took them a few years to find the school but the minute they heard about it they sent Dias to Dr Conel's Home For Gifted Children.



1) Electricity: Dias is capable to create shocks of electricity and wield it. They are mostly triggered by emotion but he is learning to control it via his mind.


2) Flight: Dias can fly without any help of wings or enchantments but can only fly short distances.


3) Weather Manipulation: Dias has the ability to generate various natural phenomena like storms, rain, hail, thunderstorms, mist, ext.


Strengths: Being such a wall flower that Dias is he, he is really good at sneaking around and finding things and getting information. Also being the only child he knows how to take care for himself even thou he is a very shy guy.


Weaknesses: When Dias uses his weather manipulation he is rather vulnerable from attacks that he can’t see. Because of his focus he sometimes forgets to pay attention to his surrounding and that leaves him wide open for attacks.


Other: Dias really love’s sweet things, so you would always see him with something sweet on his plate.






Name: Kez Rhinehart


Age: 16


Sex: Male


Description: : Kez is starting to fill out now he is reaching the latter stage of puberty; he’s starting to develop a lean athletes physique, with the beginnings of a six-pack and muscles from his large amounts of exercise. His short black hair is off-set with a white streak running along his right-hand parting, and his eyes a light blue.


Personality: Depending on who you are depends on what side of Kez you see, but regardless his personality reflects his codename. Around women he is affectionate and playful, almost to the point of being considered flirtatious at times, although he is never looking for more than a friend and a hug. If he has serious feelings for a girl he is more likely to be shy and skittish. He is also fiercely loyal and protective of his friends, and has been known to do some silly things in order to look after them.


Men, on the other hand, become the focus of his anger and hatred. He will be cold and sometimes lofty, or even ignoring them outright. He will rarely, if ever, open up to them and is more likely to turn against one at the slightest provocation. He will strive to keep the peace and avoid them altogether if he has the option.


Kez has a long-standing fear of confined spaces and can quickly become very scared if physically closed down (although he is more than happy to be folding in the arms of a woman), and while he can for the most part handle being near or even in water, he will sometimes panic in deeper or more turbulent waters.


Kez is half-German, half-English, his parents having met when his father was posted to Germany, and as such has rooting in both languages and cultures.


History: Kez was brought up around the globe, thanks to a father who was in the Army, and while for the most part he does not resent the fact he managed to do a great number of things with his childhood he is bitter about not having a stable home. His ability to shift form has been known to him for a long time, almost as long as he can remember, and as such he has had much practise with it.


He first became aware of his power when he was seven years old. Both he and his father were kayaking fanatics and insisted on paddling every river they could find whenever they were posted to another base; on this particular occasion they were on the river Roer in Holland. A gentle grade II river which was normally well within the capabilities of the young child, a simple mistake made a dramatic change to his personality and passion – and uncovered a truth that would change his life.


Having tackled the majority of the river without a problem, Kez had approached the final set of rapids as he normally did during their weekend excursion, this time letting his father go in front instead of being shepherded down by him. As luck would have it, as he came to the penultimate rapid his low-riding kayak managed to catch a submerged log as he went over the stopper, flipping him into the dangerous white water upside-down.


Caught in the turbulence of the stopper, his paddle ripped from his hands during the violent throw, he calmly started the usual capsize procedures when he realised that he had made a catastrophic mistake when he had last put his spraydeck on. The handle that he would grab in order to release the ‘deck had accidentally been tucked inside the boat, leaving him no means with which to release it.


Skilled and experienced though he was, he was still only a young child and as such he was not yet strong enough to counteract the pressure from the water and physically tear himself free. With air and therefore time starting to run out he began to panic, frantically trying to escape the deathtrap that was once his hobby.


What happened next he couldn’t be sure, as a Change is instantaneous for the most part. One moment he was caught in the water with his lungs burning and the urge to breathe in the water growing; next he was caught up in the air pocket that could be found in an overturned kayak, struggling his way out of the wetsuit shorts and keeping his head up clear of the water.


At the time he was not concerned with the how or the why, only that he was alive for the time being. Before long the boat was being hauled out of the water and the spraydeck ripped away, and without a second thought he lunged out of the boat and into the arms of his father. It was only when he looked up into his father’s shocked face and his panicking conscience calmed down that he finally realised why he had survived the potential drowning; he was now a little white tiger cub.


Life changed very quickly from that point. Although thankful that his oldest son had survived the day he was also shocked to find his son was one of the growing ‘non-human’ population. Kez developed a deep-rooted claustrophobia, so intense at first that even the relatively spacious confines of a car would have him instinctively turning back into a cub. While he managed to keep his fear of water down it was many months before he even dared return to the water in his kayak, and within a year gave it up entirely.


Conscious of his ability and acutely aware of the ramifications of such a discovery should it ever be made public, for the most part only he and his family were aware of Kez’s potential. At first he avoided using it intentionally as he knew how much it scared and angered his father, and it wasn’t until he was almost twelve that he started to practise.


When the family returned to Bath, England, Kez started to spend his free time alone in the woods that surrounded the city, intent on discovering the limits of his power. Naturally the first thing he attempted was to solve the embarrassing problem of not being able to take his clothes with him whenever he Changed: nothing was worse than returning to human form minus one’s clothes.


He could never fully explain how he learnt to absorb his clothes into him when he Changed, he was just satisfied that he could solve this particular problem. Naturally this opened up many more possibilities to him, the main one being he could now safely use his ability at will without having to worry about what would happen should he return to human form anywhere other than in his own house.


As time went by he stumbled across another of his abilities; the power to assume tiger-form in any stage he so desired, from a new-born cub right up to an adult white tiger. This gave him a much wider scope than before, as an adult tiger can easily run faster and for longer than a young cub can, and certainly more than a teenage boy.


However it was not long before his experimenting caught someone’s eye, and soon Bath was littered with reports of the possibility of a family of white tigers living out in the wild surrounding the town. Suddenly his chances of having time alone were severely limited, and on more than one occasion he had to escape hunters and zookeepers, only narrowly avoiding capture.


His father was not stupid; realising that it was his son’s doing and afraid that the secret would sooner or later get out he put in a request to be posted elsewhere. This had a detrimental effect on his family and his career, meaning he could no longer be promoted up to the ranks of Warrant Officer and thus scuppering his chances of reaching the officer ranks.


Kez quickly became the focus of his father’s ire; not long after they were posted to Scotland his father started to beat him in an effort to take out his rage against his son and in an effort to teach the child a lesson. At first they were only sporadic and limited to a slap across the backside or similar, but the soon escalated. By his sixteenth birthday Kez was receiving beatings almost daily, his young body starting to bear the bruises of such a brutal home life. His mother dared not interfere and his sister was thankfully spared their father’s rage, but too young to help effectively, so it was up to Kez to do something about his father, quickly becoming an alcoholic and abusive parent.


Kez did not suffer long; he had the means at his disposal to stop the cruelty and he had been brought up by his father not to take things lying down. One night his father returned in a worse state than usual, spoiling for a fight and making a drunken beeline for his punch-bag of a son. The first blow was enough to wind Kez, who staggered as far out of range as he could of his raging father as he struggled to regain breath. The second, which would have neatly knocked him out, instead travelled through thin air as the boy was replaced with a growling adult tiger.


Kez never meant to harm his father, only scare him, but in his drunken state his father continued to attack his form-shifting son. Of course such blows amounted to very little when measured up against the power and might of a tiger, but Kez was rapidly loosing patience and wanted to teach his father a lesson. With a roar he swung his forepaw viciously, catching the older man in a backhand that lifted him off his feet and sent him flying into a wall, crumpling to the floor unconscious.


At that moment Kez knew he could not stay any longer. Without staying around to so much as say goodbye to his family he turned and leapt through the window and into the night beyond. He didn’t know where he was going and what he would do when he got there, but he knew one thing: he was running.


Powers: Kez tries to ensure that his supernatural ability is not quite as flashy or obvious as others; indeed he managed to keep his power a secret until only a few months before joining the Institute. When in public he will Change once he is hidden from sight and has become quite adept at doing so.


When he Changes, Kez can take a variety of forms although they are all based on one animal; a white tiger. His preferred form is that of a cub – hence his nickname – and pretty much lives in that form when not required to be human. He can also Change to various stages of a tiger’s life, from cub to adolescent to a fully-grown adult male, although it is rare he will take the latter form.


In tiger-form he can still understand humans and is in control of himself, however he is still a tiger and as such cannot speak etc. He can still manipulate objects insofar as you can with paws, and can use his tail in an almost prehensile manner. Any wounds he sustains in either form can and will be transferred over to the other; he is still, after all, the same person.


Kez also has a limited ability to take things with him when he Changes, letting them become a part of his morphogenic field, or ‘matrix’ as he puts it. It is still very limited – he can take the clothes he wears and around fifteen kilograms of extras, although there are limits to what he can take. Biological matter does not shift with him – so food and other living creatures – and he cannot take metal either, as it would be poisonous to his morphogenic field.


As with most form-shifters Kez has a high tolerance for pain and injury, and has a low-level regeneration. Small wounds heal at an accelerated rates, but more extensive wounds can take a couple of days, and while he can still catch infections they are generally much less severe. This ability would not bring him back from the dead or regrow lost limbs however, but damage to internal organs can be regenerated provided the entire organ is not lost.


Strengths: Kez is a resilient individual, and not just from the aspect of his powers. He has weathered several storms in his short life and as such he adapts quickly to changing situations, which translates dynamically as well. Despite his scattered education he is relatively book-smart – above average – but he is definitely a more practical person.


His dual nature of animal and human also makes him relatively difficult for telepathic/empathic powers to penetrate, as he can let his human mind take refuge in the mental protection of his beastial instincts. This is not a telepathic invisibility or immunity, however anyone using such powers do have to put a bit more effort into their skills than usual, and if Kez is actively trying to avoid mental detection it would take a rather specific mental probe for someone to register that Kez is more than an animal.


Weaknesses: Kez has a (forgivable) problem with males in general, and can be very dangerous when dealing with male authority figures to whom Kez has little or no respect for. He has started fights in school over the smallest of things when dealing with boys and men alike, and while always be rather acidic towards them at best. This can give Kez a rather negative reputation with men, while at the same time a rather positive one with women, especially given his cute and cuddly nature.


Kez is extremely claustrophobic and has a degree of aquaphobia as well; he will not take kindly to being shoved in a box or dunked in the swimming pool.




Username: DragonSpirit009


Name: Taya


Age: 19


Sex: Female




Personality: Taya is a bright and lively young woman who is very curious. She likes to talk and loves animals. She is very spontaneous which sometimes take people of guard. Even thou she burst sometimes out of nowhere she is really soft natured and has a more silent side.


History: At a very young age she could talk to animals and her parents only thought that being an only child this was her way of making friends. As she got older Taya’s other abilities started to kick in. After saving her father’s life when he was shot by a burglar her parents knew then she was special and that she couldn’t just go to any other normal school. It was soon after that, that she joined the school of Dr. Conel’s.



1. Animal control: Ability to communicate with animals, birds and even aquatic creatures and get them to perform tasks on command. This doesn't include people who transform into animals or animal-like people


2. Healing: Taya is able to heal any wound, even injuries that might leave a person dying but she can't heal herself. Healing greater wounds causes to have certain side effects on Taya.


3. Telekinesis: She has the ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind.


Strengths: Her greater strength from all her abilities is the fact that she could talk to animals. She has mastered it completely and is able to even stop a raging elephant bull from stamping on her. Taya has a sporty like body since she was a gymnast when she was younger which gives her a bit advantage in certain situations.


Weaknesses: One of her real weaknesses is the cold. She can’t function in any cold conditions and because of it she struggles to use her powers. Also when Taya uses her healing it exhausts her completely and causes her to pass out.


Other: She is a good cook and love to make treats for everyone.




Username: Chicogal


Name: Mist Oute


Age: (15-20) 15


Sex: Female


Description: Mist has very faint blue hair, nearing on grey, cut just below her shoulders. Her eyes are light blue. She is petite and comes to about 5,2 foot. With her pale skin, she often fades into the background unnoticed. She likes to wear ‘girly,’ things such as skirts and blouses when not training or fighting. There is a scar down the left of her neck, thick in the top and tapering toward the bottom, inflicted by a robber who entered her room during a robbery.


Personality: Mist is rather quiet, perhaps due to the way she blends in. She doesn’t really start conversations and prefers when other people do so. Her feelings are easily hurt and she can be quite sensitive to people’s comments and criticism. She’s not particularly good at making friends, but this isn’t because she isn’t nice – it’s because she never takes the first step.


History: Mist grew up in a neighbourhood infamous for its crime. She got paranoid about burglars when she found one in her home and was attacked. For months she suffered from nightmares and still has the odd one now and then. When around thirteen years old, her blonde hair began to run with streaks of light blue. She told everyone that it was a slow dye she was trying, but the colour didn’t stop spreading. Eventually her whole head of hair was light blue. By then no-one believed her story about the dye. It was also the time when she first discovered her main power. Hydrokinesis. One by one, her few friends left her. They thought she was mad, always wanting to go for a swim whatever the weather. Eventually she discovered she could make the element around her move to the command of her body’s motions, and began to experiment. Her mother started to spurn her, along with her sister. Only her father remained by her side, and called up the boarding school the moment he heard about it, registering her.



1. Water manipulation (Hydrokinesis) – She can manipulate water by using body movements – these come mainly from her arms and hands.


2. Ice manipulation (Cryokinesis) – She can manipulate ice by using body movements. She can transform water into ice with this movement.


3. Water Energy – If unconscious or sleepy, she can be awoken by a dousing of water. If tired, she can get a quick boost of energy by being doused – however, this is more like a sugar rush from an energy drink. Afterwards she will crash - become very sleepy/weak or even fall asleep. She has to have a decent amount poured onto her (it can’t just be a spray in the face).


Strengths: Good at sneaking about and gathering information due to being quiet and not noticeable; people don’t think much of her. Able to give herself a quick energy boost when fighting. Sensitive to other people’s feelings.


Weaknesses: When in contact with much heat or fire (or in close proximity to it), Mist becomes weak. This depends on the exposure. Fire burns her much more badly than a normal human. This can go to the point of her passing out. She isn’t very good at making friends. Not brave. Easy to make her upset.


Other: It would be a not be good idea to put her in a room with a fire manipulator due to her weakness to warmth and fire. Mist prefers to do pretty things with her powers, such as making small ice sculptures or entertaining herself with the shimmering of water and its seemingly eternal movement.




Username: sailing101


Name: Aqua


Age: 15?


Sex: Male


Description: What did you expect? A donkey?

Aqua has no real shape of his own, but he spends most of his time in a mechanical containment suit created by Dr. Connel. The suit looks like a Plexiglas diving suit, with rubber coated joints, and a valve on the front. Since he can't really talk, the suit also has a vocal simulator that gives him a slightly monotone voice. The suit is actually quite strong on its own, but Aqua's weight counters that, so he does not gain super strength while in the suit.


Personality: A person's first impression of Aqua would be that he is cold and inhuman. They'd be right, but there is more to him than that. He does not like it if someone asserts themself over others unjustly, and will always try to protect those around him. Aqua does not usually make plans, but rather just goes with what other people are doing.


History: [NAME REDACTED] was the only survivor of a deadly bus accident. At the hospital, the doctors determined that he had survived injuries that would kill a normal person. This discovery was well publicized, but that was a mistake. One night, there was a break in at the hospital, and [NAME REDACTED] was kidnapped by a group of black market scientists with less than moral standards. They decided to test the limits of [NAME REDACTED]'s immortality, and began to run tests. [NAME REDACTED] was subjected to increasingly brutal forms of torture, which eventually shattered his mind. For the final test, they shot [NAME REDACTED] at point blank with a prototype disintegrator beam. All that was left of [NAME REDACTED] was a puddle of sludge. Determining that [NAME REDACTED] was indeed dead this time, they disposed of the remains by dumping it into the river. However [NAME REDACTED] had indeed survived, in a way. His mind, memories, and body had been eradicated, but his soul still existed. Over time Aqua gradually regained sentience, and learned how to exist as a water elemental. He was eventually found by Dr. Conel, and invited to the school.



1. Immortality: Aqua's first power was the fact that he can never die. Ever. He cannot pass on to any form of afterlife, be banished to a spirit realm, have his soul consumed by magic, or even fade into oblivion.


2. Water Elemental: Immortality may sound good, but without a healing factor, any limbs lost would stay lost, and aqua was unfortunate enough to lose the 30% of his body that wasn't water. Because of this, Aqua's soul is now bound to an animated mass of water.


3. Aqueous Possession: (Not Yet Realized) Aqua can enter anything that has water in it, allowing him limited control over it. He does not currently know that he can do this.


Strengths: Because his body is made of water, Aqua can absorb more water to replenish any mass he loses. Also, Aqua just won't die. No matter what. Period. End of story.


Weaknesses: Aqua has a finite amount of energy, if he runs out, he slips into a coma. To replenish energy, he must absorb fresh water or sugar.


Other: There are two rule number ones? Groovy.




Username: Sailing101


Name: Talon


Age: 17?


Sex: Male


Description: Talon is a Cyborg. His arms and feet are completely mechanical, and most of his body is covered with jagged scars much of his skull was replaced with metal, and there are even hatched that reveal his brain when opened. His shoulders have empty sockets for an unknown purpose. The skin that he has left is grey and lifeless. Talon wears ragged blue jeans and a sleeveless hooded sweatshirt He prefers to keep the hood up, because that keeps his face in shadow. When he uses his technopath ability, Talon emits a white energy, which is actually his soul.


Personality: Talon is only interested in self-preservation. He is distrustful, cruel, sadistic, and all around unplesant. However, this is probably due to mental conditioning.


History: Talon's life started in Project GEPPETO. A secret organization dedicated to creating true life, rather than the commonplace clones and homunculi that previous attempts had created. What they needed to do was create a soul. Multiple attempts failed, but when the project was nearly abandoned, a rival organization, Project ARKANGEL, proposed a truce, and offered to hand over a spell that they had discovered.

Project GEPPETO took all of their personnel aboard a research vessel and sailed out to a safe distance from civilization, and began to work. However, when the spell was cast, an unfortunate truth was reviled. To power itself, the spell consumed the souls of everyone on board. What was created was an unstable soul with no mind, locked in a half formed body.

Members of Project ARKANGEL then raided the derelict vessel and took their prize, Subject T-alpha 09.

At their lab at the site of the Tunguska event, they augmented T-alpha 09. With cybernetic upgrades and life support systems reverse-engineered from debris scavenged from the original Tunguska event. Finally they were ready to activate their new prototype for testing, and Talon woke up for the first time.

Project ARKANGEL was dead by morning.

The cyborg wandered the countryside of Russia for days before eventually running out of energy, and was frozen in ice where he lay. Time went by, the cold war ended, and Talon was eventually discovered by scavengers who dug up the preserved cyborg, transported him to London, and sold him to a lab to be studied.

Talon overpowered his guards as soon as he was thawed out, and began to wreck the lab. Eventually a hero arrived on the scene, and Talon was delivered to Dr. Conel in a crate marked, "some assembly required."




1. Technopath: Talon's soul is unstable, and has a tendency to latch onto pieces of technology around him. He has learned to use this to control and reconfigure the technology around him.


2. Cybernetic Augmentations: Many parts of Talon's body have been replaced with artificial components, including, but not limited to: Both arms from the shoulder are entirely mechanical, as well as both feet; retractable three inch blades in the first three fingers of each hand; non retractable blades replacing each toe; Six inch diameter collapsible razor discs stored in his forearms; energy blades stored just below his shoulders, A compact cold fusion reactor power source, and computer circuitry worked into his brain.


3. Not yet built, parts required ERROR ERROR


Strengths: Talon can use his Technopath ability to repair himself easily, and he has also been programed with various combat techniques.


Weaknesses: Talon's cybernetic augmentations are not waterproof, and are prone to shorting out when wet. His organic body is also slowly decaying where the augmentations connect to his body. He also reeks of formaldehyde, which cuts down on his stealth.


Other: Yep, still two rule number ones.






Name: Lea Pine


Age: 17


Sex: Female


Description: Lea has blonde hair that reaches just passed her shoulder blades, which is usually put up in a ponytail. She has an oval face, a small mouth, and a nose she wishes would shrink. Her face is sprinkled with freckles, and her icy blue eyes give the best death glares, a fitting word as she is capable of killing with a look. She is underweight, with the same body shape as anorexic athletes.


Personality: Lea is a quiet, reserved and hard-working girl, who tends to put all her energy into the tasks placed in front of her. She wants desperately to prove that she is good at something, and grabs every opportunity to demonstrate her skills and/or knowledge. She’s temperamental and full of mood swings, and it doesn’t require much to make her toss something at your head. She’s very self-conscious, refuses help, and believes that she needs to be perfect. She buries her emotions in work, usually in the form of gymnastics or biology research.


History: Born Emily Pinau, Lea was off to a rough start with her family. Her parents, both highly successful and ambitious, were constantly requiring more than she was capable to give. Craving her parent’s affection and knowing perfectly well her mother wanted her to be a gymnast; she began centering her life around gymnastics at an early age. Discovering her powers and how they worked was a long and painful process, with numerous incidents that just didn’t make sense, neither for Lea, the doctors, nor the unlucky soul who suddenly had dangerously low blood sugar.


When she finally figured out just what was happening, she ran away from home, aged 15. Already convinced she was a disappointment and her parents hated her, she was afraid her parents would send her away if they discovered. She’d rather leave on her own. Wanting to cut out everything from her former life, she changed her name and found a group of teenagers in similar situations, who all had turned to crime to survive.


Powers: Lea has the ability to control people’s hormone productions, including her own. Endorphins, adrenaline, insulin, you name it. She can make people experience great pleasure, or kill them with an adrenaline overdose if she is feeling particularly malicious. Her powers have messed with her own production of hormones, and she now has to make a conscious decision to regulate hormone production. This has made her slightly diabetic, and shot her pain tolerance through the roof, as her body goes into endorphin production overdrive to numb the pain whenever she is injured.


Strengths: Strength and flexibility, biology knowledge, high pain tolerance


Weaknesses: Her body’s a wreck. Years of gymnastics and malnutrition have left her full of injuries and with a tendency to pass out and get cramps. She has severe mood-swings, and can be quite violent. Refuses help, even if she should need it.


Other: Signaling hunger was one of the first things her body stopped doing, and as she hardly ever eats; most people believe she’s anorexic.




Username: TotallyDrow




Age: 15




Description: Nova Nova stands at about waist level to most average humans. He has no hair on his body and is covered in tribal patterns. These patterns however are not Tattoo's but a byproduct of his genetic makeup, meaning that he had them since Birth, possibility a connection to the Alien DNA within him.


Personality: Being born and raised as an assassin inside a lab, you may expect Nova to have a more aloof attitude and be somewhat of a loner. However that is not the case. He enjoys watching cartoons on the television and will often burst out in laughter at the silliest of things. He is essentially a care free child who just likes to have fun. He is very curious about Nature, due to the fact that he was raised underground in a lab; he has never seen things like tree's, apart from those on televisions.


Nova however is somewhat hesitant when it comes to meeting new people this is mainly due to his appearance and his fear of being viewed as a monster. This however doesn't mean he won't interact with them. As long as he is invisible, he does not mind interacting with strangers, this however often causes problems.


History: Nova has no parents, unless you want to call the group of scientist who created him his parents. Nova was created in a laboratory through the genetic combination of Alien DNA samples collected by the government. He is neither human nor Alien, but a hybrid of both. The objectives of this government funded experiment was to create a 'super assassin' capable of infiltrating their enemies bases unseen and carry out highly covert operations. The vast majority of Nova's life was spent underground in a government facility, where he went through various training programs to bring up his skill levels. When not being forced to train, he would be locked up in a sealed room. The room itself was not bad; it had the basic form of entertainment, such as a Television and a games console, a bed for him to sleep in and a Door leading to a shower area.


Nova was one of fourteen specimens, the thirteenth to be precise. The other 13, his 'brothers and sisters' were all failed experiments, the first 12 passed away soon after their creation due to their bodies being unable to handle the synchronization of two vastly different sets of DNA’s. While the Fourteenth, the one created after him was an attempt to correct the mistakes within Nova. At first Nova was initially seen as a success, being the first experiment to survive longer than a couple of days, however as time passed the scientist and the government officials came to view him as a failure. This is because he lacked the killer instinct required to be an assassin. This lack of a killer instinct resulted in the creation of a 14th specimen, one that lacked emotion and would kill without hesitancy. The perfect killer assassin and exactly what the government was looking for, however during the training process, something corrupted Experiment 14. It lashed out in a primal rage, going on a rampage within the laboratory killing everyone in the lab. A recovery unit or more specifically a superhuman with the ability to manipulate fire was sent in by the government to clean up the mess which in turn led to the death of Experiment 14. As experiment 14 was burned to death, Nova took the opportunity to turn himself invisible, before climbing up an exposed Vent. He managed to escape through an air shaft which led directly to the surface.


Nova's mode of transportation was very simple, he would often hitchhike on the back of some unsuspecting person's vehicle while Invisible. Nova has become somewhat fearful of humans due to this event, traumatized by seeing Experiment 14 killed so brutally by the Fire manipulator. Due to this Nova has become fearful of fire, often running away the moment he sees it.


Call it faith or Coincidence, Nova has made his way to Dollar, hitchhiking on the back of a FedEx delivery truck.



1. Peak Human State: Genetically engineered to be an assassin for the government, Nova was given a far superior ‘peak human condition’. This means that he is stronger, faster, more durable, more agile and thanks to his prehensile tail he has a greater sense of balance. These enhancements to his physical attributes are by no means superhuman, I.e. he can't lift cars or outrun a train etc. They are just superior to those of your average human.


2. Invisibility: Pretty Self explanatory. Nova has the ability to become invisible to the naked eye. Psychics or those with a stronger sense of detecting can still find him though. While Invisible Nova is unable to generate poisonous Stingers


3.Stinger Protrusion: He can generate poisonous stingers from the palm of his hands. He can leave them there to enhance his close range combat or fire them out. Firing these stingers from the palm of his hands is more energy consuming.


The poisons on the stingers vary depending on what he plans to do with them. He can use them to paralyze his victims, normally in a non painful manner (apart from the pain of being impaled by a stinger), or he can use it to poison his opponents, causing their body to feel like it is burning from the inside out. He is unable to use this ability while Invisible.


Strengths: Created to be an assassin, Nova has the attributes required to be stealthy, unless confronted by a person with an ability that enhances their sense of detection, Nova can go unseen and unnoticed. He is decent in both hand to hand and long range combat.


Weaknesses: Due to his past, Nova has become afraid of fire, often fleeing at the sight of it. He also lives in fear of being hunted by the government. He is also rather naive about the world and will therefore act in a way which may not be seen as normal.



Favorite food: French Fries. While on the run he would often steal from junk food outlets, his favorite food of choice being French fries.

Least Favorite food: Chocolate. Has a strong dislike for this sticky substance and does not care for its taste.




Username: SkullKrusher (Skully for short)


Name: Nick Murrow


Age: 16, but in grade with 15's because his birthday is earlier


Sex: Male


Description: Nick has short, dark auburn hair, which tends to look a bit more red than normal, especially when shone upon. It reaches around the middle of his ears and is shorter in the front. His eyes are a interesting color - a mix of light gray and red, and they're pretty shiny. Standing at 5'4, he has a slightly muscular build, although he, no, his hair can stand out in a crowd. Nick usually wears casual clothing, mostly consisting of light colored sweaters with pants that are darker in contrast, or a t-shirt with dark or blue jeans. Wherever he goes, though, he has his dark red bracelet on at all times.


Personality: A opened up person, Nick isn't afraid to express himself, talk with people, become friends with them and help them. He also likes any person, and that means he would be friends with someone bullied by a lot of people or a person ignored by the world, because all that matters to him is the person that he has become a friend with.


History: Nick's life was one full of thrills - he loved extreme sports, but until he became 12, his parents wouldn't let him anything that could risk his life. After that, he'd skydive, basejump and so on, just for the sake of being there and doing that. His power was discovered when he was 15, around 2 months before he turned 16, when whilst flying through the air and falling toward a lake, his bungee cord suddenly burst into flame with no obvious reasons and freed him, sending him crashing into the water. After quick recovery, Nick was back on his feet and soon learned of his new power. His father, knowing Dr Conel's Home, contacted the doctor himself and signed Nick into the school.



1. Pyrokinesis: Able to use flames to his bidding, Nick has quickly mastered this power and can now make a flame do difficult moves just by using his thoughts.


2. Raging Flame: Like a flame, Nick's strength rises as he uses his power - the more a flame burns, the bigger and stronger it gets, just like his abilities do.


3. Increasing Temperature: With time, through Raging Flame, Nick can start increasing the heat of his flames, and slowly turn his flames hotter and hotter. They start from being red to a scorching blue, after which they rise to their maximum - a blinding white color. Nick's hair follows the colors of the flames, as well as his hands, which become hot to the touch and turn different colors. Through countless hours of using this power, Nick can now change body temperature as well, but does not use this as a way to fake a fever, but to burn on touch if increased or decrease his weakness to water if taken down, although it takes time to change the temperature and even then he can keep it up to a minute or two, as intense concentration is needed for this power. If abused, Nick can be wounded and knocked unconcious.


Strengths: He has almost no weakness to fire, and can actually consume it for energy - though that is something he doesn't quite enjoy.


Weaknesses: As a Pyromancer, he is weak towards water magic and usually can be taken down by a strong attack from water. Also, he needs to be focused on controlling the flames, or it can take more energy than normal. He can die from just lighting a candle if his mind isn't focused on the task.



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Oh no it appears I've not been accepted! Was there anything wrong with my app? (I know its a tad small but other than that?)

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It is a bit short and... *shrugs* I don't know. I'm a bit... eccentric, perhaps, when it comes to accepting people. If I don't like it, I don't like it. I might not be able to explain why, but I know I when I don't like something.


Don't take it personally.

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*Cuts red ribbon*


Yippee! OCC thread! biggrin.gif


Just by the way, Mist is 5,2, as I mentioned in PM. :3 Mind adding that in? You were okay with it before. xd.png

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*derp* This is why I shouldn't do anything at 6am except sleep... I will edit!


*To the Editmobile!*


Okay, I need a list of people and their characters... Can everyone please post their character name and their name here, like this?


[B]Username:[/B] Deeerp
[B]Name:[/B] Whoooops.


Then I shall copy it all into the first page of the RP thread. :I

Edited by Ruins

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That made me giggle. xd.png


Username: Chicogal

Name: Mist Oute


I put that thing about burglars in, for it will make for humour/drama when someone sneaks into her room. >3 I assume she'll be rooming with Taya? She had better not walk about...

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I have a question. I'm making my characters now, one of which is a teacher. Would it be okay if he taught both gym class and combat/survival class, since he would be a good teacher for each and they're very related? If someone came up with a teacher for either of those classes, my character could just be reduced to teaching whichever one wasn't taken. But until that happens, he could fill both roles.

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Username: Fortune86

Name: Abel


[B]Username:[/B] Fortune86
[B]Name:[/B] Abel


Ruins can you space the forms a bit? Reading through as is is making my eyes go a bit funny lol.

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I have a question. I'm making my characters now, one of which is a teacher. Would it be okay if he taught both gym class and combat/survival class, since he would be a good teacher for each and they're very related? If someone came up with a teacher for either of those classes, my character could just be reduced to teaching whichever one wasn't taken. But until that happens, he could fill both roles.

I think we already have a Gym teacher, sorry...

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Okaynow, who's in what room? We need to sort that out.


Also, two pages of OOC posts? Also needs to be sorted out. (Apart from... I guess there are some important ones, I don't know...)

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Deleted my OOC post from the main thread.


I call dibs on the kitchen. A small bed beside the fridge will do fine. smile.gif


I know quite a few people want rooms 1 and 11, so I'll avoid those. I'm fine with either room 2,3,4,9,10,12. A room close to the stairs. smile.gif

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Ruins can you put Abel and Dias in room 11? Spirit and I want to be roomies.


I'll delete my posts from the RP.

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Adding peoples to rooms. Deleting my posts. biggrin.gif

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Here are mine


Username: DragonSpirit009

Name: Dias


Username: DragonSpirit009

Name: Taya

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I think we already have a Gym teacher, sorry...

Oh, okay, that's fine. That sheet wasn't up when I asked the question, so I thought both spots were still available. My character can just be combat/survival teacher then, if that spot hasn't been taken by the time I send in my sheets.


Deleting posts in main thread.

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*To the Editmobile!*






@ Cyrus: Yah, I kind of already reserved the gym teacher.



Username: sailing101

Name: Aqua

Name: Talon

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Ruins? Are all of the students new or can some of them been there for a while? If possible I'd like Abel to have been there for a couple of years.

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@Sailing: *clamps hand over own mouth so nothing else stupid will come out* Sorry about that. I had completely forgotten to check if anyone had called anything, I just skimmed though the sheets.


Both of my apps have been sent. I'm waiting for the inevitable reply back saying that I need to change something. *sigh* I just hope it's nothing major.

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Username: Kestra15

Name: Kez 'Cub' Rhinehart


We need some more girls in here, else Kez is going to be in a lot of fights!


I was thinking of Kez being a new arrival, turning up literally at the start of the RP. I would also like to have him in room 1, 2 or 12 (that order of preference) - and as a heads-up, he's not going to get on well with a male room-mate!

Edited by Kestra15

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@Fortune: He can be an old student, if you like, and others can join up as new students if they like... It tends to make it easier, I've found.


@Kestra15: Perhaps Conel can bend the rules, or find him a solitary room for him to sleep in, ie the detention room. wink.gif


Does anyone else have any room requests, or should I place the rest randomly?

Edited by Ruins

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