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The Lonely Sun- Chapter 1

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At one time, there was a bowl. This bowl was not unique in any way whatsoever. No, the bowl was not important. The thing that you must see is the contents. The contents are the most important thing when judging anything. The contents of a person, contract, timeline, or even, insanely impractical as it is, of a bowl. Now forget everything I told you about the bowl. The story I am about to tell you has nothing to do with such a thing. Bowls and their contents only exist to show exactly how important it is to look past appearances.


☀The Beginning Story⚬

At one time, and even now, there was a universe. It was a dark, empty, brimming with life, boring, shining, bustling, and intriguing void. In this void there were billions upon trillions of specks. These specks were called stars. No one knows why, but it seemed appropriate to call them that at the time. All of them had a story. Their stories were of hardship, victory, life, death, and expanding horizons. The best of the stars collected debris around them which formed even smaller specks called planets. The truly unique and blessed of these planets received the tiniest but most powerful gift of all. Life. Unfortunately, there was one very brilliant star, the sun, that produced very promising planets. This is unfortunate because none of the little planets were very outgoing. They were perfect to receive life. However, they were all too lazy and all the other good little specks went on to make civilizations without them. The sun tended to each of her planets and tried to encourage them to be better. One by one, they either froze over from depression, became cloudy from apathy, or burned up from wandering close to their sun. Finally giving up, the poor sun drifted far and wide, trying to find something to strive for. She finally came to rest just outside a spiral arm to brood by herself. Eons passed and a most remarkable thing happened; a lost planet wandered by the sun. Seeing the opportunity, the sun quickly snatched it up and placed it in orbit. The planet did not seem startled and settled in comfortably.

With each passing year that the planet stayed, the sun taught it about life and how it was so wonderful. The lost planet listened silently and absorbed the knowledge. The sun decided to name the planet Erro. In turn, the planet gradually came to know the sun as Sepio. The two came to love one another and did not return to the other stars in the spiral. The problem with Erro was that he was impossibly small and dirty. He had no weather, no volcanic activity, and no life. He tried everything within his power to grow. Erro charmed moons to stay in his company, held his breath to pop out mountains, asked Sepio to move so he could make water, and tried to snatch gas from the lazy planets to make his own. He was barely functional. Sepio smiled upon his efforts and apparently too did the galaxy, named Cunae. Cunae sent a small meteorite, even more impossibly small than Erro. It landed in his wispy grasp and gave him life, at last.

Erro finally made water and positively broke out in volcanoes. They pumped fumes in to his atmosphere and transformed him in to an attractively molten world. The pockets where life could exist burst with microbes. Eventually, Erro retired his morning suit and implemented weather. The fumes in the air crackled with lightning and then rain. The molten exterior became solid ground. The little planet was sleek black and quickly becoming green. The microbes evolved in to plants which brought way to sea animals. The animals made bigger plants possible. This then turned back and forth across the table. Plants were big, beautiful, and green. Animals were strange, complex, and diverse. Erro was green and better than most places in the galaxy. No, not greater for his life or his story, but for his contents. It was his willingness to improve, drive to support, and eagerness to be all that Sepio ever wanted.


☀The Here and Now⚬

You live on Erro. It is very unlikely that you know anything about how he was formed. However, you still manage to call him by his proper name. The same principle goes for the sun that you orbit around. To keep things simple, Erro is very much like Earth. There is strikingly familiar flora and fauna. The person that you play can be anything at all. However, it would be very nice to have an original character, if not, original species. This means that the ever popular angels, vampires, werewolves, elves, and dragons are frowned upon. This is not to say you cannot play one, but it would be better to find something else. The advancement of technology is preferably nothing above pre-industrial revolution. There is no real goal, but this is meant to be a chapter. Perchance we will discover and develop a new technology to make us industrial. Maybe Erro will face a peril that we must avert. Any number of things could happen. Once a stopping point is decided, the next chapter will begin. Since I could not fit it in to the story above, the character sheet, rules, and suggested races will follow. Contents over Cover


Suggested races-all races and pictures belong to their respectful creators. I do not claim to own any of these concepts or artworks.

Animalfolk- The truly diverse mix breeds. Animal Folk have the ability to stand (on two legs) and must be an Earth creature. They are not things such as cat girls. [X]

Andalites- A highly evolved species. Andalites have a natural shapeshifting based on creatures they have touched. They use telepathy and absorb nutrients through their hooves. [X]

Chaos Beasts- Unimaginably strange, Chaos Beasts are intelligent but often look gruesome. [X]

Demons- The temptors, the corruptors, and the bloodthirsty. Demons are one of the most evil beings in the universe. They often have wings and gruesome features [X]

Gargoyles- The guardians of palace and planet. Gargoyles are strong but turn to stone when the sun rises. They like to hide among statues. [X]

Hobbits- The quiet countryfolk. Hobbits are friendly but usually keep to their own people. They have hairy feet. [X]

Humans- The blank canvas. They are very diverse and very curious. [X]

Hybrids- Merged species. A combination of any two or three compatible races. [X]

Klingons- Proud warriors who value honor- Klingons are usually seen as dark-skinned with ridges on their heads. There is a loop hole where they look almost human. [X]

Ossiums- The second humans. They are very tall, almost like the Navi and curious like Humans. Their black bodies have large bioluminescent spots all over them. [X]

Shapeshifters- The chameleons of the universe. An individual of any race that can change their form. It is more commonly seen to shift in to animals than other sentient races. [X] Note: 0/5 characters have been taken

Timelords- These people are too remarkable for a description. Originating from the Whoniverse, Timelords are a species who can reincarnate 13 times in their life and come back with a different form. The only well known Timelords are very insane but handsome, fun, and clever. [X]

Vulcans- A Star Trek species. They are known for supressing their emotions. Think of them as your replacement elves. [X]

Note:any races you choose from here will not have their original histories. They will never have known anything besides Erro but will retain all physical and behavioral distinguishment. Please to not kick down, hammer, and then burn the fourth wall.


☀Getting Started⚬


1.All 'Dragon Cave Rules' apply
2.No godmodding.
3.No powerplaying.
4.Censor your curses or do not use them.
5.No spamming please.
6.4 sentences desired.
7.Correct grammar is appreciated.
8.PM your forms to me.
9.If you have personal problems, leave them at the door.
10.If you have read this, delete the parenthesis in the character sheet.
11.You must also highlight all 'Here and Now' for a code word.


Character Sheet

[B]Username:[/B] (Your Username)
[B]Character Name[/B] (Your character's name)
[B]Species:[/B] (What race you belong to)
[B]Gender:[/B] (Male or Female)
[B]Age:[/B] (How old you are)
[B]Personality:[/B] (How you interact with others)
[B]Appearance:[/B] (What you look like. A written description would be nice)
[B]History:[/B] (How you came to be and what you have been doing)
[B]Other:[/B] (Anything else I need to know)

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☀Character Sheets⚬



Username: RainDash

Character Name The Apprentice

Species: Time Lord

Gender: Female

Age: ~500

Personality: Witty and funny, she can't travel in time. However, she knows the workings of it and the consequences of her actions. Until recently, she thought she was human. Her human side takes more action than her Time lord side, and the two are often in conflict. Her Time Lord side is overruled by her human side more than once.

Appearance: She has her hair spiked and dyed red and black out of pure spite and since she wanted to. She has it so it stands on end without much aid from gel which she has cooked up. She constantly has a pair of metal ear muffs she prefers to call 'headphones'. She also wears the vests and trousers of the men, and is often mistaken as one as she is stronger than most of the women due to her efforts at metal work. She is a Jill of all trades, and her most recent experiments are usually splattered over her outfit.

History: In a last ditch effort to save their planet, the Time Lords took one of their young and sent it in a chamber to Erro for safe keeping. At a certain point that not even she knew about, she was freed and given a human name, Jane Smith. She grew up until she looked about thirty, thinking her favorite pocket watch was broken. She has lately been obsessed about fixing it.

Other: She is nearing the start of her first regeneration.



Username: Shadowdrake

Character Name: Jay Doe

Species: Shapeshifter, prefers a humanish appearance to speak with others, as most sapients on the planet look at least somewhat human. Prefers to turn into a large feline, bird or lizard when alone.

Gender: Jay doesn't technically have a gender, but associates mainly with  characteristics perceived as feminine; see personality.

Age: unknown, usually looks anywhere from 12 to 25 in human years.

Personality: As a shapeshifter, Jay's emotions and personality are rather variable as well. The majority of her mood at any time comes from what she reads in other people; their terror makes her fear, their rage makes her anger, and so forth. However, her emotions are much weaker than what a normal sapient would feel. She rarely feels any sort of passion, good or bad, but is drawn to others and others' emotions.

Despite her lack of feeling, she considers herself female due to her empathy and caring towards others (which she thinks is caused by her sharing other people's feelings). As a result she hates killing or hurting, but due to her shapeshifter biology she requires a mix of meat and vegetables so she scavenges for meat rather than hunt.

Jay likes flying, but she also prefers shadows over either darkness or light, so she mainly comes out at dawn or dusk. If she does come out in the day, she stays in dark corners or under shade. She enjoys being able to maneuver in three dimensions, such as when she's flying, climbing or swimming. She really does not like being restrained. Ever.

Appearance: She is rather short and thin for a humanoid, usually around four to five feet tall at the most. Her main human form has shoulder-length black hair streaked with red, a long-sleeved shirt and pants that cover nearly all of her, and a pair of teal eyes that are almost always half-closed. Her body is straight and angular, with little fat to pad it. Her clothing keeps most people from noticing that she is actually somewhat well-built, like an athletic runner or swimmer.

In any animal form, there is usually a stripe running down her back, either a different shade or a different color altogether from the main color of her skin. Her eyes stay blue-green as well, no matter what color the animal's actual eyes should be.

History: She doesn't know much about herself. Because of her lack of gender, she thinks that she came from an asexual species and was born on Erro, a long time ago when plants and animals were still weak and small. Despite her long life her memory isn't good; anything much longer than 200 years she only remembers as faint blurs or details without pictures. Even then, it was only when other sapients emerged on Erro before she began to think for herself and learned language.

Other: Jay's ability to shapeshift is limited, and every time she does so she loses a lot of energy, which she needs to regain by eating soon. She is light for a human, only about 85 pounds, and can only become other beings around that weight. With smaller animals she can pack her density together more or be a large specimen, and larger animals she can spread her weight out, but she cannot vary the density too much from the norm or her body won't work properly.

She also learned some minor herblore to reduce pain and help others heal with less chance of infection, as well as has an ability to heal injuries at a cost of lots of her own energy, sometimes to the point where she faints. She herself cannot be infected easily due to her own biology. Her eyes never change color, no matter what she turns into.


Username: Shadowdrake

Character Name Chrral

Species: Chaos Beast

Gender: Male

Age: ~5000

Personality: Vicious and self-serving, he cares nothing for others. He has no familial ties and no friends nor need for friends. His only goal is survival, so because of his disregard wherever he goes he usually leaves a path of destruction. He believes only in physical power, and has no problem eating defenseless creatures. He is not brave, though, and will run and hide if he is hurt too badly.

Appearance: This, except greener. His body is basically a giant mutant crocodile.

History: One of many born in a clutch of chaos beasts, Chrral was the strongest to hatch and devoured all the others in the nest, as is instinctual for his subspecies of chaos beasts. Over the years, he has grown steadily larger and older, and although self-aware, he has no morality and believes only in power. He's awakened and been fought back many times by mages and warriors, not all humans. Each time, he's fled back to his lair and slept away his injuries.

Other: He sleeps much of the time, having been awake for only 1000 years total.




Username: Shur'turgal ~ call me shur!

Character Name Donum Solis ~ Don (pronounced dawn , for short )

Species: Luxdea

~The Luxdea are a magical people. They were a gift from Sepio to Erro, as an embodiment of her love. There are few Luxdea but one is sent to Erro, via an orb of light every 100 years. The first gift, when Erro first gained life was of 10 Luxdea, and Donum is one of them. Luxdea can't love each other, as they all originate from the sun and are practically brothers and sisters.

Gender: Female

Age: unknown

Personality: Don is a very loving being, as that is what she is meant for. She is always cheerful and laughing. She is outgoing around all creatures and has a love for animals. Don is one to trust people and be trusted by people. She will always stay loyal to her word no matter what. If Don is ever upset in any way you will likely not know, as she hides all emotions but happy. If you do ever anger Don which would be a huge mistake, and highly unlikely, you will be in for it. Her temper is uncontrollable and has all the power of a solar flare from Sepio. When Donum is truly angered, her "heart" will glow a faint red rather than gold.

Appearance: -Mixing picture and words- This is what Don looks like. Like all Luxdea dawn has large ears and eyes, as well as two angled almond shape marks on her forehead that glow lightly. Her eyes are a deep crystal blue and sparkle like the clearest diamonds. Don's hair, as you can see, is very long and falls to the backs of her knees. She normally wears a dress as such, but her armor, if ever needed looks like this. However, Luxdea's bodies are clear, however, you can't see through it because where their heart should be is an orb of bright yellow light that shines through their clear skin, giving them a constant, faint glow. Donum stands at 6'2 and has a slender body, with long legs, all her movements are graceful.

History: Donum was created by Sepios long before she had found Erro. Like all the Luxdea she was kept at the very center of Sepio in an orb of protecting light. When Erro received the gift of life Sepio selected her greatest Luxdea's and sent them to Erro. Upon landing on Erro the Luxdeas generally split up. Donum went to live with many of the animals. She stayed hidden for most of the beginning of the world, not knowing what to do and being scared as she was no longer with Sepio. In a prayer to her mother one night she asked for a friend, someone or thing that would always be with her and so Sepio sent Alma. Eventually she came out of hiding and intermixed with the rest of Erro. (I don't know what else she might have done so, the rest will be RP'd.)

Other: Donum rides a majestic female horse by the name of Alma that looks like this. And has some control over light.



Username: Vamprah9588

Character Name Vamprah Myst

Species: Kalemai

Gender: Male

Age: 9,000,000 (very young for a Kalemai, around 12 to them.)

Personality: Vamprah is usually disgusted by the actions that people take on the helpless, and attempts to set a 'Hammurabi Code' of his own, doing so to criminals as they have done, often executing those if it were a situation he would not like to enter. He tries to make the world a bit better in his own way.

Appearance: Rough understanding

History: Vamprah grew up for most of his years on a Kalemai-owned planet. He had a incredibly wealthy family, with his father being one of the greatest weaponsmiths at the time. However, a nuclear ambush was launched by a more primal warring race, surprisingly killing most of the population, with only a few escaping. Vamprah was one of these survivors, along with 5 of his siblings. They were however captured, brought onto a warship, and were experimented on onboard, being mutated slightly. Whereas most Kalemai can only turn their aura into one or two elements, he can use all forms. His brothers and sisters had lesser effects, but all developed accelerated aging, with Vamprah physically aging to around 25. The race that had attacked had attempted to brainwash them, but their mutations gave them the ability to reject this, and they fought their way off. They split up soon after, deciding to find new planets, with Vamprah landing on Erro.




Username: Zermonth

Character Name Draco IronBlood

Species: Denkiteki

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Personality: Easily attached to others but feels bad about caring about others.

Appearance: He appears to be human with scars in the shape of circle on his hands, arms, six on his back, one in the middle of chest. They are all connected. His hair is blue, and his eye glow a brilliant purple. He stands at 5'10" and weighs 160 lbs. He wears studded leather armor and carries a short sword on him.

History: He was born of magic as an experiment to see if his race could be artificially birthed. Though he was born they discovered that the armor is created by the host mother. As such he never had the armor that made his race so sought after. This though was lucky due to the fact he could now live a 'normal' life. At the age of nine everyone in his town noticed something was strange about him. He hair and eyes began to change color and he grew much stronger and faster than even some of the adults in town. The resident pysker noticed an increase in psionic energy coming from him.  Of course no one ever told him of his origin. They never got a chance to. When he was eleven his town was attack by bandits. After they had killed his parents they adopted him for their mistake. He has been a bandit ever since.

Other: His strength is much greater than the average person. (He is able to lift a carriage off the ground using his legs.) He is quicker than people are normally as well (Olympiad Speed) and he posses strong psionic abilities but he was never trained on how to use them properly.

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☀Player Suggested Races⚬



The Luxdea are a magical people. They were a gift from Sepio to Erro, as an embodiment of her love. There are few Luxdea but one is sent to Erro, via an orb of light every 100 years. The first gift, when Erro first gained life was of 10 Luxdea, and Donum is one of them. Luxdea can't love each other, as they all originate from the sun and are practically brothers and sisters. All Luxdea have the last name Solis. Their skin is transparant, but it cannot be seen through because of the light eminating from their hearts. Luxdea have some control over light. They can bend it, but also change its temperature and "harden it. This could be used to make various objects such as a blade or bracelets. They There are only about 600 or so Luxdea. This is because Erro first received life and evolved it at much quicker rates than earth.



The Kalemai are an Alien species capable of utilizing aura into an element determined by their genes.

They have traits of almost every Terran creature, but primarily resemble a tall humanoid- standing at 11' fully grown- with minor draconic/griffonic features: taloned feet and scaly or feathered wings, indicative of gender.

In addition, they have elfin ears, an exoskeleton, and no nose. They feed mainly on grains and minerals but are able to slice through diamonds with their razor-sharp incisors, aided by intensely corrosive saliva.

When, at a certain age, Kalemai eat a lot of hard ores to generate a metal carapace over the chest and shoulders.

At full maturation, they feed on oxidizing materials which turn this carapace a silver-golden color.

Internally, Kalemai have a third 'storage' lung, and 11 hearts in total - one triheart, and 8 smaller, bi-chambered hearts.

These were evolved due to their favorable planet's gravities being much higher than Earth's- around 100,000 times stronger- thereby allowing them to be a lot faster, lighter, and to have better stamina than that of Earth's creatures.

They also have a sort of crystal in their chest, which is vital for their survival.

The side facing the organs has tubes running through it, which connect to the arteries and veins that are part of the triheart. Removal of this would cause almost instant death.

Socially, Kalemai are a relatively peaceful species, never trying to start wars with other civilizations. They still have a need for fighting though and satisfy it by creating gigantic arenas in which to battle with each other.

Their most successful practice is weapons-making, and the better and more plentiful your arsenal is, the more popular you are. Kalemai will carry as many swords, guns, and knives as possible into unknown situations, regardless of their unarmed power from harnessing energy.



The Denkiteki are the pinnacles of creation they are considered the ultimate survivors second only to shape shifters. Their bodies grow a natural suit of armor that incorporates itself into their organ system. No one theory can explain why but their natural armor is stronger than even the toughest of man made materials (As of the year 40,000). Yet even with it's strength it has maintained flexibility and heat resistance. Their armor has proven to be nearly indestructible and on many occasions they have survived things that most thought was impossible. Their agility and strength are not to be marveled and they do not appear to be strong with magic or psionics. Though from old records this has been proven to be an illusion for most of their efforts go into moving their heavy armored bodies around. Once or twice there has been record of them taking off their armor and exposing a completely new level of danger to their foes.


The armor is moved by both sheer muscle, magic, and psionic ability. They can remove their armor at will by a twenty-four hour ritual that brings them much pain. Once removed their true forms are reveled. A Denkiteki can look like almost any other race and it appears that their true forms are random. Their true forms all share similar enhancements, super strength, enhanced speed, large amounts of raw psionic power. Their only problem when their armor has been removed is extreme sensitivity to their surroundings. In fact for at least 2 months after they shed their armor a strong breeze can be rather painful to them. It takes at least a year to adapt and within that time most end up being killed while they are vulnerable.


A Denkiteki is an extremely long lived race. In fact their has been no records of weakness or death caused by age. Some of the oldest Denkiteki are well within their two-hundred thousands. What makes them to be considered a lesser threat in the universe is the fact that they have an extremely long gestation period. Their gestation period last for three-thousand years. No attempts to speed up the gestation have had any success. Though they can breed with other races research has found that the parent species will supply the dominant genes and there has been little to no signs of the genes passed down from the Denkiteki. (Though strangely enough if another race impregnates a female Denkiteki the child is born the same as a normal Denkiteki and the genes can be located.)


Note: 1/2 characters have been taken

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Ok, the upper parts are fine, now...so it's time for the list of races to be looked over.





Are there any differences between males and females of any of the species that are listed up there?



Spelling, Grammar and Syntax:



-The first letters of all the names of the species should be in upper case.



The unimaginably strange. Chaos beasts...


Beasts should have an upper case 'B' and the two sentences should be one sentence.


Unimaginably strange, Chaos Beasts...



These people are too awesome for a description.


That is unneeded, but you may keep it. I suggest, though, that you use a different adjective to replace 'awesome'.

Edited by Mousia

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Hi, random intruder here. I'm not here to nit-pick your thread, I just thought I'd ask if I could suggest a species for the rp.

Can I suggest a species for the rp?

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One more thing, the 'b' in 'beasts' should be upper case.


I'll need to see if the new species has any issues as well, since the RP is not yet approved.


Once I look over the new species, the RP will be ready for approval.



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(Just so you know, I can suggest that the RP is ready to be approved and possibly poke a mod about it. After they look over the RP, they will determine whether or not it is ready. If it's ready, they will approve it and move it.)


(It may also help if you put 'Ready for Approval' somewhere in the title or subtitle so a mod can see it.)


(Only do the above once I post that it's actually ready. xd.png)

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...character sheet, rules , and suggested races will follow.


Just poking that.




Is there a place to put accepted character sheets?




Sorry, just minor stuff, but that could be the difference between being approved and not being approved.

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Ok, I just wasn't sure, because some people separate it and some don't.


I think this is ready for approval.


Edited by Mousia

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Khay is going to get here to review this ASAP. Sorry for the wait!

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*Wanders in* What is this... Glorious thing? So shiny!

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I wish I could help... but hey, you've got a friend in me here!

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I'm sorry...


I wish I could help, too. Unfortunately, I think Khay is a bit busy...but rest assured, I notified her and I think Walker knows, too.

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((Thank you so much! Ok, I am accepting character sheets. Please PM them to me. Past this point, I would like IC posts and for OOC to be surrounded with (()), [[]], or {{}}. Enjoy, guys!))

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((Im lurkin' will apply tomorrow, after I have had decent sleep and can come up with an insanely awesome species. ))

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((I forgot to put that the Luxdea have some control over light, being able to bend it, change its temperature and "harden" it so they can use it as a weapon. They all have the last name Solis. and you know the clear body, light heart thing.))

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You May Begin!°

Past this marker now, you may throw your characters in to the world. You are most likely a member of a society. It is a mostly pre-industrial world where true ladies and gentlemen tread the sidewalks. Of course, you don't have to be like those goody-goodies. You can do whatever you darn well please. Be it rolling around in the mud, or trying to build a giant, steel, pirate airship.

Welcome to the world of Erros!

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"HAHAHAHAHAHA" Draco yelled whilst he cleaved another man down "MORE BLOOD! MORE BLOOD" Draco was attacking a medium sized caravan. He cared not for the souls of those who would get in his way. After killing several more men he reached his target. It was the carriage of a merchant, news of his wealth had caught Draco's ears and he knew what he wanted. He opened the door his murderous cohorts stood behind him. Out from it he pulled a man and a child. He drew his blade and placed it on the man's throat "Where is you gold?" he asked with a well practiced calloused voice.

The man replied "It is under the seat, just please don't hurt me or my daughter!",

"I wouldn't dream of it." Draco says using a more gentlemanly tone.

Draco pulled the chest money out from under the seat and turns to them "It was a pleasure doing business with you."


After that he and his cohorts left the scene to headed back to their base of operations. From their they divided up the bounty (with Draco getting the heftiest sum) and went about planning their next raid.

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Donum walked out of a small shop on the outskirts of the town she was currently living in and got back onto Alma. Placing her new goods into her saddle bags she prodded Alma on with her heels, out into the forest. She was following the dirt road, quietly humming to herself when she stumbled upon a carriage. Blood puddled near the carriage's wheels and there were bodies strewn about. Hopping down from her horse she found her way to a tree where she could hear a small whimpering. Looking around the tree she saw a small girl clinging to her father, who stared ahead blankly. Gasping Donum asked, 'What on earth has happened!' She hid how frantic she was because she did not want to startle them anymore. Defensively she motioned for Alma to come to her and sharpened her hearing so she would have a warning before being attacked herself.

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((Achievement unlocked. Be the first to censor your cuss in a role play.))


The golden pocket watch needed to be repaired. She just needed to open it... she was trying to wedge a screwdriver between the lid and clock face. However, it soon slipped and cut her finger. " censorkip.gif !" Jane sucked on her finger, trying to prevent it from bleeding out over the watch. She grabbed her keys with her other hand and dashed out. However, her boss had something else to say about that.

"And where are yo going?" He asked. "You have three textile machines to repair."

"Already done." Jane muttered as she pushed around her boss. "I also improved them. They're about twenty percent faster now."

Jane soon reached the outside and jogged to the nearest clothing store. They probably had stockings or something of the sort. She could work with that, she had to work with worse she supposed.

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The leaves shook gently under the wind on that morning. The smell of cherry blossoms and wildflowers drifted lazily across the woods. Mockingbirds and robins sang gaily in the overhanging branches. Despite the horrible scene less than a kilometer away, everyone and everything was enjoying itself. Well, perhaps everyone except our naive, unsuspecting, unusual little protagonists. A smell of roses interrupted the perfect scent before it. It seemed to be contained around a very strange shadow. A shadow that darted across the forest floor. This shadow made its way quickly over to the scene of the accident.

Directly behind Donum, the blood on the ground began to fade. It was as if it were sucked directly back in to the bodies of the dead men. Their injuries healed at an invisible rate, yet it was almost instantaneous. Several of them stirred. Finally, the shadow came over the girl's father. He suddenly jerked forward and sputtered. He was racked with coughs for several minutes before settling back against the tree. The man seemed to have gone unconscious. The shadow pressed itself against the tree. Because of the dappled light, it was hard to see that it made the silhouette of a man.


Near Draco, there was a very similar shadow. It did not smell like roses. In fact, it did not smell like anything. It smelled exactly as you might expect a shadow to. This shadow hid right behind Draco. It hid inside his shadow. However, if anyone had been looking, they would have seen that his shadow appeared to be wearing very heavy armor and a spiked helm. They were too busy counting their money. Ever so slowly, the bandit group, except for Draco, felt very weak. They did not feel as if they wanted to move a finger from where they were. Some of the bandits leaned their heads forward and dozed.

A grin composed of a light spot crept across she shadow's figure. It was happily absorbing the energy of the bandits. The light in the room began to dim and the colors seemed to fade slightly on the walls. Now the shadow gave off a scent. It was the smell of desire. Anything that a person who were to inhale wanted. It reeked of temptation, lust, and greed. Suddenly, everything ceased its decline. The shadow recessed until it was no more. Nevertheless, this was not the end of the encounter; it would go on for all eternity if no one were to stop it. The visits would only get worse.



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Draco could see that something strange was going on but at first he could not tell what. His men began to enter a deplorable state. He had known they were lazy but there were never this lazy. Very quickly he started to sense something behind him. It was in his shadow he could just sense it. But he didn't know what he could do. He decided quickly on an action. He hopped out of his chair and slash his blade through his own shadow as to try and dispel this beast.

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