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60068326b191db1m3.pngNote, I have school from 8:00 to 5:00 central time. I shall notbe able to post or interact in said time. Please contact me formore information. Thank You.

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    The Wonderful World of Nowhere
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    What a night it is, how the stars do twinkle
    When do ever the unsuspecting mortals mingle
    Where would you go, how do your actions fly
    Why in the dark do all your secrets lie
    What a night it is, and how sinister the dark

    At once I had a little dog. His fur was white and his eyes were blue.
    He trailed me through the smoke & fog. He always could smell a foe such as you.
    His tail was always a waggin' and then his nose was always a taggin'.
    little did you ever guess, his wide blue eyes were trained on you.