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Howl to Me III: Blood & Crystals

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Currently accepting profiles.


Please visit the OOC board if you plan on joining and have any questions.


| The Beginning of Araelia |

The largest piece of globally protected earth lies under the supervision of a few men. They were scientists who had discovered the truth that the territory harbored and immediately applied for the area to be closed off for public and private use. Using the funds from their own pockets and borrowed from wealthy environmental organizations, they barricaded the country-sized chunk of land and set up surveillance to study the creatures within. However, it wasn't until a few days after their equipment was set up that all of it exploded in powerful electrical surges. Taking this as a warning, the scientists, and the rest of the world, left the area alone.

In truth, nature had created fearsome beasts to protect one of her most sacred inventions: the Life Crystal. The stone itself was huge, but hidden in the bowels of a giant cavern with several maze-like tunnels. Its surface was clear and translucent, but when in close quarters with one of her guardian beasts, would glow with iridescent light. So far, no effect came on these creatures when they came in contact with the Crystal other than to slightly amplify their powers, but it was in their blood to protect it from harm. Unfortunately, as the years passed on, more of the beasts grew curious about the stone and its mysterious powers. Some claimed that it could heal any wound, no matter the degree of seriousness, and others whispered rumors about its ability to grant immortality to those who unlocked its secrets. Overcome by greed, one of the beasts decided to take the stone for himself for the chance at godlike power. Others joined him for the same reason, and soon the Pack of the beasts was split into two opposing forces; those that wished to protect the stone from malicious intentions, and those who wanted to use it for their own purposes. A war erupted between to the two clans and lasted several years until the Hallowed Pack managed to defeat the Cursed and sent them back to the corners of the land.


Since then, the Pack of the Cursed seized control of the territory on the other side of the valley. The valley itself was divided by a peculiar power that marked Cursed land in a perfectly spherical shape, and a larger portion of land on the Hallowed side with better game and foliage health. The Cursed grew even more hateful of their brethren on the other side because of their fortune and vowed to do away with every last one of them once their powers increased. Then, they would take the Crystal, and reveal to the world what strength they possessed.

The Hallowed, however, knew this was coming; it was inevitable. Together they worked to change the landscape so that the Cursed couldn't find their way back to the Crystal. Unfortunately, this change would take a long time before it would be completely successful. So, in the mean time, the Hallowed carried on with their lives, doing what they could with their powers to survive and protect their precious stone.


However; hidden deep in the belly of the Southern Mountains, a mysterious cave has appeared for the Cursed wolves. No one knows where it leads to yet or how it came to be there, and it is rumored that the entrance changes places depending on the wolf that stumbles across it. There had once been a story of a dark, foreboding crystal that was as black as night and gave off an eerie purple light, and it seems as if this strange cavern entrance fits the story so far. Perhaps the Cursed have found a new power source all their own, but since the story is old and fragmented, no one knows that the stone does (nor have they realized that it even exists yet).


Please note: Not just anyone can waltz in and find the Chaos Stone. Once we have enough members, I will PM the roleplayer of the wolf I give permission to enter the cave.



| Rules |

•You may only apply as a wolf; you must be either a Hallowed or a Cursed. Loners will be accepted, but I will limit them and eventually they must choose a side.


•You are limited to one power, and up to three abilities. Abilities can be derived from this power, but if you have more than two, your character's power must also have an appropriate draw back. (i.e, a wolf with a power of Ice can form icicles, blizzards, and possibly use a high powered form of frostbite, but the wolf wouldn't be able to endure high temperatures and couldn't use its power for more than [an hour] before the dangerously low temperature damaged its body.) That is just an example, though.


•Your wolf cannot have a power that transforms into other animals. Other species are strictly NPCs.


•Your wolf can have wings, but flying will count as their power instead (but, you can do what you like with their wings. They just can't have an additional power, such as flying AND creating blizzards d: )


•Obviously, no autohitting, godmoding, or powerplaying. You will be asked to edit your posts if someone complains. If you don't, you risk suspension from the roleplay. Unless it's a major thing, I won't condemn you if no one else is bothered by it.


•Do not write any less than five sentences. It is possible to write that much, even on writer's block, so that will not be an appropriate excuse. I will repeatedly tell you to add writing to your posts if you do not follow this rule. If you continue to ignore me, I will remove you. I'm not afraid to be a hard ass ;D


•Common sense is your friend.


•Use the form that I provide and post it on the OOC board. You may begin to post if either I approve of it or 4+ other members of the roleplay approve of it (in the case of my absence. I may still require edits if it approved by others). If you do not receive an answer for over two days, you are free to PM me; do not PM the other members.


•No talking to humans or associating with them. They are off limits. That also means that your character may not leave Araelia.


•During fight scenes, or just simple scuffles, autohitting is not allowed. But that doesn't mean you can't attack, so just word your post in a way that gives your opponent a chance to dodge. This keeps it fair for everyone.


•This also goes to say that you cannot dodge every single attack. Make it a rare occurrence, since a well-trained warrior would probably have good aim and good techniques, and no one is really supposed to be better than anyone else. This doesn't mean you can't dodge, but dancing around attacks all the time is boring, annoying, and a little rude. This also means regulate your damage counter fairly; a powerful attack is most likely going to have a hard effect on you, and brushing it off is a bit silly. So watch how you fight, because it can get tricky.


•You may apply as a Beta only if there is an open spot, or if one other person is a Beta. If two Betas are already there, you may not apply as a Beta; you can only become a Beta's mate at that point to become a Beta.


•You may only apply to be an Alpha if BOTH positions are open (i.e, male and female Alphas.) If someone is already Alpha of that pack, then you cannot apply to be an alpha. This gives people a chance to take on a mate if they so wish.


•Five characters max, please. This is subject to change. HOWEVER- I do not want new players to start out with a bunch of new wolves. I will cap you at three characters until I feel like you're ready to take on new ones.


•You may NOT PM a member with a high rank inquiring to be their mate. If that person wishes to take on a mate, then they must do so through formed relationships during the roleplay. This ensures that everyone gets a chance to become mates with whom they choose; asking before you even start is highly disrespectful towards your fellow roleplayers.


•If you have multiple characters, do not post more than three wolves per post. I will allow double posting for this reason only. This is so your posts do not become giant walls of text that can be difficult to distinguish different characters.


•If a character's name is in red (below), then you may ask on the OOC board whether or not that position is still taken. (This is because someone in the roleplay may have already decided to take over, but hasn't gone through yet.)


•I reserve the right to implement time-skips where/whenever I see fit. Many of these will be illogical, but necessary to keep events flowing in the roleplay. Check the OCC often for updates on these time-skips or other things regarding the roleplay, as it may take me a while to update the OP of the roleplay with news.


•As the owner/creator of this roleplay, I will act as God and coordinate/intervene in certain scenarios/events, and it is expected that what I say is followed. Plans of mine for the roleplay are to be respected and not complained about.


NEW! I will begin in-character events with a separate post titled "NEW EVENT" for all characters to read. Beneath will be a brief description as to what the event is, when it is taking place, and which wolves the event affects (the wolves listed here are the only ones with permission to interact with the event until further notice is given). These Event posts will only be posted in the IC board, and not on the OOC. If you have questions about particular events, discussion can be held on the OOC to clarify.


•If I have placed your character on hiatus and your character was apart of a scene with other wolves, either myself or a member of my choosing will be allowed to play your character as an NPC until you return, or until I deem you inactive and remove your character completely.


•As I have stipulated in the ranks below, mated wolves can be any combination of genders. There is no limit to same-sex or other non-hetero pairings, or even polygamous should you desire. And on that note, feel free to make any non-binary gender wolves if you want. Go nuts!


IF YOU WERE A PART OF THE ORIGINAL HOWL TO ME: You may NOT reuse a character! Every character must be original in this restart. Names and powers may not be repeated from old characters. This is an entirely new fresh start (and will have a different ending, yes!) and there must be no allusions to your previously existing wolves. However, wolves from Howl To Me II: Voices of War can be reused.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE proof read your profiles for spelling and grammar mistakes! One or two are acceptable, but repeatedly misspelled words and incorrect phrases are a headache. This is a literate roleplay, I expect that you know how to write properly. I will begin to decline applications if they have not been cleaned up before they are posted. And as a reminder; KEEP THE BOLDED TAGS ON.


| Form |

Do not alter the form. KEEP THE BOLDED TAGS ON. However, you may color code if you wish. I prefer not to have spaces between each line, as I end up getting rid of them anyways to conserve space. So please, don't separate the information out (like the above rules are, for example).

[b]Age:[/b] {Pup is a year or under, young adult is between just above a year and three years, regular adult is between four years and eight years, and seniors are anything above.}
[b]Abilities:[/b] {What the wolf is able to do with their power.}
[b]Appearance:[/b] {Picture is preferred, but descriptions are accepted.}
[b]History:[/b] {This is NOT optional.}
[b]Mate Preference:[/b] {female only, male only, both, any/all, none}
[b]Alliance:[/b] {Hallowed, Cursed, loner.}
[b]Position:[/b] {Rank in the Pack. Gammas must choose between Warrior and Hunter. If a loner, this can be left blank. (Once accepted into a pack, loners will be considered omegas.) 


| Packs |



Alphas: Pierce

Betas: Tobias,  Symaro

Gammas: Fenrir, Lycaonia , Verdant, Aegis, Uriel, Anaya

Deltas: Ylva, Hawke, Gale


Total active members: 12



Alphas: Ulra

Betas: Tenebris, Venemus

Gammas: Cobalt, Spitfire, Skitt, Cave, Lark

Deltas: Detras, Ambrose


Total active members: 9


Loners:  Torque, Umbria, Corax, Otto


You can find which wolves are mated and their offspring on the OOC board.

Wolf names in RED are currently inactive or dead and not included in the member count.

Wolf names in PURPLE are currently on hiatus or are in danger of being deemed inactive.

Wolf names in GREEN are pups under one year of age.


| Ranks |


Alphas: These wolves are the leaders of the Packs, and there may be up to two of them per pack. Usually it is a pair of mates; very rarely will they be mated to different wolves (if this is the case, mates of two different alphas are not considered alphas, but still regular members). An Alpha is responsible for the actions of every wolf in its pack, and is also the commander of the hunters in the pack, although they often take other wolves as students to train for warriors. A wolf may only become Alpha through birthright, popular vote (and/or election of a Beta), or if they happen to overthrow the previous Alpha. However, if an Alpha is overthrown, the wolves of that pack may chose to run out the new Alpha and elect a new one, if the Beta doesn't choose him/herself. A pair of Alphas may be a pair of any genders, mated or not.


Betas: These wolves are the second in command, and there may be up to four of them per pack (two appointed, the other two are mates of those Betas). Wolves of lower rank must answer to them, but an Alpha can overrule a Beta's order if they wish. Usually Betas oversee the warriors of the Pack and supervise patrol parties and shifts, as well as making sure that hunting parties are out if the Alpha isn't available. Betas will also be responsible for the pack in the case of an Alpha's absence, or they may appoint a new Alpha if the previous one disappears. Betas are generally rather clever and good at giving advice. A wolf may only become a beta if appointed by the Alpha, or if mated to an already existing Beta. (However, mates of Betas are not as powerful in this position.) A pair of Betas may be of any genders, mated or not.


Gammas: These wolves are the regular members of the pack, and there is no limit to how many are in a pack. They have no special responsibility other than functioning as the warriors and hunters of the pack; they will categorize themselves as they feel fit, and usually do not participate as the other unless called upon by a Beta or Alpha. These wolves must ask the Alpha's permission before taking on a mate, or having pups. Pups born in the pack immediately become Gammas unless caught in an act of treason. A mated pair may be any pair of genders.


Deltas: These wolves are on par with Gammas, but they are the wolves of the pack that are typically non-violent in their duties. They are in charge of gathering other resources, such as medicinal plants, rearing and caring for pups, and teaching the younger generations how to participate in pack life and eventually choose their calling. Deltas also include Elders. These wolves may be mated, though most seem to prefer not to in order to help care for existing youngsters. Each patrol of Warrior Gammas must take at least one Delta (non-elder) with them, as the Delta is in charge of keeping track of the layout of the territory and reporting any differences in the terrain. This is especially important for the Hallowed, as they have been working on changing the landscape to prevent non-Hallowed from reaching the Life Crystal.


Omegas: These wolves are the lowest rank in the pack, and are often looked down upon by the other members. There is no limit to how many are in a pack, though Alphas may prefer to keep the number relatively low. They may not participate in hunts or battles unless specifically directed to do so by a Beta or Alpha. They are also the last to eat and may not take on a mate under any circumstance (unless a wolf of high rank considers otherwise), until they are promoted to a higher rank. This includes loners, traitors, or captives/enemies who show interest in joining the pack, or pups that aren't born into the pack (although these usually rank much faster than the others).



| Araelia |


The entire country is the size of half the state of California in the United States of America. The entire region forms a large bowl, walled in by a ring of jagged mountain peaks. The valley of the crater slopes sharply down from the mountains, except toward the very north where it is less steep to allow for a hill-like incline that suits as the only exit and entrance into the valley, unless a wolf decided to brave the treacherous snowy peaks. At the very center lies a large lake that has formed an odd shape; it is wide and vast toward the North, with deep and rich waters. It becomes deeper at its center, but as it reaches the Southern lands, the lake becomes narrow and snake-like, turning into a small river that is fed from a waterfall that pours from the most southern mountain range, which also happens to be the largest and most dangerous.



Cursed [curse-ed] Territory (Southern Land):

The Cursed Lands are known mostly for the desolate and ugly place that it is. Forced to move there after losing the first war against the Hallowed, the Cursed have taken control over the wasteland that makes up Southern Araelia.

The Southern lands are marked by the lack of color that blankets the entire range. It appears as if a bubble of some sort had landed over that territory and in the process killed whatever life had once been there; in this perfectly circular piece of land, the trees are mostly burnt and dead, and the grasses brittle and sparse. There is much rocky terrain to be found, and although it is not near desert climate, it is much warmer and dustier in the South. A forest follows the river through the Cursed lands and toward the mountains, though turns into a rocky, windy alpine before the base of the mountains are reached. The forest is thin and the trees that are alive are shriveled and desolate looking, and the shrubs are thorny and wild. The border of the barren land is surrounded by a large stretch of grassy fields, in which denotes the border of the Cursed Territory. Hallowed Wolves often catch trespassers stealing across the grass to find a better selection of prey, though its wide open space makes Cursed Wolves an easy target. This border is intersected by the lake at the very point where the water begins to narrow into the river.

The Cursed have carved their dens into the base of the mountain and are constantly battered by high winds and frost.


| Prey |

Since most animals wouldn't dream of living in the Southern lands, there isn't much of a selection to chose from. Some hardier creatures make their home in the thin forest, but they are much more capable of fending for themselves against the Cursed Wolves. This includes foxes and snakes, many bird species, and some jack rabbits that can survive in the alpine climate. Mountain lions become a frequent sighting in the spring but usually stay up in the mountains, where caribou can sometimes be found in migration.

Because of these conditions, many Cursed Wolves find it in their best interest to steal from the Hallowed side, even at the potential cost of their life.



Hallowed [hal-oh'd] Territory (Northern Land):

The Hallowed Lands are known mainly for their lush and green scenery. Their territory begins from the Northern Mountains and all the way through the meadow that ends at the boarder of the Cursed land. There is a rich forest just before the meadow, allowing Hallowed Wolves to lurk in the shadows of the trees to watch for trespassers. This forest spans a good portion of the Northern territory but begin to fade out toward the base of the mountain ranges, which become more of rocky grassland. There are patches of small meadows throughout the forest, and one in particular holds a special secret to the Hallowed Wolves.

The Hallowed wolves make their dens at the base of the Northern Mountains, where the sun warms the rocks and their camp is sheltered by towering stones and dense shrubs.


| Prey |

The central meadows have very few wild chickens, but mostly are filled with rabbits, foxes, moles, voles, shrews, and a wide variety of deer. The deer are abundant in the spring, and migrate back to the forest during fall and winter. Also, because of the wide lake in this part, there are also ducks, many species of fish, and the occasional aquatic mammal.

The forest, in the spring and into summer, is filled with many rabbits and rodents. There are also many brightly colored birds, snakes, and insects. There are some deer, but mostly in the spring they prefer the lush meadow.

The far north, in the mountains, has mountain goats, some deer, jack rabbits, snakes, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, and the occasional skunk. There are also mountain lions, which can be dangerous to an unsuspecting wolf or wandering pups. This is also the same for bears, although the bears are more likely to be in the forest during the warmer seasons. In the winter, elk migrate from the other side of the mountains to seek shelter from howling snow storms.


Other places:


The wolves of both packs prefer to stay in the valley where the weather is less extreme, though the south is subject to harsh winds and the north has many rainstorms. The East and West edges of the bowl are usually left untouched unless a wolf is desperate to find shelter or food for some reason, though with the slope of the mountains there isn't much hope for either of these. Before too long the temperature drops dramatically and it begins to snow all across the peaks of the ring of mountains. Though it seems like it would take a miracle to live in the icy summits, there have been stories of wolves and other creatures keeping residence in the blizzards.



The current season is: Early Spring

Cursed status: Waiting for the ground to thaw, finding whatever resources available by any means.

Hallowed status: Preparing for new pups, gathering food for the pack, renewing old territory markers.

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It had been hours since the moon ascended the night sky and hung gently over the sprawling camp of the Hallowed wolves. It was almost full, and lent a soft pale light across the terrain, filtering into the open mouths of the dens and highlighting a few sleeping forms huddled close together. It also caught in the eyes of warriors on night watch, glinting brightly like colorful pearls in open water. Higher on the mountain side, in the hollowed cave that overlooked the entire camp, the figure of a dark wolf paced back and forth underneath the moonlight. Small, purple sparks raced across the wolf's fur, dancing with an agitation that matched her gait. She was bothered by something, as she usually was, though she was thankfully far enough back from the ledge of her den that the Gammas keeping vigil below could not spy her striding back and forth inside her cave.


Pierce's ears laid flat against her black skull, and her violet eyes shone like the current of electricity that crackled through her pelt. This was the third night in a row that she could not sleep. The shadows from her nightmares kept jolting her awake, filling her blood with fire and panic. They took the shape of her parents, of her friends, of the great-great grandfather she had never met. They haunted her in her sleep. Perhaps she ought to go see a Delta; they would surely know of some herb or another that aided with night terrors.


The black wolf sighed to herself. No, it would not do to let her wolves know she was having trouble sleeping. She was the Alpha, after all. She had to keep her image. She had to make sure no one suspected she was as vulnerable and weak as she was. Somehow she had to continue this facade of greatness, to emulate her ancestor, so that they would believe as her parents had that she was destined for greatness. An Alpha who had nightmares certainly did not fit that mold. Pierce needed to figure this out herself, without help. That's what a great Alpha would do, right?


With a soft whine, Pierce drew to a stop and rubbed at her eyes with a forepaw. She was damn tired, but she would never let another wolf know that. Tomorrow she would throw herself into work like she always did, exhaustion or not. Slowly, the black wolf crept to the edge of the rocky ledge that jutted out from her cave. Further down the slope, she glanced at the other dens carved into the mountain side where most of her pack snoozed peacefully. A few of the warriors on patrol paused to gaze up at her, and she returned their silent greetings with a regal nod of her muzzle. If she hadn't already taken the moonlight shift the night before, she would have volunteered to take one of her Gamma's place right then. Yet even she knew how foolish of an idea it would be to push herself to such limits, when the next morning she had already promised herself on a border patrol.


Eventually, Pierce returned to her den and circled around the indentation in the ground where former alphas had made their bed. As she settled herself down, chin resting against the warm stone, she wondered if sharing her den with another wolf would help her sleep better at night. Loneliness certainly did not help in times of stress for her, she knew, but there was also a reluctance in her that stemmed from one of her greatest fears. Close quarters with another wolf would mean she posed a threat to their physical safety. Who knew what kind of sparks she produced in the middle of a slumbering fit?

Slowly, the Alpha closed her eyes. It would not be long til morning now, but she would cling tightly to these last few hours of sleep that she could manage.


As dawn broke over the horizon and the Gammas exchanged their shifts, Pierce opened her eyes and exhaled a long, deep breath. The twitter of birds had drawn her out of the strange dream that plagued her sleep, though as she lifted her head and yawned, she realized the images in her mind had begun to fragment and fade away. That was for the better, and she prayed whatever she had seen in her dream would not return to her again.


Pierce appeared at the lip of the Alpha den again and surveyed the camp as it slowly became illuminated by rosy sunlight. The wolves she had acknowledged in the middle of the night were returning to the dens as other warriors took up their duties for the day patrol. Pierce was always grateful for her wolves, moreso than she could ever truly express. She hoped, at least, they knew just how much she appreciated them.

She gave herself a solid shake and yawned again as she trotted down the incline of the mountain to join the others. First line of duty: arrange the morning hunt. She smiled at a few of her early-rising hunters as they cleared away the remnants of yesterday's kill, for now it would be spoiled and no good to the bellies she needed to fill today.

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Under the vale of darkness, in the midst of a moonlit night, a spectre in the darkness lurked about the Hallowed camp, going from den to den to sate his undying curiosity. With no trace of the sun's revealing rays, Torque the wanderer easily avoided detection by skulking under the shadow's cloak. Surveying each and every den, and having a look at most every member of the Hallowed, he couldn't help but wonder how it is that anyone could keep the peace with so much raw power cooped up in one den.


While skulking around the alpha's den, he stopped dead in his tracks as the alpha herself left her den and walked right past him, thankfully unaware of his presence. She didn't do much besides check up on the night watch from her small personal vantage point, before returning to her den for what looked like a well earned night's rest. She did look rather tired, and it was something Torque could easily relate to. Taking a peek into her den, he couldn't help but admire her. She looked so peaceful, yet stoic, in a way... and Torque knew all too well that it would ultimately be her who decides if he was to rejoin the Hallowed on the following day.


Feeling the familiar onset of nausea notifying him that he was reaching the limits of his powers at the time, he moved away, and quickly headed out of the alpha's den, and into one of the shadier spots to the left of the entrance to her den. It wasn't the wisest decision, but Torque didn't want to tussle with the night watch, and they didn't seem too interested in patrolling near the alpha's den for the time being.


The hours seemed to tick by as Torque surrendered himself to a quiet session of half-sleep. The sun broke over the horizon, and he sensed the Hallowed camp stirring with activity. Snapping out of his trance-like state, Torque remained motionless, and simply observed as the morning proceedings were underway. The sun's rays were now shining through his cloak, thus the stray wolf was now no longer able to hide in the shadows. Having already taken a silent peek within the various dens where the pack wolves rested, Torque felt relieved that he had no ties left with them. It was a bitter relief, one that weighed on him as much as it did reassure him of his chances to rejoin them.


Soon, the black-furred one emerged from her den, and went about her business as alpha.

Was it worth the risk approaching her directly? Perhaps it was, she didn't look the rash or violent sort from what Torque had seen the night before. The day was young, and his odds were the best were he to willingly present himself and offer his services for their cause. That seemed better then being caught and branded the trespasser he'd been the night before.


Getting up, he quietly walked towards the black-furred one, approaching her from the back and spoke: Good morning.

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The slim Cursed wolf sighed. He was hungry, which meant he had to go searching for one of the rare morsels that scampered about the Cursed territory. Reluctantly, he stood, looking out over the cliff he sat on. "Hmm..." He kept looking for a bit, before giving up and starting to look elsewhere for food. He eventually managed to hear some rustling nearby. Is that food? he thought. Possibly... Not wanting to risk losing a valuable morsel, Venemus sent his small poison glob that he had beside him around to the other side of the rustling. If it's something with an ounce of common sense, it'll come out of hiding. If not, it's food.

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Perhaps it was the lack of sleep, or perhaps it was the fact that she had let her guard down while standing in the middle of her own camp, but at the sound of an unfamiliar voice greeting her from behind, Pierce's fur sparked with a soft snapping noise and she jerked slightly in place, startled. The wolves to whom she had been speaking looked past her, their fur bristling and hackles raised with uncertainty.


Pierce turned around sharply to face the unknown voice behind her. There stood a male on whom her violet eyes immediately narrowed, and forks of purple lightning flickered with a soft hum across her cheeks and neck. "Who are you?" She demanded, her voice booming. The hunters around her stepped forward, on guard, as she studied the unfamiliar wolf.


Then, a split second later, she realized he wasn't as unfamiliar as she thought. Pierce's gaze widened slightly with brief confusion. She felt as though she should have recognized him at some length, but the visions in her mind were fuzzy and unclear, as if the memory of him had muddled from years of disuse. She tilted her head slightly, pondering this phenomenon. "Do I know you?" She ventured, her voice a register less intense, more akin to the casual tone she used with her packmates. Curiosity burned in her, and the sparks across her black fur settled down somewhat. If he was someone she had known, it would make more sense as to why he would be standing in her camp grounds as if he were accustomed to the place. Rogues didn't just appear out of nowhere, much less right in the center of her home. Still, it unnerved her how he seemed to just...materialize out of thin air. She could barely even catch his scent on the wind, though now it flowed to her easily as he stood before her.


She glanced briefly at the warriors that gathered around them, and bared her fangs in half-warning to stand down. She would handle this. This was a job for an Alpha, not a warrior.







A night in the Cursed territory was not anything spectacular. In fact, it was like any other time in Cursed territory. Cold (or hot, depending on the season. There was no in between), barren, ugly, and boring. Only at night, it was dark. Snow permeated everything if it wasn't the tailing end of Spring or Summer, when for some dumbass reason the world decided to flip the switch to boiling and dry. And no matter how much rain they were drenched in between winter and summer, it was like life refused to take root anywhere in their land. Like damn, Cobalt knew Cursed territory was gross, but not even a weed? What a joke.


With a yawn, the white wolf stretched out his long legs, one after the other as he shook off each paw. Still, frost clung to his fur, and he grumbled a few choice expletives as it soaked through his shaggy pelt. At least his sister didn't have to worry about getting wet. She was practically a miniature sun, radiating her own heat and never having to worry about snow caking the edges of her fur. Lucky b--


Cobalt's choice of "affectionate" tilting for his sister was cut short when he spotted a small moth descending slowly from the sky before landing awkwardly on a clump of dirt just inches from Cobalt's left paw. He stared at it, ears pulled forward, as the moth flexed its tiny wings. They were boring wings; a milky tan with some darker browns. Lame.

The white wolf slowly placed his muzzle on the ground beside the moth, his blue-black eyes nearly crossing as he gazed down his snout at it. Then, he blew softly in its direction.


Only, his breath was not soft. The moth exploded into shreds of wings and bug juice at Cobalt's feet, and he erupted in a peal of uproarious laughter as the pieces fluttered back down to the earth like bits of confetti. Oh, if only he could do that to a wolf! What a sight that would be. Though, if he concentrated enough, maybe he could actually... Cobalt side-eyed his sister several paces away from him and scrunched up his nose in focus. Without warning, he released a puff of breath toward her, and a torrent of wind whirled at her out of nowhere, though the worst it would do was ruffle her fur. Probably. Shredding a moth with wind was helluva lot easier than doing it to a wolf, he mused.


Was he in a particularly murderous mood? Ah, who knew. Cobalt grinned over at his sister with his long, crooked teeth, laughter building in his sleek chest. Light was just beginning to spread above the mountains, lending more of a distinction between the white warrior and the snow that blanketed the campsite.

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Well, no need to be so bombastic. -he jested, looking around the group of warriors ready to rip him a new one on a moment's notice.

I'm alone and in the open after all. -he winked slyly.


As for whether or not we know each other, I can't quite place. You don't seem familiar, but the moons I spent out on my own may have well fogged my memory. That, and the never ending onslaught of nightmares, but that is a different discussion for a completely different time, I assure you. -he went on, taking a few steps forward and sitting down in front of Pierce.


Bowing his head to show his respect, Torque went on, visibly unshaken.

My name is Torque. My family used to dwell within this region, I believe they also served here, with the Hallowed. You see, I was their erm... -he paused and glanced upwards for a short moment- Uh, little complication. Yes, let's call it that. Needless to say, they gave me more then a few reasons to want to hit the open road, so I did. -he gestured towards the open areas to his left, the direction from which he'd initially approached the camp grounds.


Unfortunately, my resolve wasn't as strong as I imagined, and recently the loneliness has been boring into my psyche like a molerat through wet sand. -he went on, looking Pierce directly in the eyes- I arrived last night and took the liberty of looking around. Things have improved. All I really want, is to do what the Hallowed have always done, and in my efforts, find companionship. Maybe even a family who won't be as short-sighted as my previous.

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The night passed by without disturbance as the Alpha kept vigil. Few others watched with Ulra, their eyes watching equal portions of the camp. Cold wind ran against their fur and it took all Ulra could give to prevent shivering. Finally, as pinpricks of sunlight began to creep across the unforgiving land that made up Cursed territory, Ulra's watchful pack members slunk into their dens for rest and others began to stir.


They saw Venemus depart from the camp, a frown crossing their face. As a member, the needs of the pack needed to be seen to first before the needs of the individual. Ulra would have to remind the male of that. They didn't care if his stomach was rumbling; he either fulfilled his duty or there would be consequences for him to face.


A low growl rose from Ulra's throat before they silenced themself, turning their attention to more important matters. Tenebris was not yet awake it seemed. When Ulra had accepted these two as Betas, they had hoped for more... effort. However, it seemed that the potential Ulra had seen was nothing more than a ruse. At some point, the two were going to have to prove themselves or else Ulra would be rid of them.


Tail lashing with mild agitation, a snort passed through Ulra's nostrils as she spotted Cobalt fooling around this early in the morning. "Since you've the time to laugh and play like a pup, I expect you can make yourself useful instead, Cobalt. Now, clear away the bone scraps left over from yesterday. Once you're finished, report to me for a patrol," they ordered, already moving on to the next group of waking wolves.




Xir ears twitched once, then twice, then a third time, before Ylva stirred. A yawn pulled itself free of xir muzzle, long and almost drawn out for emphasis. With a small grunt, the blind wolf rose to their paws and quickly shook out their dark fur. Voices drifted from outside the den, an indication that a number of the pack was already awake.


Stretching, Ylva took xir time before emerging from the den, paw steps certain in their placement. They listened carefully, picking up conversation fragments and names being called, listening for their name or for someone's request for assistance. Across the way, Ylva heard Pierce speaking with someone. However, the conversation sounded like a strange one when compared to the average within the camp.


Curiosity piqued, Ylva made their way towards Pierce, her cautious company (one of whom she had to brush pelts with to fully realize they were there and feeling so tense!), and the vaguely familiar voice. Oh, who was it? Ylva knew that voice but couldn't place it with a memory just yet. It nagged and itched at the back of their mind, pale eyes closing in thought. "Mmm... I know you! Yes! Definitely! I never forget a voice! Little Tor, the rambunctious thing!" Ylva chimed, xir muzzle already running with a string of words. "Oh, yes... The trouble you'd cause! I remember your siblings having to come visit the Deltas for some herbs to put them to bed without worry of nightmares! And your parents had such high hopes for you... But, alas! Nothing seemed to come of you except disappearing," the Delta remarked, lowering xir head slightly and fixating unseeing eyes upon the male, as if they were trying to examine him.


"You're family was by no means short-sighted, you little ball of trouble! No! I remember you deliberately testing your abilities upon your family. Hmphf!" The wolf bounced their head, voice hinted with disgust. However, their tone seemed to change as they sat back on their haunches. "Ah... You just weren't taught as well as you should have been. Perhaps there's redemption for you if the Alpha will have you here again."

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Torque grinned and tried his best, but definitely couldn't hold back his gout of laughs as the blind one finished speaking.

His parents had high hopes for him?! Ridiculous! He knew them all too well and no one was going to claim otherwise.


After he was done laughing, he wiped a tear off his eye and looked at the blind one.

With all due respect, you don't tell someone you have high hopes for that you wished they'd never been born. I did what I had to. -he stated firmly.

Annnyway, I find this topic completely irrelevant. What's done is done.


Still, perhaps they may have had a change of heart after his departure, but even if that were the case... it mattered not.

What was concerning was that despite Torque's hopes for a clean slate, he was faced with someone who had information that worked against him.

While he hadn't directly experimented with his powers on his siblings, the end results were as the blind one described.

He could recall many a times that his brothers and sisters needed medical help as a result of his past inability to control himself.


Although, I have to admit, you of all I remember. The chatty one with the white eyes. What was your name though... Ylis... Ilva... Ylva?

THAT'S IT! -he smiled lightly- For what it's worth, it's good to see you again.


Looking back at Pierce, Torque dreaded how she might handle this new information.

Of all the bad times of the oracle to drop in, this had to be one of the worst...

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Tobias, Hallowed Beta


Tobias, unlike a few wolves, was currently snoozing away, exhausted from staying up late with plenty of activities and duties. The blue-tinted white wolf slept in a ball-shape, curled up with his stiff tail-tip touching his nose, it's fur moving ever-so-slightly when he breathed slowly. He deserved a good rest right now, as he had stayed up late to patrol borders and renew some of the old borders. Tobias slept quietly for awhile, but eventually entered a dream, occasionally growing softly or woofing silently. One of his long legs twitched before kicking out an inch or so, later returning to his curled-up body as his eyes twitched. He was dreaming of his past, and this dream was more of a nightmare than anything else.


Tobias! Tobias my son, hurry, keep going! Run, don't look back! Tobias listened to the voice sounding from farther behind him, not even looking over his shoulder to respond. His heart pounded in his chest, thundering just as loudly as his paws thundered against the ground. He flattened his ears, trying to block out the dying wail of his mother, and the harsh snarls of his father and the attacking wolf. Faster son, don't look back, just keep going, just- Silence. That's what he hated. Tobias pushed his body harder, running as fast as he could, mud splattering his white-and-blue pelt. Nobody. Now he had nobody. No. He was wrong, he had a pursuer, the sound of the attacking wolf's paws pounding against the ground as he attempted to catch up. Young Tobias's blue eyes widening, and as he heard the snarl of the wolf as he lunged forward to bite the year-old wolf, Tobias squeezed his eyes shut. His body suddenly grew ice-cold, something that had never happened to the young pup, and-


Tobias jerked himself awake as he felt the very ground around him start to freeze, his flank rising up and down quickly as his eyes darted around. Ok, he was awake now, he wasn't really running from the murderer of his parents, and he wasn't a pup anymore... Tobias forced his spiky fur flat, and calmed himself down, letting his breathing and heart-rate slow. The beta rose to his paws once he returned to his normal calm self, shaking dirt from his pelt before sighing.

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It was a normal day for Tene. She lay curled up in her den, the only scrap of shade she had. It was another hot/cold day and the snow was still thawing. The Alpha walked out of their cave and scolded Cobalt. Tene snickered and shouted a 'hello' in Cobalt's direction. Most wolves knew she didn't come out of her cave a lot because of her weakness to the burning sunlight, so her shouting to wolves was not odd. She summoned her bubble, walking slowly over to Cobalt.


"Save murdering your sister for later, C," Tene replied from her swirling mass of darkness, "Although I would love to see something like that used on those stupid Hallowed wolves." Tene held a grudge against the Hallowed; they took her sister and mother from her. She was captured herself, but her mother saved her. She shook her head and padded off.





The she-wolf huddled in a cave near the border between Cursed and Hallowed lands. She yawned and walked out of her 'den,' her temporary shelter until someone from either pack found her, her stomach rumbling. She flattened her ears in embarrassment. Little food was on the Cursed side, but Umbria found it was easier to hunt there. The ground was However, Umbria had not eaten for the past few days, and she was craving a rabbit or vole.


So it was decided then, Umbria sent off into the Hallowed territory to find some prey.

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Spitfire -- Cursed Camp


Spitfire could have slept anywhere. She could have melted a hole in the snow for all she cared, even though the snow was quickly vanishing as the seasons changed. She much preferred the cold to the overbearing sun of summer anyway. There wasn't much shade on this side of the valley and she was dreading the return of the heat more than anyone else. Summer meant the Hallowed were more active, making snagging prey from the other side all that much harder. Sometimes it seemed like they were actively oppressing the Cursed, and that made her want to steal even more. Perhaps more than that. Sometimes she felt an itching in her claws to fight, imagining that the Hallowed would be dulled from good weather and bountiful prey so they wouldn't expect the threat of the well-trained warriors under Spitfire...


A chilly wind blew right in her face and with a yelp Spitfire bounded to her feet, fur bristling and sparking red for a heartbeat. The water collected on the short hairs of her pelt evaporated with an audible sizzle as she pulled her lips back in a snarl and tilted her ears back in annoyance, small flames dancing between her jaws and flickering out between her fangs. It wasn't an uncommon occurrence to have her slumber disturbed, especially by this idiot with a lopsided grin. Her frown deepened, and so did her growl. It took her half her mind to stop herself from biting off his tail and she might have done it a long time ago if he weren't considered family. "I'm going to roast you like a rabbit---!"


Her flames only extinguished when the Alpha passed by, scolding Cobalt for playing around. Spitfire immediately straightened up, ears and tail standing at attention. Ulra was one of the wolves she actually obeyed to some degree, and not just because of rank. She cared not for rank. She respected actions. Sometimes it appeared that Ulra was the only wolf who had any sense of duty up in this forsaken place unlike the rest of the miserable bunch, and Spitfire was surprised that their leader still had all their fur (or did the cream color mask all the whitening hairs?). The Betas were probably ditching their duties again, judging by how everyone was getting roused personally by the Alpha. It was like Venemus didn't exist, and Tenebris had the gall to stay cooped up in her corner…! During the day, the worthless piece of dung was worse than a senior. At least take the night shift, Spitfire wanted to yell back, the skin under her fur prickling with heat and her nostrils flaring with seeping rage.


Trying to be civil instead of exploding in the dens in a torrent of fire, she turned around and left the scene. "Let's hope you don't blow the bone shards into every corner like last time," she sneered at her brother before heading out to meet the Alpha to prepare for patrols.

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This one sure talks a lot for a loner, she thought, one ear pressed forward to listen and the other rotating to the side occasionally to pick up additional sounds. It wasn't until he spoke of his name that Pierce's eyes flashed with recognition, and she slowly nodded her head.


"I remember you," she said, though her tone was thoughtful. His talk of nightmares had piqued her interest, since she herself was in a similar situation. Not that any of the others would know that, and she wasn't about to tell some random loner-- past Hallowed wolf or not. "You disappeared around the time I finished my training." When his gaze met hers, she felt herself stiffen slightly and a current of lightning crawled across her pelt. He sounded sincere, she had to admit, but so could any Cursed wolf determined enough to infiltrate her grounds. Though, on the flip side, he did already know of their camp location, and hell he even had the same goals (however more private for Pierce) as she did. However...


Pierce's gaze narrowed slightly. "What do you mean, you 'took the liberty of looking around' last night?" Was he a spy? Did this have something to do with how he was barely traceable on the wind or how he managed to sneak up to their camp in broad daylight?


The oracle interrupted without warning, and Pierce blinked over at the blind wolf with surprise. They were always the chatty sort, and she supposed she wasn't that shocked that someone else had recognized him, too. Yet, the Delta's words kindled a memory of Pierce's, and she gradually recalled the young wolves that had to be tended every night from an onslaught of nightmares and terror. And then, the disappearance of their sibling.


Pierce mulled over her options. On one paw, she had a loner who had once been part of the Hallowed asking, however strange the circumstances, politely for a second chance. On the other paw, she had a very suspicious character with shady reasons for leaving in the first place. It wouldn't do to just let him back in with a lick on the nose and a cheery welcome. But she knew that chasing him away would just land herself, and her pack, one more enemy to fight in the days to come. Besides, his mysterious abilities-- whatever they were-- had proven already that he was capable of getting close without being detected.


Pierce did not like those odds at all.


After a long moment of studying Torque's face with intensity, Pierce sighed. "This isn't really much of a choice for me, now is it?" She said mildly, though her tone indicated she was not looking for an answer. She trailed her gaze over him again. "I do not typically turn wolves away seeking to join, but you haven't given me much of a reason to trust you. You sneak around my camp at night, knowing full well what the consequences for trespassing are. Defend yourself all you want, Torque, but given this situation... you can either stay here as an Omega and earn your way back into our family, or you may leave us for good."







He was nearly rolling on the ground at Spitfire's expression as she lept to her paws, howling his laughter as flames forked between her bared teeth. "Oh, if only you could roast anything other than a rabbit!" he chortled, grin stretched wide. The white wolf flopped onto his backside, paws in the air, as if taunting his fiery sister to make good on her threat. It wasn't until the stern voice of the Alpha floated over to him that Cobalt righted himself and yawned with a lazy look over at them.


"What bone scraps? You mean those little twigs we plucked out from those dying chickens one of your stellar hunters managed to catch yesterday?" Cobalt barked with laughter again. He had half a mind to add, Maybe you should tell your hunters to quit playing around instead, but a brief warning rang in his mind about the last time he had mouthed off to Ulra. He yawned again, but dragged himself to his feet, his lanky body casting a long shadow over the frosted earth. Before obliging their Alpha, he turned to leer at his sister again. "Hopefully if I'm lucky, some of it will hit you in the face. Maybe you won't look so funny afterwards."


He grinned over at Tene as she emerged from her den as a dome of pure darkness. It still was probably one of the most bizarre things he'd ever seen in his life, except for maybe that weird thing of goop that followed Venemus around. Ulra sure had a bizarre taste in Betas. With a snort, he answered, "Aw, she's plenty good practice. There's not much of a difference anyway."


As Ulra had demanded, Cobalt sauntered over to the kill pile-- or lack thereof, anyway-- and gave it a bored look before rolling his shoulders and shaking his fur. Seconds later, the moan of wind chorused in the air as an invisible force swept the pathetically small collection of bones across the snow, leaving behind a clear path in its wake. Cobalt chuckled to himself as a swirl of wind forced a few of the smaller bones upwards, spiraling around as though caught in a mini vortex. They danced for a few seconds along the ground before Cobalt grew tired of it and chucked them several yards away from camp, where most of the other bones had been kicked away. Or at least, that was where he put them during clean up duty.


He snickered to himself all the way back across camp before plopping down before Ulra. Cobalt was respectful, and in addition disrespectful, in his own ways, many of which had gotten him into countless trouble besides the times he had nearly murdered members of his own pack. He didn't cow like his sister, but he seemed willing to do whatever was asked of him by Ulra without too much backtalk. Anyone else...not so much. "Spotless. What's next?"


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Ylva’s pale eyes narrowed again as Torque began to laugh. Despite his words, there seemed to be little respect in his voice and his words. With a grunt, the blind Delta snarled. ”You did what you had to?” They snorted with derisive laughter. ”However poor they might have treated you was only brought on upon yourself. Your family loved you just fine until you started turning against them. You didn’t have to riddle your siblings’ minds with terrors, you didn’t have to rend your family apart. You could have just talked to them, to the Alpha and Beta. No need for such cruel actions.”


A snarl rumbled from their muzzle, lips pulling back to reveal teeth. ”This matter is no more irrelevant than your sudden reappearance and trespass into this territory,” Ylva remarked. ”I don’t see any worth in being able to speak with you again. Not if you’re going to insist on continuing to brush off your family in that manner and take no blame for your previous actions. Your actions were unforgivable! How dare you act like it is of no consequence!”


Pierce began to speak and Ylva started to nod in agreement…


Wait, what?


The blind wolf shook their head, an incredulous expression crossing their face. “You’re giving him an option? You just stated yourself that this wolf can’t be trusted! And you’re going to let him choose whether he’ll rejoin the pack or not?” Xe stood on all fours quickly, looking concerned as they fixed the Alpha with a blank gaze. Inhaling deeply, they sat back down slowly, making an effort to flatten their fur. "The Alpha knows best. However, I do not plan to accept this wolf as part of the pack. If he believes he can just charm his way back into our folds, I will remain to correct him on that belief," Ylva stated calmly, their soft voice layered with a warning.




"Tenebris! Make yourself useful and find Venemus. You two are supposed to be organizing the boarder patrols! If you can't do your job as you're supposed to, then I will replace you with someone who can!" Ulra stated. Their frown deepened as they watched the Beta move about in her cloak. Honestly, the two had shown potential but, alas, it seemed like naught. Privately, Ulra had been hoping that Tenebris would be smart enough to figure out how to work around her weaknesses and strengths; but it appeared to have been a foolish hope. Either Ulra was going to need to point every little thing out to their Betas or they would replace them with more competent wolves.


The latter was more enticing. Spitfire was already one candidate Ulra had in mind. It was just a matter of who to replace with her....


Colbat's words aggravated Ulra's mood further and her lip began to twitch, caught between pulling back and showing their teeth or remaining where it was. However, the male returned after performing the task they had set for him. He at least obeyed commands.


"Patrol, that's what. I was going to put you with the dawn watch but, since you seem so opinionated about how the hunting is done, I figure you won't mind coming with me to hunt for the pack this morning. How's that sound?" Ulra's voice was dangerous, filled with a pleasant tone that highly suggested Cobalt tread carefully with his response. Holding their head higher, the Alpha's expression became stoic. "Find another hunter to come with us. I'll select a fourth. We'll leave shortly so be quick in your selection."


Without another word to Cobalt, Ulra padded away to request another wolf's accompaniment on the hunt. They didn't walk far before Spitfire intercepted them, looking expectantly at the Alpha. "Spitfire, I don't trust Tenebris to be done finding Venemus in a timely fashion. Gather two other warriors and a Delta for a dawn patrol. Your brother is going hunting with me and one other, possibly two. You'll be in charge of the patrol. Once you've found suitable wolves, feel free to head out. If Venemus or Tenebris wish to give you trouble, do send them to me," the Alpha directed, nodding once in dismissal.

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Rays of sunlight trickled into the cave, radiating warmth upon whatever it touched. The light that filtered into the mouth of the cave bathed the still figures in heat, much to the dismay of one of the figures in particular. A lightly colored wolf stirred within the dark recces of the cave. He flattened his ears against his skull as he pressed a paw against his muzzle, muttering incoherently under his breath. For the fourth time that morning, Hawke debated on whether he should get up and be a productive member of the pack or not. Sure, he could stand up, help a hunting patrol, gather materials for the healers, or whatnot, but it would be indefinitely more pleasurable to sleep for another few hours or at least until someone roughly woke him up. Then again, the beams of sunlight that were slowly crawling their way towards the curled up wolf would warm him up and he absolutely loathed being hot. If there was one think Hawke despised with a passion it was being awoken by light blazing upon his eyelids. Besides, if Hawke stayed asleep for too much longer, he'd end up getting in trouble one way or another.


Opening his mouth wide as he yawned nonchalantly, Hawke rolled over on his side and smacked his lips loudly. His pointed ears sprung up as he shook his mangy head. From outside of the cave, he could hear hushed chattering as the Alpha began to recruit wolves to join in on the morning hunt. Hawke stood up, raising his rump into the air as he stretched his forelegs while he let out another yawn. He grunted drowsily as he meandered indifferently towards the mouth of the cave. He gave soft whispers of apology to the few tails he managed to carelessly step on before he exited the cave and stood at the entrance in a less than dignified stance. It didn't take long for Hawke's brown gaze, which was slowly making its way around the camp, to land upon the strange brown wolf who most certainly was not part of the pack. It took a few moments for Hawke to register that the stranger was standing in front of the Alpha, who had a pack of anxious Gammas residing behind her, along with the blind oracle who seemed most displeased by the stranger's presence. Immediately, Hawke became estactic by the scene in front of him. He could feel the end of his tail wagging joyfully as he strutted away from the cave and made his way around the confrontation between the stranger and the Alpha.


From what he could piece together based upon what Ylva and the Alpha were saying, this stranger used to be part of the pack though Hawke could not recall the intruder's name. In addition to that, the Alpha was giving him a chance to rejoin as an Omega, an offer that most wolves who spied on the camp at night did not get. Either Hawke was still dreaming or some nice juicy story had waltzed up into the camp. Hawke adored the hot thrill of scandal and if there was anything scandalous, it was whatever tale was revolving around the stranger's sudden appearance. Turning his head away from the commotion, Hawke attempted—rather poorly for that matter—to make himself look as though he wasn't paying attention to the conversation between stranger and the Alpha. Such a task would be much better accomplished if he wasn't grinning like an idiot all the while holding back a chuckle as Ylva laid down xir opinion on the matter of the stranger joining the pack as an Omega. It was always pleasant to hear someone lay down the law, especially if it was the chatty, blind oracle.

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"He's looking for food because you all don't want him to touch yours!" Tene shouted back at Ulra as she ran - albeitly slowly - off looking for him, although being cautious in case he found something. Seriously, he could turn his poison claws off, and if he got a rabbit or something small from the hunting party for himself no one else got sick, but nooooo, they had to exclude him completely. He had to hunt for himself, drink his water away from the others, generally stay away from others... He was one of the few wolves Tene considered a friend no matter how rude he was sometimes, an outcast like her. "None of you understand me, so don't think I'm useless. No one's gone through what I have... Losing everyone you care about, not being able to do censorkip.gif during the day, being ridiculed by everyone..." Tene hissed under her breath. She heard rustling and turned towards it. Food, foe, or Venemus?


Out of the brush popped a fox. Tene, unable to defend herself in that state, ran as fast as she could away from it, eventually toppling over a stone and landing in on her back in front of the familiar grey-and-white wolf. She landed on the Darkness surrounding her; it could be solid, semi-liquid, or gaslike. Since she made it solid as to not disturb the hunting wolf, the only audible noise was a quiet 'oomph' from being startled and falling. She rolled over, shrinking her bubble a bit so it did not startle whatever he seemed to be hunting...

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You should really see the oracle about those nightmares, ol'boy. This isn't the first time you've been all up in a tizzy while snoozing, you know. -commented Symaro after seeing his fellow beta's rather unpleasant awakening.

Well then, let's get on with the day shall we. The sun has arisen and our alpha is gathering us up, though I doubt it's for friendly banter and what not. Picking up something he'd left on the ground, Symaro casually walked over to his sleeping area, where he'd stashed his supply of rare herbs, dropped off the small batch of them he'd gathered in the early morning hours, and just as nonchalantly proceeded back towards the cave exit.

Come on now, lots to do. -he added before exiting.


It was looking to be a pleasant morning, and Symaro was quite content with his catch of rare medicinal herbs of the day. Many of them were only good for picking in the wee hours of the day, but were well worth losing an hour or two of sleep over. Stretching out and breathing a deep sigh of contentment, he looked around for Pierce, hoping to maybe chat her up or see if she needed anything done. Recently, Symaro had been taking it easy with his research, preferring to work at his best rather then burn himself out every day just as he'd done up to that fateful day when he was promoted to Beta.


Something caught Symaro's attention, not a scent, nor a sight, but a sound. A voice he vaguely recognised.

What's it? What's going on over there? -he arced an eyebrow and made his way towards where Pierce and company had gathered, just in time to tune on on the oracle's words. What a peculiar situation indeed, but at least now Symaro understood what all this hullabaloo was about. He sat down and merely listened in, waiting his turn to speak.




Oh, don't worry. I don't believe I can just "charm my way back". -he answered the oracle, then looked back at Pierce- With all due respect, if I am to be repeatedly judged for sins long past, committed by a pup no less, then I decline your generous offer. I sought out companionship, but if this is what I can expect day in and day out, I'd rather take my chances solo. I leave in peace, and will continue to operate independently against the Cursed. Can anyone at the very bloody least tell me if my family is alright before I leave, then?


I can, actually. -Symaro stepped forward and sat down with the group.

First of all, top of the morning to you all. Now then, I was with the deltas when they sent in your bother and sisters to get checked up and cured of your influence. We'd never seen such a thing before, honestly. I suppose I should thank you. If it wasn't for you, we'd have never gotten the chance or reason to use herbs with psychedelic properties. I learned a lot from our attempts to undo your damage.

Oy vey... so, were they alright? -Torque asked meekly, already wishing he could sink into the earth. What a disaster...

Oh they're fine. Or rather, they were fine after you bailed and we had no reason to hold back on the permanent cure to your influence.

I'm not sure I like where this is going, but I'll bite. What was your "permanent solution".

Well, I won't bore you with the details, but we had to induce a controlled comatose state, during which they underwent extensive cranial... -he stopped after meeting Torque's blank expression, sighed and rolled his eyes- We wiped their memories.

You what?! -Torque could hardly believe his ears. That seemed a bit extreme!

They lost several weeks of their development, but they don't remember you, or what you did to them. It was the simplest and most effective solution. Rest assured, they are now fully functioning wolves with nary a scar to remind them of what they underwent. But be honest, lad. With you having vanished and them so mentally messed up, did you really expect us to not do what we did?

Torque paused for a moment, and glanced at his feet. The answer was clear... No. No I wouldn't expect that.

There's a smart lad. If I were you, I'd leave my siblings be.


That I shall. -he paused and looked back at the oracle- I suggest, you quit poking your nose where it doesn't belong. You are no one to judge me or my family's actions, let alone tell me their true intentions. Keep your opinions to yourself, because I no longer care for them. -he looked back at Pierce- You can call me whatever bloody thing you want, I won't be an omega here and I won't bother my family with my presence. I will continue to operate against the cursed on my own, run recon and perhaps infiltrate their ranks pretending to be interested in joining them eventually to see what's what on the inside. If I have valuable information, I'll find you. -he looked around the group and sighed, before relenting control of his shadow clone, causing it to disappear into a puff of dark purple haze in front of Pierce and company.



Disappointed, rejected and a little bit angry, Torque sighed a pained sigh and moved away from his actual hiding place some distance away, behind the Alpha's den, where he wouldn't have been seen. He didn't dawdle, immediately left his hiding spot and headed straight for the pack territory outskirts, before disappearing into the forest, without a trace.

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Her violet eyes swung over to Ylva sharply. "That is enough!" she thundered, and a definite, warning crack of lightning sparked off of her dark pelt. The fur along her spine and neck had bristled with purple energy as she stood gazing with frustration between the two wolves. "The law of the Hallowed has not changed since my parents died. Both of you know that newcomers join as Omegas across the board, regardless of the circumstances of one's admittance. Have you forgotten of the once Cursed that have done their time as omega to join this pack?" Her white teeth were bared as she spoke, and another spark lit off her shoulder. The low growl that rumbled in her chest continued for a moment longer before Pierce reminded herself to not lose control, lest she hurt one of her wolves gathered near by. She inhaled deeply, and the midnight fur settled somewhat along her backside, the sparks dying off into occasional pulses of light.


Her gaze swiveled to Torque, and a reproachful note was added to her voice as she said with a sigh, "Honestly, what were you expecting? That we would wag our tails and welcome you back without so much as a word to your disappearance? You should know better than that, at least. You cannot deny that what happened was not cause for alarm. You would expect that we just forget it ever happened, and trust-- which, I will say again, you have not given me much of a reason to-- that you wouldn't do it again? That is what omegas are for. You have to earn your keep, Torque, and prove your desire to return to us. That is how it has always been."


The appearance of her beta etched a flicker of relief into Pierce's stern expression. She was glad to have at least one of them around, for the sake of their support. She tried not to depend too heavily on them, but the duties of an Alpha did not come without its due weight, and so she was glad to have trustworthy wolves to lean against on occasion. She watched the exchange between Symaro and Torque with interest. She knew the wolves whose memory had been swept clean; the suffering they endured had definitely warranted such measures, but she was glad at this point that they no longer were tormented by those demons. With a frown, she studied Torque closer. This would definitely be a wolf to keep an eye on, especially if he was so adamant to reject her offer as omega. His powers were not something she wished to encounter on her own, whatever they were.


Pierce held her muzzle slightly higher as Torque returned his attention to her and spoke about his intentions to remain rogue. "Unfortunate you should see things that way," was her reply, just as his body suddenly dissipated in a cloud of purplish haze. She blinked, startled again, before gazing around with surprise. "Well," she said after a moment, obviously taken aback, "there lies cause to start today's patrol. Keep an eye out for him. Should you come across him again, do not attack. Perhaps he will be useful as he says, but be careful. Notify me whenever he is spotted. I expect a double shift patrol tonight as well, as it seems our friend here had no problem getting close without anyone noticing." There were a few sighs of resentment from the crowd, which Pierce did not care to silence. After all, she herself was not thrilled to have this enigma suddenly dropped at her feet. Having him under supervision would have at least given her the peace of mind that he wouldn't join the Cursed and eventually return with malicious intentions. She was definitely not pleased that this had been undermined, by a Delta no less. Pierce made a mental note that while Ylva was an oracle, that didn't mean they couldn't be wrong.


Pierce looked over at Ylva momentarily. Although the blind wolf was unable to see the frown still at the Alpha's muzzle, she at least hoped xe got the message one way or another. "I trust that next time you can keep yourself under control and let me handle the situation. If you have a problem with my methods, I welcome you to speak with me about them. In private."


Giving herself a shake, Pierce glanced back over at the empty kill pile. "I will take over this morning's hunt, then," she said, gazing over at her wolves with a small apologetic smile. "Who would like to join me?"

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Keeping as stern an expression as he could manage, Symaro didn't much care for the new double shifts. He knew it wasn't his place to worry about their safety so much as it was his duty to care for their health. These new countermeasures wouldn't affect him, though he was still a bit concerned about Torque sneaking around their camp at night. With such easy access, he was likely in a position to do as he pleased. Still, double shifts did seem a bit harsh on the wolves he'd vowed to keep in top shape. Perhaps there was something he could do for the night watch. A tonic to keep them going, or some sort of brew that heightened their senses and helped the time go by. Looking towards his alpha, he nodded and excused himself: As usual during these hunting trips, I'll be in my study. I'm sure you'd want some more physically involved wolves to partake. Ah, yes, also if I might ask a favor of you. I wish to help our night watch with these rather unpleasant double shifts they'll be taking. -he elaborated, trying his best not to sound demanding.


You see, I'll gladly go forage for the materials I need, I likely have most of them ready right now, but there is this root, you see. -he paused, wondering how to most accurately describe it- It's called Springroot, and it's got this distinct pale brownish yellow coloration. It likes to grow in areas with fertile soil, much like where many of the animals you hunt go to graze. It prefers to grow around the edges of rocks. It's thin and very stringy, but it contains a lot of sap. Springroot sap has a very interesting effect on us, you see. Just a few drops mixed with water containing crushed Wispweed leaves produces a tonic that can kick you in the shins and really get you going! Normally it's somewhat dangerous to use more then once every couple of days, but I have some ideas on how to dampen it's effects and make a brew that our night watch could take to stay fully alert throughout their shifts, without getting droopy-eyed or even needing to so much as yawn. -he paused and glanced upwards, considering the mixture's actual possible effects for a moment- And keep their breaths fresh as well. Anyway, if you happen to see any of it and bring some back, that'd be wonderful. But I understand if you're too busy. I'll look into alternative methods. -he paused- Maybe Groshberries with... NO! No no no, that'd cause severe gastrointestinal distress. -he paused, looked at Pierce and sighed- I'd gladly come with you, but hunting, if I'm not mistaken requires stealth and skill. It's not my field off expertise and I don't want to be the one that stepped on that dry branch and ruined the hunt... again. -his ears drooped at the mention of that embarrassing incident.




Running through the densely clustered trees, Torque couldn't help but feel a wee bit upset. He wasn't expecting to be welcomed warmly, but he was at least hoping his past mistakes wouldn't come back to haunt him. Now that they have, he had no choice. He wouldn't be able to live with himself in a society where everyone considered him a monster of some sort. And yet, he too was determined to prevent the Cursed from reaching their ultimate goal.

Stopping in a small clearing, he squinted against the sunlight and sighed, looking down at his shadow.

Sometimes I wonder if you're the only friend I'll ever have.


But there was no time for moping, he had new objectives, and needed to get ready for his self-assigned duties, starting with an extensive bath to help wash out the scents of the Hallowed.

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Fenrir jolted over to his side as his ears picked up the early sounds of commotion in the camp; the ever encroaching ray of sunlight that had smuggled its way into his den only serving to weaken 'sleeps' grip around the juvenile wolf; dampening the innocent obliviousness that sleep granted him during the night. Rising to his feet, Fenrir stretched out his body and yawned, a thin mist visible as he exhaled the morning air. More awake now then he was a few minutes ago, Fenrir stepped out of his den and followed other wolves drawn to the commotion; stopping several feet away when he noticed the presence of Pierce, the alpha of the pack, Symaro one of the beta's and Ylva the oracle; the latter of which gave him the slight chills. Another wolf was there; but his scent as well as his appearance did not trigger any sense of familiarity within Fenrir.


Fenrir stayed in his spot; their presence here more then enough to notify him of the seriousness of the situation. As a low ranked Gamma Hunter, such things were beyond him. Besides other Gamma's were present; most of them warriors or older hunters that had more combat experience than he had and should the situation turn hostile; be ready to respond at the Alpha's command. Of course, if there were a way for him to be of any use in the situation then he would not hesitate to help.





As fate would have it, things did not escalate to the point of physical conflict; instead ending up with the intruder leaving on his own accord. With normality settling in once again several of the wolves returned to their morning routine and that would have included Fenrir had it not been for the Alpha's question.


"I will take over this morning's hunt, then,"  "Who would like to join me?"


Several of the more experienced hunters stepped forward; many of whom Fenrir knew were top class. His skill alone was incomparable to theirs and as such he felt intimidated as well as overwhelmed whenever he had hunted alongside just one of them and now they were going to be together and the Alpha was going to lead them. His heart began to race; he wanted so badly to be among them knowing that it would be a good chance to showcase his worth and establish himself as a true hunter and potentially even become a warrior. Gulping and summoning up the courage, he stepped forward and forced his way through the gathering hunters, before he was near the front.



" I...I would" Fenrir stuttered, his slender figure sticking out among the older, bigger and more muscular wolves. "Your still a hunter in training" reminded one of the older wolves; the response causing Fenrir to take a step back and lower his head. "Aye.. we haven't even finished teaching you everything you need to know" spoke a second wolf, "Give the lad a chance eh? Young Fenny wants to show us what he's got!" teased a third which caused the other hunters to erupt in laughter. None of them meant any ill towards Fenrir and he knew that... but still he now felt like an idiot for stepping forward.

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"I suggest, you quit poking your nose where it doesn't belong. You are no one to judge me or my family's actions, let alone tell me their true intentions. Keep your opinions to yourself, because I no longer care for them."


Ylva's muzzle opened to allow words an escape but, before they could make their retort, the Alpha's commanding voice and a warning bolt of electricity cut them off. The blind wolf jumped, startled by the sudden exclamation and prickling of energy in the air. Xe lowered xir head. "No Alpha... I haven't forgotten," Ylva replied softly, ears folded back in embarrassment and shame.


As Pierce spoke to Torque, the Delta shuffled their weight from paw to paw, knowing that they weren't dismissed yet. With the news of patrols being doubled, Symaro spoke up about using herbs to help the night watch get through the dark hours without too much trouble. Finally, Pierce addressed Ylva directly and the blind wolf lifted xir head faintly, turning their pale eyes in the Alpha's general direction.


"I trust that next time you can keep yourself under control and let me handle the situation. If you have a problem with my methods, I welcome you to speak with me about them. In private."


Ylva winced slightly. Being a wolf for conversation and running gossip, the Delta sometimes found it difficult to curb their tongue when appropriate. However, "I will do my best...."




"Uncle Hawke!"


A bouncy ball of fur streaked across the camp towards the snickering wolf that was doing a poor job of concealing his eavesdropping. Her paws scraped against the ground as she skidded to a halt, almost barreling into the larger wolf. "Uncle Hawke! Are you going on a patrol today? Can I come with you? Please, I want to go today!" Lycaonia exclaimed, taking to hopping around the male as she spoke quickly.


"Oh, oh! Maybe we can play 'squish the leaf'! Can we?" she continued on, pausing in her bouncing and focusing her eyes on Hawke's bushy tail. Lowering her body into a playful crouch, she made a show of licking her rubbery lips, ears pointed forward. After a moment of wiggling her rear to-and-fro, she pounced for his tail with an eager shout. Catching it between her paws, momentum toppled her over onto her back and she began to giggle, fruitlessly trying to catch his tail with her teeth.

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The flicker of electricity in her fur died away for a brief moment as she gazed over at Ylva. With a sigh, Pierce closed her eyes momentarily. "I apologize if I was too harsh," she said softly, resisting the urge to press her nose to the blind wolf's shoulder in reassurance. It frustrated Pierce to no end that she could not touch her fellow wolves without giving them a small shock, and at this point she was too worried that her lack of sleep and the excitement of the morning would lead to a bad combination if she so much as brushed pelts with another, much less touched one purposefully. "I've just been..." Pierce trailed off as she opened her eyes again, searching for the words that would both accurately describe her present situation, but also not give away that she was having difficulty keeping up with her status as Alpha. She definitely did not want any of them to find out about her restless nights, or else she feared they would think less of her, or incapable of leading. She gave another sigh and murmured, "Nevermind."


She turned to look over at Symaro as the beta spoke. "I think that would be a wonderful idea," she said with a nod, glancing at her Gammas who had broken away to continue with their daily duties. "Anything to help them keep alert during the night. I hate to ask this of them, but it must be done. We cannot risk another wolf getting as close as that Torque did. He might not have bad intentions, but I cannot say the same for every wolf that crosses our territory," she spoke firmly, shaking her head. Pierce decided that, even though she had slept pitifully the past few nights and today would surely only mount more stress upon the otherwise already stressed Alpha, she would take the second night watch so that her wolves knew she would support them through anything. That was her duty as an Alpha. Her needs were second place to everyone else's.


She listened to him with a slight tilt of her head at the mention of Springroot. Pierce had heard of it before, but never tasted it herself because of the intense reaction most wolves appeared to have. But, if Symaro was confident in it, then she would not question his methods. He had already proven himself plenty enough to be promoted to Beta, and she trusted him completely. "Alright, I will keep an eye out for any while we are out," she said, smiling at the mention of his previous hunting blunder, "though it would be better if I had an experienced Delta with me, as I am not familiar with most of these medicines." She paused for a moment, brow furrowed, as she looked around. "Where is Tobias? He should be setting up our morning patrol by now. Send a couple Deltas along with his patrol in case my search comes up fruitless."


Pierce huffed warmly at her Beta with dismissal. Hunters were beginning to approach to volunteer for the first hunt of the day; like usual, there was a surplus, as their bellies would be empty at this point and most of them were eager to eat. Her violet eyes shifted between them, noting the more experienced hunters grinning at her and waiting patiently for her approval. As Alpha, she was directly in control of the hunters themselves, and thus since she had been around these wolves ever since she was quite young. One in particular, however, stood out to her as he shuffled between the older wolves. Her gaze landed on him squarely with surprise.


"Oh, hush now," she scolded the others gently, sending them mild glares that held a glimmer of amusement. "Don't be rude. All of you tripped over your own feet at one point or another for the same opportunity." The other hunters chuckled quietly and nodded in agreement. She smiled over at Fenrir and said, "You are welcome to partake with us this morning. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. I made plenty of them at your age--" at this a few of the wolves older than Pierce chortled heartily, and she rolled her eyes-- "and without them, I wouldn't be the hunter I am today. Just keep up and don't step on any dry branches." Pierce winked at Symaro, and then turned toward the forest. "Gould, Baron, Vienna, and Fenrir will accompany me. The rest of you can volunteer for the mid shift." The three experienced hunters stepped forward; Gould was tall but thin, with gray speckling his otherwise golden-brown pelt. Baron was a dark brown wolf with a big scar over one eye and another across his muscular chest, while Vienne was silver, lithe and small, but fast like her Alpha.


The purple lightning dazzled across Pierce's fur again before she plunged into the forest at a lope, nose held high to catch scent of anything promising on the wind.

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Having quietly excused himself from the group, Symaro nodded and simply observed as the others gathered, already listing the ingredients he'd need in his head.

Meanwhile at the back of his mind, he was relieved to have gotten out of that hunting party. It's not that he regretted ruining that one hunt once so much as he didn't enjoy hunting as much as the others did. He had one rule that he lived by. "Do no harm." It was basically his mantra, the essence of who he was and what he strives for, and even if sometimes he was forced to break it for the sake of his work or his pack, he still preferred to avoid hurting anything whenever possible.

When the hunting group was ready to depart, and Pierce stormed off towards the hunting grounds, Symaro trailed her with a glance and a smile on his face.

Be safe, m'lady. -he murmured, a light sigh escaping him.

It was then that he noticed what an impression Pierce's words had left on Ylva.

'ey, you okay? -he asked once Pierce was out of earshot.




Slowly making his way through the forests, Torque headed straight for the nearest river he could find. He didn't have to walk far, as one ran right through the woodlands. It was a risky move for him to show his face there, as Hallowed often stopped by that river's edge to get a drink. Scouts, hunters, other rogues, everyone made use of it when they were thirsty. It was a veritable hotspot for activity, but Torque hoped for his own sake that it would be clear and he wouldn't be spotted near the usable shallows. Otherwise, it was the rapids further up, and it wasn't much of an alternative for a bath.


Approaching the bank, he sighed with relief at the absence of unfamiliar scents, and dove right in. The water was cool and refreshing as always. Already feeling the grime falling off of him as the smells and scents washed away with it, Torque watched with amusement as his shadow danced in the water's ripples. Sometimes he wondered what it might say to him if it had a mind of it's own.

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