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                                                        Holiday Breeding DragonsTango DownShimmer & Tinsel List!

                    2nd Gen Prize List: Closed, Tango is only open to Prizeswaps or 2nd Gen Holly IOUs <3

                                                    22 Prizefails and counting! Looking to do a 1-1 Warriors RP! I'll take in any 2nd Prizefail for personal lines!  

                            What dragon do YOU want to see Tango Down the Silver Tinsel paired with? Message me, and that line might just happen!

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    *~*~*~*AS OF 5/31/17, I AM A PRIZE OWNER! ^-^ *~*~*~*
    I, among a handful of others, am one of the proud first-ever winners of the monthly raffle. I have a lovely male Silver Tinsel named Tango Down. Note that his 2nd gens will NOT be readily available, only his 3rd gens. Astrapi line will be the only one with available 2nd gens.

    Horse-Back Riding
    School (Not Interesting, but I have to do it....)
    Bike Riding

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NzpCA5ErwdnkHNHzlxc4gjPV1lFp3YVPHFnpZLzXq0s/edit?usp=sharing - Shimmers and Tinsels Breeding

    3DS Friend Code:
    4811 - 7456 - 3086

    I will do 2nd Gen Prize Swaps, whether it be Prizefails or Prizes! :)

    1) 2nd Gen Prize/Prizefail Swaps (Will breed my Tinsel out on rare occasions)
    2) 2nd Gen HOLLY
    3) CB Gold/Silver
    4) Neglected Dragon (It'll be my first!)
    5) 2nd Gen from Spriter Alt (again, might be willing to trade a 2nd Gen from Tango)
    6) ANY pretty even-gen Checker!

    IOUs Others Owe Me:
    Arella - 2nd Gen prize

    None! ^.^

    Personal Prizefail list (will ALWAYS gather more from the same prize parent, even if the prizefail is a breed I already have!)...CURRENTLY HAVE: 22 Prizefails Whooo!:

    All Of My Deceased Dragons are Experiments!!! I don't Experiment on traded or given eggs!!!

    Also, my current avatar (blue and white wolf) was made by me, and I will make others avatars (must be an animal, since those are all I can draw) if you just pm me. :)

    -Repeated 'No interest' to his current Xeno mate, REGARDLESS of using Fertility on both Dragons.
    -Next Breeding: Bravo Oscar (Aria)

    -CB Gold Horned Tanger (CB needed)

    *****YOU WILL NOT GET A MATE OF YOUR CHOICE WITH TANGO. I OWN HIM, NOT YOU. Unless you're a CB Holly owner, but expect the lineage to still be bred. I'm not making anything 'exclusive' for anybody.*****