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Animal Abuse Awareness Lineage

Animal abuse awareness lineage

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This lineage was started by StarSea, the lover of all animals


All dragons will be descendants of StarSea's starting pair "Animal Abuse Awareness Lineage" and "fights against animal abusers".


Note from Arya10

To all animal lovers, now is the time to take action! The first thing I have to put is that I would like your support on this petiton I made for an animal shelter to use local strays instead of strays from across the world. You can sign it here: http://www.change.org/petitions/atlanta-an...-the-ones-here#, and second,I have recently made a website as a school project with my friend, and here it is: http://animalloverz911.weebly.com, and the password is Wheeler. Thank you, and that is all.

P.S. Starsea, if you don't like this stuff on here, don't hesitate to remove it.



user posted image

user posted imageOnce you have a dove egg, you may not kill, abandon, bite, or freeze it.

user posted imageYou must name your dove dragon, and the name must contain either "dove"/"grace" (or both, if you want) or the name must have something to do with fighting against animal abusers or about the lineage.

user posted imageYou must breed your dove dragon with a cave born purple, and once they've produced their first egg, they must breed with only each other forever. (It is preferred that you used a cave born purple, but this lineage will allow you to breed your dove with another dove)

user posted imageYou may keep any offspring, or send them off to another person on the waiting list. If your egg has accidentally been abandoned, let us know of the egg's code. If we can PM the new owner, then we will, but if not, don't worry about it! As long as you didn't get it as a waiting list gift and then abandon it, you'll be fine.

user posted imageThis is a purebred purple lineage, so don't go and start breeding other dragon species in with it. If it isn't one of the sprites up at the top, then it isn't a purple, and you may not breed it with your dove.

user posted imageIf your dove or cave born purple gendered wrong, put up a post stating so and if one of the breeders doesn't get to you in time, then just say so and someone will get you a new dove or cave born purple. Don't abandon or kill the purple, especially if it is a dove! If you don't want it, post that you don't want or need it anymore and someone here will take it.

user posted imageDon't post claim links in the thread; always PM people one the waiting list the claim link. If you post claim links, there is no telling who will pick up the egg, and it isn't for certain that it'll be someone from the lineage.

user posted imageDon't post in purple unless it is part of a form code. Purple is for thread mods only.


user posted image

user posted imageCan I ask for a cave born?

  • user posted imageYes! We
want you to breed your dove dragons with cave borns, so if you can't find one, please do ask! We aren't evil people (or I'm sure we wouldn't be fighting for the safety of animals) and some of us are great purple catchers.user posted imageAm I allowed to freeze the offspring of a dove?
  • user posted imageNo! Please don't; if you do, you end the lineage of that dove right there. Plus if you read the rules, you'll find that you are told not to. If you do, you'll receive a thread warn - a warn for the thread only, it doesn't follow you to other threads - and if you've collected enough, you may receive a forum warn or be black listed - banned from the thread forever - and we don't want to have to black list anyone.
user posted imageCan I bite my dove egg?
  • user posted imageDon't you dare! If you kill it, you'll be given two thread warns; one for attempting the bite, and one for killing it. If you are successful, you'll be given a thread warn for attempting. If it is repulsed, you'll get two thread warns; one for attempting, and one for abandoning. No matter what happens with the bite, you'll be given at least one warn, and that could either get you on the black list, or a forum warn.
user posted imageWhat if I don't want the dove anymore?
  • user posted imageIf the dove is still and egg or hatchling, don't abandon or kill it! Instead, post that you don't want it anymore. Someone will take it! If it is an adult or it grows up, don't kill or release it! If you do, abandon or kill the hatchling or egg, you'll get a warn for abandon or kill. If you release or kill the adult, you'll be given a warn for abandoning or killing it. Any of these can put you on the black list or get you a forum warn.
user posted imageHow do I join?
  • user posted imageThere is a series of forms to post. If you find the one you want, then copy it, make a new post, putting the form and filling it out in the post. Don't make a new post for every form, unless there is at least one post under your form post. If you are using the form to become a thread moderator, instead of posting it, send it in a PM to this account.
user posted imageI already have a dove, but I'd like to request another. May I?
  • user posted imageYes you may, but please wait at least a week after your dove has grown up. That way the breeders have time to get to some of the other listers before having to send to a re-request.
user posted imageIf my dove or cave born genders wrong, can I trade it?
  • user posted imageYes you may. You can trade them here in fact! It is preferred that you trade a dove for a dove and a cave born for a cave born, but if need be, you may trade a dove for a cave born or a cave born for a dove. Just so long as the purple isn't killed or abandoned - especially if it is a dove dragon!
user posted imageI hide my scroll's adults, so when there is a check, do I need to unhide them?
  • user posted imageNo need to, they can be checked right from the parents' child list. Plus, most of the checks here on the thread are forum activity checks, not scroll checks.
user posted imageCan I influence a dove or cave born egg?
  • user posted imageOf course! Everywhere you go you are allowed to influence. If you are going to influence your egg and there seems to be a pattern in the lineage, then it would be awesome if you influenced it to continue the lineage pattern. Influences don't always work as we want, so don't be upset if the egg genders against your influence.
user posted image

user posted imageStarSea

user posted imagePonystar17

user posted imageArya10

user posted imageArada111


user posted image

user posted imageRules, FAQ, and Thread Moderators - you are here

user posted imagePost 2 (updating)

user posted imagePost 3 (updating)

user posted imagePost 3 (updating)

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To join, use this (please be aware that there will be an active check about twice a month. On the 1st with replies due by the 5th and then on the 15th with replies due by the 20th. The 15th check is only to be sent to those who haven't replied to the 1st check.):

[B]I would like to join. Can I be put on the one/two (pick one and delete this and the other option) egg waiting list? My scroll name is: (so that we can be sure you don't kill any doves or already have some.)[/B]


To become a mod, PM us this:

I would like to be a mod.
Your DCF name and scroll name: (if these are the same, just put one of your account names.)
Why?: (why would you like to help us? Please don't just put "I like animals".)
Do you have any doves, and if so, how many?: (how many doves do you have? Eggs and hatchlings count as well.)
What is the one word we ask you have in the name?: (if you read the rules, you should know this.)
What time zone are you and what times can you most commonly be on during your time?: (tell us about what times you can be on the threads in your time zone time. We will convert it to EST so that hopefully there will be no mistakes.)


To add a Dove, use this (please use multiple if you are adding more than one dragon. It makes life a lot easier.):

[COLOR=magenta]I would like to register a Dove.
Scroll name: (what can we look up your scroll by? This is to be sure you don't kill a dove and that it has no other children with any other dragons.)
Generation: (you can use lineage links or state the generation.)
Parents: (if you gave the lineage link, you don't have to fill in this.)
Dove's name: (what name have you given the dragon?)
Gender: (male/female. If it is an ungendered hatchling, leave this blank and please quote your post with the update on the gender when it gets one.)[/COLOR]


To register mates (please only post this when you are positive they will take each other.):

[COLOR=purple]I am registering mates. I may now be added to the breeder list.
Scroll name: (what is your scroll so that we can be sure you don't kill any of your doves.)
Dove and it's mate's name: (please have the dove's name first. If the mates are both doves, please have the male's name first.)[/COLOR]


To state that you have sent someone a dove egg (this is to help with keeping track of our little doves):

[COLOR=purple]I have sent someone a dove!
Gifter: (person who sent the dove)
Giftee: (person who recieved the dove)
Dove's code: [/COLOR]


If you have a dove that gendered incorrectly and you have traded with someone else, use this:

[COLOR=magenta]I have traded doves!
The trade was between: (your scroll or forum name and then the scroll or forum name of the person you swapped with)
I sent: (code)
I recieved: (code) [/COLOR]


If you have kindly gifted a CB purple to someone in this lineage, post this:

I have donated a CB egg to an AAAL member!
Egg's code: (so that we can watch to make sure it is used for the lineage and not killed...)
Reciever: (who has accepted your egg so that we may know if it is killed or not used in the lineage.)

Thank you magnificent gifters!!

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There will be a breeding raid on the first through the fifth for all of those listers that reply!


Waiting lists, breeders, and lost doves:

*Note that the number next to your name, may you be breeder or lister, is the number of offences with the rules. Yes, we greatly appreciate our breeders, but they must be treated just the same. This is not the "favor the breeders and despise the listers" lineage thread. If it is found that a mod is favoring a breeder when they should get a warn, both the breeder and the mod will be punished. This is the same for listers. And if any favoritism is found, the favorer will be given a warn. If you see a number by your name and you don't know why, PM us and we will tell you.


During breeding raids, I (StarSea) will be setting up breeder -> lister pairs when I (StarSea) get home from school. (around 3:00pm EST)


Listers for two eggs:

  • (0) Examon - two doves - PM - Nov 10 2011

  • (0) DragonRider5624 - two doves - PM - Nov 13 2011

  • (0) Snoopydog - two doves - PM - Nov 30 2011

  • (0) Annalisecavadragon - two doves - PM - hatchlings... Most likely from StarSea, but anyone who is willing to hold two eggs until they hatch is welcome to send them to Anna. - Dec 10 2011

  • (0) rainpeltstar - two doves - PM - June 9 2012

  • (0) richroxy7 - two doves - PM - June 23 2012
Listers for one egg:
  • INACTIVE(0) Torres917 - one dove - PM - Nov 27 2011

  • (0) Applesauce - one dove - PM - Nov 27 2011

  • (0) Sara3502 - one dove - PM - Dec 6 2011

  • (0) Blizzard - one dove - PM - has a female CB, so if someone could hatch and gender a dove as male - Dec 20 2011

  • (0) ElemenTalia - one dove - PM - Dec 26 2011-arya10 offered-July 13,2012

  • (0) CandyRaid - one dove - PM - Jan 10 2012

  • (0) Cucu8873 - one dove - PM - Jan 10 2012

  • (0) Riannon - one dove - PM - Jan 19 2012

  • (0) Rumor33 - one dove - PM - Would appreciate a male dove hatchie - Jan 20 2012

  • (0) Tehpikachu - one dove - PM - Feb 23 2012

  • (0) WinterWhisperz - (has egg from GCorgi11, 3Mb86)(f, sixth gen dove; Lilac Dove) - PM - Mar 22 2012

  • (0) euro22 - one dove - PM - Ponystar17 offered [Note to StarSea: Went unclaimed and grew up despite having a teleport link sent] - June 7 2012

  • (0) Qamra - one egg - PM - Mar 24 2012

  • (0) sei_chan65 - one egg - PM - Aug 19 2012
Waiting list for CB Purples:
  • Empty.
Temporarily removed:
  • Leaving DC for a while...(0) Silver73 - two doves - PM - Nov 24 2011
  • ACTIVE(0) StarSea PM

    ~ LillyDove (f, first gen dove) + DoveSpirit (m, first gen dove)

    ~ FirstDove (f, second gen dove) + Purple wings of puppy love (m, cb)

    ~ Dove of forever sorrow (f, second gen dove) + Hawk's wings of grace (m, cb)

    ~ Dove of a tender heart (f, second gen dove) + Thousand feathers of a dove (m, cb)

  • ACTIVE(0) Meepsa PM

    ~ Dove a love (m, second gen dove) + PurpleLove (f, cb)

    ~ DoveyLovey (m, third gen dove) + Lil' Purple (f, cb)

    ~ Dove of Freedom (f, third gen dove) + Purple Dove Worshipper (m, cb)

  • ACTIVE(0) Kurei Chitsu PM

    ~ God of Doves (m, second gen dove) + Radiant HeartSaver (f, cb)

    ~ Precious Dove (f, third gen dove) +

  • ACTIVE(0) Arya10 PM

    ~ NightDove (f, third gen dove) + Mr MardiGras (m, caveborn)

    ~ Mustached Dove (m, fourth gen dove) +

  • ACTIVE(0) Agent-of-Truth PM

    ~ Dove's Dream of Freedom (f, fourth gen dove) + Freedom's Wings (m, cb)

    ~ Freewing Dove (m, fifth gen dove) + Timeless Faith (f, cb)

  • ACTIVE(0) Defel PM

    ~ DoveTale (m, second gen dove) + DiamondDove (f, cb)

  • (0) Ivyshadow PM

    ~ Kindly purple dove (m, third gen dove) +

    ~ Purple dove of happiness (m, third gen dove) +

  • ACTIVE(0) Ponystar17 PM

    ~ Loving Dove of Peace (f, third gen dove) + Dove's Love of Grace (m, cb)

    ~ Dove of a Perfect World (m, third gen dove) + Dove's Love of Content (f, cb)

    ~ Caring Dove of the World (m, fourth gen dove) +

  • ACTIVE(0) xX Blythe Xx PM

    ~ Violet Eastern Dove Boris (m, third gen dove) + Violet Amethyst Carnelia (f, cb)

    ~ Violet Dancer Daniel (m, cb) + Violet Dove Lady Aloe (f, fourth gen)

  • ACTIVE(0) GCorg11 PM

    ~ Daylight Dove (f, fourth gen dove) + Hoping for Love (m, cb)

  • ACTIVE(0) Kursedfire PM

    ~ Dove of our Dreams (m, fourth gen dove) + Dove of the Twilight Moon (f, cb)

  • ACTIVE(0) NightLovesFantasies PM

    ~ sacred dove of grace (f, third gen dove) + gaurdian dove of truth (m, cb)

  • ACTIVE(0) Papi95 PM

    ~ P 043 Techio Dove (m, fourth gen dove) + P 020 Calcias (f, cb)

  • ACTIVE(0) Fennel PM

    ~ (egg, third gen)

    ~ (egg, third gen)

  • (0) Magicgirl1986 - PM

    ~ Dove's Goddess (f, third gen dove) + Dove's Warrior (m, cb)

  • (0) x_rinny_x - PM

    ~ (unnamed hatchling, male, fourth gen dove)

  • ACTIVE(0) Mysticwave - PM

    ~ unnamed hatchling (ungendered, fifth gen dove)

  • ACTIVE(0) Arada11 - PM

    ~ Baybay Dove Purrrple (m, second gen dove) + Purrrple Purpatrator (f, CB)

  • (0) Japandrago - PM

    ~ The loving dove (m, fourth gen dove) +

  • ACTIVE(0)Oriane Sera - PM

    ~ Callum Dove (m, fifth gen dove) + Concordia Grace (f, CB)

  • ACTIVE(0) Ziairi - PM

    ~Zachary Dove (m, sixth gen dove) + Lady Blessings (f, CB)

(0) Seipr0n - PM

~ Dalierma Dove (f, seventh gen dove) + Drelinorme Dove (m, cb)

~ Delarosa Dove (f, fifth gen dove) +


(0) UmbreWulf - PM

~ The Purple Wings of the Dove (m, third gen dove) +

~ Grape Scented Dove (m, third gen dove) + Violet Scale (f, CB)


(0) ComeAtMeBro - PM

~ Delightful Dove (m, fourth gen dove) +



  • Astrodeath311
Kind CB purple donors: (Note: the numbers here are of how many CB's they have donated, and not thread warns, so don't freak out if you keep adding numbers thinking they are warns.)
  • (1)Luckyjt --> Oriane Sera; (c4UHj). Thank you!
Little lost doves:
  • (Oatef) was released to the wild.
  • (us3Ld) accidentally died from being fogged to long as a hatchling. *note: the link doesn't work because she was tried to revive, but it failed.
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By StarSea:

user posted image



user posted image



user posted image



By Ponystar17:

user posted image



By meepsa:

user posted image



By Arya10:

user posted image





Q: May I ask for a CB?

A: Yes! We WANT you to breed your dove with a CB! Smack StarSea with a PM if you want a CB even!!! She'll find a way to get you one!


Q: Am I allowed to freeze the offspring?

A: NO NO NO NO!!! It is in the rules and if you do, you will be smacked with a warn and temporarly remove from your list.


Q: Am I allowed to bite the offspring?

A: NOOOOO!!! If you kill it, you are place with two warns, one for trying and one for killing. If it survives, you are placed with a warn for trying.


Q: What if I don't want the dove anymore?

A: If it is still a hatchling or egg, send it to the next lister! If it is an adult, don't kill or set it free... If you kill it, you'll be place with a warn and on the temporary removal list. If you release it, everyone here gets to pelt you with moldy cheese and you are place with a warn and on the temporary removal list.


Q: How do I join?

A: If you are all the way down here, you completly passed it... Go up about two posts and there is a list of ways to join not only the lineage, but help keep track of the lineage as a mod. We greatly enjoy the help of our mods and our listers AND our breeders! Without people joining, there would be no breeders, and with no breeders, there is no lineage.


Q: After I have a dove, later may I request another from a different lineage?

A: Yes, but like everyone else, you will be placed at the bottom of the list. You are allowed to keep the offspring like most other breeders are so that you can send more out at a time. If you want from a different lineage pair, just say what the parents are of your pair(s) that you have now and the breeders will be sure that those parents are not in the lineage of the new egg they are sending you.


Q: If my dove genders wrong, can I trade it with someone else with the gender I need?

A: YES!!! PLEASE do so! If you can't get a trade with someone else, send it to StarSea and she'll either send you another egg in return or a hatchie of the gender you need if she has any at the time. StarSea won't bite, so PLEASE PM her if you need help!


Q: I hide my scroll adults, so when there is a check, do I need it so they are visible?

A: Nope. We just send you a PM to see if you are on. If you reply within the said date, you are left as you are on the list, but if you don't reply, you are temporarily removed untill we get a reply. smile.gif We don't check scrolls. We just need a scroll name so that if we see you have killed an egg, hatchling, or adult, we can see why or if you have any vampires and could have possibly tried to vamp the egg. If you want us to check your scroll though, we will do that.


Q: May I influence a dove egg?

A: Absolutely! Everyone else does it, so why wouldn't you be allowed to do it here? It in no way shape or form can kill the egg and the only way it alters it is to higher the chances of it being one gender over the other, not altering what dragon it is.


AAAL Mod check-in/check-out:

Check-in: Last update: August 20, 2012, 13:05 pm GMT by Ponystar17.

Notes: Nothing needed updating.


How to do the check-in/check-out:

1. A mod logs into the AAAL Mod account.

2. The mod logged in puts in the Check-in section who they are known by on the threads, and their time along with their time zone.

3. When a mod is checking-out, they make a final post, stating that they are leaving, make any updates needed above their sign-out, and in the Check-in section, change their check-in information to "Last update: (date) (time) (timezone) by (mod)". If you have any notes for the mod that will sign in after you, feel free to add that in under the update log here.

4. The process starts all over again, with the new mod changing the last update information to their check in information. That way, there are no mess ups or confusions. If you are going to check-in, and you have seen the other mods active lately, post in your account saying you are going to check-in soon. That's all for the check-ins.

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welcome to the new thread everyone. still waiting for a mate for Baybay but i think meepsa is helping me out with that. And i will defenately be happy to donate once he has a mate.

in case it wasn't seen on the old thread:

I would like to join. Can I be put on the one egg waiting list? My scroll name is: arada111


I would like to register a dove.

Scroll name: arada111 http://dragcave.net/user/arada111

Generation: 2nd http://dragcave.net/lineage/U9OjG

Parents: Dovespirit, Lillydove

Dove: Baybay Dove Purrple

Gender: Male

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This thread is suprisingly new. ohmy.gif


I would like to join. Can I be put on the one egg waiting list?


Scroll name: Candiee_xx


Let's hope I don't want to desperately breed two of my dragons together. biggrin.gif

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My Dove's gendered, but unfortunately it's a female. That would make my third female to one male. Time to go CB purple hunting. sad.gif

I would like to register a CB/dove.

Scroll name: Ponystar17

Generation: 3rd.

Parents: Dove a Love, PurpleLove

Dove/CB's name: Loving Dove of Peace

Gender: Female.

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I would like to join. Can I be put on the one egg waiting list?

My scroll name is: elfverlong


Posting for my sister too

My sister's scroll: ibora

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meepsa has given me a hatchling but she wasn't able to gender it befoe it hatched so i am crossing my fingers and hopeing it a girl when it grows. if not then i'll have two dragons to get females for. i'll let you all know about the outcome.

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If you want, you can send it to me (StarSea) because with all my luck, it'll 99.9% of the time gender female. Influenced or not. And then I can send it back.




Thank you,


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I am registering mates. I may now be added to the breeder list.

Scroll name: Defel

Dove and it's mate's name: DoveTale (m, Dove) x DiamondDove (f, CB)



ETA: PM'd Torres917 to offer an egg.

Edited by Defel

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Thank you Defel. Updated. smile.gif




This is a reminder for me (StarSea) to update Ivyshadow's list after school.


This is a note to say that I (Ponystar17) updated it.

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Picked up a CB purple egg from the AP and influenced. If it genders male, I'll probably offer it to someone with a male Dove in search of a mate.

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unfortunately, it gendered male and grew before i could do anything.


I would like to register a CB.

Scroll name: Arada111



CB's name: Dove in Love

Gender: Male


Now i need two female Purples, one CB and one a dove. wink.gif *sigh*


Oh and welcome Ponystar17!

Edited by arada11

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Felt I should reply to this on my account rather than the mod one. tongue.gif

Thanks for the warm welcome, I really appreciate it! biggrin.gif

Apologies if I make any mistakes updating lists, I'm pretty new and not entirely sure how everything should be formatted, but I should learn pretty fast.


Arada, if my (CB) egg genders female, I'd be happy to send it to you. If you get any more males, I have 2 females without mates, one CB and one Dove, so I wish I had your jinx. Any gifts of male purples would be much appreciated.

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just a small update from my side, since I haven't reacted in, uhum, QUITE some time.


I'm currently scroll locked (and all my reds are on timers ofcourse >.>) BUT my Doves will be able to breed again today, so in about, hmmm, 3 hours or so, I'll start posting teleport links in here :3


Third gen dove egg.

parents: Dove a Love (2nd gen m) and PurpleLove (CB f)

Lineage Link: Lineage

Teleport Link: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

Status: -TAKEN-

Edited by meepsa

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Posting to confirm I took the egg, and you can update the status. Thanks!

This also means I now have my two Doves (unless this one's another freaking female (sad.gif), in which case I'll try and get it to Arada. However, I am influencing so hopefully it'll turn out a male)

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thanks for mentioning you took the egg Ponystar, updated my post, I tried breeding my other pair, but like last week they just showed no interest -sighs- well atleast my other pair is having good luck ^.=.^

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I seriously need to start, like now.


Can someone provide me with two starting purple eggs when two of my eggs hatch, I'm getting impatient to start.

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