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    AAAL was founded by StarSea to help raise awareness of animal abusers and to create a group of people who want to help work against the abuse of animals. If you are an animal lover, and even if you aren't but you feel animal cruelty is wrong, you are strongly urged to become a member of the Animal Abuse Awareness Lineage.

    About the lineage:
    The starting pair were originally named "DoveSpirit" and "LillyDove", but StarSea has changed their names to "Animal Abuse Awareness Lineage" and "fights against animal abusers" to help support the lineage's purpose, and to create somewhat of a moto for the AAAL; "This is our war - a war against animal abusers - and we are some of the greatest soldiers ever seen".

    AAAL updates:
    AAAL now has an e-mail, as well as a photobucket group account! The e-mail link is accurate, so feel free to e-mail whenever, and the photobucket account is currently in a blocked status; you need the link and the password to add photos. The link is http://gs34.photobucket.com/groups/d141/ST0XPG7GS6/ and the password is savinganimals but please note, anything that is uploaded must first be approved by an AAAL mod.

    AAAL mods:

    For any other information on AAAL, please check out http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=130413&st=0