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    Hi i'm 16, i refound my scroll a little while ago and then entered the forum. I am a wiccan and bisexual so i am not homophobic and am against anyone saying i'm stupid over my choices.

    My dragcave goal is to get a mated pair of every type of dragon.
    I can donate to anyone that asks.

    Those without a name next to it means none are waiting. Numers alotted to each person is in which order people will get eggs.
    *=Not Proven bred
    [p]=Needs purple to breed.
    (PR)= Pure bred

    Waiting List:


    *Bright Breast:

    1 Dangershy(CB)










    (PR)Royal Blue:




    Vampire Bite:

    *CB Misfit:

    I'm looking for any dragons i don't have, such as cheese, stripe, day/night glory drake, thunder, ice, gold, silver, any dino,glimmer, geode, any halloween.