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I may not post a lot, but I check my PMs and I'm active during events.  Will always trade for CB new release Halloween hatchling IOUs.

I accept IOUs at my own risk.

Scroll: feel free to browse, but please do not add my dragons to fan sites.

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    23/03/17: restructured for sanity and reading comprehension. All material on IOUs is now in adjacent sections. Ditto breeding requests.

    In no particular order, I will list my trading and gifting preferences and policies, my wishlist, and the link to one of my dragon spreadsheets. It might be worth at least skimming the whole thing if you plan on trading or gifting me something. Each section is divided from the next by a line, so if a section is irrelevant to you, just skip to the next divider line.

    Please do not glomp me with regular eggs during the Holiday breeding/new release periods, unless they're ultra-rares, such as CB metals, low gen Prizes, or NDs. Thank you.

    I accept IOUs.

    My personal stance on IOUs. If you accept an IOU with me, this is what I will give and expect, as someone who owes you something.

    1. I never give up on an IOU. If I owe you something, and it's on my list, I haven't forgotten. Some dragons, however, are exceedingly hard for me to obtain, so they may take me months or even years to acquire. Please be patient with me if I'm taking a long time; your IOU will not be removed from the list until I send you the last PM with the teleport link of the IOU'd dragon(s). If one ever gets removed by accident, please PM me so I can re-add it. The same goes for breeding requests - I might make mistakes while editing, so please PM me if I incorrectly remove one! Also feel free to PM me if you're concerned about how long an IOU is taking.

    2. You must take the egg before it hatches if I send you a valid transfer link. If I make a stupid mistake such as not enclosing the right link, I expect you to let me know - I don't really use my outbox, and I won't notice myself. Being locked is not an acceptable excuse, as it is easy to fully unlock yourself in three days even without abandoning anything.
    Caveat: if I offered/agreed to hold it for longer, I will happily do so.

    3. If you want a Holiday dragon I owe you, I expect you to be on at least once every 24 hours. If a Christmas or Valentine's egg was auto'd because you were inactive, I may not be willing to breed again. I'll consider re-breeding Halloweens since I'm likely to dump them myself, but don't expect anything if you didn't care enough to get on reasonably often.
    Caveat: if you have a good real-life excuse for being absent or you let me know in advance, this rule does not apply.

    4. I will not always breed dragons I owe you the offspring of every exact seven days. I'll breed them only when I'm unlocked, not anticipating incoming eggs, and they're off cooldown, even if this is slightly less often than every week.

    5. If you break the terms of our agreement (whatever those terms may be), I reserve the right put you on a private blacklist. This means that I will not trade with you again. However, if I believe that the breach of agreement was accidental rather than malicious, I probably won't.

    6. I don't take catching IOUs for anything besides CB commons. This is because I can't fairly promise that I'll be able to get you an egg, since my luck fluctuates wildly - some days I get CB Xenowyrms and Coppers, others I don't get anything better than CB Nebulae.
    Caveat: I do take catching IOUs for new releases, but they're worth a lot to me.

    To anyone to whom I owe eggs, whether caught or bred: This does not guarantee that I will obtain the egg at all, let alone within a set time limit. It does, however, mean that the first egg that fits the specifications automatically goes to you, and I will try to get that special egg for you.

    IOUs (I owe other people):

    None at the moment!

    IOUs (other people owe me):

    jerzeeshadow - 2 CB Golds (1/2 paid) and the Halloween offspring of (Ygunm)

    Breeding request policy:

    I breed and bite on request, but I will only bite caveborns, and request that you do not bite/neglect/kill any egg I gift you, unless I specifically give you permission to attempt a vampire/ND with one of my eggs. This breed-on-request status includes my few CB metals, low gen prizes, and spriter's-alt-kin, but not all my Holiday dragons (see the Google doc linked below for more info on that). If a pairing sees a lot of demand and only rarely produces eggs (e.g. 2G PB Golds) I will limit its waiting list to three people and post it publicly on my profile.

    Breeding requests (non-holiday - holiday requests will be listed in the Google doc linked below):

    None at the moment!

    For information on what Holidays I will breed on request, which I will trade, and what ones are spoken for, please see the link on the next line.

    Thank you to everyone who's given me their lovely eggies! You know who you are.

    Wishlist - I'm willing to trade for most/all of these dragons.

    High priority. I'm ALWAYS willing to trade/breed anything I possess for these unless I magically get something like a CB Prize (or what I have also happens to be on this wishlist). I'll generally also be willing to make both catching and breeding IOUs, as well as potentially holding eggs for you during busy times of year (generally holiday breeding season).

    CB Neglected would be a dream|currently have 0
    CB Metals always welcome (Green Copper in particular)
    CB Halloween hatchies
    2nd gens from spriters' alts, yesssss.

    Medium priority - I'm always looking for these things in pretty much any trade I make unless I say otherwise.

    CB Xenowym from one of the second-release (June 2020) breeds
    Low gen prizes
    2G PB Alt Black|currently have 0

    None of the below stuff is particularly high-priority, but I'm happy to trade for it all the same (and it also makes a nice present if you want to gift me something :p).

    Alt Vines to freeze|currently have 3 adults, 0 freezies
    Aeons of any lineage
    Reds of any lineage

    Special requests

    Any dragon descended from one of the following spriter's alts:

    Pitfire (spatio reborn m or f, or schenanigans reborn m or f)

    Glystere (any)

    For freezing, I collect a male, female, and ungendered of every dragon variant where this is possible. I'm always interested in filling out my collection of freezeables, though I'll only take hatchlings in most cases. The following is an index listing how many dragons I have of each breed on my scroll, in the order they appear on the scroll - if a breed's name isn't on the index, I don't have it.

    I will swap for different spriter's alt lineages, and/or breed mine on request. Please PM me if you have a descendant of a spriter's alt I don't - I'd love to trade for it!
    List of my spriter's alt descendants: