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Description of the Month! #2

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Thanks, Socky ^-^ And thank you all for voting! It's definitely made my job easier c:


And now the winners!


MOST ORIGINAL: Stealthypugs's Lissi Linde! Congrats!

FUNNIEST: PrincessArtemis's Dragons Like A Snake! Congrats!

BEST OVERALL: HawktalonOfRiverClan's Farrin! Congrats!


The winners will be receiving custom made plaques shortly! (if there isn't enough time for me to make them tonight, expect them to be ready tomorrow! ^-^)


This month, the category "Funniest" had a tie! After much deliberation, PrincessArtemis's Dragons Like A Snake was chosen!

Dianacat777's Gary and Stu was close, but was still a very well written and fun description! Great description, and I hope to see more! biggrin.gif


Thank you ALL! Everybody's description was amazing; if I could, I would vote 1,000,000 + 1 on each! biggrin.gif


Stay tuned for next month, there's a NEW limited edition category AND plaque!

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Congrats to the winners! (Yay Dragons Like a Snake won! xd.png)


2 dragons I voted for got a place! Heck yeah!


And Keriel, Rainbowsmile you guys made me all fuzzy inside *happily runs off to do her homework*



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Thanks for those who voted for Lissi's description! I'm surprised to have won, actually, because they were all really good.

And congrats to the other winners!!! biggrin.gif

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Plaques have been delivered!


Just bare with me for a little while, I'm creating that new plaque for this month ^-^'


By the way: This month's DotM is going to be in Multimedia again, and I'll take apps for admin so we can get this thread moved into Discussion for January or whenever we're ready! biggrin.gif

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Wow... I completely forgot to vote. I really didn't think that I was going to win; they're all incredible. I'm surprised Kanayne Didn't get Me didn't receive any votes. Thank you to everyone who voted for Farrin. smile.gif


And I basically just said the same thing Stealthy posted earlier. And I didn't read it first... Creepy.

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