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I have some eggs from failed breeding attempts and one CB that I missed clicked.


5th Gen Amerald egg from Magma



Shared this link with a friend not on the forums, and she is very grateful!



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4th gen Frill from Snow stair, descended from a future Alt. Offer a dummy so I know where it goes, please.

Gone. Enjoy!


Z-code CB Spitfire.

Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

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2nd gen Silver


Will grow up soon! Please name if you get it. cool.gif You're welcome, jetaime~




Metallic giveaway:










Do not trade.


Got the Heartseeker x Gold and Lurker x Silver. Thank you! I'll be able to breed mates for them during their respective holidays. smile.gif

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2g PB red hatchling from AP


Enjoy another BSA! Gone to a new home!

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