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Stupid things you've done/said

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So what are some stupid thi9ngs you've done. Things that seam like a drunk person would do but your sober. as for me..


-forgot to take my socks off before getting in the shower then kept them on the wole time and procceded to make a song about it

-me and my friends were changing each other like spartins then i flipped over one of my guy friends and even tho i was a girl I totaly forgot and continued to wrestle him as if i was a guy. later he relized I was libhy and not brandon. lol, smile.gif

-chased a bunny around for half an hour in the park until i relized it was a plastice bag blowing in the wind.

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Ohhh these can be so funny at times.


One time I was told to call my mom if a 'yellow' box came onto the screen. Instead I yelled "Mom its a *Ever other color you can think of*" I'm saying all the colors while trying to remember which name to the color of yellow.


Talking with my mom and thinking I'm pouring water into the cup....... hence thinking. I was pouring it into the vitamin jar.


Thinking the bus ceiling was caving in when all it was is lights.



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A guy from UPS came and knocked on my door one day. He needed me to sign a package, and I freaked out. I asked my mom to do it but she was in the shower, so I had to. When I went to answer the door, the guy asked if my parents were home so they could sign the package. I did the stupid thing and I was like, "Uh.... I don't know. Do you want me to check?" The guy looked kind of dumbfounded that I didn't know if my own parents were home or not. He got over it quickly though and just told me to sign for the package instead. I was so embarrassed! blink.gif

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Saying embarrassing Internet memes on accident. Once I was sitting at my lunch table with my class mates and someone asked "Do we have an assembly today?" Then someone answered "no" Right before I did, and I quickly said NINJAED! Luckily nobody heard me xd.png. I will post more stories when I can think of them.

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Left my phone in South Carolina for two weeks when I went to see friends in New York. Life with out a cell phone is hard enough, life with out a cell phone in NY SUCKS!

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Stupid things I've done:

-Looked everywhere for my eraser before realizing I was holding it

-Ate my eraser instead of the candy bar I was holding in my other hand

-Walked into a glass window

-Tripped up the stairs

-I was calculating something for quadratics and very small part of it was to add 6+6 to use it for another part of the question. I put 13, so I ended up screwing up the whole question worth 8 marks ;___;.

-I answered "no" to "does 2 go into 4?"

-One time while I was in middle school, it was "take your kids to work" day, but I ended up staying home because my parents told me I could. The next day, we had to tell the class where we went and where our parents worked. I had to lie on the spot and said that it was fun because I got free food. When my teacher asked me where I went, I blurted out, "My dad's welding company" xd.png.

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Stupid things I've done

-Thrown my sandwich in the bin instead of the wrapper wink.gif

-Run into a fly wire door

-Said I was Ninja just before i tripped over nothing ninja.gif

-Fallen up the stairs

-Eaten the wrapper of my lollypop because I couldn't get it off

-Fallen off a couch from laughing to hard xd.png

-Sleep walked

-Sleep talked (Just ask ZD!) blink.gif

-Lost my white pigeon 'Laila' in a flock of white pigeons

-Thought I lost my eraser and wasted 5 minuets looking for it and then realized it was on my page the whole time dry.gif

-Putting my pen in my pocket realized my pants went Blue!

-Had to edit this cause i wrote "This" instead of "Things"

Edited by Jezz_Wolley

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I'ne a nasty habit of boiling the kettle for tea (including putting the t-bag in my mug next to it) and wandering off to do something while it boils... then promptly forgetting I've set it to boil. I've lost count of the times my other half has walked into a kitchen and see the mug with the t-bag infront of a stone cold kettle. He always comes to find me and ask if I enjoyed my tea...

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Stupid things I have done.


-When I was younger, my family was looking for a new house. We went to this one house(it was just built so it was empty) and I remember walking toward what I thought was a door and trying to go through it. It was a mirror and I walked right into it. (Its was angled in a way that I did not see my reflection until it was to late) rolleyes.gif

-My sister and I were taking this quiz to see how close we paid attention to detail. The question was "What color was the hot dog stand umbrella". My sister said "It was white and green" and I responded and said "No! It was green and white". We both had a laugh after.


If I think of others I will post them on here. ninja.gif

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I've done plenty, but I don't remember much.


I've gone somewhere to get something and forget right after I get to wherever.




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I've used my eraser to mark my place in a precalculus textbook and forgot where it was 10 seconds later.

My mom has asked me what I was doing and I said, "I'm fine."

I once started taking a shower with my socks on.

When I was 13, someone asked me how old I was and I said, "11".

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Stupidest thing I've done this year is meet the most amazing girl I've ever met and then forget to get her number. Not on Facebook and she lives somewhere in the biggest city in the area. Not much to go on. sad.gif

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During my History exam:

Teacher: "Which mountains did Hannibal cross?"

Me: huh.gif "Apennines?"


Teacher: *asked something about Marcus Antonius*

Me: ohmy.gif

Teacher: *obvious hint* "Cleopatra..."

Me: "Marcus... Aurelius."

I ended up with a C and was glad for it. xd.png I actually did study, I was just extremely confused for some reason.

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Let see...


-I have walked into a screen door

-Gotten into the shower with my socks on

-Gotten into my bed and woken up in my sisters blink.gif

- Set something down and two seconds later go hunting all over the house because i cant find it

-Told my mom i hate her in my sleep sad.gif

- Tripped over a the (very) flat floor

-Tripped up the stairs...

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hmmm numerous things


- ran into an open door

- fell backwards off my bunk-bed while attempting to stretch back

- lost my shoes,and a hour later came to find I was wearing them

- I had once thought I was in my room, turned on the lights and I was in the bathroom

- attempted to go to my room but for some reason wound up outside..

- I thought I was ninja so I crawled around on the floor, didn't realize I had come to the stairs, and fell down them, broke my arm near the bottom..


that's all I can think of right now..

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Some stupid things I've done:


- falling up stairs, then falling down them a few minutes later xd.png

- drank a glass of beer thinking it was apple juice

- tried to give someone a high five and smoked them in the face

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Only thing I can think of so far is laying chest-down on the stairs with my arms stretched out in front of me. Next thing I know, I'm sliding down the stairs. Oops. xd.png



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Oh, goodness.


I frequently stand somewhere to do something or talk to someone, then turn around and walk right into a wall or door.


I trip over the coffee table ALL the time.


I've used my phone as a flashlight to search for my phone.


One time I lost my ring...I found it in my bra o_O


I accidentally locked myself out in the rain once when no one else was home...without my phone. That was fun.

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Fell for not one but two guys that want nothing to do with me romantically....



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Oh! I just rembered another stupid thing I did once in 5th grade:



Me- *Does something that is said to cause bad luck*

Friend- "What the heck are you doing!? You will have bad luck for doing that!"

Me- "Oh, please! There is NO SUCH THING as bad luck."

Friend- "Yes there is!"

Me- "I don't believe you." *Walks away and trips and falls on my face.*

Friend- *Walks by me.* "Told ya so."

Me- mad.gif



xd.png So, as you can see, that is one of my very stupid times.

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Hmm. What have I done.


~ Shoved bent paperclips into an extension cord then plugged it into the wall. Spark bomb. Whee.

~ Shot a 500 psi oxygen tank

~ Talked about a flash game in front of class

~ Trying to type out "T-shirt" and typing something else. Same with "shift key".


That's all I really remember.

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We were at a swimming pool, I was talking and walked through something I thought was a door. Oops, glass wall. biggrin.gif

And the typical one, just now I was searching frantically for my hat while I was wearing it.

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I cut my hair a few months ago. I wanted to have my hair short and cut it myself. It was really stupid at the time. It used to be way past my shoulders and now its barely past my chin.

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oh fun, lets see what I can remember.


- got my head stuck in a clothes hanger

- got my head stuck in a suitcase

- got my head stuck in the head board thing of my mom's bed

- almost got my head stuck in a different suitcase

- called my math teacher Grandma

- went down a slide normal ended up falling out the other side head first on my back (this one is still a mystery to me.)


- somehow lost my Nintendo DS in the food pantry


.....so...who agrees I need to keep my head out of things?

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Just remembered something.


-I was in the store and I needed to ask my mom a question so I called her and was talking to her for a little while. For some reason I needed to use a calculator so I started searching for my phone everywhere. I could not find it so I went to my sister (who was there with me) and said "I can't find my phone, do you know where it is?". She looked at me with an amused look. (She thought I was kidding) If that wasn't enough my mom was still on the phone and asked what was going on. I told her I could not find my phone. My sister looked at me with a serious face and told me plainly "On your ear". They did not let me live that down for a few days. rolleyes.gif


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