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  1. Hello, everyone! I was wondering if there was any fanbase here for the musical Hadestown. New to broadway, and swept the Tonys this year with a whopping 13 nominations and 8 wins, including Best Musical. It began as a concept album by Anaïs Mitchell's band some 12 years ago, and has gone from the New York Workshop, to Canada, to London, and is now on Broadway at the Walter Kerr Theatre! The story is a modernized retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. The setting, though deliberately unspecified, is roughly the U.S. around the 1930's. Orpheus is an optimistic poet, and Eurydice a hungry young girl. When faced with financial hardship Eurydice falls to the temptations of Hades, who has an equally challenged relationship with his wife Persephone. Hermes is our passionate and wizened narrator. The musical is a folk opera that tackles money, love, love loss, wealth, poverty, class distribution, capitalism, hope, and many deep and enthralling topics. If you aren't already a fan, I hope you consider giving it a listen. The Live album is the most complete as of now, with the Broadway cast album releasing in increments, though the concept album exists as well.
  2. She's my sona, and also geared up for Pride this month!
  3. It's been resolved! Thank you!
  4. Yeah, I guess I'm gonna out myself here, but it says my account has two warning points from......many years ago, and I was wondering if those could be cleaned up somehow? (Sorry to be so demanding upon my return, lol)
  5. Ah, didn't make the cut. Oh well. Congrats to those selected! I wish you all luck!
  6. I've been on LD for a few weeks now, and I love it! If you guys could help me out in making some GB/SB, check out my Eohunds in the Adoptables section!
  7. I love an excuse to breed my holidays oh man.
  8. I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/link: Citsark Nogard Targaryen Gender: Female Parents: Callysto and Ganymede Nogard Targaryen Generation: 4th Scroll name/link: arya10
  9. Hit the Diamond was a masterpiece Ruby and Sapphire are so gay they can't even function normally.
  10. Look at the male Aria's socks!! Ahhhh so precious! Now I'm not mad both of my BP's hatched male.
  11. UGH! Grabbed a horse instead of a frill. End me.
  12. AAAA! So precious! The Candelabra reminds me of a dragon species my friend made that had glowing orbs on their fins that stored magic, and fell off when a spell was used. These are all soooo cool. I'm probably going to give my Nexus dragons names based off 'Gemini'
  13. Ahhh Im so jealous! Syrup is my nickname ^^ Ugh Im so excited for adults
  14. Anyone got a sneaking suspicion the new blue drakes will look good with Glaucus Drakes?
  15. TABS IM SOBBING MY SONS ARE BEAUTIFUL I am blessed thank you its too accurate
  16. Ohhhh my god. I'm so excited! I can't believe the frills and bright pinks are back!
  17. Since the deadline is less than 30 minutes away, might I ask for an estimated date of when the announcements will be made?
  18. The promo is legitimately terrifying. I cannot wait to see In Too Deep though. Also, apparently, they do themed Steven Universe marathons on the weekends?? At least, on my CN they do. It's p cool!!
  19. I still exist I promise. Sorry for my inactivity, I've been really busy with school stuff. The school year ends soon, so things are kinda winding down. My activity should come back stronger after May 20th.
  20. //sigh I applied, but it was pretty rushed. Well, I hope I'm good enough. I know my activity had been weird, but, I was a new person in the last community and lost a moderator position 40%/60% I hope TJ has a similar mindset. //Fingers crossed I wanted to be a Help Moderator and oversee the dragon requests, but I don't know enough to specifically help site-wise, with the actual help issues.
  21. Crap I missed it! What's the egg description, guys?
  22. Same, I don't have any of the items from today's story.
  23. As a Nhiostrife hoarder I am definitely glad these guys look good with them. And, I, too, wanted to breed them with Aegis's for their 'bipolarisms' and was disappointed when I realized that they were both male. There was another lineage I liked and I already forgot it. //sigh