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  1. So then he stole a kid's bike
  2. NovaMacklemore Fuse with 'Monobear'.
  3. BRACE YOURSELVES HOMESTUCK IMAGES ARE COMING Just thought I'd warn you. Linked because it is kinda big Homestuck images are now over. You may resume your normal image viewing.
  4. Managed to get all 34 items, yaaay!
  5. The powers of the wild Signature-Inhabiting Grub-Cumula force me to bump this post!
  6. I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 57....
  7. AC: :33< this bumping couldn't pawsibly be topped by any otfur!
  8. You know you've played too much Kingdom Hearts when... You see someone's shadow and try to use your/your parents' car keys to destroy it. You look at the moon and wonder why it isn't heart-shaped. You start calling your friends Riku and Kairi or Donald and Goofy. You start wearing shoes that are WAY too big for you.