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  1. I am 23 and got my tubes tied at the beginning of 2019! I am not going to have children, and my partner and I do not plan on adopting either. I actually don't mind the idea of having kids, just not birthing them. I actually love children! But my boyfriend is not a fan, so no kiddos for us!
  2. Agreeeed!! Whenever I am stressed and want a great game to go back to I always go for Oblivion. It's aged so poorly but I love it waaaay too much.
  3. I should be doing my makeup because I am supposed to be going out and I promised a friend I wouldn't go barefaced again lmao
  4. It's been awhile, DC. So I figure I'd post an update of my face.
  5. I've got Crohn's disease and chronic depression. I feel for y'all.
  6. When I was a kid I had one friend that did the same thing of peeking in her gifts, so I wrapped it in like 10-15 layers of duct tape under the wrapping. She told me later it took her a good couple tries to open it with knives on Christmas lol.
  7. Thanks!! lol i love the summer toque though. I feel that.
  8. I'm bringing this thread back to be full of myself and post a picture from my hair dye adventures.
  9. Oh my god that'd be awesome! Hahahaa For some reason websites like this have always creeped me out. Idk why but just the concept of it gives me the willies.
  10. I wear makeup when I'm bored or feel like I need to feel more confident that day. I really like wearing it, but I am still learning how to do stuff with it. So it's kind of trail and error. I've been trying to use eyeshadows lately, but man, I just don't get them. I watch dozens of videos but I think my problem is my lack of a good primer. But who knows?
  11. I feel you. I lost all my names and was like... "nah they'll be ok without them now". Tbh it's funny coming back here and seeing a nostalgia thread considering I remember the dreaded "fog".
  12. I just got past 4k. Moving pree good. Fourth year doing it, so I am not doing too bad, I think.
  13. I speak English fluently. I know bits of French and I am taking Latin in school... So I can speak/write that pretty good.
  14. Well... I am washing out my faded blue hair slowly and next is pink. So I'd like hot pink right noooow!
  15. Voted! What beautiful entries. @_@ Wow! Tough choice.
  16. I am the wonderful height of 5'2! yaaay?
  17. At 10k now. ;___; Tough stuff, guys! Tough stuff!
  18. Wow! Congrats! You're so fast! I just got to 7.5k!
  19. I quite liked it. Especially the ending. It was just an interesting read over all!
  20. Just about 4k now... Need to write more. Not enough done.