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Egwenna.gif My scroll

I am also looking for pb reds or blacks (no inbreeding please) and any other interesting offers. I love seasonals, zyumorphs and copppers. if there is anything on my scroll youre interested in, please pm me. i am willing to breed anything i have for a reasonable exchange, not nesscessarily the breeds ive listed above. Ciao!

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    Right now i am looking for the march new releases as well as pb or cb reds or blacks. i am hoping to make a significant lineage of both. i also love zyumorphs, xenowyrms, seasonals, coppers and any gen clean bred prize dragons.
    If you want me to breed you something from my scroll please pm me. i am always looking for more trade partners. i am willing to work with anyone who wants something off my scroll. i am very flexible when it comes to trades.