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  1. I thought that, too. Or perhaps even Candelabra with the mention of lanterns? 😮
  2. Aww, I missed it! I was too busy getting used to my new job. Congrats to the winner!
  3. Oh crap! I didn't see them there! 😮 Also, for anyone who likes funny codes, here's mine.
  4. Grrr, I want some "chilled" ones from the Forest, but they're hard to find!
  5. Hurray! I missed last months, but was able to collect them no problem.
  6. 2g male Spitfire x female Purple Dorsal, z-code, influenced properly
  7. The hatchable eggs are lasting so long! If we keep dumping eggs into the cave during these times, will it make them last longer? I know if you dump eggs regularly, this happens more often, but how does it go for a while? (I hope this isn't too confusing 😧 )
  8. Boo, I missed it because it was my birthday this weekend. Congrats to the winner!
  9. If I'm not mistaken, were there more raffle entries this time? Congrats to the winner!
  10. Got two pair of each. 😮 I just got back from seeing Captain Marvel! I want to see Endgame this coming week, though.
  11. Bummer I couldn't get all of the eggs, but it's not gonna ruin my day. I've missed eggs before. I legit thought I almost had it, but then I realized I needed like 10 more when the event ended. (I got too distracted playing other games, haha!)
  12. Good idea, I'm gonna breed all of the Light Elemental dragons! If anyone else wants to join, I am going by this list on the Fandom page.
  13. I also have some Monarch lineages I can throw into the mix
  14. Yay! Me and my partner said nothing, and got our egg! My first time winning this game lol EDIT: Partner as in the person I was paired with. I didn't think about my choice of words 😮
  15. I think they do count, since BSA stands for breed specific action; most dragons do not have such a thing, so even the silly one like Splash counts!
  16. I super really want to do this, but my art is rusty, and my digital art is non-existent. I will try anyway! I've been needing to get back into practicing my arts, so this would be a good way to get back into the swing of things.
  17. Woohoo, I might actually have some broccoli to night for dinner!
  18. Wow, I was listed in the twenties last time, too. 😮 Congrats @Nqli!