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  1. I have: Paper [Trade] I want: Dino, but no blue or green! CB Copper from Alpine or Desert
  2. 2nd gen PB Sunsong, z-code 2nd gen Sunsong x Black Marrow, all caps code, influenced correctly x2 2nd gen PB Sunsongs, both have z-codes, influenced as a pair
  3. CB Nocturne 2g PB Albino, z-code
  4. Have: x2 CB Blue Gemshards - [Trade] miNKN precog male CHtly precog female CB Green Gemshard, precog male [Trade] Want: CB Lumina / Dark Lumina
  5. I caught a Thunder earlier today, kind of forgetting there was a release soon. I don't wanna kick it off of my scroll... I like the non-pygmy ones. The hatchlings kind of remind me of salamanders.
  6. 2 CB Nocturnes, influenced as a pair 2 CB Harvests, influenced as a pair Enjoy!
  7. Two CB Purple Dorsals, influenced as a pair CB Purple Ridgewing CB Spitfire CB Bright-breasted Wyvern Hope y'all are having a good day!
  8. I thought that, too. Or perhaps even Candelabra with the mention of lanterns? 😮
  9. Aww, I missed it! I was too busy getting used to my new job. Congrats to the winner!
  10. Oh crap! I didn't see them there! 😮 Also, for anyone who likes funny codes, here's mine.
  11. Grrr, I want some "chilled" ones from the Forest, but they're hard to find!
  12. Hurray! I missed last months, but was able to collect them no problem.
  13. 2g male Spitfire x female Purple Dorsal, z-code, influenced properly
  14. The hatchable eggs are lasting so long! If we keep dumping eggs into the cave during these times, will it make them last longer? I know if you dump eggs regularly, this happens more often, but how does it go for a while? (I hope this isn't too confusing 😧 )
  15. Boo, I missed it because it was my birthday this weekend. Congrats to the winner!
  16. If I'm not mistaken, were there more raffle entries this time? Congrats to the winner!
  17. Got two pair of each. 😮 I just got back from seeing Captain Marvel! I want to see Endgame this coming week, though.