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  1. Does anyone else notice any comparisons between the new Halloween release, and Stranger Things? I don't want to spoil much, but there seems to be a lot of nudges towards the new season. It kind of seems unlikely, since the season just came out, but... I can't help but see a ton of things that remind me of it.
  2. Hehe, sorry. I meant it as "Be different!"
  3. I'll be honest: I don't see many Witchlights when I trick-or-treat.
  4. Yeah, I've noticed. Maybe I'll get lucky again? I missed a lot of Halloweens, so I'm trying to collect as many as I can.
  5. OMG I actually found a CB Pumpkin! I didn't think I would catch one. D:
  6. Try clearing your cache, not just your history. It works on mobile, too.
  7. I love the dress up gimmick! I play dress up games on my phone, so this is super awesome!
  8. A Halloween biome!? Aw shucks!
  9. OMG! They look like two-headed little sea monsters! I'm in love!
  10. I just got both the blue and green egg from the coast.
  11. Oh good lord. I just bred a bunch of black dragons in hopes of an alt. T^T On another note, a couple of those eggs look very similar to the Hooktalon's eggs... hmm...
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  13. Gotta say that I'm super excited about pygmy hybrids. I've been telling my husband for a while that we need more pygmy/drake/two-headed love, especially during the holidays. We already have a Pumpkin. Why not a two-headed Halloween? Or a drake Valentine? (I mean, I'd like if all holidays had all types of dragons, but that all takes time.)
  14. I thought the more purple ones looked like a two-headed for a second. After staring at the screen for way too long, I realized their mouth was open
  15. Boo! I just need two from the Volcano and Jungle. >.<
  16. Maybe they "summon" it like the Thunders, Magmas, and Ice? It's an egg you can only get from having all six?
  17. Hurray! My birthday is also this week, so it's almost kind of like a present! (Yay, raffles!)
  18. I want to be removed from a list! Forum name: HeartJacker13 Breed requested: Lunar Herald x Gold-winged Snow Angel I want to be removed from a list! Forum name: HeartJacker13 Breed requested: Carmine Wyvern x Rosebud Requester's Form Forum name: HeartJacker13 PM link: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=61537 Egg wanted and special wishes: 2nd Gen Green Gemshard x Ribbon Dancer, unrelated to these: M0YcS, QGB9e, ZnpXI, hodsd Secret field: No holiday requests!
  19. Such nice art! I love it!
  20. I like that they released two dragons of very different color patterns. One is colorful while the other is gray scale (kinda lol)
  21. The anticipation is killing me >.< They'll grow up when I'm at work tomorrow. =/
  22. Super stoked about what these adults will look like, especially for the wyvern hatchlings. They're my favorite type of dragon :3