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  1. YES! First page! Also, those eggs look awesome!
  2. Getting hyped! I've been wanting this since last week!
  3. It would if you hatch the egg yourself. It won't stay if you just throw the egg back.
  4. I really hope there's dimorphism with the adults and not the hatchlings. As much as I want there to be dimorphism all around, I love the idea of different looking parents.
  5. Boo, I think I got all of the Trick-or-Treats. I haven't seen any in a while. (I always find them too early lol)
  6. Can we go back through the story? I always like to see what I get first, then go back and try to collect everything. I guess I should have thought this through. xD
  7. I will breed Halloween mates for free, Just send me a message! I will not breed past October 18th to make sure I can fulfil Halloween requests in a timely manner when the fun starts. I am not asking for anything this Halloween! Caveborn Halloween Dragons Pumpkin: 1 male, 1 female Black Marrow: 2 male, 1 female Shadow Walker: 1 male, 1 female Cavern Lurker: 1 male, 1 female Grave: 1 male, 1 female Desipis: 2 male, 2 female Caligene: 6 male, 6 female Witchlight: 6 male, 6 female Omen Wyrm: 6 male, 6 female Lineage Halloween Dragons *checkered only; 3rd gen eggs* ☽ O ☾ male Pumpkin x female Magelight ☽ O ☾ female Black Marrow x male Candelabera x2 ☽ O ☾ male Shadow Walker x female Silver Lunar Herald x2 ☽ O ☾ female Shadow Walker x male Celestial ☽ O ☾ male Cavern Lurker x female Spirit Ward x2 ☽ O ☾ male Grave x female Monarch x2 ☽ O ☾ female Grave x male Pyralspite (Spessartine) All other lineages I have produce 3rd gen purebred Halloweens. I have one pair for each Halloween, excluding Caligene, Witchlight, and Omen Wyrms.
  8. UUUUGH the new hatchlings never want to grow up on my days off. It's always the day after, when I'm heading to work...
  9. Ooh! One of the intimidating hatchling (from the "ashen" egg) has matured! I hope the others do soon!
  10. Oh wow. I already collected two from the Forest and two from the Volcano. 😮 😮 😮 I hope everyone else is doing alright?
  11. Woohoo! Caught four from the Alpine! Hoping to see if I can catch the others. 😮
  12. I actually appreciate the art update. I kinda wish other dragons would get one as well. I don't see what the big deal is. (But then again, a lot of my favorite dragons are newer, so I guess I'm just biased? I thought everyone did a good job with the update...)
  13. Ah, that would make sense. I didn't think that they would add that little detail, haha. Thanks!
  14. I have a question about the Market. I assume when you buy a dragon that when you go on the dragon's info page, the biome would say it's from "cave" instead of a biome, right? I know that's kind of a specific question.
  15. Oh no! I've had a busy time with a sick cat, and didn't realize there was a release until today DX
  16. I have: CB Solstice (caught at 11pm) Ready to Breed: One CB Ribbon Dancer Two CB Mistletoes One CB Aegis (Pacified, permanent) Two CB Snows A number of 2nd Gen Holidays (PM for list!) What I'm looking for: One 2nd Gen Ribbon Dancer x Green Gemshard, unrelated to these: ZGs2f, ZnpXI, hodsd Two 2nd Gen Pacified Aegis x Kingcrowne, unrelated to these: 0obnG, RIWGR, VXDle, 0Ib9E
  17. It's more than that, honestly. It just... certain things about the resemblance of the hatchling, the description of the egg, though the description of the hatchling makes it completly different. It's not exact. It was just too much of a coincidence, haha.