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  1. If I'm not mistaken, were there more raffle entries this time? Congrats to the winner!
  2. Got two pair of each. 😮 I just got back from seeing Captain Marvel! I want to see Endgame this coming week, though.
  3. Bummer I couldn't get all of the eggs, but it's not gonna ruin my day. I've missed eggs before. I legit thought I almost had it, but then I realized I needed like 10 more when the event ended. (I got too distracted playing other games, haha!)
  4. Good idea, I'm gonna breed all of the Light Elemental dragons! If anyone else wants to join, I am going by this list on the Fandom page.
  5. I also have some Monarch lineages I can throw into the mix
  6. Yay! Me and my partner said nothing, and got our egg! My first time winning this game lol EDIT: Partner as in the person I was paired with. I didn't think about my choice of words 😮
  7. I think they do count, since BSA stands for breed specific action; most dragons do not have such a thing, so even the silly one like Splash counts!
  8. I super really want to do this, but my art is rusty, and my digital art is non-existent. I will try anyway! I've been needing to get back into practicing my arts, so this would be a good way to get back into the swing of things.
  9. Woohoo, I might actually have some broccoli to night for dinner!
  10. Wow, I was listed in the twenties last time, too. 😮 Congrats @Nqli!
  11. Oh! I didn't realize that. (I feel dumb now lol)
  12. Electric Bolt On a random note, I keep forgetting to look at zombies when they're able to be viewed! >.< I even woke up too early, but I forgot all about it.
  13. This neat looking lineage that I'm probably going to zombify. But man, this kind of gives me some ideas....
  14. I didn't know that the presents and stumps would stay after the event. Oh well. I still like my little village! I, unfortunately, did not play Snow Wars the first time. I remember having a weird hiatus around that time, because I was going to school.
  15. ♥*♡∞:。.。 I HAVE TO BREED 。.。:∞♡*♥ 1 Heartseeker 1 Arsani 2 Soulstone ♥*♡∞:。.。 LINEAGES 。.。:∞♡*♥ 3rd gen Valentine '09 x Pyralspite (Almandine) 4th gen Valentine '09 x Pyralspite (Almandine) 5th gen Valentine '09 x Pyralspite (Almandine) 3rd gen Valentine '09 x Flamingo Wyvern 4th gen Valentine '09 x Flamingo Wyvern [Thuwed] 3rd gen Valentine '09 x Black Marrow »»—————♡ 3rd gen Sweetling x Red Gemshard {x2} 3rd gen Sweetling x Thalassa Xenowyrm ♡—————«« 3rd gen Rosebud x Carmine Wyvern {x2} 4th gen Rosebud x Carmine Wyvern 3rd gen Rosebud x Shadow Walker 4th gen Rosebud x Shadow Walker {x2} »»—————♡ 3rd gen Heartseeker x Red Nebula {x4} 4th gen Heartseeker x Red Nebula {x2} ♡—————«« 3rd gen Arsani x Blue Gemshard {x3} »»—————♡ 3rd gen Radiant Angel x Kingcrowne {x2} ♡—————«« ♥*♡∞:。.。 WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR 。.。:∞♡*♥ 2nd gen Rosebud x Tan Ridgewing, unrelated to these: XS2y4,sxkUX,sOgKK,tAvhY,EXNeZ,7gEi8 2nd gen Rosebud x Carmine Wyvern, unrelated to these: DR7bk,dDxxL,RSqg9 x2 2nd gen Sweetling x Red Gemshard, unrelated to these: 1AHAG,g6tae,C28HT 2nd gen Sweetling x Thalassa Xenowyrm, unrelated to these: WN3PS,6NwCm,om0wh,nFmhF ♥*♡∞:。.。 MATES I STILL NEED 。.。:∞♡*♥ 2g Thalassa x Sweetling, unrelated to these: WN3PS,6NwCm,om0wh,nFmhF
  16. I really wish there was some sort of pacifist way to play this game. I don't attack people anymore, since I'm level 50, and there's no point to it anymore. I mean, at this point, my entire fort is destroyed, and it's going to take everything to fix/rebuild. Not to mention that you can't move anything when it's destroyed. I really want to finish my fort, but it's becoming too stressful, because I am also struggling to get the resources I need. I constantly need wood, but most of the resources I get are other resources! I almost never see the resources I actually need. I can ONLY get them from presents, because I haven't seen a stump since the first day.
  17. I like it! It looks neat and tidy. Visually pleasing.
  18. No! Someone destroyed all of my trees! I wanted to post it here to show off my progress, but you can't really see anything, can you? I definitely do not have enough wood to fix all of that... Side note, I like that the Aegis decoration turns Enraged when it gets destroyed.
  19. I missed the egg sequences on TJ's page. The inside of the hole... It looks like crystals inside, I think? Very interesting.