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  1. I would like my art added to the database! Forum name: Switch Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: ToT 2019 Brief description of treat: it's a bat in a spider teacup. the teacup is chipped to make it look a little spookier. it's not as much reference but more like very loosely inspired by fgo.
  2. hey i’ve seen a couple people with my treat! thanks : ) wasn’t sure it got in for a bit there
  3. thanks but that doesn’t seem to work for me at all : ( i’ve fiddled with rotation and zooming in to no avail. hopefully that works for other people at least
  4. yeah also chiming in to say i cannot for the life of me get the check mark or undo buttons to function on my iphone’s safari
  5. hey guys. you hear about popular media? well, they're dragons now.
  6. well, i would imagine he'd get in a lot more trouble for incurring the wrath of his employers than he would for treating his largely free to play userbase unfairly, so that's probably why rules enforcing things that could potentially do the former are evidently much harsher judging by how many people have been banned for them. didn't someone already say this could easily be fixed by literally just adding a line saying don't do x, y, z, etc etc, debate about how good or fair the rules are and debate about the character limit being way too short aside, i was very surprised that the feature is lacking a clear cut list of rules.
  7. Switch

    Stardew Valley

    i will never forgive this game for not letting me marry the wizard (i still love harvey tho)
  8. bruhh this game better have some good stuff if they want me to pay 60 dollars for a pokemon game with major mechanics removed
  9. As long as they don't want 60 dollars for this thing I suppose i'll get it. It'll probably be alright to play with my sister, and if nothing else a "get my PoGo pokemon into the main series so i never have to open PoGo again" machine.
  10. oh the melismors are good dogs. we always need more easterns in my book.
  11. the encyclopedia is literally just like that lol it was busted when it was made
  12. yeah upon seeing your calculation about how long it takes to get a gold that's certainly some kind of balanced, tho the prices overall are still confusing. thank you i love him so much
  13. well uh, more eggs are getting added in just now? including more rares? i thought the lack of rarer dragons was an attempt to keep some balance but i can't wait to be able to buy neglecteds next
  14. i like the sprite changes overall but in regards to the reds' noggins theyre about the same size proportionally as the old sprite and it keeps with the reds being stouter looking dragons, but i think the new sprites' thinner legs unfortunately does make the head (and neck) size stand out more.
  15. ... nevermind silvers are in there too and upon closer inspection these prices are all over the place and i do not understand them at all.
  16. it's probably because they're unbreedables, or something
  17. oh man and i see we have yet another species of dragon whose existence revolves around being a pop culture reference eh
  18. yeah the gap between eggs showing up really does feel longer this time around. i thought it was just bad luck but i'm seeing a lot more posts about it. i mean it still just could be bad luck i guess.
  19. aw thanks! :') i'm glad people remember them
  20. you've solved my egg puzzle this is Star Catcher from gen 3 my little pony! only got the one egg in this year. couldn't think of anything else.
  21. i believe you're talking about my egg, thanks! it is a reference to something, but i think it's pretty a niche one. still, i'd like to see if anyone will recognize it.
  22. i felt like that, but it seems like it can just take a while. a new one should pop up eventually.