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  1. yeah everyone is saying it broke at midnight, here and in the help section
  2. guess who just solved a hard puzzle and got their submission eaten because there's no onscreen timer and no warning when you start a puzzle on cooldown.
  3. i always keep rare dragons fogged until they're ER anyway so it really doesn't impact me at all and i'd recommend just doing the same as a protocol in general
  4. ohh we all got hollies now baby
  5. god i didnt plan out what kind of team i wanted at all ive just got two pikachu, torracat, orange dog who i havent been able to play at the right time to evolve, and a shiny pineco i got off wonder trade. i really do feel like the first half of this game has been aggravating purely because having to essentially replay sumo just reminds me of how hard this game drags you around on a leash sometimes. please god i just want to get to pikachu valley. like dont get me wrong i love sun and moon but oooooooooof that early game
  6. im watching houseki no kuni. please watch houseki no kuni it's good. it's easily one of the best shows airing right now. the animation is good.
  7. i haven't heard of that rumor but datamining will inevitably confirm everything sooner or later... five days my dudes let's go i'm excited for this game now
  8. no skin off my back, I'm missing a lot of legendaries. God I hope they're not shiny locked
  9. WHAT oh my god archie is his original design again?! WHY? WHAT? WHAT? NO? WAIT nintendo. this is NOT my beautiful husband. nintendo. you CANT bring my husband back looking like THAT. i missed archie so much and you do me like this nintendo. this is literally the nightmare scenario. i've been bedeviled. preorder cancelled 0/10 worst game of the year good bye everyone
  10. oohohohoho please let this mean we're getting a biome for old christmas dragons too
  11. oh man im so relieved about the switch. im so glad pokemon is moving to a console so it can take advantage of all that extra power. i hope we get a botw tier pokemon game just in terms of innovation sometime. also you can pet overworld pokemon in USUM. game of the year.
  12. yeah the munchlax was a godsend i dont understand why they dont just do that for every event pokemon
  13. i got my hoenn cap pikachu and im delighted but please i just want to name him. i feel like the proud parent of a baby boy but im legally not allowed to name him and i just have to call him "baby." its like getting a new dog or cat but you can only name it "dog" or "cat." game freak you should be ashamed of yourselves.
  14. oh man that'd be so great. if it becomes annoying to get that many or if they're restricted in some way you don't have to worry about it but i super appreciate it. the new poster is making me cautiously optimistic that maybe there's really cool new stuff that isnt gimmicks that game freak is just hiding from us...
  15. god i wish i could get all six of the hat pikachu. i so badly want an entire team full of hat pikachu. can you defeat my six powerful sons? not a chance. can hat pikachu legally be traded? ive heard mixed answers although more than that i just want to be able to nickname my hat pikachu for the love of god gamefreak it's 2017 let me nickname event pokemon let me name my baby. not being able to name them makes them feel so impersonal. im waiting for hoenn cap pikachu to roll in. gen 3's my gen.
  16. literally the only thing im excited about in this game is the bonus pikachu content like this might as well be sun and moon: ultra pikachu edition. im basically paying 40 dollars for some pikachu clothes and im okay with that. also clowns are in i guess.
  17. i liked kyurem but having to fuse and separate two pokemon a bunch and have to re-obtain the key item every game to even do that again in the first place got old. and it was only kinda neat then because it hadn't been done before. so i cant exactly say im looking forward to kyurem 2: low-poly boogaloo honestly the more i find out about USM the less i feel like it's actually a real game thats coming out
  18. the only youtube personalities i remotely have any faith in anymore are polygon's staff and a couple of cooking channels
  19. hat pikachu is finally getting released in north america i live another day
  20. Switch

    Pokemon Go

    finally did my first ever raid since it was a quilava at a starbucks i was able to solo. i caught him, too! and i have enough candy to evolve him. it's no tyranitar or legendary pokemon but hey at least i finally did the dang thing. kinda sad i probably wont be able to get a raikou though, hes one of my favorite pokemon : /
  21. waiting on sonic mania's pc release but im glad it's doing so well. the more i see of forces the more unfortunately dubious im becoming of it... i was initially cautiously optimistic all the boost to 2d to boost to 2d stuff theyre doing again means im probably not picking it up....
  22. i dont really find z-moves that extravagant or complicated. that's part of the reason i just cant bring myself to care about them that much. they just feel like guaranteed critical hits with super long animations you cant even skip. but i dont really have issue with pokemon other than the starters getting unique z moves. i mean marshadow and mew and even pikachu and eevee had them on release, so it's not really a surprise they added more. this does kinda feel like a desperate attempt to make kommo-o relevant but with his x4 fairy type weakness he was doomed at conception.
  23. god the fact that the trailer doesnt mention walking has me thinking it's gonna either not be a feature and just that rockruff or it's gonna be like dpp the fact that the trailer doesnt have any other selling points that reinforce my decision to preorder ultra sun also has me big fear. the new trailer about the new z-moves really made me realize nintendo couldnt make me care about z-moves anymore if they tried.
  24. i didnt really appreciate ash greninja just because of how asinine the concept was but shonen protagonists absolutely be like that. dusk lycanroc kinda disappoints me more than anything, i guess. i'd love to actually know something about this game besides the fact that it has a cheeto dog. but for the love of god if i dont get my north american hat pikachu soon i will perish