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  1. this seems fun. just wondering, would a character who can stop time for around 5 seconds be too much power? also will there be much downtime between fighting aetherials or will combat be almost always constant
  2. Switch

    Pokemon Go

    i did my lucky egg spree tonight and my 10km egg... was my first lapras....... and i got some good evolutions :') i am LIVING ruby didnt get the best moveset but her brother got a pretty good one edit: i named lapras Sapphire and she and Ruby are in love.
  3. the last anime i watched was flip flappers and please watch flip flappers
  4. oh is that what that first one is? it's super neat looking definitely one of my favorites this year i also liked the pink and purple eggs. very nice modest eggs. very nice colors.
  5. your boy finally got eggs in again this year... the first one was based off of the teddy bear i've had since i was born! her name's Baby Bear, she's an old eden thermal pastel teddy bear (not a pic of mine.) the second one is a Chao Egg from sonic adventure 1 & 2 which i didn't see anyone get the reference to WHERE MY REAL SONIC FANS AT
  6. i got all of em and i only understood about three or four out of all of the references but thats fine i love ya'lls work anyway
  7. happy Where's an Egg? day
  8. my 2 upside down mints grew up but they didnt produce any eggs immediately... sounds like they turn out normal anyway. oh well. kinda had a feeling their offspring wouldn't be upsidedown..
  9. considering people have been trading for these mints and were locked by them for several days it'd be very rude if they died or something...
  10. according to precognition, mine should be an uninfluenced female
  11. if it was a glitch im surprised TJ hasnt said anything about it
  12. so do we know why some people got multiple tries and others didn't? was that intended?
  13. yes someone in the irc did. it turns into a normal vampire, seemingly
  14. i got upside down mint and it hasnt popped up again since
  15. sounds like some people have the thing pop up multiple times but others only get it once. what's the deal with that
  16. yeah i got the upside down mint and uhh good to know these eggs can lock you i guess that's really gonna annoy the hunters
  17. Switch

    Pokemon Go

    i imagine the shiny magikarps aren't limited, they'll just be statistically harder to get specifically when all shinies are released and the water event ends. this is probably like what they did with the initial release of gender, where it only applied to pikachu. the water event is ending soon and i uh unfortunately havent gotten another shiny karp... considering i have multiple magikarps that are better than her as far as cp/ivs go and i only have enough candies to evolve 2 im not sure if she's worth evolving
  18. Switch

    Pokemon Go

    when u catch a shiny magikarp and it has 30%-ish IVs :') at leasts its cp is doable... on the plus side i have 830 magikarp candies now also: shiny magikarp look normal in the overworld, it's only revealed if you engage with them. tap on every magikarp you see. i really hope this is changed, it'd be a pain to have to tap on every pokemon you see just on the off chance it's a shiny :\ oh and uh ditto can appear as shiny magikarps ehhhhhh.....
  19. Seeking RPs yeah it's me again Username: Switch Preferred Style of RP (ex. 1 on 1, short posts, long posts, ect.): small-medium group semi lit Preferred Genre: i'm particularly looking for pokemon (still), madoka magica, warrior cats, or steven universe roleplays at the moment. or uh... maybe overwatch?? idk. also will look at original fantasy roleplays. Other: please im so bored and i want to get as much as i can in before college starts
  20. i deffo want mario odyssey and breath of the wild but i wont get a switch for sure unless a pokemon or animal crossing game are announced... and even then im waiting for a sale apparently the dock can scratch the screen which is swell
  21. ive played a lot of text adventures and that was the shortest but somehow most confusing text adventure ive ever played anyway im glad "give spider" and nothing else is a valid recognized action that will progress the game
  22. i cant believe they named a console after me and didn't put a new animal crossing game on it
  23. i'm still interested in joining but how would it work now that everyone was already teleported and started talking?
  24. i love male primarinas and female incineroars theyre the best from everything ive heard incineroar is definitely the best starter competitively. as i said i would i kept my shiny torracat unevolved, and he's pretty good with an eviolite. he's got better speed than incineroar. i gave him swagger, flare blitz, swords dance, and crunch. it's been working pretty well.
  25. Seeking RPs Username: Switch Preferred Style of RP (ex. 1 on 1, short posts, long posts, ect.): small to medium group, semi-lit Preferred Genre: pokemon im looking for a pokemon rp right now Other: since sun and moon came out im on a hard pokemon kick again and i'd really be interested in joining some kind of pokemon rp... preferably with a twist on the formula