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  1. From Switch the Headcrab's description, my waterhorse... Reject: what?! >.> "What!?" at you, too.
  2. The majority of mine are from the AP. I rarely keep any dragons that I breed (unless I breed a magi, that is. I always keep them. ;3)
  3. Ahh, it grew up! It's pretty!! *spazzes* It looks kinda chinese-ish to me. Preeetty. *0*
  4. I got my two eggs! x3 First new holiday release i've been here for. I'm gonna enjoy toying with the tree. To TJ09, the whole DC staff, and all of the players, have a Merry Scary Christmas and a Haunted New Year!
  5. *Waves* I came here looking for a Minecraft thread, and there it is. I can't really build that great of stuff, especially in Alpha, but I love playing it. I still play Creative, since freely building is great fun. I've never tried to play Spleef, mostly because i'd probably suck and I never play on multiplayer. My favorite Youtube minecraft video is probably the one with flying piggies that has that 'Fly like an eagle" song. There's also a great series of tutorials (How to Survive and Thrive) I love watching for fun...
  6. I think I would be a waterhorse. I enjoy swimming, and I'm a bit weak/clumsy. *Cough http://dragcave.net/view/n/Switch%20The%20Headcrab *
  7. I dont like inbreeding, but I always keep an inbred egg if I want it, common or rare. I'll breed my inbreds, too, although I usually only do so when I plan to keep the egg. I dont really treat them any differently than any non-inbred dragon.
  8. Abandoning an ice because I never thought I would get the full trio at the time (I did end up getting them all the same day) Releasing all of my adult dragons because I thought they were "too common" >.> Killing an egg because I thought it would unlock me. I was a stupid newbie...
  9. Well, that kinda depends. If I want to get a frozen hatchie of a dragon I already have, I usually breed it and keep the egg. Or if it's a rare dragon egg I somehow manage to breed i'll keep it. Otherwise, I usually just drop any bred eggs.
  10. Probably Pygmies for me. I dont know why, but I want them
  11. I dont like it... Yeah, not much to say about it, just I dont like it.
  12. I really dont have any rare dragons (except MAYBE my chicken, if that counts). At best, probably uncommons. Although, my tactic is to just wait at the mainpage, cursor over the third egg, and press F5 like a madman.
  13. For me, it's either pebble or mint...I guess i'll say pebble.
  14. One thing I never got was the eggs in the mainpage (the caveborns). I never understood how you cant even tell what the eggs looked like UNTIL you grabbed them, and why you cant abandon them right away after? I mean, I get why you cant for the game, but if you were actually collecting real dragons in a real world, why couldn't you see/abandon them?
  15. I've named a few of my dragons after their parents, but I dont think anyone has done that with any of my dragon's offspring. Infact, I just checked. Pretty much ALL of my dragon's children that I didnt keep arent named at all.... Edit: Actually, I didnt see ONE that was named....c'mon people.
  16. My username: Female vampire. Oh so fitting. My real name: Female waterhorse. Also fitting, I love water.
  17. I always wondered how the trading system would work in real life...
  18. Ugh, I certainly have way too many females. I have 35 dragons, I think, and 17 are female, 9 are males, and the rest are eggs/ungendered hatchies/ungendered dragons. Breeding is a nightmare. I'm still glad I managed to grab an er male gendered pink hatchie off the AP.
  19. I might be a little off, but I believe it was Electric, Daydream, Dorsal, and Deep Sea. None lived. The first dragon that actually lived on my scroll was a deep sea.
  20. I like this idea. It would help stop these jealousy-induced deaths.