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    2nd gens:

    -From Val '09: Red, Gold, Silver, Horse, Black, Daydream, Grave, Marrow, Nhiostrife, Chrono Xenowyrm, Sunrise, Yulebuck

    -From Sweetling: Snowangel (from alt x goldwing), Skywing, Avatar, Chrono Xeno, Silver Lunar Herald, Magi, Silver, Almandine Pyralspite, Solstice, Shadow Walker

    -From Heartseeker: Black from CB Alt Black (would love to have an all alt black x heartseeker checker going)

    -From F Pumpkin: Dark Mist Pygmy

    -From M Marrow: Gold

    -From F Marrow: Gold

    -From M Shadow Walker: Avatar

    -From F SW: Royal Blue, Silver

    -From Holly: Black

    -From Yulebuck: Terrae

    -From Solstice: Sweetling (from alt parent)

    -Commons from Spriter Alts

    -PB of any breed (3rd gen and higher)
    -true gender checkers

    Dragon Trading Notes:

    1. If you are concerned about breeding/IOUs I owe you, by all means shoot me a pm and ask.

    2. I don't bump trades on lists, so there's no need to worry about that. The only things that get bumped are spots for requesters, and that happens very rarely.

    3. I will not raise a dragon for you if that was not part of the trade agreement. When I offer my half of the trade you have 24 hours to pick it up before it's mine. I have had too many people abuse my scroll by waiting until things hatch or turn ER before picking them up. You will have to wait until the next time I get an egg/hatchling for you.

    Dragon Requesting Rules/Notes:

    1. All the dragons on my scroll are fair game. Just remember that rares don't produce well. Please don't bug me by asking when I will have your egg; it will arrive when it arrives. I can't make the dragons give the eggs desired (if only I could....).

    2. Be polite. You are asking me to give you something for free; rudeness will not get you anywhere.

    3. I may deny a request. Some of the lines I have are popular and I use them to trade. If I say no, there is likely a reason and arguing it with me is only going to make me irritated and you probably won't get anything.

    4. I may bump you a place on the list if I get a good trade offer for an offspring of the dragon. Please don't grump about it if it happens; you're getting it for free, the other person is paying for it. You will still get one, and I don't make a habit of doing that kind of thing.

    5. Don't trade anything I give you. I don't care how good a trade you think you are making. I bred it for you, not as fodder for you to use to get other stuff. Break this and I will never deal with you again, and I will warn others about your behavior.

    7. If you need help after getting something from me (for a mate or even questions on raising dragons), by all means, ask. I don't mind helping out at all if you are looking for a mate for it, or just need help with anything in gameplay.

    8. I will not raise them for you. If you can't take the egg I breed for you when I have it ready, I will dispose of it as I see fit. I won't breed another offspring for you until you ask again. (Within reason. If you let me know right away that you won't be able to pick the egg up, I will likely be more agreeable to working something out)

    9. When you email me your request, please include *SH2* in the title of the message (just like that, asterisks and all, quote marks are not asterisks and the message will be ignored). Or, if you are in the Newbie Gifting Group, title the message *NGG*.

    10. Enjoy and take care of your new dragon; I don't usually offer replacements on the rares.


    Check with me, especially if requesting a trade. I might surprise you with what I'll take. ;)


    Holiday Owes:


    IOU Trades: