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IOU friendly : )

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    - If you are going to ask me to breed a child from Birdz' alt Wintertides, please don't. -


    2nd gens:

    -Val '09: Gold(s), Silver, Pyrope Pyralspite, Horse, Black(s), Daydream, Royal Blue, Nhiostrife, Sunrise

    -Sweetling: Snowangel (from alt x goldwing), Skywing, Bronze Lunar Herald, Blue Neb (from alt), Silver Lunar Herald, Magi, Silver, Almandine Pyralspite, Moonstone, Daydream, Summer

    -Rosebud: Gold Wyvern, Alt Ridgewing(s), Blue Lunar Herald, Gold, Nhiostrife

    -Heartseeker: Silver Lunar Herald, Black, White, Royal Crimson, Ember, Red Nebula, Magma, Alt Black from CB Alt Black parent (would love to have an all alt black x heartseeker checker going!)

    -Arsani: Silver(s), Sunrise

    -Radiant Angel: Royal Crimson, Ridgewing, Silver, Moonstone, Gold Lunar Herald, Daydream, Falconiform, Gold, Bolt, Chono Xeno, Sunstone, Lumina, Balloon, Blusang, Frost, Red Fire Gem, Nhiostrife

    -Heartstealing: Neotropical, Chrono Xeno, Astrapi Xeno, Green Fire Gem, Silver, Alt Ridgewing

    -Mutamore: Diamondwing, Gaia, Gold

    -Soulstone: Daydream, Yellow Crowned, Azure Glacewing, Gaia, Gold, Spinel, Waterhorse, Royal Blue, Tetra, Gold Lunar Herald, Terrae

    -Black Marrow Male: Gold(s)

    -Black Marrow Female: Silver, White Stripe

    -Shadow Walker Male: Gold Wyvern, Sunsong, Purple Ridgewing, Silver, Avatar, Shaow Walker

    -Shadow Walker Female: Sunset, Shadow Walker

    -Grave Male: Grave

    -Grave Female: Radiant Angel(s), Winter Magi

    -Desipis Male: Thalassa Xeno, Bronze Shimmerscale, Desipis

    -Desipis Female: Pyrop Xeno, Avatar, Gaia Xeno, Astrapi Xeno, Desipis, Radiant Angel

    -Yulebuck: Terrae

    -Snowangel: Black Marrow (from gold wing angel)

    -Winter Magi: Lumina, Rosebud

    -Wrapping Wing: Gold, Pyrop Xeno, Omen Wyrm, Arsani

    -Solstice: Sweetling (from alt Sweetling), Blue Banded, Gold Lunar Herald, Gold

    -Mistletoe: Blue Banded, Aria, Gold, Golden Wyvern

    -Aegis Pacified: Brute, Monarch, Gold, Celestial, Chrono Xeno, Solstice

    -Aegis Enraged: Fel

    -Snow: Omen Wyrm

    -PB of any breed (3rd gen and higher)
    -true gender checkers

    Dragon Trading Notes:

    1. If you are concerned about breeding/IOUs I owe you, by all means shoot me a pm and ask.

    3. I will not raise a dragon for you if that was not part of the trade agreement. When I offer my half of the trade you have 24 hours to pick it up. I have had too many people abuse my scroll by waiting until things hatch or turn ER before picking them up. You will have to wait until the next time I get an egg/hatchling for you. However, if you tell me ahead of time that something has come up and you need more time, I don't mind holding things. Just communicate with me.

    Dragon Requesting Notes:

    - I will not breed SAltkins on request. Its just easier to not, since a few are gifts bred for me by friends.


    Check with me, especially if requesting a trade. I might surprise you with what I'll take. ;)


    Holiday Owes:


    IOU Trades:

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