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I Am IOU Friendly On A Case To Case Basis.

You will notice I talk about breeding my lineages, keep in mind I prefer to gather all the CB parents first before breeding up a lineage.

If you wish to have a dragon from any of my pairings, please be patient with me and feel free to poke me as a reminder once a week or so.

Feel free to message me about anything! I love chatting and do my best to be friendly to everyone! ^^

As usual, I am typically egg locked. So it might be a good idea to message me beforehand. 

Please remember to treat others with the same respect you wish to be treated with. 

And a quote here

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    My Scroll:




    My timezone is , but I am currently on graveyard shift.
    I'm awake when everyone here is asleep, a night owl.
    If I do not respond, I am likely asleep or awake for once and spending time with family. <3

    Quote here:


    About Me:
    As much as I'd love to say I am shy, reserved and cautious.. That is simply not entirely true. I am introverted, socializing can cause me to become emotionally drained and usually that shows signs when I start having small tempers at things. I am also fairly naive rather then cautious and fairly impulsive with my emotions/desires. I only have good intent and am a worry wart for others at heart, but sometimes I need my own time to let my mind wander and do whatever I want to. When I do get stressed, I express it in a way I hope others can understand. (I will usually tell you that I am stressed out.)
    One thing I can tell you though, I try my best to be positive, honest, cheerful, happy and supportive to others because thats all I'd ever want in return.
    For those who know, I can be considered a bleeding heart. Meaning I have allot of compassion and love for those close to me, to the point I'd prioritize their problems over my own and have a desperate desire to help them.
    (It's a inside joke that I bleed my heart out for my friends.)
    When the off chance comes that I put my own mental health first, it is a big step for me and I need friends who can understand that and be okay with that.
    Although, once you've befriended me, I'm basically your friend for life. Like a loyal puppy. 😌
    I am also happily engaged, and I'd go to Hell or Heaven and back for my fiancé, for my beloved is mine. ❤
    And yes, I am very much religious but can keep it low-key if it makes you uncomfortable at all. 😊


    My interests/hobbies include: singing, dancing, clay scuplting and painting, story writing, playing instruments, story telling, character/world building, poetry/literature analysis, and anything arts & crafts related. I adore seeing projects in progress or giving input to help someone out.
    I also love helping with dragon lineages as well, do not be afraid to PM me! <3


    Interesting Dragon Lineages I own:

    4g 2009 Val x Flamingo with Alt Sprite
    3g 2009 Val x Black Tea
    3g 2009 Val x Pyralspite


    Interesting Dragon Codes I Own:

    2009 Val Suga4


    2f & 2m Howlers & 1f Galvanic Hatchlings - Corseiss - Done! <3
    1 Purple Floret Egg - Silvara7 - Done! <3