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The Ultimate Guide to DC


Table of Contents

  1. Helpful Links
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Forum Questions
    2. Cave Questions
    3. Breeding and Egg Obtaining Questions
    4. Egg and Hatchling Growing Questions
    5. Sickness and Death Questions
    6. Adult and Frozen Hatchling Questions
    7. Holiday Questions
  3. Groups, Dragon Encyclopedia, and Filters
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Frequently Asked Questions: Forum Questions


Q: Is there a way to change my username (forum or scroll)?

A: You can change your forum username once every 90 days.  To do this, click on your username at the top of any forum page, then Account Settings, and then Display Name.  Type in your new username and click Save.

While logged in to your account, go to the Account page. Select the Change option next to your username to whatever you would like, as long as it is unique and does not violate rules.

Please note that it is against both cave and forum rules to create duplicate accounts.


Q: I have a warning, when will it go away/what was I warned for?

A: Warnings go away after four weeks if you don't get another warning in that period of time.   You can find out what you were warned for by visiting your user profile and clicking on the red warning box.  This will give you the date of the warn, the name of the moderator who warned you, and for what reason.  Multiple active warnings will usually mean more severe consequences, so please make sure you're up to date on the forum rules!

Your warnings are only visible to yourself and moderators, so other users can't see them.  Moderators will never discuss your warnings with other users.


Q: I was notified that I received a new message, but when I checked, there wasn't one. What happened?

A: If a user selects the option to track the message, they can delete the message in their tracker. If you have not read the message yet, this also deletes the message from your inbox. However, the notification has already been sent to you, so you receive the notification but no message.


Q:  How do I get a custom member title?

A:  You can do this once you reach 2000 posts.  To change your member title, click on "Edit Profile" from your user profile page.

The best way to reach 2000 posts is to become an active member of the community.  Please remember that not all forum sections (such as Forum Games) will increase your post count, and spamming topics to get more posts is against the forum rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Cave Questions


Q: Can two different people have scrolls on the same computer/IP?

A: Yes, as long as they are different people. There are many cases of siblings, parents and children, etc, having scrolls on the same IP. The same person having multiple scrolls is not allowed. As long as each person sticks to their own scroll, everyone should be fine. You do not need to PM TJ or a mod to let them know.


Q: An image is showing up wrong. Is this a glitch?

A: This is most likely a cache issue. Try clearing your DC's or your browser's cache either manually or by keyboard shortcut, which varies by OS.


Q: A dragon/hatchling/egg image isn't displaying, but the rest of my dragons are showing up.  What's wrong?

A:  Adblocker programs can occasionally cause issues with dragon images.  This issue will typically resolve itself with time.


Q: How do I report an inappropriate dragon name?

A: You can email TJ09 or PM any forum mod or admin with the name/dragon link.


Q: What font does DC use for the headers and such?

A: It's called A Charming Font.


Q: When are new dragons added to the cave?

A: There is no set timetable for when new dragons are added to the cave. Releases often slow around holiday times (as we go from Halloween to Christmas to Valentines releases) and then are released whenever TJ has time and feels we've had enough time between releases to deal with another release.


Q: Can I change my scroll username?

A: Scroll names can be changed every 365 days.  This setting is found under Account.  Choose your name carefully!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Breeding & Egg Obtaining Questions


Q: How do I get returned an egg that auto-abandoned?

A: Since a dragon is no longer yours once it leaves your scroll, you are not allowed to offer a trade in the trade section or create a new topic asking for help in getting an auto'd egg back. You may put a note in your signature if you do not link directly to the egg or list its exact code (for the protection of whomever grabs it). You may link to the parents progeny. You may also politely rename the parents and ask for it to be returned to your forum username. However, nothing is guaranteed to be returned to you.


Q: Can a bred egg be the breed of a grandparent rather than the parents?

A: No. It doesn't matter what the parents' parents or grandparents are, the bred egg can only be the breed of one of the parents. However, hybrids are an exception to this rule, in which a completely new dragon is created. Breeding an ultraviolet with any dragon may result in a spitfire, since they are closely related to their spitfire parent.


Q: Why can't I breed?

A: You cannot breed more than once every week per dragon (both males and females). You also cannot breed if you don't have any eligible dragons of the opposite gender. Some dragons can only breed with certain kinds. Pygmies can only breed with pygmies (pumpkins count as a pygmy). Drakes can only breed with other drakes. Splits or 2-heads can only breed with other two-heads. Other dragons can all breed with each other, but not pygmies, drakes, or splits. Remember that a failed breeding still counts as a breeding and you have to wait a week to try again.


Q: Why do my dragons never produce more than one egg at a time?

A: Multiclutches were disabled years ago except for holiday dragons during their holiday (which will only produce multiple holiday dragons) and celestial dragons (which can have mixed clutches).


Q: When do the seasonal eggs switch to the next season?

A: The seasonal dragon eggs always switch on the solstices and equinoxes of a given season. Since this varies from year to year, it is recommended that you look up a calendar such as this one to figure out when a specific season begins in the northern hemisphere.


Q: How do you trade dragons?

A: You need a magi dragon in order to teleport dragons with another user or you need to trade with a user who has a magi dragon.


Q: How do other actions react with teleport?

A: Teleported dragons do not gain a day Both influence and incubate are removed through teleport, as they are with abandoned dragons. Hatchlings that have been influenced will not have the influence removed by teleport, as gender is locked in as a hatchling. Stun does not wear off via teleportation.


Q: Does fertility guarantee an egg?

A: No, it only increases your chances a bit (by about 50%). As specifically said by TJ in a help thread: "It's a 1.5x multiplier."


Q: Why can't I influence my egg? Why can't I inclubate my egg?

A: Eggs in a teleport cannot be influenced or incubated.  In addition, if an egg is under 3 days old, it can no longer be influenced or incubated.  Lastly, some breeds are one gender only, so they cannot be influenced.  This is common with many holiday dragon breeds.


Q: I found an odd/differently colored holiday/prize dragon. What's up?

A: Artists (and serious conceptors) for limited time dragons get an option to have a specially colored dragon, a "spriters alt". The spriters for the tinsel and shimmer dragons, as prizes for the old Christmas tree contest/raffle that used to occur, also have spriter alts.


Q: What are the mechanics of copper breeding?

A: A pair with a copper father can breed: an egg of a non-copper mom, a copper egg color based upon the biome of the mother (ie a volcanic mother can produce a liver of sulfur/brown copper), a copper of the father's color if the mother has her biome listed as cave. A pair with a copper mother can breed: an egg of the non-copper dad or a copper based upon the color of the mother.


Q: What are the mechanics of xenowyrm breeding?

A: A pair with a xeno parent can breed: an egg of a non-xeno parent, a xeno like one of the xeno parent/s, a xeno based off the biome of a non-xeno parent (ie a volcanic parent can produce a pyro xenowyrm), or a random xenowyrm (when purebreeding or breeding to a dragon without a specific biome location, ie its biome is listed as "cave").

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Frequently Asked Questions: Egg & Hatchling Growing Questions


Q: How many clicks and views do my dragons need to grow?

A: There is no set amount. Hatching is based on a ratio of clicks, views, unique views, time left and time it has been alive, and type of dragon, so there is no magic number that you must reach. The higher the amount of views a dragon has, the less unique views and clicks it will need to hatch. The more unique views and clicks it has, the less views it will require. Clicks are like an extra little boost in growing up faster.


Q: How long will it take for my dragons to hatch/mature? Why aren't my eggs/hatchlings growing up?

A: Just as there is no definite amount of clicks/views/unique views needed, there is no definite time frame for hatching. Just try and get a good amount of views and unique views as you can. Every one counts. Time is a factor in the hatching process too; eggs and hatchlings cannot hatch/mature before 4 days 0 hours are left. Once they run out of time, if they do not have enough views/unique views/clicks, they will die.


Q: How do I make sure my Sunbeam or Moonglow Drake is either day or night?

A: The type of glory depends on when it is bred/caught. Sunbeams are made from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST. Moonglows are made from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. EST. They both have the same egg.


Q: How do I make sure my sunrise/sunset dragon is either a sunrise or sunset?

A: The type of sun dragon depends on when it is hatched. Sunrise dragons must hatch between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. EST. Sunset dragons must hatch between the hours of 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. EST. In the hours between, sun dragons can't hatch at all and even if they are low enough on time, they will not hatch until they are able. Sunsets and sunrises come from the same egg.


Q: My egg has a hole in it but is sick and won't hatch. What's wrong?

A: Your egg may be a "stubborn" breed (prize dragons, avatars, GoNs) which simply needs more views to hatch or it may be a sunrise/sunset which can only hatch during the hours of 0600 - 1200 and 1800 - 2400 ET (see the above question).

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Frequently Asked Questions: Sickness & Death Questions


Q: How do I get rid of a dead egg or gravestone?

A: Two weeks after death, dead eggs and tombstones will be automatically removed from your scroll. There is no way to speed this process up, and there is no other way to get rid of dead eggs rather than waiting.


Q: How do I revive my dead egg?

A: You can't. You can only revive hatchlings and adults. Reviving is done by clicking “actions” next to the dead dragon and clicking “revive”. Reviving is unlikely to work.


I have a low time egg/hatchling that's sick. Is it a glitch?

A: Nope, some breeds are stubborn and notorious for getting sick after they get stuck into ERs and gather lots of views. Incubating it beforehand is also often a cause of it getting sick. In many cases the egg will be fine and then it will hatch sick. Sock's personal suggestion is to stick the tinsel in a couple of fansites at 5d left, then ER it when it gets below 4d left, rather than just fogging it until it's an ER. If it is sick as a hatchling or egg, it's best to hide it until it either has low enough time to hatch or grow up or until it has low enough time to hatch or grow up and is no longer sick.


Q: Why did my dragon avoid my attack?

A: Adults are particularly hard and may often avoid your knife. If it avoids your attack, you must wait another day to try to kill it: until then, the dragon will only continue to dodge your blade.


Q: Does fogging an egg protect it from earthquake?

A: No, all eggs are vulnerable to earthquake, whether hidden or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Adult and Frozen Hatchling Questions


Q: I'm getting a lot of males; how can I get more females? I'm getting a lot of females; how can I get more males?

A: Gendering is random. Many scrolls end up one-gender-heavy when they first start, but as you keep raising dragons, it should even out. You can also try to get some male and female pinks so you can influence eggs to be the gender you need. You can trade hatchies in the Hatchie Didn't Gender Right? thread or you can keep an eye on the depature and trading threads for pink hatchies the gender you need. You could also try The Giving Tree or The BSA Gifters to see about getting more pinks for influence


Q: My zombie dragon is a tombstone! Where did it go?

A: During the first two weeks after you've killed the dragon, it appears as a tombstone. Once you create your zombie, the tombstone will stay during hours the zombie isn't visible. Zombies themselves disappear during the day, and are only visible from 12:00 a.m. (midnight) until 6:00 a.m. EST.


Q: Can I attempt to summon a Guardian of Nature more frequently if I have more than one set of trio dragons?

A: Summon can only be attempted every two weeks, regardless of how many trios you have. Having more trios doesn't give you more summons. The more trios you have, the greater your chances of a successful summon are. We do not know the exact number, but the increase is likely small.


Q: Can I summon more than one Sinomorph?

A: To summon a Sinomorph, you need a set of all six Zyumorphs. Once that set has summoned a Sinomorph, those dragons cannot summon again. To summon another Sinomorph, you will have to collect another set of all six Zyumorphs.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Holiday Questions


Q: Can I get CB dragons of past holidays?

A: Typically past holiday dragons do not re-drop, but you can pick up bred holiday dragons from any year.  However, during the 2017 Halloween and Christmas events, and the 2018 Valentine's event, CBs of previous years' dragons for those holidays dropped in their own special biome.  It remains to be seen if this will happen again.


Q: If my dragon grows up before the holiday breeding week is over, can I breed it for more holiday eggs?

A: No, holiday dragons created that year cannot breed more holidays until the next year's breeding time.


Q: Why is there a last bred date listed on my new dragon, which I have not bred?

A: This is automatically added to all new holiday dragons so that they cannot breed during the holiday season they grew up in. It does not mean your dragon has bred; it is just to serve a functional purpose of not letting holiday dragons breed more holiday dragons in the same year they were caught.


Q: Do I need to test my holiday dragon and its mate out before season to know if they are compatible?

A: Nope. Rejections are turned off for holidays during their holiday. Even if they reject out of season, they should still be able to breed in season. Note that just because you wait until the holiday to breed a holiday dragon to its mate, this doesn't mean they will be automatically compatible out of season.


Q: How do you get a zombie?

A: In order to get a zombie, you need to kill an adult dragon or a hatchling or let a hatchling die of natural causes. Afterwards, go to the dragon's Actions and select "Revive". There are three possible outcomes: the dragon revives normally and you get the dragon you killed back, the dragon turns to dust and is gone (tombstone stays for the normal two weeks but you cannot try to revive it again), or the dragon revives as a zombie.  Hatchlings successfully revived as zombies are automatically frozen. You may be interested in the Zombie Advice thread. Zombie success chances scale with zombie visibility (day, night, 31st of any month, Halloween).

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Frequently Asked Questions: Groups, Dragon Encyclopedia, and Filters


Q: What are Groups?

A: Groups are an option for sorting your dragons to better organize them. To create a group, go to your scroll and select the Group hyperlink to be taken to the Group creation page.


Q: What is the Dragon Encyclopedia?

A: The Dragon Encyclopedia is the lore encyclopedia for many of the creatures in the game. It is added to by viewing or raising dragons per species. To unlock different entries, simply view them in fansites or raise them. The sprites will go from shadows to unlocked. Lore may be added to entries over time.


Q: How do I filter Encyclopedia entries?

A: If you mouseover the question mark icon next to the Filter Breeds textbox, you can see a list of all available filters. Currently the filters are by Element Names (#fire, #water, #air, #earth, #life, #death, #time, #light, #dark, #lightning, #magi, #ice, #noelement), Dragon Types (#dragon, #pygmy, #construct, #drake, #western, #eastern, #wingless, #wyvern, #leviathan, #wyrm, #lindwyrm, #amphiptere, #twoheadeddragon), and Unlock Progress (#complete, #incomplete) 

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