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    I am one of the many lucky winners of a CB Bronze prize dragon. I will make a list slowly but surely as trades are negotiated. Please be patient with me if I have not gotten back with you. My first 2 eggs I am reserving for myself. Feel free to shoot me an email at purple3485@yahoo.com if my inbox fills up. Thanks!

    Wishlist For 2g egg from Prple

    2G Alt Black- adults and hatchies for freezing
    CB Gold
    CB Silver
    CB Copper
    2g Shimmer or Tinsel-any line
    2g Spriters Alts- May consider any gen depending on lineage
    2g Thuwed
    3g-4g PB Thuwed- depending on the pairing
    2g Holly
    2g Gray or Red from Alt Sweetlings
    2g Pinks from Sweetling and Old Pink
    Any Gen Aeon
    Red or blue dino

    Prple Breeding List

    1. angelicdragonpuppy-CB horse- complete
    2. Speakingtomato- purple- complete
    3. Ashtoret- blue gemshard- complete
    4. Raphy-stripe- complete 1/12/16
    5. artiuslove- Gold Lunar Herald- complete 4/10/16
    6. PieMaster- Desipis- complete
    7. Purplehaze- complete 6/21/16
    8. djengis- harvest- Complete 8/11/16
    9. tikigurl91- Gaia Xeno- Complete 9/10/16
    10. A. L. Aljan- Caligene- Complete
    11. Master of Puppets- Aria- Complete
    12. Infinis
    13. Izuzi0- Thalassa- Complete
    14. Dusky Flareon- Indigo Lunar Herald
    15. Moulder- x2