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  1. I think so? Let's hope they get their just "reward" and soon! I don't know, but must be a fair few now, especially since the number given out is now linked to the number of entries.
  2. I cannot even. ;_; Congrats on your win, though! *throws eco-confetti*
  3. They've been reported. I reported them myself last month because of something suspicious I noted - sucks that nothing got done before the Jan raffle was drawn and they won even more CB Prizes that could have gone to legit players. ;_;
  4. Yep. Saw one myself. Someone else managed to catch two of them, spoiling the multi'er's fun rather.
  5. They were sent through the AP - someone spotted them.
  6. Only by cheating and having many scrolls. 🤬
  7. @missy_ - I have a lot of Flipped Mints despite never having been successful in the event - I stalked the AP for 'em, and I have fast reflexes...
  8. Skip them. There's no advantage to reviving on the 30th - it's the same chance as, say, reviving on the 5th.
  9. But yes, Market eggs do have a 5-hour cool down, same as eggs caught from the cave.
  10. So I had an egg I wanted to neglect. I wanted to know what gender it was "naturally", so I precogged it and found it was male. I decided I wanted to try for an ungendered, so I influenced it with a male Pink. So far, so normal: During the experiment, it didn't turn and was saved by teleporting to another user, who then returned it to me. I decided to fog it and try a second experiment with it the following day. Because I am lazy have loads of Aeons, I decided to precog the egg again just to make sure that it would be male like I remembered (my memory is crap!) Imagine my surprise when my Aeon told me it was now female: So..... is this expected behaviour? Or is something odd going on? Answers on a postcard, please!
  11. OMG, thank you, @Rally Vincent! https://dragcave.net/lineage/Jpdq7 And it's going to be a girl!
  12. I'm really psyched to see the eggs people have made! I thought briefly about trying to make one, but then Life Happened at me. Hope I have time to find them all.
  13. Congrats on your Tea! And no worries, don't mess up anyone else's lineages on my account.
  14. Just.... this egg. (Uhhh.... if anyone has a Forest or Cave Enrageis and fancies helping me get one gen higher, I would *love* to hear from you!)
  15. I've travelled quite a bit but I think @Fuzzbucket still has me beat! She's had almost twice as long as I have though. Lessee now... I live in the UK (and thus won't be counting England/Scotland/Wales as separate - for the moment...!) Saudi Arabia...? (I dunno - it was the shore of the Red Sea and I learned to walk there, so I don't remember it at all!) South Africa Republic of Ireland Belgium (and lived there) Germany (and lived there, also born there) France Australia (and lived there) Japan (and lived there) Italy Czech Republic Denmark Poland Lithuania Russia Mongolia China Hong Kong Luxembourg Vietnam Cambodia Laos Thailand Malaysia Indonesia (Bali) Singapore I've changed planes or ridden trains through a few other places (e.g. Abu Dhabi, Latvia, Amsterdam), but I don't really feel that counts.
  16. Arm-wrestling the digital version of a TEFL manuscript into being. :s
  17. Throwing out some Foolish Mint offspring! 2G from two upside-down Mints 2G from two upside-down Mints 2G from upside-down mum, normal Cave dad 2G from upside-down mum, normal Cave dad
  18. :3 https://dragcave.net/lineage/AgeWs (Out of 13 tries.)
  19. If we weren't 3 days away from Z-day, I would! But I'm fogging these hatchies to death, there isn't much time to find a suitable replacement.
  20. I'd suggest testing this with one of my low-stat Zombie fodder hatchies, too, but......... MUH ZOMBEH FODDER!!!
  21. Can confirm! I have two of hellhunt's dead eggs on my scroll, both teleported after death. In the case of the Whiptail, there was a reasonable gap between the egg dying and me successfully picking it up from hellhunt's scroll.
  22. Yeah.... I grabbed it for the code, it's the best!
  23. Possibly one of the MOST perfect things I have caught in the AP for a long time: https://dragcave.net/lineage/RETRY Thank you SO MUCH, @Kursedfire! ❤️ Even better, I can breed an unrelated 3G so she might even be part of a checker sometime.
  24. I am hugely chuffed about this egg for a couple of reasons.