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  1. I felt quite honoured that you immortalised my previous avatar!
  2. Pack of CB hatchies: https://dragcave.net/teleport/69ba2ee6f9485fdac3eaeb774115142d Enjoy, Whentime!
  3. Totally random, as far as I can tell, sorry!
  4. Caught one yesterday, have seen a couple today, but I haven't been hunting hard, I'm trying to finish some work!
  5. I bred pretty much all my Xenos (about 300) on release day and didn't get a single flow egg. There weren't many Xeno x Xeno pairings in that, either.
  6. They could have traded for a hatchie after I commented? 🤷‍♀️ ETA: I looked again and I still can't see a Parg hatchie, so I dunno where you're looking!
  7. To be fair, they only have an egg that I can see ...
  8. @Shokomon - yes, Coral is Coast. I was hoping for a pink 2g, braced for a blue one and entirely unprepared for a green!
  9. In that case I'd have expected anything but the result I got!
  10. I got a 2G from Forest Parg x Coral out of the AP, and the kid hatched green. 🤔
  11. Eeee! :excited: I think I even made a Help thread about my green Coast girl not long after release, but never did get any sort of answer...
  12. If you ever pair her with a blue Coast boi, I would be very interested in knowing what you get (and begging a sib if it's green!).
  13. ......... and somehow I managed to forget to submit for evidence my own lineage!
  14. It also sounds quite inefficient to read both colour and biome. Clearly biome does matter because of the green egg from a Forest mate x Coast male. And, barring glitches like my and DirtyTab's green Coast girlies who were never supposed to be a Thing, colour is biome-determined. So why on earth would you need to check that twice? This boi would have opinions about that...
  15. I genuinely don't know. I'm trying to find out!
  16. Interestingly, I have exactly the same issue. I have a glitchy green femme from the Coast and she has never not bred me a green egg: https://dragcave.net/progeny/mP93n
  17. Then something's wrong because that is not the result I'm seeing for the green Baikalas.
  18. But then the _second_ result should have been a blue egg, and it isn't?
  19. Anyone know what gives with Baikala breeding? How is it possible for me to get a green egg from a Coast male and a Forest non-Baikala mate, but a Jungle male and a Coast non-Baikala mate give... a green egg as well? How are these things supposed to work?!?!? ;A;
  20. I think so? Let's hope they get their just "reward" and soon! I don't know, but must be a fair few now, especially since the number given out is now linked to the number of entries.
  21. I cannot even. ;_; Congrats on your win, though! *throws eco-confetti*
  22. They've been reported. I reported them myself last month because of something suspicious I noted - sucks that nothing got done before the Jan raffle was drawn and they won even more CB Prizes that could have gone to legit players. ;_;
  23. Yep. Saw one myself. Someone else managed to catch two of them, spoiling the multi'er's fun rather.
  24. They were sent through the AP - someone spotted them.
  25. Only by cheating and having many scrolls. 🤬