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  1. Aww the game is over @Fjord 1000s! Congrats!
  2. Progress! Thank you to everyone in the tread, it definitely would have taken me longer to get a nice working strategy without your help! *hugs* Happy Halloween! Made it into the 200s!! This one is already starting to crumble:
  3. I like that TJ did a minor update to the game and allowed us to see previous rounds because I would have missed my GoN doing this in round 47, "Guardian of Nature leaves to maintain the balance." Who knew?! GoN: Yea, y'all got this. I'm going to get a pizza
  4. I'm hardheaded and tend to still try possibilities even though people have shown more successful strategies Sooo... my stronghold was defeated again. lol stuck in the 140s And here's my current setup based off others that worked with a slight twist (thanks everyone!)
  5. @Fly-by-Night Thanks for the confirmation and congrats on your progress! previous run: current, looks similar to a lot peoples':
  6. Frozen Delicacy Troubling Occurrence Freaky Twist Delicious Combination Sweet Predictions Child of Circumstance Haunted Offerings Crispy Bone Haunted Time of Year Timely Appeal (older ones) Cursed World Tidy Bones
  7. Looks like people are advancing to the 200+ rounds without soulpeace. I'll try too. Got as high as round 146 previously, but not this time Current strategy:
  8. @Astreya Thank you Wish we could get more capacity Edit: First time GoN showed up way early, round 18! GoN lasted until round ~52. Are they summoned again by the dragons? Or is it a one time deal each attempt to survive?
  9. Do we get more points after reaching level 50? Last time: Current attempt:
  10. Woohoo! My GoN appeared and... is being attacked 😕
  11. & @Nagapie ! @madao13 amazing, congrats! I'll keep your strategy in mind Why does it feel like the zombies are toying with my dragons? They piled on zombies every time in my other attempts, this time not so much:
  12. Wow, @Iside @Tears in Rain @Astreya @Kamoodle @Yubelchen @Darth Krande!!! Everyone!! Such amazing progress! Congrats!! @Kegluneq Congrats too you too! And I agree it would be nice that once you achieve level 50 you were granted with more space (points too?) My previous defeat: New attempt looks similar to many strategies tried in this thread, just really congested. I would like more points to work with though, so Here's hoping my GoN shows up ❤️
  13. My defensive line was greatly diminished. But they're still fighting. I like this game! I wish TJ could make available a week every month, that way it doesn't get over played *cough by me cough*
  14. Last strategy gained me little by way of experience and no new level achieved, soul peace doesn't gain you much experience I guess. All my dragons died New one in place as of now: Edit: Lol I think I love the vamps here. One turned a zombie into a vamp! (Yay!!) this made me think of the Be' Be' kids (animated movie) saying: "We don't die we multiply" I like I like
  15. Woohoo! This is the first round where I got to see the soulpeace at work! And I just noticed one of my vampires moved! (just from one space to another, it doesn't say they attached a zombie though) @Indigo-Waters thanks for the FYI! When I get there!!! I love the GoNs
  16. @eleutheria Ok! Haha, then I need to level up I don't have access to them yet. Been 20 rounds with the same message about the zombie hordes wearing down my defenses. Come on dragon babies, don't give up on mama now!
  17. @Yubelchen that'd be an interesting strategy to try I'd love to see it & how it works out
  18. @eleutheria thanks! I hope they do still, even though their comrades are in front of them. Oooh, I'd love to have a GoN. Do they just appear in near your stronghold once you pass a certain level? Currently holding out:
  19. Hey, does the vampire dragon have a cooldown? And do they only attack when the zombies are in tiles next to them or just when they feel like it? lol, guess I should have asked before I did my set up
  20. Different arrangement Dunno if anyone arranged them this way yet. We'll see how it goes.
  21. @Iside yes, yes it is! I so want that for mine! Not there yet. Current defense crumbling, maybe 3 rounds left. Also it seems the zombies are dealing 2 point damages, killing off my dragons 😓
  22. The best defense I've had so far: Now crumbling at round 106:
  23. Thanks! Happy Halloween everyone!
  24. Yep yep! Exactly Thanks for confirming that there isn't something wrong with my computer No problems other than that change
  25. Hey, anyone notice the funkiness going on with the AP? The eggs are no longer in order based on how much time they have left, least to greatest, but they're mixed. I see eggs with 3d 2h left at the bottom with 4d 3h & mostly 3d 11 h to 3d 18 hr mostly at the top. I don't mind it so much, it may give me a chance to grab the new release eggs with 7/21 date & it's interesting.