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  1. There are some really beautiful & thought inspiring forts here! Mine on the other hand lol ... it works for me *shrugs* 🤣 Dark back ground is updated view... Not much change once the event ended XD...
  2. *hugs* Congratulations!! Glad you stuck it through! Congrats to all the other winners!! Much luck to all the next go around! I'm also at 2/3 with only bred holiday dragons, will know in 6 hrs if I've met the requirements. Happy New year y'all!! Cheers! ^__^
  3. Yay!! So happy I could help Being an AP lurker lol I was lucky to pick up the male vine (carbon copies) in that lineage & he helped me continue. Would love to get a vine egg from the line you have after the Christmas madness ^__^ Thanks to whoever bred him: https://dragcave.net/lineage/hAGwB , he's a perfect unrelated addition to the large lineage I'm working on. ❤️ Happy holidays Peeps!
  4. Have Misgendered 2G of shadow/rosebud (lineage: wedeU) Want Swap for male shadow/rosebud or some other 2G Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Thanks ^__^
  5. Have arcana from alpine (code: AIPnt - ungendered) Want arcana from coast Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Thanks ^__^
  6. Hey, anyone else have an issue where they no longer have the user function to upload images in their attachments section? For mine, all options to add or remove media are gone
  7. (\_/) (- - ) O(")(") Yay! Thanks for the new eggs! ^__^!!
  8. Hey y'all, red tailed pygmies count! ^__^
  9. Yep I've seen & avoided clicking on some. I find whenever I'm looking for a breed I want to catch in the biomes, they turn out being harder to catch then when I'm not looking for them ^__^
  10. *looks hopeful* red tailed pygmy? *looks at one growing on her scroll with 1.9 days left*
  11. Yep, I tried that too. I cleared cache, history and signed out/in again no change. Since the last raffle drawing, I've had several breeds grow up on & after the 31st, nothing. I was sure since it specifically said wyrm, the pygmies (I had a seawyrm that grew up & red-tail growing) would count. But I have a mageia hatchling growing now, so *sighs* we shall see. Glimpsed someone said they had a bsa? red grow up and that they have one entry so far?! I think I'll try for a red from the AP and see.
  12. & @purplehaze I thought the same, had to grow adult wyrms, tried with a pygmy wyrm and she grew up with no change to the count for me as well. Anyone know what's going on? Sorry if I missed it and this has already been semi-explained. (^_^')
  13. Congrats on your progress! And thanks for the reply I agree, same date & biome = Gustitch
  14. No worries @Skelokey, real life first check in whenever you can! Hey y'all, picked up another Gustitch not named as such: Dusted Coal. Can we include them in our lineages if they are not aptly named? If I missed the decision on this, let me know the post and I'll reread. Thanks!
  15. @Sycamore if you're interested, I have bred my first egg from an Omen pairing, ~ EJrvR ~ and we can help each other when Halloween breeding opens up Picked up this lovely lady, 8vTjn , from the AP. Am I allowed to include her in a Gustitch lineage even though the owner didn't name her as such?
  16. @camea42123 I have 4 more Gustitch (total of 6) I'd like to have participate. iaRU0 B6xEt SxBhX T65Ux @Sycamore I like the Omen pairing, floret and lumina. Will check back to see the final list and who to coordinate with
  17. @Eeveecat1248 ok, thanks for the clarification! ^__^
  18. Are gustitch only from the alpine or were the dropped/found in other biomes? I picked up one from the AP stolen from the desert. if I missed the reply about this already, apologies ^__^
  19. Thank you! I'd like to participate and a little melancholy about the lost of this beautiful blue eggy. I only have 2 for now: ~DQlEy~ & ~JU9b8~ .
  20. *sighs* I see no eggs any of the biomes now ...wanted one more windy
  21. @Data_Girl_3View bombers still an issue, definitely ward them if you want to get a few views on them. Wow a mystery release within the release ^__^ interesting indeed. lol I'm so locked *pouts* Thanks for the release! And the mystery O_o
  22. Looks like it's back up over here, Thanks TJ & helpers?! *goes back to lurking*
  23. Nothing there when I checked either