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  1. Yay!! New eggies! I did and thought (they're like the tan ridgewings & dorsals... maybe) the same ^__^ I tried checking in between clicks for the lime-green one, no luck thus far. Oh, now the wait.
  2. Same here, but see quote from 11th. Thanks again! ^__^
  3. Thank you! This is one of my favorite sites to use, hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.
  4. Nope, I didn't know that ^__^' was hoping to try for a "Zod" neglected. Noted, I appreciate the info. No one else had access at that time, all the sleepyheads were tucked in. ^__^ Thank you for the info. I know we can't contact him directly, so I'll just wait and see what he decides here. Exactly, I did incubate it, but when I checked it while it was still fogged it showed it had 21 hrs left and was at 1/1/1 clicks & views. I definitely didn't click unfog by accident *shrugs & sighs* A mystery, if I can have the egg back, that'd be nice, I'd keep it just for the code (lol now that I know you can't nd this breed). If not, I understand. Thank y'all again!
  5. Hi there! ^__^ I checked my fogged egg for an nd experiment aIittle after 10 pm eastern time yesterday and saw it had 21 hrs left. Then I checked on it again this morning to find it unfogged, with clicks/views (6/58/870) and dead O_0! With that much time on it, it would have been more likely to have hatched than died. Then I saw the update thread about maintenance this morning and egg revival possibility ... whew! I don't know what happened, but could you'll assist me in contacting the appropriate party to restore this egg: dragcave.net/view/9ZodY . It doesn't have to be restored to clicks/views of 1/1/1, if it could have it's remaining time back so it can hatch, that'd be great. Thanks in advance for the help
  6. Thanks! Happy hunting y'all ^__^
  7. Hapy B'Day DC! Thanks! Happy hunting y'all ^__^ !!
  8. Thank you! Happy Egg day y'all! <3 ^__^
  9. O_o... yeah... During my zombie attempts I've only fogged once I ran out of kills. Occasionally, I would freeze them before they are killed, but I rarely kill growing hatchlings with the kill action... hmm O_o makes sense Wow, I guess really haven't noticed... lol Thank you both for your replies & have a nice weekend!
  10. Good Morning, Something funky is going on with the kill action in regards to hatchlings. Usually, only when you kill eggs do their spots on your scroll stay, making you wait 24 hours before you can pick up another egg using that spot(s). Now I'm experiencing this with hatchlings, when before this has never happened. I didn't see a recent update or notice of this modification... unless some how, after all these years, I missed this. I killed these two iy4g8 & SLVyB, when they were alive they put my scroll at 21. Once they were killed, and I clicked on an egg on the abandon page, I get the standard message "overburdened" even though all I have is 19 excluding the deceased. A little assistance please. Thank you much! ^__^
  11. Thanks! Happy Heart Day everyone!! *hugs*
  12. Hey I just attempted to breed two of my Valentine's dragons, got an error message about loading and then I check back it says they were already bred and there were no eggs. Does this mean I have lost the ability to bred them because of this? Please help edit: I checked to be sure of the times I bred them and the times said 12 & 12:01 DC time
  13. Hiee! I'm hoping for a little help please. Right now brown/bronze herald eggs are being born * Request: Lineage details: 2nd gen bronze/brown lunar herald from cb pink sweetling/silver lunar herald If you don't mind, breeding on Valentines day, I would also love: * Request: Lineage details: 2nd gen sweetling from cb pink sweetling/silver lunar herald They'll become a part of this lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/JZ6i3 I'll have room for 4-5 eggs whenever you'd like to send them. Thank y'all much in advanced! ^__^ ~0~ Thank you Dragonpuck! Happy Holidays!
  14. Thanks!!! Happy Halloween everyone! ^__^
  15. Yea, some of them do. Perhaps it would be easier to gift them randomly, so those who participate do so because they don't mind who the egg goes to. Should there be limitation on whether the egg gifted is a certain # of generations? Would that be possible? The holiday cbs discussion has it's own thread, so it's probably best to keep that discussion separate.
  16. Wow, I really like all the discussion ^__^ Thank you! I'm leaning more toward the idea of it being a BSA special for the magi dragons on or during the Christmas breeding period, when people might want to gift out eggs as a surprise. That would be awesome. Oooh, April fools would be so perfect too! a bit of tease since you can't keep it. For Christmas maybe gifting it with a clause letting you know that once you commit it as a gift, like the one way teleport, it can't be undone. Though with an added upside, sort of bonus, where it doesn't rob you of an egg space? Also, if the gift is anonymous, it can pop up in random places on DC? Though the former may cause conflict if there's a holiday event going on... so I'm not so sure about it. The unclaimed can go to/grow up in the Wilderness...? The re-release of holiday cbs... There's some I don't have but I think it's kind of been addressed by making it an option for prize winners - thus limiting/controlling the number released and not threatening their rare value/demand for 2nd gens from the owners who already possess them.
  17. Hey everybody! Ok, so I know the Holiday eggs are already a mystery until they are released. What about releasing them one Christmas in a gift wrapped box? Or maybe an nondescript/black question mark egg like we had in the beginning ...with a ribbon on it? ^__^' hehe I seem a little stuck on the ribbon huh? And in timed intervals, within a 24 hour period, the ribbon unravels bit by bit revealing more of the egg. A surprise within a surprise ^__^ The egg is still influenced by time, but from my experience, eggs don't seem to start cracking until after 4.23 days. So those who fear they might miss what the egg shell looks like, more than likely won't. Interesting no? Is this possible?
  18. Yea, same result for me as well. A problem with the add-on then? Edit: Thanks MissK ^__^ I'll give it a try
  19. You are the awesomeness! Thanks and yep, experiencing it here still too. ^__^
  20. Thank ya much & happy hunting! (^__^)