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    I NEED:

    Sweetling X Arsanii (need an Arsanii egg from this parentage)
    Sweetling X '09 Valentine (need '09 Valentine)

    Low Gen(4 or less):

    Gold Tinsel
    Silver Tinsel
    Bronze Tinsel
    Gold Shimmer
    Silver Shimmer
    Bronze Shimmer

    I will breed anything on my scroll and in whatever numbers seem reasonable, and catch as many of things I am able to catch as seem reasonable for any of these.

    Also seeking:

    2 gen Avatar of Change with Solstice father
    2 gen Avatar of Change with Golden Wyvern father
    2 gen Avatar of Creation with Purple Nebula father
    2 gen Avatar of Creation with Silver mother
    2 gen Avatar of Destruction with Magma mother


    I am open to requests for 2 gen of most previous release holiday dragons. I have no CB Hollies, but I will be happy to breed the ones I have. Pm me and if I don't have previous commitments for the dragon type you are requesting, I will be happy to breed one for you.



    Tears In Rain:


    IOUs: I recognize the risk element of IOUs and am willing to accept that risk. If I give an IOU, I fully intend to fulfill my promise no matter how long it may take. If I accept an IOU, and you have a problem filling it, you can offer an alternate egg, or ask to be released from the obligation when you feel you have done your best.

    reading, fantasy, sci fi, dragons, dogs, cats, birds, rats, crochet, knit, crime (fictional and true)