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    I have had a lousy several months in RL. In June I broke my arm. Just before Thanksgiving my favorite aunt (and the last member of her generation in my family) died. I was unable to attend her funeral because my dog was injured and I was giving her 24/7 care to attempt to save her life but she faded away over the next two weeks and ultimately died. Then January 10, 2018 our family home burned.
    The house was chilly and about 2pm, I decided to take a bath and bundle up in fuzzy pajamas. While I was in the tub, my husband came and told me we had a roof fire. I got out of the tub and put on a robe, intending to dress. As I went down the hall it became apparent that there was too much smoke for me to dress, so I put on a warm robe. In my room, one of my dogs was in my bed coughing. I grabbed her and left the house. My husband was trying to dare the smoke to get my sister's other cat from her room, but it was impossible. Outside I found my sister with one of her cats and her dog. I thought quickly and decided it would be a good idea to put the animals in one of our cars to keep them out of the way and safe. We put the cat and the two dogs in the car. I went around the house to get my other little dog from the back yard and put her with the others. At this point I found that my cat had been put out of the house, but went back in and then was put out again, but no one knew whether she had stayed outside. My Quaker Parakeet and Short-tailed Opossum were also still inside, but the time try to rescue them was past. So, for the past several weeks I keep looking for my cat, Puddin' and waiting for the salvage operation on the house to start so we can "know" her fate. The salvage seems to be postponed another week or two every week. Finally, a few days ago my husband got tired of waiting and managed to search our bedroom closet, one of her favorite hiding spots, and she wasn't there. This doesn't mean that she is alive, but it is the most hopeful sign I have had to date, so I keep looking and hoping. Starting Feb 20 I have been sleeping in the yard, hoping to see her, nothing so far.
    Feb 25 8:am my sister-in-law died. Not getting better, yet.
    March 16. Well on Wed a crew came in to remove the roof and other sections that might cause problems for the salvage crew. Yesterday they found both the cats we were hoping had escaped the fire. No more shelter/rescue visits, no more looking, no more hope. At least, now I know. Salvage will finally start soon.


    The first few months I was a member here, I thought to start a small personal, fun lineage. I was going to breed a couple of Winter Dragons from my Autumn Dragons, then some Spring Dragons from my Winter Dragons, and finally some Summer Dragons from my Spring Dragons. The first few minutes of Winter I bred my Autumns, got multi-clutches, then picked the ones I was keeping. Then from simple curiosity I looked at one of the eggs that had been APed and found that in less than 5 minutes it had been killed. That changed several things about how I play DC. First, I don't make lineages. Second, I usually only breed my dragons on order - I only breed for myself for alts or hybrids. Third, I never check on eggs that leave my scroll.

    That is connected to my Alt Sweetlings because 5 years ago when we could have more than just our 2 original holiday dragons on our scroll, I went a bit crazy and caught several Sweetlings knowing that they would alt on my scroll. Then, looking at my 2gen Sweetling eggs I thought it might be fun to start a couple alternating lines. That plan hit a couple of hitches. First, I found it very difficult to get mates for the Sweetlings I had caught. I found I couldn't trade an alt parented egg for a pink parented egg. I hunted the AP but couldn't find mates there, either. It took until this year for me to finally get the mates I needed to start the lines I had hoped for. Of course I only have two starting dragons for the lines and it would have meant a lot more work to try to find more dragons needed to create the lines I had hoped for.

    Now, after all that happened over the Sweetlings this year, I no longer have any intentions of trying those lineages, ever. Whatever ultimately happens with Sweetlings will not affect this decision.

    I will continue to breed my Sweetlings for anyone who asks as gifts. I only intend to breed my Sweetlings on request.

    I breed my dragons on request for free always and always will.

    I NEED:

    Low Gen(4 or less):

    Gold Tinsel
    Silver Tinsel
    Bronze Tinsel
    Gold Shimmer
    Silver Shimmer
    Bronze Shimmer

    I will breed anything on my scroll and in whatever numbers seem reasonable, and catch as many of things I am able to catch as seem reasonable for any of these.

    Also seeking:

    2 gen Avatar of Change with Golden Wyvern father
    2 gen Avatar of Creation with Silver mother
    2 gen Avatar of Destruction with Magma mother


    I am open to requests for 2 gen of most previous release holiday dragons. I now have two CB Hollies I will be happy to breed as well. Pm me and if I don't have previous commitments for the dragon type you are requesting, I will be happy to breed one for you.





    Sweetling offspring. Gold and Silver mothers.

    IOUs: I recognize the risk element of IOUs and am willing to accept that risk. If I give an IOU, I fully intend to fulfill my promise no matter how long it may take. If I accept an IOU, and you have a problem filling it, you can offer an alternate egg, or ask to be released from the obligation when you feel you have done your best.

    reading, fantasy, sci fi, dragons, dogs, cats, birds, rats, crochet, knit, crime (fictional and true)