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  2. Haha, aw I just try to be a reasonable person. Incidentally, you quoted me pre-edit, before I realized the event really only encompassed one weekend day...I think...I get days of the week mixed up all the time because of my wacky schedule (I work nightshift too so I practically exist in a whole different dimension of time lol)
  3. I worked on all days (weekend and Easter Monday) and I got 55. The only thing I'm sad about is the fact that the Stargate egg isn't among those. I agree that 1 day more to hunt would have been nice, though.
  4. I want to hug you and your words if it's possible. I couldn't say it better. Finally someone who doesnt say "I managed, lol, it was perfectly doable, you sure havent invested time and planned your holiday perfectly as I did"
  5. Well, here's my opinion. I was able to collect all the eggs with plenty of time to spare (and btw I have a full-time job, I work weekends - this last one being no exception, and I had a family gathering to attend on Monday for the holiday...but hey, everyone's situation is different and I'm just lucky I have a job where I can goof off haha) but having said that, I'm sympathetic to everyone who wasn't able to find the time to collect all these eggs. As a completionist, I know the pain of having an incomplete collection. I especially feel for the spriter who said they weren't even able to collect their own egg, gosh, that's brutal. I think the obvious solution is to extend the time allowed for these events. Three days, when one day is a holiday and one or two of those days are the weekend (again, some of us work weekends! And some of us work holidays! Those aren't guaranteed free days in the real world), is cutting it pretty close for a lot of people. It doesn't leave enough of a cushion in case any of those days don't work for us for some reason. Those of us who are lucky enough to be in a position to catch them all are just that: lucky. I don't think we need to lecture people about the unfairness of the world just because they don't have the advantages we have. Games should be fun, not stressful, especially one like DC which is mostly a pretty relaxed collecting game. I don't support reducing the number of eggs though. Extend the event, decrease waiting times, but please let us have as many eggs as possible!
  6. I dont think that everyone can understand you Vixendra, selfishness is also part of this game. the ideology that "Life isn't meant to be fair, especially not in a simple pixel game. It is what it is. We all have to deal with it." is getting on my nerves quite a bit since i'm collecting dragons, not trying to get a job in real life here. Is it that hard to understand that, as precise collectors, we whish to be able to collect every single little pixel of this game? Comparing this game with real life makes no sense at all? I'm actually glad TJ made some important changes over the years, as you said. Re relasing old CB holidays for example was a blessing. Opening the raffle was a belssing compared to what was before. I actually trust him on his work, if he has done these changes it means he has eyes to notice that the game he invested so much on has still small flaws that could be fixed, no matter what the "non whining part" of the userbase says.
  7. Three full days. 72 eggs. A news post as soon as it started ( if you had set up to get instant notifications of a news post, for those in the Orthodox church, it would have sorted that one - perhaps do it before the next religion-dated festival ?...) Ten minute drops - or even say, 15 minutes. That's time for 432 drops. Say 400 to allow for hiccups. Halve it to allow for being asleep half the time (which almost no-one is... - probably most people are asleep for more like 8 hours) - 200 drops for 62 eggs. Even for a single 8 hour day dropping by every 10 minutes, you'd have got 48. Eggs WERE still being added to baskets even when the basket page went blank. And it was that way for a bout an hour, as far as I can see from posts - so even then, only 6 potential missed drops if you didn't carry on bravely clicking them Life - I had grandchildren staying here over the holiday and was therefore out/AFK a lot. I also had a lot of gardening/washing/ cooking etc to do, and more. Age - I am 74. I had 54 of them by the end of Easter Day. In 11 hours give or take - and I wasn't at my desk the whole time. Loads of people also play on mobile - I didn't have it all with me when I went out ! Playing this stuff is a choice. TJ provides it for free. You don't have to be here. But it was absolutely possible to get all the FoE eggs with no real problem except absent-mindedness or total loss of internet. I suppose it might help another time if the scroll clock named the date as well as the time - though I do find it hard to believe that TJ's description of the time slot wasn't clear enough.
  8. 26/62 Huh, it makes a nice palindrome. I had after-school activities and had to get off the computer at 7PM, more or less, which doesn't leave much time. I think I've got most of the really cool ones, although not the feesh. So I'm not too upset. But then, I haven't gotten them all in past years, either, so this isn't "first-time failure" for me like it is for some.
  9. I have nothing against this despite having collected every egg and treat since the beginning. But I also don't see it happening giving that there is no in game purpose.
  10. Congrats @GhostMouse on winning this contest!
  11. I still think this is dumb. A banner is released every year, why can't the people that participated that year have it? So what if there is "nothing to divide? Every Single Year, new users are upset about this and the question pops up over and over. Can't just be a "title banner" for that years section? If the problem then is that the first year didn't have one...make one retroactively?
  12. Too long intervals and too few days. I felt like a slave trying to get them, destroys so much of the fun. I literally couldn't do anything but watching YT and checking on FoE... couldn't even play videogames with my boyfriend or I'd be able to check like once per hour or so... To anyone who are on the "not TJ's fault you have a job" fence(and similar), I'd say a very obvious phrase about maturing but I'll keep myself from doing that... What's the point of this game if noone but schoolkids and people who don't have to prepare the holidays(like myslef, still I barely made it before last day's sleeptime) can play it while the playerbase is getting older (=more responsibilities=less spare time) as the site goes on? (also, is it just me or adopt browser games are in decline and it's mostly people who joined those a few years back are still into any?) Games are for people, not people for games (unless pay to win ofc, which can't be the case on DC since we can't buy anything here at all, so..). Anything that goes on for 10 years+ and started as sth for youth needs to grow up with its target audience... Harry Potter being one of the examples I personally experienced. If it was on the level of 1st part up till the 7th, many people who were fit for part 1 would be too mature for part 7 so many years later (the level of maturity etc. can be easly noticed when you watch the first movie and then the 8th, the gap is MASSIVE)... Such things just have to grow up with the audeince to at least some extend, and so needs DC. And some of the changes are getting there... re-release of holidays, the Shard shop, 3-days drops on christmas and valentine's(Halloween needs extended flood sooner or later too), people's wish to extend the regular release flood... And what's the point of FoE if half the active userbase can't master getting them all (or does it just barely) despite actually trying, and only getting unnecessary stress and frustration instead of fun, especially it being a one-off thing(hopefully not forever)? DC in general is still very difficult to leave... it took so many months of active playing to get anythign here, it;s very difficult to let it go after years of work to achieve anything here. If you have no adult obligations yet, I see why you don't understand...YET! But someday you will, unless you end-up in an untypical life situation (or are in one already).
  13. Long crawl is what I was referring to TBH, I'll probably forget about the sound
  14. You know how credits have that like, pre-credits which has effects and stuff before the long scrolling crawl. Endgame has pretty impressive pre-credits that you should definitely watch. Long slow crawl is up to you. But hey, if you do stick around to the very end you can let me know if you hear the same sound I did.
  15. I always sit through the credits anyway. Not only does it mean that I don't have to struggle with everyone else making a break for the exit, but people do put a lot of effort in these films. I could at least acknowledge them. Plus it's kinda fun trying to see if I can recognize any non-cast names
  16. I say turn my head, but more I couldn't just look with my eyes, only slight turning of the head. I'll let you know now to save you time, there's no after credits scene. A sound plays which makes me think a scene should be there... but nope.
  17. I'm staying away from many sites to avoid spoilers. Though if I can't go on Friday I'll probably look some up because then I'll have to wait until it comes on TV. Edit: Sound is good, though strangely one of my favourite movie scenes has no sound at all. 'That' moment from TLJ.
  18. Our imax has a slightly curved screen but not so big that I have to turn my head. But it is bigger than the normal sizes here. Seating is also nice. But what sells me the most is the sound.
  19. Today
  20. Was an impressive screen though, was only 1 real scene which had me wanting a smaller one. Someone on a discord i'm on posted a spoilers without context image and I can make out most of it bar 2 of the images...
  21. Yeah I think we'll stick with our dinky screens
  22. Imax has nice seats (at least the one I went to) and seriously the screen is massive, it's probably more than 50 people a row (solid rows) everyones at the back of the room (front is just open space) and the screen is wider than the rows. I was several rows down so I physically had to turn my head to see the whole picture... which was kind of a bummer, some of the scenes were so packed with stuff I couldn't make sense of it all. Definitely gonna go see it again. And I wouldn't spoil people I'm not that mean.
  23. Well I until I see the movie, I won't know will I? We only have one size screen round here, but they do lol. The real issue is if you can get the comfy seats or not (extra leg room).
  24. 3D is meh, there's a reason no movies are in it anymore (my friend who I went with today is cross eyed so he can't watch) Imax is seriously big screens. And I wanted to see the premiere so I booked early. It was a joke spoiler fort
  25. So it's already finished? Darn.
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