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  2. Interesting, but you don't have the same option on desktop as near as I can tell. That option to hide the post doesn't appear until it is already posted. 47,834
  3. I've seen members use it when they're setting up new breeding topics and events, when they're not ready to post them. Then they notify a mod when they're ready and we can unhide them for them. 47,833
  4. Have- CB Gold (Coast) > Offer Here Want- *can and will add more* 2G Bronze Shimmerscale from (f) Blue Nebula (mate for X) 2G Silver Shimmerscale from (m) Verdigris Copper (mate for X) 2G Silver Shimmerscale from (f) Striped-River (mate for X) 2G Green Gemshard from (f) Bronze Tinsel x (m) Red Gemshard (mate for X)  2G Gold from (f) Gold Tinsel (mate for X) 2G Gold Lunar Herald from (f) Gold Tinsel (mate for X) 2G Ridgewing from (f) Bronze Shimmerscale (Carina-producing mate for X) 2G Prize x Non-Holiday 2G Hybrid hatchies (missing 14, please PM me for details) Offers? I strongly prefer dragons from nicely named couples, and may even reject the offer if the parents are unnamed. Sorry! The Green Line in my Signature applies in some cases. PM me if needed!
  5. oh wow. but yeah i get that a/c is expensive - we just had a doozy of an electric bill this last one ... because our a/c was always running. but yeah, i get fans as well, and as long as the power is on, you have the fans
  6. Free 2nd gen Silver https://dragcave.net/lineage/CMIQ1 Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. Thank you for the ash babies!😀
  8. Actually, I don't. I use ceiling and standing fans at night. The electricity bills for running a/c are probitively expensive. Figures, right? The fuel surcharge to run these ridiculous generators is often more than the actual usage part of our bills.
  9. Bizarre, hunh? @purpledragonclaw, any idea? 47,832
  10. Take 'em if you want 'em - 4 hatchlings (variety) from random AP eggs Take 'em if you want 'em - 4 ash hatchlings from random AP eggs
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  12. He keeps answering my texts. Helikesmehelikesmehelikesme. Dear Evil Jesus, let this leather-coated, guitar-wielding demon zombie love me.
  13. "Okay and sounds good. Culcin gave me the ability to touch the red wolf's breath flowers as one of my wedding gifts from him so I don't need gloves," she said in reply with a confused expression on her face and her head tilted slightly with a curious expression on her face. She felt the kiss against the back of her head and smiled a bit but was still a bit confused and it showed.
  14. Sam led the girls upstairs to her room where they looked around it in amazement at how big it was. She had been given some kid jackets from May before she had gone up the stairs and she helped them into the bath so that they could get clean. Then when they got out, she helped them dry off and then get dressed afterward before she helped them get their hair fixed into braids after drying it with the towel. Once they were dressed in warm, wool clothes she led them into the sitting room where she played go fish and war with them and they were still there when Jach came by to get them. She answered the door after hearing his question and the statement that followed after the question. "Yes the girls are ready and how about Aiden or Zander?" she said and asked in reply after opening the door. She then gestured for the girls to come to the door before walking out of the room with them in tow. She then saw the baby's hair and ears and said and asked with a shocked expression on her face, "Wow those are some pointy ears and a very unique hair color. Guessing it's from Envy?"
  15. *plunks hammer down* It's down for the night. ZERO!
  16. but now you have a/c for bedtime, right?
  17. Round 4 Regular R29. A 2G whose parents have two elemental affinities, one of which is shared between them bingo: https://dragcave.net/lineage/kn1sK Cascade Cas2a. A breed with a unique egg cracking sequence ("unique" means it's not just the diagonal line with the darker hole atop the egg sprite... the unofficial wiki can be helpful here) bingo: https://dragcave.net/lineage/5QsLb
  18. Leetle razorcrest hatchling https://dragcave.net/teleport/67a851afaa62e4b9a81df788b06e1357
  19. Oh wow! I can see how that is a problem. Why is that even there? Why would you need to hide something before you even post it? 47,831
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