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  2. False. And I like to have the sound of thunder as background sound TPBM is left-handed
  3. Kelsier - Outside the Castle [fight fight fight!] - [Duke's thunderdome] He hit! Kelsier's strike makes Duke stumble but not quite fall. Kelsier follows through the motion and lands lightly on his feet. No sooner, he sees a shimmering barrier materialize before him, separating himself from the other two. The dome meant that Duke was able to sustain barriers outside of his line of sight -- the fact that he chose not to wall himself in on four sides meant that he was an idiot who didn't realize he could do something like that. Kelsier continued to burn steel. One of the leading lines in his vision -- thin, but bright -- points to the spoon that Duke still clutched in his hand His grip had weakened enough. Kelsier gives it a shove outwards and the metal utensil goes flying from Duke's fingers -- and with an equally strong pull, Kelsier whips the teaspoon back towards himself to try and beat the barriers on the other side. While he could have harassed the other side by playing with that one piece of metal, Kelsier instead releases his hold on it, allowing its momentum to work for him. He reaches into the pockets of his cloak; his hands emerge with the rest of the stolen spoons held between his fingers. He tosses half of them upward, his eyes focused forward instead of at the metal in the glittering light, and allows the spoons to fall where they fall and scatter across the floor of the dome.
  4. I'd like for prizes to become more widely available, but number-wise this doesn't seem like an effective way of doing that. I don't think it should be impossible for someone to collect CB prizes.
  5. False. I could never get into it. TPBM: Is afraid of thunderstorms.
  6. Lian woke up the next morning, wrapped up in his wings and close to him. She yawned then smiled seeing him so peaceful when the events of the previous day came rushing back. Her eyes widened and her face turned deep red when she realized what exactly happened and the current state of dress... or rather... lack of on herself. Biting her tounge so she wouldn't make a peep, she carefully slipped from his embrace and gathered new clothing wincing as her back brushed the blankets or the silk robe she tried to cover herself with. Gathering her toiletries she slipped into the bathroom for a shower. Her showers take a while without help because of her hair, and she had Luke warm water on her back. It felt so inflamed although there was no forecast for thunderstorms. A sharp stab of pain made her scream a bit in agony as she collapsed in the shower wimpering. In horror she saw blood go down the drain as something heavy and very painful rested on her back, she assumed it was the shower curtain she nocked over. She turned off the water wimpering as the pain turned to terrible itching. "H- Hades?!"
  7. BlueLatios

    Z Project

    2G Z from Z parents, enjoy! Edit: you're welcome, rdc!
  8. Alright I've got... quite the stretch on this one, but here goes: looking for a 3rd gen even lineage Spring Seasonal from Winter parents and Autumn grandparents. Either an uninfluenced egg, or male hatchling https://dragcave.net/lineage/4IRHc To be a mate for this one I can offer a sibling of the above dragon as a trade basically i want to avoid catching four more cb autumns
  9. Take good care of it please
  10. H: 2G PB Alt Vine under 5 days! Want: Best offer of CB Xenowyrms! I like all kinds! https://dragcave.net/teleport/ff43dcc8eda7fd996b2ff8ed1d61cf98
  11. "Well I showed you the passeges so shall we get ready to leave then? " He asked her heading back down the hallway to the grand entrance again.
  12. I do not support limiting CB Prizes awarded randomly to users. Why should they not get a chance for more because their luck is better than others?
  13. Dang. The only one I can identify cannot be from the Cave (it's too new).
  14. "So you're the one... " The vampire grinned getting of the keg and leaning towards Sabrina. "No cannine would have his mate bathe in Vivian if he didn't know who he was up against. Plus it seems to me that you know more about what I'm speaking about. Good. We only need one, and a cannine can't help himself if his mate is in grave danger..." He laughed maniacally. --- Adonis huffed a yes and said it was a particular smelly flower called Vivian- he stopped and his nose twitched as they reached a narrow Alleyway. "Get Zach! She's down here." He ordered Bruce and took off down the cramped street, coming out on a narrow walkway near the red light district and smelled at a tiny window. She was there! He ran around and hipped the wooden fence to the cramped back yard looking at the windows before shifting to a humanoid appearance and using a spell to unlock the back door. He sniffed the air stepping inside. Both were definitely here along with the vampire. He had taken four quiet steps into the house on wolf legs, clawed fingers ready to strike out..... BAM! Cha-THUNK! "AAAARROOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!!!" "Hehehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!! Got him!" Three things happened in rapid succession. The door slammed shut behind him, wrought iron chains dropped from above burning his skin leaving red glowing imprints on his skin as a withered old hag sprang out of a doorway, heaved the chains over her shoulder and rolled him deeper into the net as she dragged him to the basement trap door throwing it open. "Master! He found us! This one isn't stupid that's for sure! Shall I bring him down?" She cackled. "Absolutely! Bring him down." Gustav said with a cruel grin. Thunks sounded with yelps and whimpers as he was thrown down the stepts then dragged around the corner. His hands where smoking, tears streamed from his eyes as he was bleeding as some of the chains where sharp. He seemed to grow weeker trying to get them off of him. Adonis had reverted to human form after a good minute of struggle simply laying still trying not to breathe too much or the chains would burn deeper in his chest. ((Think Maleficent with the way the iron and her skin gets burned. If you haven't seen the movie I can provide a link. ))
  15. Hey, I'm in need of a few extra friends :v I gotta work through these quests so, if it's alright, I'm just going to plug my trainer code here: 3063 3815 8223
  16. Today
  17. Well I'm glad I'm not going loopy lol.
  18. quinney

    Prize Central

    Have: 2G Silver Prize Shimmer Want: Neglected hatchie or CB gold egg. No other offers please. https://dragcave.net/teleport/15f33dbe6aef63e7224f1e5f02a7d4b3
  19. I can do either but not both, so go fish. A dragon whose father is Air-aligned and mother is Ice-aligned?
  20. According to the wiki, yes, you will lose your trophies if your dragon count drop below the required numbers. https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Trophies
  21. Bauhaus

    Do Trophies Stay?

    If someone were to purge their dragon collection from say 500 down to 100, would they lose their silver and bronze trophies?
  22. I just googled it and you're right. I'd asked my mom and she attributed that quatrain to Emily; now that I'm looking online and see at least two versions with different text; wikipedia attributes it to the poet William Hughes Mearns. I should have done further research before starting this project. Let me poke around a moment and I will fix that. Sorry.
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