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  2. Entered! Thanks to the Forum Digest! Good luck everyone!
  3. Took the middle one, will freeze.
  4. I rescued some slightly messy brute eggs from the AP and hatched them. Anyone interested in adopting? Maybe for freezing or zombie fodder? Claim my hatchling! Claim my hatchling! Thanks for posting Rememberedrgns. I very much appreciate it! Claim my hatchlings!
  5. hedy

    Pokemon Go

    Spent 1,5 hours walking today during the community day, only got three shinies which is a bit disappointing. I also got a pink Burmy today (yesterday's was green)! I had the worst luck with capturing any other new releases though, I saw Shellos, Cherim and Combee appear multiple times to the stops I had just walked past!! But overall it was a very nice community day, the weather was hot but not unbearable and I saw many cute butterflies and birds on my walk!
  6. 4th gen double Thuwed SAltkin 3rd gen BBW x Black Sweetlings 4th gen Black x Arsani SAltkin Enjoy!
  7. This. Many are poor not because of the past, but because they literally choose to be. They choose not to work but expect handouts. Yeah no. I'm native american and could receive benefits if I desired, but I won't. I work to earn my own living, not ride off of "my ancestors were treated badly so I deserve something". When you look at it, ALL races are guilty of slavery or something else barbaric, no matter where or when. Give them handouts and it will only encourage them to not make a real effort and throw out the race card whenever they don't get what they want, and there's already a huge issue with that. This goes for anyone of any ethnicity. Best you can do is learn from the past. I'm pretty sure those ancestors would not be pleased if they knew their descendants threw tantrums over "freebies" instead of using their new freedom to pursue in careers that they could never have in the past.
  8. Today
  9. It's definitely becoming a government-enforced thing. I used to think people were this stubborn and crazy (and many really are), but I've learned that it's basically a pushed agenda that nobody, not even the majority of pro-lifers asked/voted for. I fear this is yet another pre-war on women happening. As for me, I would LOVE to get that glorious sterilizing procedure, but as many have stated, it's downright near impossible for young women to receive this. However, I'm grateful that my body is able to handle one of the best BC methods out there; five years ago I had an IUD put in—a device that either works for you or doesn't. I had a new one put in and plan to keep this method until I can finally be graced with that permanent procedure. My SO hates kids as much as I do, and I'd scrape up the money for an abortion in a heartbeat if it ever came to that. But what terrifies me is this ridiculous agenda of "let's bring back abortion bans for all states like the dark ages!" And don't get me started on that new "Unwanted" movie coming out that "exposes" Planned Parenthood, created by biased liars weaving up false info for the nth time. My prediction? These new laws WILL disappear, but only when a considerable amount of women die trying to force-miscarry and/or go for back-ally abortions. Either way, there will be deaths and pro-birthers will turn a blind eye until it's their daughter or mother or sister ect. who perishes because of an unwanted pregnancy.
  10. Iside -> rombusulonte : ice (ACCEPTED) Thank you!!
  11. I collect gemstones and rocks. One of my favorites is a very large selenite sphere I got for Christmas.
  12. Because my original got deleted for some reason, and I didn't want to go through the pain of resizing a new one until it finally got accepted.
  13. Entered as well. Best of luck to everyone of us.
  14. Community day was fun! Caught nine shiny Torchic, evolved two Blaziken with the new move, caught a second 100 Magikarp, caught a Shellos and a pink Burmy and found a spot with all three special lures so I got all the last missing evolutions. Today was a good day Have a successful community day, everyone!
  15. A few freebie Waterhorse hatchies for anyone interested: https://dragcave.net/teleport/02d3f05e2a24f402ef9d0b5589011919
  16. Whoops, I think I forgot about Liveship somehow. You're totally right. For some reason I was remembering it as 3 trilogies and a quartet, but of course it's 4 trilogies and a quartet. I don't know what I was thinking!
  17. Donated! Sadly my best ones weren't cooperating
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